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QUOTE (Anne1 @ 16th Nov 2010, 09:35pm) *
Nice to see you back Angel ave missed yer cheek doll tongue.gif

cheeky wee monkey you,,Ha ha", anyway I don't think I'll be on the boards
very long today , I am getting a new floor laid in my dining room/ area
maybe tomorrow,and the guy has just called
so he will be here soon to check out everything . smile.gif
HELLO MY GG PALS it took me 8 hours at 70miles per hour to get home from GLASGOW TO SURREY 400MILES APPROX and that was with 2 stops and im so glad im back , Lydia was taken lastnight to hospital with asthma they gave her inebuliser then sent her home then her mummy had to get an ambulance again thismorning she was given oxygen and sent home again with steriods now this is the hospital that was the worst one in the uk last year the east surrey and this is the one that sent Lydias wee cousion home 3 times and she died at home .so im making sure that her mum is keeping notes of Lydia;s admissions and she will be nine on saturday all this is happening at the moment also today I got a call from the hospice saying I am dismissed from the day hospice but I am fine with that as it is is only making me depressed and I did notice that I was not as tearful when in Glasgow so they said I can contact them if I feel I need to go back ,but to be honest I was seeing things that made me suspisous with the morphine situation and they really got peed off with me stopping the morphine they put me on ,im sure it was killing me off as all I wanted to do was sleep so thats another chapter in my life finnished they did not even want me to bring the gifts I got them it is their loss not mine so although long winded page today that is what my day has been greeted with oh a cant wait until christmas or am I rolleyes.gif this pic is of weedoc and myself and when we were young we were both a size 8/10 uk size oh memories
Sorry to hear that wee Lydia is poorly Linda,give her a Hug & a Kiss fae me when ye see her,that was a pretty fast journey ye had home..I bet ye were glad to be in your own bed.
That's a lovely photo of you & weedoc,ye both look smashin.
As for what I'm doing today,in one word,it's dark and miserable ootside so it's a day of puttering about on the PC for me smile.gif
Up and out early today got Physio at 8.30am why did I say yes to this time slot, cos am daft biggrin.gif
hope you are feeling better after your physio, Anne.
I thought the new floor in my dining room would
be laid today but
like most projects nothing is straight forward
so It now looks like it will be next week,
meanwhile my grandson is comming for supper today
so that's nice . biggrin.gif
Thats nice hes coming for dinner you always enjoy his company eh biggrin.gif
My son took me out today, the old bod was quite shaky.
He got Devon Cream doughnuts from Gregg the bakers.
Was lovely getting home again and a nice hot mug of tea made for me.
Been watching Location. Location, Location. Like seeing all the houses so when I win the Lottery will know kind of house I'd buy. rolleyes.gif (In my Dreams.)

Nice to see you posting stuarty, sorry to hear of Lydia;s hospital visit. Hope she improves, very unfortunate this happening to her.
Glad you are staying positive, your trip obviously did you good.
Take Care... hugs. smile.gif
Stratson, the show was excellent.

I did not have a clue what the musical 'Chess ' was about until I saw it last night, I enjoyed it and there was a good turn out. Probably the usual, mammies, daddies sisters, brothers, grannies & grandads. We were there with our son and his family.
It's on the rest of the week.

It never fails to surprise me the young talented singers and actors we have here in the West of Scotland.
The leading girl had a powerful voice and she just sailed into the high notes no bother. The leading guy was good as well.
I can't remember the part the g'son had but it was good to hear him singing.
His pals are all going tomorrow night as they always give him good support by going to see him in any Shows he is in. smile.gif
Took our 3 year old Grandson to the Long Beach,CA.aquarium..what a joy that wee fella' brings us!!
QUOTE (wellfield @ 19th Nov 2010, 02:11am) *
Took our 3 year old Grandson to the Long Beach,CA.aquarium..what a joy that wee fella' brings us!!

cherish him Campbell , just cherish him. biggrin.gif
Anne, a good very early morning to you, it's just about 5mins. or so before 3am. here ,in good old Niagara.
I am not able to sleep tonight because I have had a great evening ,I am truly on a high,"
as you know I was in the process of getting myself an ipod. but my pc had given me a bit of trouble last weekend , which has now been resolved, and what has happened is ,much to my surprise my family have bought me an" iPod touch" for my birthday which will be this month, aint sure which is the bigger suprise the iPod or my birthday as I had given up birthdays a few years back rolleyes.gif , anyways I have been playing around with my new toy all night and now have started a musical library for myself with all my favorite pieces of music and songs which I love,
and my thanks to you for putting my nose in the right direction I was able to get my music on an iPod and also I can now listen into iTunes,," fantastic" ,btw, the memory card for my camera
" I thank you so much, " hope you have a great day. biggrin.gif
Good for you Angel and well done to your family for the gift. I got one last year and I love it, it's easy to load and finding what you want is simple. I have used it (in moderation) to access the internet for info because it is much quicker that the PC. Sometimes I link it to my telly to watch the BBC iplayer or the ITV equivelent. The only problem I encountered was the battery draining overly quickly, even when not in use. I went into the Apple store in Glasgow and they advised me to reset the ipod, an option on the itunes site. The assistant said I wouldn't lose any of my songs etc. he was spot on, resetting it has solved the problem and none of my data was lost.

I hope you have lots of pleasure from it.

Ash, just to thank you for your kind remarks and I will keep all that you have said in mind unsure.gif I just wanted to see if my brain was able to learn anything and more important will it retain all the information...... cheers laugh.gif
Morning Angel I missed this yesterday what a lovely suprise getting your ipod for your birthday isnt it lovely when you get something totally out of the blue. I told you it was easy to master the ipod keeps us mature ladies on the ball and up to date wae the young ones take it youve finished downloading from camera still waiting for the pics each time I see email with your name think pics at last.
Ashy havent used ipod for anything other than music will need to do my nosey on this biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
We are of to loch lomond this morning meeting up with my cousin and her hubby for a few hours they are on a weekend break from Southport, up at Tarbet so looks like we will be lunching out some where, hope weather like yesterday biggrin.gif
hope you have a lovely day Anne biggrin.gif
Hello Angel.

Enjoy your company Annewan, nice wee outing for you.

No walks for me today, had to rest after yesterdays wee outing.,. rolleyes.gif

My g/daughter is visiting today, Zak at his paternal g/parents for weekend. Hoping to get some housework done, things am unable to tackle. She is a great wee fuss pot.
Also massages my feet, always makes me feel great afterwards, My treasure. biggrin.gif
Lydia is a lot better and she had a 10pin bowling party thismorning and I have bought her a camcorder hana montana it is brand new off e bay and was 20pounds and it is from a shop this camcorder is good as it takes real pics and records so she might be the next david bailey on our hands . but I only ordered it yesterday so she will have to wait for it again grrrrrrrrr silly granny that i am
I am now off to Niagara on the Lake ,go for a little walk-a-bout and shop at the Scottish store for some treats for christmas. biggrin.gif
QUOTE (Anne1 @ 20th Nov 2010, 09:19am) *
shy havent used ipod for anything other than music will need to do my nosey on this

Annewan, the ipod touch can access the internet (assuming there's a router available or you're in a wi-fi zone), I don't think the other ipod's are able to connect.

Angel, hope you enjoy the falls, ah have a few masel on a saturday night laugh.gif
Ha Ha ,, Ashfield, " The Niagara falls " are/is in the town of Niagara Falls Ontario Canada and also, they are in the town of Niagara Falls, in the State of New York

Niagara Falls Ont. is a border town that shares the Niagara river ,the Falls and Lake Ontario with the States also we share Lake Erie, and all of it not much more than about twenty mins drive or so depending on the traffic from Niagara Falls Ontario.
Now today I drove to the town of" Niagara on The Lake" "not to be confused with the town of Niagara Falls "'again not much more than a 20mins drive for me, however, today it took about an hour to find a parking spot Ha Ha,, I'm a lousy Parker, I need two places side by side to get into one spot.. lol, but I,m one" helluva driver" ie " a very good driver "honestly" lol.
The town of "Niagara-On-The -Lake" is on the Niagara river where it flows into Lake Ontario ,
a pretty little town with lots of shops and in particular" the Scottish shop ",so you can spend a few hours just browsing in town because ,you probably don't have a dime left after comming out of the scottish shop," It is so expensive" .
Ashfield I,m sure by this time you are now bored right out of your gord, Ha Ha , but it was a lovely day ,with lots of sunshine and not particularly cold ",I would say fresh" cheers biggrin.gif
Ashfield ,don,t you dare tell me you know all of this , cause I will scrrrreeeeeeemmmm.
Angel, no, I didn't know any of it so thanks. Geography is not my strongest subject (actually a lot of things are not my strongest subject laugh.gif ) so I will make a point of checking it on the maps. It sounds like you are enjoying your time there though, and what is money for if not to be spent smile.gif
good Ashfield, now all my labour was worthwhile. biggrin.gif
Angel I didn't know that and I have been to Niagra Falls a couple of times. On two occasions to visit my cousin who lives in Toronto.

Today I have a Dental appointment at 3'0'clock thank goodness.
I have been tortured with toothache this past week. So bad, my husband bought me a tube of Bonjello, the stuff that is used to rub on babies gums when they are teething. Not that I'm teething, more likely I need a couple of fillings, but the Bonjello did help to soothe the pain away. sad.gif
Hope all goes well for you today at the Dentist, Heather
I have the guys comming to lay the new flooring on my
diningroom floor today, thats means the room will now be
finished in plenty time for chrismas. biggrin.gif
Hi Stratson hope you are well, you tae Anne! biggrin.gif
annie laurie
Hi Angel,
My cousin lives on the American side of Niagara Falls, in a little town called Lewiston, have been there
I did not know they had a Scottish Shop there, thanks for mentioning that
I must get her to have a look for me to see what they have,
We have one here in B>C> very expensive also but they don't have much of a selection really, would not be surprised if they close out as they have moved around a lot to different shops,
Hope your floor is finished before Christmas then you can host Christmas dinner right ??????? biggrin.gif
hello Annie ,The scottish shop of which I speak is in the town of "Niagara on The Lake" in Ontario, I don't know if there is one on the American side in Lewiston, anyway as I've said it is expensive and I'm not sure that it would be worth while by the time you would pay the postage.
The floor will be finished way before christmas Annie but I'm not hosting christmas dinner ,, Don't won't any crumbs on my new floor biggrin.gif ,now, I will have to buy a new rug to cover the floor,
" so where is the logic in that" , Go figure! take it easy . biggrin.gif cheers
Aye Angel, everything went well at the Dentist. No fillings needed, it is just sensitivity.
I got a prescription for a toothpaste for sensitive teeth. rolleyes.gif
The check up and polish cost me 3-16. Not bad at the price.

I hope your new flooring goes down well.

I would have liked the sitting room and bedrooms decorated for Christmas but I can't remember the name or phone no. of the Decorator who did it the last time and he was really good and his charge's reasonable. So I will leave it until next spring.

I have a carpet cleaner but don't like it as it's not very good.
Our stair carpet really needs a good clean. I am thinking of hiring one of those Companies who come in and clean carpets, that way I can also get the bedroom carpets and the rug in the sitting room cleaned.
All the downstair floor are wooden, so no problem there.
Hi heather that is the type of tooth paste that I use, and It works very well !
It looks like the floor will be completely finished tomorrow , that's really
good!, I have already put in new flooring in one of the bedrooms and also the downstairs bathroom by myself but I am just getting a wee bit fed up with the workload !," I guess I'm just getting a bitty to old for this upgrading , maintenance business, anyway that's that , Until the next headache comes along..
Heather you can usually get a good deal from these carpet cleaning companies if you want more than one room done. biggrin.gif
Aye Angel I was thinking I might get a good deal for three bedrooms, stair carpet and the big rug in the sitting room. But I'll need to get a move on if I want them done for Christmas.

Haven't even started my Christmas shopping yet, but hope to go into town tomorrow.

I'll get the toothpaste tomorrow.
annie laurie
Hi Angel,

I we did the same last Year put in Wooden Floors in the Dining room and Living room,
Then I said I would need a New carpet,
His lordship nearly had a fit as well
What do you need a carpet for,
To protect the New Floor Ha Ha crazy i know but I still like to have a carpet as well, old school I guess

I know what you mean about the postage, but I was thinking next time she comes out for a visit
But the Scottish foods stuff and sweets are getting a way out of hand I think don't you,???? huh.gif mellow.gif
I went into town today and got four Christmas presents.
I spent ages going around the few book shops that are left in town.

I was looking for a 14 Book collection by Roald Dahl with Twits and Matilda in the set and could not get it anywhere, not even at Waterstones. They don't even have it on their PC list so I could not order it.
I can't find it Online and it's one of the Christmas presents my 9yrs old g'daughter has asked me for. rolleyes.gif
I got 3 boxes of 340teabags for 2pounds 40 so mega savings and juice and cheap tins of biscuts halfprice so am well chuffed a got a few mor bits and pieces
hi Stuary looks like you got some good deals for yourself .
to bad about the book heather maybe something will turn upfor your grand'daughter.
New floor in my dining room is finished now smile.gif it's looking good, so I think I will
make a decision about a new rug later on, just see how it all works out.
Tonight I am going out for dinner a birthday celebration for me by my family,so I'm looking
forward to that although I'm feeling a wee bit under the weather today "I'll carry on regardless"!
I think that wee Davy smitted me with his cold, Ha ha .

WE had a lovely meal out this evening, we went to A Chinese restaurant
and had a feast and I had, " to drink a delicious Mai ti."
Didn't get up till 10.00 this morning then went out for lunch with friends. Was at a card making class this evening, we made a wee paper purse that could carry a gift card or ? and some gift tags for Christmas. I got up late as yesterday was a busy day. Was out bowling in the morning, don't ask how I did!! then in the afternoon my daughter, son-in-law and I went off to Lethbridge, Alberta only a 4 hour drive from here, to see the play my grandson is in. Tuesday was the first night of "Spring Awakening" a kind of wierd play but very interesting. Cameron had only a small part but he was only 1 of 2 first year Performing Arts students in the play. This is his first year at the University of Lethbridge and he is loving it. We left after the play and reception at nearly half past eleven and arrived home at 3:30 in the morning, hence my lie in this morning. Cameron has been acting since he was 8 and has been in 14 different productions here in Kimberley and actually directed the last one during the summer. He lives for acting so we are keeping our fingers crossed, although he has 3 more years at school smile.gif
Elma, our g'son is the same and is in his 2nd year at college doing Performing Arts, he is now looking to go on to another Performing Arts Course at another College, hopefully RSAMD which is in Glasgow.

Good luck to then both as it's not an easy career they have chosen.
QUOTE (Heather @ 23rd Nov 2010, 10:58pm) *
I went into town today and got four Christmas presents.
I spent ages going around the few book shops that are left in town.

I was looking for a 14 Book collection by Roald Dahl with Twits and Matilda in the set and could not get it anywhere, not even at Waterstones. They don't even have it on their PC list so I could not order it.
I can't find it Online and it's one of the Christmas presents my 9yrs old g'daughter has asked me for. rolleyes.gif

Heather, try this or go direct to
Well a dun ma best but there´s nae helpin sum folk sad.gif
Och dont worry Bilbo, probably Heather hasnae got round to reading your link yet.
Today went shopping for bits and pieces my god what a nightmare at shopping centres car parks were like death traps , roads were treacherous was so scared I would fall and break my other hip, should have stayed at home.. biggrin.gif
Iwent to get my wedding outfit and I thought a found my dress well Emma found it and a size 16 was still to small so am up the creek without a paddle Emma got a fantastic dress but a might still get the one a want if a can hide my big tummy as a look 6mouths pregnant boohoo it was 185pounds but so fantastic so a still have a few weeks left to go fingers crossed
Hope you get your "Mother of the Groom" outfit soon stuarty,. Hard to believe a size 16 is too small for you. !

Anne1, am surprised you even went over the door after what happened to you getting into the car last winter( or was it previous. See my memory!)
Please stay home until this snow has gone.

Roasted half leg of lamb yesterday(economical use of oven)prepared today's veg.
Just have to slice lamb, natural juices are in fridge( this weather) just have to remove fat to make gravy.
This leaves me free to do some sewing. Must write out Christmas cards for abroad and get son to mail for me, they all go air-mail now. Dec. 6th is final date for abroad. smile.gif

Just done the same Stratson and written out my overseas cards will post tomorrow hopefully biggrin.gif
Anne, I've just noticed that link and Bilbo's is at it.
He PMd me about that and I replied thanking him and telling him I do not deal with Ebay.

I ordered the Books from John Lewis costing 34, and although they cost more than on Ebay it is a free delivery because the order is over 30.
They cost 28 on Ebay plus delivery, so not much cheaper and I know the books from John Lewis will be brand new.
I have'nt done much of anything today, except play my iPod on it's new ipod dock, best toy's I've ever been given, so I have just been listening to my favorite music and maybe get some chores done tomorrow . smile.gif

Angel, like yourself I have not done much either.

Read a bit and done a bit of knitting as I am knitting another doll, Miss Amelia.

I finished knitting the topsy turvy dolls Holly & Ivy.
The youngest g'daughter liked it and kept looking at it when I was knitting it. I did tell her it was for the Church coffee morning in December.
She came in one day and saw it sitting there all finished and she picked it up to play with turning it over to see both sides. I asked her if she wanted it and with no hesitation she said YES.
So I let her have it. Well what else could a gran do. smile.gif

Her brother was in the next day and told me she took it to school to show her friends and her mum thought that was a bad idea as other things she had taken to school came back broken.
I told him there's not much damage can be done to a knitted doll unless they catch it on something and cause a rip. wub.gif
Click to view attachmentHi Folks, I got up early have done my ironing and am going to pop to shops for what I need then having a day indoors...think I might even get round to clearing out my wardrobe and get some things to charity shop....too cold to be outside.....
Ah Joyce your an early bird. I'm not even washed and dressed yet and it's almost noon. Ah well who cares. wink.gif

Is that a photo of Rutherglen???
QUOTE (Heather @ 28th Nov 2010, 07:30pm) *
Anne, I've just noticed that link and Bilbo's is at it.
He PMd me about that and I replied thanking him and telling him I do not deal with Ebay.

I ordered the Books from John Lewis costing 34, and although they cost more than on Ebay it is a free delivery because the order is over 30.
They cost 28 on Ebay plus delivery, so not much cheaper and I know the books from John Lewis will be brand new.

Well Heather, if you had followed my advice and gone direct to, you would have saved 4.01, as I explained to you.

Never mind, we can´t all afford to go to John Lewis, especially on a pensioner´s budget.

3 hardest things in life to accept - a compliment, an apology, advice.


Anyhow, glad you found them.
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