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Full Version: Whit Ye Dae'in The Day?
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glasgow lass
o' wasn't it just girls, a got to wear my hair doon for the past coulpe of days , nae wind biggrin.gif so all in all a perfect hair day laugh.gif
wee mags
Iam just making dinner for me and hubby ,he is gonnae watch the super bowl rolleyes.gif Iam going to knit ,have my tea then off to the other room tae watch ma daft shows wink.gif
Angel that's an awful shame about your son.But he is alive and tha'ts the main thing.Mags what you knitting? Perhaps you are still on the shawls. Jean still uses hers.Jim is watching Chelsey and Man united.He will watch Madonna at half time of the super bowl.This is always a rotten day at our house. Many years ago while hosting a super bowl party I got a call from Scotland to tell me my dad had died.

Yes Isobel , Life can be a bitch , but we just somehow find
the strenght to carry on , it is so difficult when we are away
from our family members when very sad times happen . It's another gorgeous Feb . day here
so I will have a bite of lunch , take advantage of the weather and do an outside tidy-up biggrin.gif
hi all I was laughing when reading about the weather and the rockets, it was something I was always telling my kids every time a rocket was being launched I* would tell my family to batten down the hatches we were in for a storm, and Annie L sputnik was the first Russian thingamajig to go up .
Just ordered some pictures of my holiday. Aint it great what we are able to do from the comfort of our own sofa.

Isobel you will have to let us see your holiday picture's just to make us jealous.

It is a freezing here today and everywhere white with frost, even the grass is white.
I was out this morning doing the shopping and came home chilled to the bone my fingers and toes nipping with the cold.
I was well wrapped up with the usual hat, scarf, glove's, boots and leggings under the trousers.

I met a friend who had put her house up for sale seven weeks ago and she was very pleased to tell me it has been sold. I was surprised as it is not a good time for selling and was very happy for her to get it off her hands so soon.

I went to the pool this morning and when I came back ,I began cleaning out that part of the basement were the furnace and water heater are ,

My son called and because he has time tomorrow he will come and give me a hand , " Happy days " biggrin.gif
Angel I have not been at my Aqua fit for quite some time now. I should be like you and do some serious clean up. My garage is not only housing my car,but lots of junk.Heather my daughter is going to be selling her house ,however she is trying to sell it private,I hope she is as lucky as your friends.

Hi Isobel ,I did go to Aqua fit a couple of years ago but I did'nt enjoy it .
I prefer just to go for the Lane swims , and do my own thing , at my pace , which is " easy as she goes " biggrin.gif
My son has his house up for sale . but the market is slow , Looks like they may have to come down quite a bit on the asking price or wait until
the market gets better .

I hope your son and daughter's houses sell quickly, Angel and Isobel. My son in Kamloops, B.C. put his up for sale in November and didn't expect a sale until well into the New Year, however it was sold in seven days so they were scrambling to move the week before Christmas! Luckily they had seen the house they wanted before that. So it can be done, keeping my fingers crossed for you both. wub.gif
Elma, Joanne is not selling until May. Her new house wont be ready till sometime in September.If it does sell fast I am going to have a full house here.The weather has been so good ,no snow that they have been able to get all the underground work done. I think they are ready to pour basements, so lets hope it all goes according to plan.Your son was very lucky, you just need the right person to come along. I will keep you posted.
I had to go to the Dentist today as I thought I had lost a filling.
The Dentist said it was receeding gums that was causing the pain and put a filling across the tooth that was hurting me. wub.gif

See this getting old, I don't like it at all. sad.gif

just to long in the tooth , Heather . .. biggrin.gif like myself .
It's no right Angel, sure it's no. sad.gif

The Dentist told me that another tooth that sometimes pains me will have to come out if the pain gets worse. It can't be Crowned as the pain is coming from the root.

There is a notice in the Dentist's about Tooth Implants, so I asked about them and was told it costs 2000 per tooth. ohmy.gif

Sure vanity can be expensive. sad.gif

Heather , just go ahead , vanity is worth the price . biggrin.gif
Heather would that not be covered by your insurance?
No Isobel, our NHS does not cover private treatment and that is what an Implant would be.
NHS does not cover our Dental treatment, we have to pay for that unless your un-employed.
Being an Pensioner does not count because I have SRP and a Civil Service Pensions.

So I'm holding on to this tooth as long as possible. It's not right at the front it's the 3rd tooth along the bottom.

I'm taking it easy today as I worked hard yesterday doing my usual Friday cleaning. I also cleaned out four shelves on my China cabinet washing all the ornaments and the china and putting them all back again.
I'll do the other four shelves another day.
I was so worn out afterwards I had a long soak in the bath to ease my sore bones.
I guess it would be the same here.I had one done when I was working and my coverage took care of it.If I needed anything now I guess like you I would have to pay.It's snowing here today first for us this year. It's not going to come to much . Its the soft powder stuff and the wind is blowing it all around.Really cold. Big change in the weather, winter has arrived in Georgetown.I will be staying home today. Maybe I should take a leaf from your book and get some jobs done around here.

It's still snowing here , and I think the temp. has dropped a bit .
anyway I will go out and clear the snow from the front and back steps,
maybe tackle the rest later . unsure.gif

Just in from church and freezing my buns off, its really cold today. Going back out later, Amelia's 3rd birthday party. Oh well at least I wont have to cook today.Aren't I awful?

Isobel , Happy Birthday to your 3 yr old granddaughter , Amelia, /
hoping all of you had a lovely time . biggrin.gif
Yes Angel we did . Great to see all the kids getting along and playing together.
Funny wee story for Heather. We are sitting in Tim Hortons on Sunday after mass and I am enjoying my coffee and chocolate chip muffin when all of a sudden I felt something hard , guess what it was part of my tooth. So Heather looks like I will be paying the dentist a visit also.
laugh.gif Sorry Isobel but I can't help laughing. wink.gif

It reminds me of a couple of years ago we were on a Pilgrimage to Rome staying in the Scots College.
Some of us were out for lunch one day when I felt something hard in my mouth, it was a front tooth which is a Crown that had come out when I was eating a pizza. ohmy.gif
So if you you have crowned tooth and are in Rome, don't go to the tea room near the Spanish Steps or you might lose another tooth.
One of the Seminarians who was taken us around told me the same thing happened to him a few months before, so he knew how I felt with one front tooth missing.
I was glad to get home and get it fixed.
At least mine is not in the front, but it is causing me a little bit of pain. I need to get it fixed before it gets any worse.
it's a miserable day, and I'm feeling a bit lazy ,
I am going to the pool ,
that should get me out of the doldrums , I hope !
Off to the doctor to get the results of my recent x ray.
Isobel, did you get your tooth fixed?

Angel, when you come back from your swim just be lazy and curl up with a good book. smile.gif

I have been reading most of the day and just ignored the ironing I was going to do. Well there's always tomorrow or the next day and so on and so forth. laugh.gif
That's the way Heather , just keep procrastinating . the only way to go cool.gif . Thanks , I did have a nice swim , but I swear those pools are
being built much longer these days . tongue.gif
My x- ray shows degenerating bones ,Not much I can do. Take tylenol for the pain.Honest I have gone from being someone who never took a pill . Now I have pills for high blood pressure, cholesterol, thyroid,oh yes and one for my stomach.I said to the doctor oh no I cant take any more pills .She said well you will just have to put up with the pain.Heather no I have not been to the dentist yet. I should phone tomorrow and see if I can get an appointment.
Cold today but bright and sunny.
annie laurie
I was the same as you Isobel,
Never took a Pill for anything,

Think it was the way my Mother raise us she did not believe in taking even a asprin

Now I have to take Thyroid medication, and a B12 shot once a Month,

Plus I am just waiting "nervously" on the Report of My Mammagam I had done last week,

Annie Laurie I hope your report is good. I get mine next month. Just off now to my exercise classes. biggrin.gif
Remember when were young and we used to hear the older one's say, ' old age doesn't come alone' we used to laugh and now we know how true it is.

A couple of years ago at the Funeral of one of my aunts, one of my cousins remarked to me that the older generation in the family were all dying off. I said to her,' we are now the older generation of the family'. She was quite taken aback, but admitted it was true and it had never occured to her.

Isoble & Annie, I hope you get good results back from your mammograms.

Well Ladies ,I did not enjoy my swim today .
three young men , not teenagers , came into
the pool wearing those , flippers and using a board ,
mowing down any swimmer who got in their way .
I was furious mad.gif So needless to say
they got a piece of my mind . I never go swimming
in a pool to get wet , my head always above water
and steady as she goes biggrin.gif this time soaked to the skin ,
my hair a mess , laugh.gif I will put in a complaint because
I don't think it should be allowed , especially when
these three were really competent swimmers .

Angel ,I can just see you in the pool, blood pressure rising. I also swim with my head out of the water and I hate to get my hair wet.

I decided to clear out the lofts this morning ,and hopefully get rid of some junk . anyway ! I come across a few boxes that contained old photos , took them downstairs with all the other stuff , then began separating the wheat from the chaffe , finally , I get to the photos and
that was the end of my good intensions . I spent most of the afternoon
browsing through some of the photos , Did'nt realize I had so many and thats not counting the albums that I keep elsewhere , anyway , some sweet memories and now I will continue with the clearing out tomorrow .
Oh dear you girls put me to shame you are all so energetic and busy,and Isobel like yourself in early years needed no medication of any kind , now my kids say oh not another pill mum ,feel sometimes like shake rattle roll with all medicine bottles, and now Nev has been diagnosed as diabetic hes got several tablets to take.
We are having[complex] gas central heating installed, means lifting wooden floors, being out of house all day and as this is a 1bedroom house theres absolutely no space to put stuff away for men coming could greet at thought of upheaval, still has to done.
tidying up then coming across photos is fatal for me I end up sitting remembering the all the times gone by then nothing else gets done.
Dont get swimming like you ladies only learned to swim when I was 71 on holiday always been scared of pools after someone knocking me into pool accidently when I was about 9yrs put the fear of god in me.
Oops nearly written abook here so will leave it at that biggrin.gif
Good luck with all xrays and tests
Angel, that was a terrible carry on in the Swimming Pool. I wonder why it was allowed.

I have not been swimming since last year and I keep promising myself to go back soon to start losing those extra inches on my waist I put on during the Christmas Season.
I never manage to keep my hair dry I always get soaked.

I can't believe Lent is upon us with Ash Wednesday next week.

Annewan, I have been swimming since I was knee high to a grasshopper.
I won a few Certificates when I used to swim in the Glasgow Gala's that were held in Govanhill Swimming Pool and I was runner up to the Glasgow Junior Champion.
annie laurie
Hello ladies,

Heather good for you well done , I used to belong to a swimming club also when I was younger elementary School
love the water, but i don't like swimming in the Lake just in a Pool,

Please keep everything crossed for me my friends
I have had a recall on my Mammogram

Hopefully just a discrepancy as there was a Student also in the room with me at the time, what they call doing her Praticum [spelling]

I am thinking positive ,best of people can make a mistake Right ?????

Annie, I don't think you need to get stressed out. I have been re called many times. What they have done for me in a re call is first an ultra sound, then a needle aspiration. Each time its been fine. But I am always relieved to get the all clear.You girls sound like you are really good swimmers Not me ,not any more. I do the deep water aqua and we all must wear our half belts.Thank god I would be afraid now if I went under.Right now I am looking after my two grand daughters , so I guess I should get off this lap top.
Annie, I was recalled once and had to go to Park Circus or about that area.
My husband came with me as we were both very worried.
He had to wait in the Waiting room and while there he said some women were coming out crying.
I got the all clear, but Maurice said if I had come out crying he would have burst into tears with me.
So we found the nearest restaurant and treated ourselves to a slap up dinner to celebrate.

I'm sure it will be ok for you so don't worry.
annie laurie
Thanks for that Support Isobel

I have always had good results

it is just the waiting,

But i am forgetting there is more than me on this waiting list

funny sometimes how you forget when you are waiting for News

it is, what it is, and will be, that is my positive thought right now

{Don't take your eyes off those 2 beautiful babies for a minute Isobel }

Kids are so quick, and so precious, and accidents only take a minute

O>K> Grandma wink.gif Cheers
Thanks again for your support
annie laurie
Thanks Heather

I bet that was the best tasting meal you ever had Cheers OX biggrin.gif
annie laurie
Being Saturday, to-day wont probably hear till Monday,

Watching and listening to the Funeral of Whitney Houston, [while i am on the P<C<}

What a beautiful Lady she was

Kevin Costner gave a beautiful eulogy

Hope all goes well for you Annie, thinking of you biggrin.gif
I've been busy today , still in those side lofts but
got a lot more done today, " did'nt look at the photo's . "
the work now begins , who gets /wants ,
whatever and what do I keep or throw out and is there anything
half decent for the Sallyann. Decisions , Decisions !

I've been thinking that I maybe move this year to cut
down the work load , but then I think , what in the name will I do ,
don't think I can live without the aggravation ,
anyway ,I'll give the idea some more thought .

Hoping that all goes well for you Annie , biggrin.gif

Regarding the swimming ,I certainly am not
a great swimmer but I am a nice swimmer
so I have been told .
one who never gets her hair wet and
I hardly make a ripple on the water.
If you don't bother me , you don't see me . laugh.gif laugh.gif
Angel I moved to a much smaller house four years ago.Two bed bungalow .I just love it. A lot less work and a lot less garden.Go for it.
I did too Angel, I moved almost two years ago. I have an open plan living room, dining room and kitchen and two bedrooms and as Isobel says, so easy to keep. smile.gif I do miss a basement for storage though sad.gif

Cheers Elma and Isobel , I am giving it a lot of thought . biggrin.gif
No basement Elma? I thought all Canadian homes had basements. We have ours finished and use it all the time when I have the kids or a large group.
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