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Full Version: Whit Ye Dae'in The Day?
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Still a long wait to have my car being done but this time they drove me home
they will pick me up when my car is ready, "thanks goodness for that service"! biggrin.gif
Managed to get to Victoria Rd,(with some help) Got some groceries biggrin.gif & my brothers B.C. he's about to be 80, has to get to OZ in time, other bits and bobs. Was I ever glad to get home.
Not quite 9.p,m. way past my bedtime. Goodnight friends & keep warm.
Back to Tesco Direct for me today bought and paid for new camera supposed to have got it 4th Dec but due to bad weather it was delayed they phoned yesterday to say camera in store got there still not unpacked but will be ready for collection this morning[better be ready or a will scream] biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
Tonight we are going to Motherwell Cathedral for a Mass when our Parish Priest, Monsignor McIntyre and another Priest are to be created Honorary Canons by Bishop Devine of Motherwell. smile.gif
Keeping busy at home today, washing, cooking , general housework.

Am such a magpie, keeping clothes I will never get on me again, now sending to Marie Curie.

Lots of sweaters someone will get use of in this cold weather.

Am buying no more clothes, will never wear most of what I own.

That was a shame about your camera Anne1, hope it is satisfactory for you after all this waiting.

Heather, enjoy celebrating your Mass this evening. smile.gif
glasgow lass
Whit happened to your auld camera Annewan, a hope we didn't destroy it the day it fell intae ma coffee cup tongue.gif wub.gif
Naw Lass that didnt kill camera little door at bottom holding batteries in snapped in two but before that Nev was messin g about with it also he managed to change date as well Mennnnnnnnnn biggrin.gif
Cooking today and paying occasional visits to my P.C.

Probably on the coffee all day as busying around the house.

Good Motrning everyone. biggrin.gif
Been to town centre and back got bits and pieces also some shoppin for ma wee neighbour,going to wash my hair and get ready for our Xmas Dinner in complex tonight, looking forward to that.
Hope Charlenes feeling better Stratson biggrin.gif

ps got my camera yesterday now need to go and study directions and such like
Got a phone call from my daughter in Ullapool telling me that my grandaughter was involved in accident they were travelling back from Invernes and almost home when car skidded, rolled on its side then toppled on to its roof g/daughter and friend escaped out of back window so two very lucky young women thank god, had it skidded other way there was a very steep drop at a place called Corrieshalloch Gorge, so very lucky girls only scratches &Bruises:mellow:
glasgow lass
Anne that was a close call today,glad they were unharmed.
Thanks Lass mellow.gif
Went to Forge Market today spent some time with my wee neighbour and rest of afternoon going ballistic tring to work out how to use new camera feel like chucking out of window but dammed if its gonnae beat me., have taken few pictures so far but so many technicial things on it when pressing one button get entirely different thing from what a want screammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mad.gif sad.gif
I've had a really hectic day,"Sat" and tomorrow I guess more of the same.. smile.gif
Anne that was a terrible accident, but as you said, it could have been a lot worse. They are two lucky girls.

I hope they get over the shock soon, but it's somehting they won't forget in a hurry.
Today we were out for Suprise 90th Birthday Lunch for my wee neighbour who was totally amazed at finding us all in hotel waiting for her.Had a lovely 3 course meal and her daughter had a beautiful birthday cake even got to bring some home for later,one of her g/sons bought her a bottle of Champagne as an extra present then told me to take it down for afternoon coffee session and let everyone have a wee tipple to celebrate his Grans birthday, So a very pleasant day had by all biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
Hope your big gathering goes well today Angel have fun
wee sammy
I am going oot to get the wife a Xmas present getting her a Cemetery plot wub.gif
glasgow lass
Anne you are such a good friend to yir wee neighbour, we should have more like you,,,,,,well done Anne. biggrin.gif wub.gif
So sorry to read of your g/daughter's accident Anne, Were so lucky to escape injury.

Really taking your life in your hands going out in this climate.

G/Lass, your 100% correct, we should all be so lucky having a neighbour like Anne smile.gif ,

Don't know yet what am doing today, all depends if the roads have been treated and taxi's are available.
QUOTE (Anne1 @ 18th Dec 2010, 07:07am) *
Got a phone call from my daughter in Ullapool telling me that my grandaughter was involved in accident they were travelling back from Invernes and almost home when car skidded, rolled on its side then toppled on to its roof g/daughter and friend escaped out of back window so two very lucky young women thank god, had it skidded other way there was a very steep drop at a place called Corrieshalloch Gorge, so very lucky girls only scratches &Bruises:mellow:

WOW!!!!!!!! Thank the good Lord God for your Grandaughters safety Anne poor girls must be in a terrible shock from what couldve happened as well as what did Hope alls well for them both & they now have a tale tae tell Anne God is good ,so glad theyre ok.
Not a lot on today thankfully, going down to complex for coffee and Birthday cake, then intend to sit on ma bahookie watching the box, then later will try to work out this new camera ,before a go daft biggrin.gif
QUOTE (Anne1 @ 17th Dec 2010, 11:07pm) *
Got a phone call from my daughter in Ullapool telling me that my grandaughter was involved in accident they were travelling back from Invernes and almost home when car skidded, rolled on its side then toppled on to its roof g/daughter and friend escaped out of back window so two very lucky young women thank god, had it skidded other way there was a very steep drop at a place called Corrieshalloch Gorge, so very lucky girls only scratches &Bruises:mellow:

Anne, I know the place well and they were indeed very lucky, as we were a few years back on that road. There was a lot of snow and a car came round a bend on our side off the road. it would have been suicidal to touch the brakes and we just avoided him by luck.

Glad all safe and well. I won´t be going that road again probably as my friends moved from Stornoway over here, just 2 hours away at Mojácar.
Bilbo we have had a couple of scares there ourselves once by a bliddy big Stag appearing from nowhere just as wee reached the Gorge, second time like yourself some else put their brakes on and weaved all over the place luckily they missed us even in good weather am extrfemely careful there biggrin.gif
today I am just getting everything back to normal at home after a wonderful weekend with family and also glad that my son arrived home safely on Friday from Morocco ,via frankfurt before the chaos now at all of the European airports began.
Lots of cancelations here but not because of the weather, " which is pretty normal" but because of the conditions in Europe,. " I think its time
for those Airports to buy extra snow shovels ". smile.gif
Quietish day for us giving son lift to hospital for ECG later on a wee last nosey thru the shops, nae money tae spend .
Glad your weekend went well Angel bet the family enjoyed all your hard work and good food biggrin.gif
Keeping busy, bath/shower, feet, hair, by the time it takes to go through all the parapharnelia, hoping to get bedroom cleaned, mirrors etc, corners, son will vacum, cook evening meal,relax with the Evening news, by time dishes and kitchen gets the camsie bed will be a-calling. smile.gif
hi stratson ,you won't have much to do to day after all that work yesterday smile.gif
so now you can go and paint the town red or find a good book to read,

Anne hope your day goes better for you, "I think it will !. biggrin.gif
penny dainty
Mum and i went out for lunch to the local mall , it was busy but not as bad as we thought it would be , looks like the shoppers are all spent out .Well all the sales are on today too and i picked up 2 dresses for half price and a pair of shoes for $15.Oh happy day , i love shopping and bargains lol xx
Jumping on a train in a few hours to go spend the holidays wae the family,well done Penny..last minute deals are always good.
Have a great time Bob go easy man biggrin.gif
Just back from a wee birthday lunch for my ma shes 85 today there was12 of us so it was a nice wee family get together.
Glad you had a lovely Birthday Lunch Irre with your Ma God Bless her:D
Hi Iri, Hi Wits , Hi Anne , " aye even you wee Sammy",!
quite a quiet day today but I will go to Midnight Mass
this evening and tomorrow I'm invited out for christmas dinner
and I will probably spend some time on Skype,
after last weekend's family time at home, I am now winding down. biggrin.gif
Hi Angel we have been very quiet tonight got Son Daughter g/daughter for breakfast tomorrow morning[a treat for us they say] then in afternoon all six of us off to my other daughters for Christmas Dinner and pampering, On boxing day son doing breakfast & Dinner so no work for Nev am on strike fae kitchen yippee, hope you have a lovely day mind and use new camera and post some pictures go easy girl biggrin.gif
glasgow lass
A cant remember all the things I had to do today as there was so much to get done , ma head whis in a whirrrl. but tonight am having a lovely time at home with no one coming till Christmas day. Ive got a really big fire going in the living room, curtins shut tighly and lots of great treats to eat, a real simple Christmas eve night here, jist love it.
Today I am having my wee Mum over for Christmas dinner, just the two of us...shes not eating a lot so just like a nice Sunday Roast dinner here, no stress looking forward to spending quality time with her.
My and my grandkids will be round later and spend some time with neighbour and her daughter are popping up later on, then its pj time for Mum and I just chilling doing as we please...cant wait! Have a brill day all... xxx
Had a lovely Christmas Day with Family far to much to eat and drink but lovely just the same,got home about 9pm sat and watched Tv
Boxing day my son cooked breakfast then went home to his own place and Nev & I just sat and vegitated,had a wee bit of this a wee bit of that sampled the chocolates and and totally chilled out smashing time was had by us biggrin.gif think we are being invaded tomorrow[now today] after slight change of plans a dont care am no cooking its gonnae be a cold table they can all help themselves biggrin.gif
Today relaxing, usual bath/shower parapharnelia. By the looks of rain melting streets should be able to get to Victoria Rd, tomorrow. Yipee!

Had a nice Xmas dinner at home with my son, and g/g kids. Having my g/daughter with me was great.(( Deo Gratias)

Had fun exchanging our gifts.. Zak had a ball! biggrin.gif

Anne1, looks like you had a good time. Great having your own personal chef. You deserve it!!

Glad it will be easy meal for you today with your guests. smile.gif

Enjoy your time with your Mum Joyce."

biggrin.gif hi Anne, Stratson, Joyce, well thats christmas for another year, so better start saving now. I have been invited out to a house party on Newyears
Eve," but I will think about that!,
I will go out in a bit and do a little browsing around the stores, the weather is'nt to bad here,some snow flurries and with the wind I think maybe around -15" cel. biggrin.gif
Just got back from seeing the new Chronicles of Narnia film in was great.
Now I am watching the weans as supper is on the go.
If I make it to Main road will be raiding Llidls. Naturally son will be collecting me. That will probably be as far as I get,then home and get feet up with a cappucino. biggrin.gif
Whit I'm dae'in the day is goin' down to the local RC Church.
I need a priest ... or better still a Bishop. I want to report a witch. (thought they'd got rid of them all rolleyes.gif )
I was lookin' in on Facebook yesterday and there's a message from a GG friend telling me to be careful wi' the booze during this Festive Season since I have enough accidents when I'm sober.
My German mate reads it and gets me on chat, "What's happened? have you had an other accident?"
"Naw, I'm ok hows trix?"
"My knee is playing up something bad."
"Oh Mick, I know where your coming from. When I came off the crutches my knee couldn't take the strain. Very dodgy, mate."
Later I go down to the Mall; it sits on the D/CH border and has 8 floors of parking slots and I'm parked on the 7th.
Floor is like an ice-rink but I go very, very, carefully to the lifts. Get my USB stick; ¤11.99, and 5 packets of paint brushes @ ¤0.99 each and return to car; very, very, carefully and at the next car to mine .....
finish up tits up on the floor. I felt my right knee jerk badly as I flew into the air and was only happy when I crashed onto the wet and icy floor that I hadn't further damaged my hip ... Which I wouldn't have done anyway 'cos that's a metal one now rolleyes.gif
Only grim determination is keepin' me aff the crutches now but don't tell me I haven't been hexed (LoL)
So I'm clearing a bit of snow away in the garden and plantin' the stake in the ground; well, actually, I'm supervising 'cos ma knee's no up tae it (LoL)
wee davy
Don't forget tae order a gallon ai Holy Water, and some Garlic, TH LOL
wink.gif (The Garlic is jist fer a curry btw well known tae keep witches at bay!)

davy laugh.gif
Startin' tae think that's good advice Davy ... Lord have mercy rolleyes.gif biggrin.gif
Can send you some holy water Tee Heather gave me loads back frae Rome, I know how you feel about snow ice and falling tonight im going to Bingo with my friend havent been out on my own or driven on my own since snow started [5wks ago] so keep yer fingers crossed for me that I dont end bottoms up the night or you will hear me over there wub.gif wub.gif

Full Moon & Candles

Magic Times Three

We Summon the Power

So Mote It B.

it is said , this helps to make a good pot of Chili con Carne .. unsure.gif
penny dainty
Ehhhhh ok Angel i will take your word on that one huh.gif
Anyway what did i do today , well its Hogmany in Australia so i cleaned , polished, scrubbed , washed , ironed, tidied, sorted and all the darn things that seem to compel me to do them on this day every year.What is it with Hogmany , does everyone get this manic urge to have everything just so to go into the new year, i will of course take out any rubbish in the house and put it in the bin before midnight as well so as i throw away all my bad luck before the bells .Manic i tell you , but i have done it for more years now than i care to remember.Does anyone else have this strange compulsion? Anyway All the best everyone for a safe and happy 2011 from me and my very clean house. biggrin.gif
I started out doing the same Penny, then I thought for a minute, said, "What the ****" and stopped. I know my house won't be clean for the rest of 2011 but it's lived in!!! biggrin.gif I will put the garbage out before midnight though, can't have that in the house at the bells laugh.gif
I always do my housework on a Friday so it was no difference today.
Anything I missed doing will stay that way for today as I have stopped going housework daft on Hogmanay.

I did make waffles with the waffle iron my sister sent me from America.
I followed the recipe in the book that came with the waffle iron, I even weighed everything on my scales. I started to put the dough on to bake but thought there was a bit much so I kept some back, just as well.
When I closed the lid down, dough started to run out the sides right on to the worktop. There I was scraping dough off the machine and the worktop, what a mess. ohmy.gif

Next time I try it, I will only make up a third of the recipe.
dont drink while baking Heather tongue.gif tongue.gif
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