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Full Version: Whit Ye Dae'in The Day?
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used tae buy waffles fae a street vendor ,whipped cream topped wie big strawberries ,an a wee dusting of icing sugar yummm. he" poured "the dough onto the waffle iron as a batter from a big jug,then shut the top on it
Well I obviously put too much dough on the waffle iron, although I just followed the recipe.

It's the first time I have made waffle's, now I know better and will be wiser the next time.

I love the Belguim waffle's in the Rio Diner and searched the Internet for the recipe but the one's I found are not the same as the one's we get in the Rio Diner.
They are are sponge on the bottom with the waffle on top, and you get sachets of butter & maple syrup. You spread the butter over the warm waffle then pour the maple syrup over. smile.gif
penny dainty
Funnily enough Heather i got a pancake maker recently and i did exactly the same thing too much mixture and all over the worktop yuk! got it right the second time tho lol.
glasgow lass
laugh.gif Hi penny nice to see you back, you have been missed. wink.gif
glasgow lass
Well being new years day ah've not got too much planned, got a wee run scheduled for 10am this morning then this aft going to visit a friend in the city,,,a nice slow day for me, have a great day everywin laugh.gif
Nice to see all ma friends on today.

G/Lass, am exhausted at the thought of you running on New Years Day.

P.D. & Heather. you two have put me in the mood for baking again, my mouth is drooling at the very thought of Waffles.

Where is the Rio Diner Heather.

Wonder if Martin knows he has Domestic Godesses on this board. laugh.gif
good new years day morning" everyone from not as clean a house as Penny's I gave up that madness years ago, biggrin.gif
anyway not much planned for today but I just might have a bash at doing some waffles ,Heather has tempted me now, Lass they will be ready when you get back from your New year's day run
and good day to you Elma and Anne and Stratson. biggrin.gif
Good Day to you too Angel, Another Domestic Godess! If I were close by would be sorely tempted knocking on your door.
Hope 2011 is a Good One. x biggrin.gif
Good morning Stratson, Anne, Angel et al! I haven't much planned today either, I do the monthly Church calendar so I have to go up there, photocopy it and insert it into the bulletin, not too strenuous laugh.gif

I remember the days we used to have a big party on New Years' Day at my husband's aunts' house, about 40 there and we had a huge dinner, turkey and all the trimmings and played games etc. now it's just me and what I can find in the freezer laugh.gif
Elma we were the same, New Year was non-stop for all the days we were off work on holiday then every weekend until about the end of January. Well everyone had to be visited.
Now half the family are gone as well as some friends, the rest of my family don't live in Scotland, they are in America, Australia and England.

Stratson the Rio Diner I like is in New Jersey. laugh.gif

Right Angel, you will have to give me a decent recipe for waffles and the correct amount to put in the Waffle Iron and how long it takes to cook. I don't want to be scraping dough off the worktop again.
I think I'll throw the one's I made out to the birds as they don't look cooked right through.

The cheek of that Annewan saying I was drunk when I made those waffles.
The laugh about is, I have never been drunk in my life as alcohol gives me a headache and I when I have a vodka the glass is always filled to the top with lemonade. I even put lemonade in a glass of wine. laugh.gif

Been trying to upload these to gallery but no luck

Fraser laying claim to his dads mini bike

No way Dad its Mine now


]Being good at Christmas Party
Angela Chick
What a gorgeous wee boy lovely cute face. biggrin.gif Tonight we are gonna settle down and watch Gullivers Travels new film starring Jack Black. No more choccy for me i over indulged big time and have the tight jeans to prove it. biggrin.gif

Hope you all had a good one.
The photos of Fraser are superb. Can't believe he is such a big lad,

There's him sitting at the table like a gentleman.

He's determined to have a go on his Dad's cycle.

Bet you just cuddle hin all the time.(f he allows laugh.gif

Today relaxed by making dinner, just Richard and I,
Tomorrow have Zak's 4th Birthday Party to attend in MacDonalds.

It's during early afternoon,,,,,should be fun and games. biggrin.gif
QUOTE (stratson @ 1st Jan 2011, 02:16pm) *
Good Day to you too Angel, Another Domestic Godess! If I were close by would be sorely tempted knocking on your door.
Hope 2011 is a Good One. x biggrin.gif

anytime Stratson, you can knock on my door
just come on in , and we could have a great old chinwag
Cheers biggrin.gif
Anne, he is a wee champion is Fraser biggrin.gif

hello Heather, I have been wondering if you got my Pm. regarding your
waffle maker.
glasgow lass
Lovely photys of Fraser Anne, he's a wee smasher'fur sure biggrin.gif
glasgow lass
stratson enjoy the perty, cant believe Zak is four years old, is he a wee angel or more like a wee terror biggrin.gif
He's a beautiful wee boy Anne. Enjoy. smile.gif
glasgow lass
Am going to wurk soon so what else is new rolleyes.gif , yes angel tiz a lovely day out dare I say it, more spring like if'y ask me.Wont be back till tonight , also have to go buy a baby shower gift for my godson's wife who is due next mouth, hope she wont deliver during her shower as she has left things awffy close lol. Anyhoo everyone have yerselfs a wonderful day on gg's. Lass wub.gif
Been out and about today, went and checked my sons flat whilst hes away and first footed it for him, then a wee trip out to my sister at Stirling so much for watching what a was going to eat ate everything put out for me where does your willpower go. Now going to have a quiet night in and watch TV all my soaps are on so its computer time for Nev, biggrin.gif
Thanks for nice comments on Fraser
Angel I just noticed the PM today thank you very much.
I will write down the recipe. Hopefully it will be better than the one I tried, but with hinesight I will not put all the mixture into the Wafffle Iron this time.

Anne terrific picture's of Fraser, now past the baby stage and looking all boy and acting like one with his dads mini cycle. laugh.gif

Well our house is back to normal and all decorations put away back into the loft for another year.

Last night I demolished a box of Belguim Chocolate's and now I have started on a massive box of Swiss Chocolate's.
I wonder if they have anything to do with my waistband feeling more than a bit tight especially as I have worked my way through three boxes of chocolate's over the week-end??
I am well known in the family as a choc-o-holic and now one of my g'daughters is catching up with me. laugh.gif
Wet and dreich out so am happy to be home.

Will give the house a dust then adjourn to the kitchen. Will prepare evening meal.

Relax with a coffee and have a read of my daily.

Great life," Ye canny whack it" laugh.gif
Lennox, Heather, Angel ,Stratson ,just received call from my lovely friend Kath telling me that her husband Johnny died tonight after a long hard fight, we have been friends for 50yrs thru thick and thin, you know ive been waiting for this call as almost 3wks ago they gave him 24/36hrs to live R.I.P. Johnny
I,m so sorry to hear this Anne
May he rest in peace and I hope that his family bear up well over their great lose.... R.I.P Johnny
Sorry to hear your news Anne. I'm sure you will be a great comfort to your friend in her grief.
[quote name='angel' date='4th Jan 2011, 10:00pm' post='336239']
I,m so sorry to hear this Anne
May he rest in peace and I hope that his family bear up well over their great lose.... R.I.P Johnny sorry!,spelling ..... over their great loss
Anne I got your email and I've signed the contract, biggrin.gif
penny dainty
Sorry to read about your sad news Anne .
Am so sorry to hear Johnny has passed Anne. A sad loss for his wife and family also you and Neville.

My Deepest Sympathy..

May Johnny rest in Everlasting Peace.
Anne, Pal Condolances to you & Neville I know you thought of Johnny like a brother
Regurds to his family,
So sorry Anne for your loss.
Well I had a fine time today, I almost set the house on fire.

We were sitting watching the afternoon film and I was knitting away then I sensed a funny smell, I was sure something was burning but my husband said he could not smell anything. But I felt the smell was getting worse so I checked out the kitchen, but there was nothing left on the cooker.
So I went upstairs and checked all the bedrooms but I could find nothing wrong.
I looked outside my neighbours house back and front but no smoke there.

So I sat down and got on with the knitting and something dawned on me about the smell getting stronger, so I picked up the wool and the smoke started belching out of it. My hot brush fell off the wool and it was all melted and the wool was burned black. I had forgotten to switch off my hot brush when I used it this morning and the wool was lying right on top of it.
I threw the brush out the back door and I put the wool in the sink and ran cold water on it. It is a big 400 gram ball and I have lost a lot of it.
Although we opened all the doors to let fresh air in, the house it is still smelling.

I can only thank God we were in at the time as the brush was right beside the couch and the house could have gone up in flames. wub.gif

penny dainty
Jeeze Heather you'll no do that again will you?Well you cant anyway , hot brush is stuffed ! rolleyes.gif
So is ball of wool see keep telling her dont dae anyting when your drinking heather but does she listen Naw biggrin.gif
Anne, maybe if I had a good drink I would be safer to have around. laugh.gif

That was a 400gram ball of wool and all I managed to save of it was the size of a hand ball, you know the kind we played doublers with.
I didn't realise how badly the wool had been burned until I started to cut out the burned parts today and roll up what was left of it.

But at least I got most of the back knitted out of it.
I was just finishing off the back and was decreasing for the neck when the accident happened. So I had to start the other 400 gram ball.
Now I wonder if it is worth my while going on as I started the front of the sweater last night and have to get that and the two sleeves out of this 400gr of wool. sad.gif

I have the wool band with the shade and dye lot number, so I will have to go back into Kings and see if I can get more wool.

I can't believe what happened, and I'm beginning to feel like an accident looking for a place to happen.
as you know my friend died the other day well due to mix up of doctor signing death certificate he used 3 abreviations which registry office cant accept, Family given provisional date for funeral 17th but because of Drs mistake next provisional date 24th January, seem so many new rules and laws since Harold Shipman caused all those deaths everything has to be signed and counter signed so 3 wks to wait for goodbye to a loved Dad and husband
Anne, that is horrible. When I lost Lee in September she had given her son power of attorney but due to a mix up on her death cert , her estate has still not been settled and the family now have to go through probate courts ...

Anne, I would think a Doctor should know better when signing a Death Certificate.
It just makes things worse for the family when the Funeral is delayed for so long.

I think it must be dreadful for Stuarty's family as that is four weeks they have had to wait, causing more heartbreak. Especially at this time of the year.
annie laurie
Hi Anne1,
So sorry to hear of your Loss
annie laurie
Heather ,
As you say it was good that you both were home,
That wool must have polyester in it,

pardon me but what is a Hot brush ?
Is that the same as a Hair brush sort of thing,

I am sure you will smell that smell now for a long time,
Good you have a good sense of smell Heather,
me i have to be right next to something that is burning or I would not smell it have a very poor sense of smell almost have to stick things right into my nose to smell them,

keep knitting i know how you feel wool is so expensive also,
Annie it was right next to me. It was lying on the floor to the side of the couch right where I was sitting.

The wool is 80% acrylic and 20% wool. I can't wear wool next to my skin as it makes me itch. Even if I wore a long sleeved vest I would still itch. biggrin.gif

A hot brush is made of some kind of hard material and is similar to a hair brush and plugs into the electricity point. Sometimes I use it instead of tongs to smooth my hair out.
The bristles on that one must have been hard rubber as it melted because as I said, I forgot to switch it off, so it was on all day. wub.gif
glasgow lass
laugh.gif Hello everyone, a had a very busy day.The furst few days back at wurk aft the hols are no easy, are they. Had to do a bit of training today with a new fellow who has come on board at wurk, a dont know how many times he had tae stop and say his prayers on a wee carpet, wany the times a almost fell oor'im, thought to maself am not going to get much done the day wae this jock. Anyway am home now and going to catch some of corrie at 6.30. See'y all later biggrin.gif
it is 10.40am here, my day so far:Watered garden, been to doctor, filled scripts, had coffee, did shopping, put on washing, washed last nights dishes and now sitting relaxing..
penny dainty
Ye did whit? ye watered the garden , lol nature is doing it for us in Queensland the now laugh.gif
Got an appointment at Doctors @ 10am wish a could have stayed in bed ohmy.gif
Ah need to put a presciption into doctors as well Anne. Ah wish ah could have stayed in bed this mornin' too. Ah never do but it was so comfy this mornin' and it is so cold outside. mellow.gif
same here Melody bed felt good, could have lain on easily, will feel better when cup of tea does the trick sad.gif
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