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Full Version: Whit Ye Dae'in The Day?
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Angel, not knowing what Johnny Depp looks like, I can't comment. laugh.gif

Any money raised at the Coffee Morning goes to the Chapel. smile.gif

I also have a lot of books to hand in and books always sell well.
here Heather ,
Johnny Depp , film actor. smile.gif

ooooooooooops sorry
hope this works

So that's Johnny Depp.

My g'son is a fan of his and he examined the Pirate when he was in the other day and said it looked good.

Everytime I hear about the Pirate's of the Caribbean, I think, Pirate's of Penzance. laugh.gif
Heather, your dolls and the sweater are absolutely beautiful and I hope you make lotsa lolly.

Bilbo.s, well done! your wife could probably make a fair amount nowadays,what a shame.

Angel, Johnny Depp = yum yum biggrin.gif

tell me Mary, about you vegetarian Lifestyle
do you eat only fresh vegetables or is it sometimes
frozen or canned , I'm just curious . cheers
Hi Angel, I drink a lot of fruit juice as I really do not like vegetables much..apart from Brussell Sprouts!

I buy a lot of Quorn and Linda McCartney products,which are mainly frozen, my sister bought me a Linda McCartney cook book a few years ago but I have not used it...wee bit lazy when it comes to cooking lol and also even down to my chocolate,I'll only eat it if it is Suitable for Vegetarians. I'm very much committed to this and it seems to be quite a healthy lifestyle..tho in my case it's more for the animals than anything.

Hi Mary you must be very slim on your diet , good for you smile.gif
I honesty do'nt think there is a vegetable that I dislike
but unfortunately I also love all the other food and it shows . sad.gif
however I do'nt think I'll be doing anythig to change
this situation now . Cheers.

this evening I have a dinner date , so I had better get moving now ,
as these days it takes much longer to get ready ,... Alas the scourge of ageing sad.gif sad.gif
Hi Angel, yep very slim! your quite right to enjoy your food...we only have one life to live, I could not survive without my chocolate, how I've managed not to put weight on is beyond me! just naturally slim I suppose.

Enjoy your dinner date. smile.gif
Mary, any money made from the dolls and sweater will go to the Chapel Funds.

Those coming to the Coffee Morning will be looking for bargains, so I won't be surprised if the Dolls are sold for 1 and the Sweater 5. rolleyes.gif

I remember one year I was on a Stall selling books and I had brought down some Irish Leprechauns my husband made and I was selling them for 3.
An old guy wanted one but could not afford it as he had already bought a few other things.
I knew he went to 12'0' clock Mass, so the next Sunday I took one of my own down and gave it to him, he was delighted with it and the look of pleasure on his face was thanks enough for me. smile.gif

BTW, the Leprechauns are made with cement, not knitted. laugh.gif
Hi Heather, I think that is so good of you to do that and my goodness I think the dolls and sweater are worth more than that, but I suppose as you say people are looking for bargains and what great bargains they will get too. And what a kind gesture to the elderly gent.

Last week I helped my nephew who is a teacher out with the "Children in Need" for his School, I was up till three in the morning baking as I wanted everything to be as fresh as possible, but I'll tell you NEVER AGAIN! biggrin.gif
Aye, Mary never again till next year. Now you have been roped in you won't get out of it so easy. laugh.gif

It's a miserable night out there.
I'm not long home from a UCM Retreat at the Holy Ghost Fathers in Carfin.
The Priest was very nice, smiled and laughed lot whilst talking to us. smile.gif

A pleasant evening indeed, ending up with a cup of tea / coffee and biscuits.

I was going into Town today to do some Christmas shopping, but changed my mind when it occured to me that it will be packed with strikers and school children. ohmy.gif
Today I took my car to have it serviced and checked out for the winter
which has always been done by the same mechanic and as usual I always give him a card at this time of year including a small money gift because he looks after my car like it was his own and at this time in my life , in all probability won't be buying another .
this afternoon he calls to say that the car is ready ,and as usual I ask him the cost , so I check my money so as to have the correct amount for him including his christmas card and go pick up my car , pay him and all is well ... No it is'nt ! I just had a call from him telling me that I never gave him enough money for the bill ," he does realize that I had made a mistake " I feel such a clown huh.gif , because I am thinking , well that is my first christmas gift scored off of my list and here I am trying to rip off the best little auto mechanic on this planet , and this I truly believe . smile.gif
I will deal with the shortfall tomorrow .
ps . for what it's worth , my car is now 11 years old it's a G.M. Buick
and drives today as good as the day we bought it . ........ So this was my day ! .
Angel, I would not worry about it as he was as much to blame by not checking the amount of money you paid him.
I bet he was embarrassed having to phone you, but he knows you well enough to know you will pay the Balance.

After I did the shopping today, I looked out some old video's and spent the day watching Holocaust whilst doing some knitting.

Hi Heather , I hope that you are helping Mary with the scarf
she is knitting for Lass biggrin.gif

Angel I did not have a clue Mary was knitting a scarf or what kind.
Do you mean PMH??
Hi Heather , check Singsong . biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
Tonight we are off to a Cabaret in our Parish Hall

At the last one, they said the next one would be a Christmas Cabaret, so I guess we will all be singing; Walking in a Winter Wonderland, & Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. laugh.gif
QUOTE (Heather @ 3rd Dec 2011, 10:50am) *
Tonight we are off to a Cabaret in our Parish Hall

At the last one, they said the next one would be a Christmas Cabaret, so I guess we will all be singing; Walking in a Winter Wonderland, & Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. laugh.gif

Hi Heather , I do hope that both of you have a good evening .
it reminds me of the times when I would be in Glasgow visiting with my parents
and if there happen to be a church social/dance going on , we would go with a couple of
sister's-in-law that Saturday and have a great time , some of those women were crazy
but I learned quite a few line dancing routines with them , great fun . laugh.gif
It was a good night Angel.

It was all Carols and Christmas songs including the two I mentioned. Jingle Bells, Rudolph. White Christmas and many more and we all joined in with singing the well known one's.

We had a buffet, then tea and cakes.

We had a Rudolph race as well.
There was a plate on the table with six balloons and a pair of tights. So we had to blow up the ballons and put them into the legs of the tights and one person at each table had to pull the tights over their head and run to the front of the hall. Then they had to sing the Rudolph song but when the others got there they all joined in.
It was really funny with the legs of the tights sticking out the top of their heads like horns. laugh.gif
They all got a prize.

I won a box of 'Thomas Black Tous Les Jours' in the raffle. smile.gif
Heather , looks like you had a nice evening
but I don't know , what are/is , Tous Les Jours smile.gif
I just hope they fit . tongue.gif
Angel, Thomas Black, ' Tous Les Jours'.

Shower Gel, Eau De Toilette, & Shampoo. 45 for the box.

OK for a 1 raffle ticket. smile.gif

The box is a black colour with a red ribbon around and at first I thought I was being handed a box of Black Magic Chocolate's. laugh.gif

Angel, Thomas Black, ' Tous Les Jours'.

Shower Gel, Eau De Toilette, & Shampoo. 45 for the box.

Heather , that's a nice christmas gift , for yourself
or a friend . biggrin.gif

Tonight I'm off to the UCM Christmas Dinner.

I thought it was a bit early in December but that's the only date the Caterers could give.
QUOTE (Heather @ 6th Dec 2011, 02:10pm) *
Tonight I'm off to the UCM Christmas Dinner.

I thought it was a bit early in December but that's the only date the Caterers could give.

Hope you had a nice time Heather smile.gif

I had a rather busy day , Tues , getting new flooring put down in my kitchen
which will be finished tomorrow , also a doc. appointment to have my flu shot
and of course to tell " Him " that I am well .... Going see a Doctor for me is too much bother .
However, I also attended a funeral visitation today for a very dear friend of ours of some 40 odd years who died of Cancer . All in All a strange day indeed . unsure.gif
A mixed day for you Angel and a sad day especially losing a friend at this time of year.

We got our flu jab a few weeks ago.

I had a good time last night. The meal was very good. There were choices but I had Lentil soup, turkey with the usual potatoes and sprouts ( I hate sprouts ) and chocolate cake. Wine with the meal then tea/coffee and biscuits.

Would you believe I won more toiletries at the raffle. That's my third win in about six weeks and all toiletries. rolleyes.gif
No wonder my husband was laughing when I came home and showed him what I won.

A guy played the guitar and sung, mostly Country Western with a few Christmas songs thrown in.
My legs were worn out doing the Line Dancing, Alley Cat & The Slosh all night.
It's funny trying to keep up and follow the steps of the Line Dancers.
I was almost tempted to ask the guy to give us a simple Pride of Erin or Gay Gordons, now those I do know. laugh.gif

Today it's the once a month Tea Dance but I think I will stay home as the roads are bad out there.
It was bad enough last night.

On the way up the road going home, one of my friends got stuck on an icy patch and I had to hold on to a fence and pull her off it. If she had tried to walk off it she would have landed on her backside. ohmy.gif
What a day I have had. I went into Town to finish off my Christmas shopping.

I got into Town about 11am and I was hit with hailstones, soaked with the rain and almost blown away with the wind. Even my revival cup of tea failed to revive me. sad.gif

I was well wrapped up with hat, scarf and glove's and I got home at 4pm cold and worn out.

I have now wrapped up most of the presents and will wrap the rest up another day.

I think by tomorrow my legs will be covered in bruises as some of the presents I bought were in boxes and while walking about, the bags they were in were hitting off my legs. ohmy.gif
Heather is the weather really that bad? Believe it or not we have had a beautiful day , cold but sunny.So far no snow in this area.I too wrapped up all the presents. Only one more to buy.I love this time of the year, but I am starting to find it a lot of work.
Yes Isobel, the weather really is that bad. sad.gif

I'm staying home today and having a lazy day, I'm not even going to lift a duster as yesterday wore me out.
If there is nothing worth watching on TV I'll look out some video's or DVDs and do some knitting.

Last week I watched a video about ' The Assisi Underground ' and the g'daughters were surprised when it showed inside the Convent of St. Clare and I told them I have been in there twice, not as a Postulate but as a visitor. laugh.gif That is where I bought the book about ' St. Clare of Assisi'.

I had a nice warm bath last night to ease my sore legs and they feel better today. smile.gif
glasgow lass
Hi Heather, the book sounds great.I have just read one about Padre Pio ( saint ) have you heard of him.He also suffered the stigmata. Any way Heather most of these stories can be seen on utube if yir interested. smile.gif
Lass, I read the book about Padre Pio a long time ago, my son has it. It was very interesting.

Where in Italy were you the last time you were there??

QUOTE (glasgow lass @ 27th May 2010, 10:26am) *
Woke up to yet another lovely day, altho its been colse to 30c. just going to work
but ah'll make a short day of it so a kin just enjoy this nice weather.
Have a great day everywin. Lass.

And You Have a nice Christmas and a great & Healthy New Year biggrin.gif
glasgow lass
Hi Heather I was in Rome once more to try to visit all of the milk-runs so to speak, the wee hidden treasures of Rome as a call them. Im still not finished with Rome, is it even possible I wonder. Im tempted to return to Italy in the spring ( its just lovely then ) but visiting Milano again as it is a beautiful city with other amazing cities close by.How about you Heather will you be returning !
glasgow lass
The same to you Tennscot merry Christmas to you and yours and aw the very best for the New Year. biggrin.gif wub.gif
Lass, I do hope to go back to Italy and would like more time in Rome, but getting my husband on a plane is another story.

I have never been in Milano but have been in a few other towns in Italy especially Venice which I loved. Sailing up and down the Grand Canal and stopping off at all the wee Islands is good fun.

I gave the sitting room a good clean today and had to move furniture around so we can get the Christmas tree up at the weekend.

Some of my neighbours have had their decorations and trees up since the beginning of December. That is too early for me.
glasgow lass
Heather a know how yir hubby feels as a really dont like flying maself, maybe this wee video will hep him to relax while on board smile.gif
Lass, I can't get him near a plane because he had a bad turn on the plane the last few times we went on holiday.

This year he would not go, it was just the two g'daughters and me.
We went to Tenerife for the 3rd time because the girls like it, but we won't go back there.
glasgow lass
Thats unfortunate Heather to have that happen in flight because there is no where to go with it except wait it out.Was it a panic attack Heather?

Well today after I had done some shopping I went to the wine store
to stock up for the holiday's and on my way across the car park I manage'd to let one of the bottles slip and of course it broke , mad.gif
so off I went back to the store to buy another and the lady would not charge me , which was so nice of her smile.gif and she sent someone out with me to clean up the mess . now I think that is service .
That was great Angel as not many shops would do that.

I was very busy all day cleaning our wee front bedroom as all the boxes we keep the decorations in were lying all over it. There was no point in putting the boxes back up in the loft.

I washed the window frame's then the windows and every thing else that did not move. laugh.gif
I then tidied all the boxes and got rid of any rubbish that was lying about.
Then as I had given a lot of books to the Coffee Morning, I used a couple of the spare shelves and put all the video's together and did the same with the DVDs. smile.gif

Only two more rooms to go. biggrin.gif
I finished wrapping up the Christmas presents then I got into the mince pies and scooshie cream.
Well what could a body do when they were sitting in the fridge winking at me every time I opened the door. laugh.gif

By the time we get into the New Year I'll have to join a gym to lose a few inches off my waist.

Well Heather I did'nt do an awful lot of cleaning this time , I was too busy running around, having a great time , now I'm home and my evening will be quiet , but I am going out for breakfast and also Christmas dinner
tomorrow , so will attend Mass this evening , but not Midnight Mass.
OK for you , you can eat all that sweet stuff , but me , sad.gif biggrin.gif I just think about it and I have gained a ton .
Angel I have a very sweet tooth and I have been good to myself this last few weeks with all the tasty Christmas goodies in the shops.
I am already having problems with skirts/trousers too tight around the waist. sad.gif
I will have to sort it out in a few weeks time.

I will be at noon Mass tomorrow.
Then the family will be over for a few hours but they are having their dinner in their own home, so we can sit back and relax without all the madness of last year with all the different likes and dislikes in food and me cooking 3/4 meals. wub.gif

Hi Heather , I had a lovely time this christmas , actually these past two weeks have been great .
Christmas day ! what with being invited out for breakfast and dinner and also celebrating my older son's Christmas eve birthday , " although He still maintains that he got ripped off all of his life when it came to his birthday " biggrin.gif .
I have all in all had a wonderfull two weeks and now it's over for another year
although not sure if I will be able to keep up the same pace next year
biggrin.gif biggrin.gif


Should you see this Heather

Wishing you and your family the timeless treasures of Christ...the warmth of home, the love of family and the company of good friends. Have a blessed Christmas and a happy New year. Cheers biggrin.gif

Trying to keep busy these last few days and wondering what to do with myself tonight. I think it will be early to bed with a wee glass of Baileys.

My husband collapsed last Tuesday right out cold he was and gave me the fright of my life. He is still in Hospital and hoping to get home tomorrow.

I'm so sorry to hear this Heather ,
I do hope that all goes well for him . smile.gif
Thank you Angel.
It was such a shock at the time, so I'm trying to keep busy when I'm not playing games on the PC. laugh.gif

I made a Maderia cake this morning and the Sultana bun is baking away in the oven right now.
I hope I'm not eating them all to myself. rolleyes.gif
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