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Full Version: Whit Ye Dae'in The Day?
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Not for the first time you have me confused ! To which saying are you alluding?
wee davy
In the quote bilbo - sorry - didn't mean to tax you on a Friday evening lol

footer around doing zilch

Exactly ! How can this be a saying ? Footer (unsure of etymology or spelling) is a southern Scots word - North-east equivalent is " scutter"

"Zilch" to the best of my knowledge is an Americanism, first coined about 1966 or so by US students.

BTW websites about Scots words are pretty useless at times, in my experience. I cannot find either of the above and the only mention of "footer" is an unmentionable one from the French "foutre".
Don't know either but, from watching too much Countdown, one of Richard Whiteley favourite words was "footle" ( I assume from his native Yorkshire) which meant much the same as footer.
wee davy
so from whit ye were tellin me, bilbo, it wid appear it originates from a north eastern scot who emigrated to california? (or vikkie verkkie!)
You know Guys this is just a wee lighthearted topic, maybe not Grammatically correct, the word Zilch was just an easy way of saying Ive done absolutely nothing today and as for footer , could have meant I was aimlessly doing nothing, both meaning a was a lazy beggar biggrin.gif
Thanks Nartin for reminding me that its 4yrs today since I Joined GG biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
Am busy doing nothing, working the whole day through,
Trying to find lots of things not to do.
(Now analyse that one you nitpickers.).
Believe me Anne1, they know fine and well what it means,

Congratulations on your four years on G.G. biggrin.gif .

stuarty should be home by now, some journey,what determination!

She's some kid.

jeez wuman how on earth did yee last wink.gif

yee will always be number wan on here wub.gif
Thanks Stratson Stuarty's sure is some wee lassie got some willpower guts and determination was so nice meeting her again hope your well doll,
Got Yvonne Terri Frazer here till biggrin.gif Monday house looks like bombsite with Frazer but a luv it
Oh Thank you doll determination is the name of the game on here and ave met some really lovely folk on here yourself included had some good laughs shed a few tears had some lovely meetings with folks so all in all glad to be a member on here biggrin.gif
well if there is ever a vote for number wan you will be it wink.gif You have always been one of the most friendly members on here, whether you agree with the posters or not wub.gif
Will be doing a leg of lamb on the barbeque....couple of beers of course!...the weather is still nice here!
Hi Wellfield, hope you are having a nice evening, while think about morning (mind you its the middle of the night here).biggrin.gif Back to Footer. I do remember the use of the word that sounded to me like Fouterer that seemed to me, so who ran around in a buzz doing unnecessary work. However, I found in Chambers Scots Dictionary Footer and Fouter both meaning the same:
"to bungle, to work hastily, unskillfully and in a manner that calls for contempt; to fuss about, fiddle with, (noun) bungle, confusion; a bungler, a silly useless person.
Today has already been hectic in this house with Family here for 2 days they have now gone visiting my other daughters then of for wee shopping spree then back here then we are all out for pub lunch at 4pm makes me realise just how small this house is, nearly falling over wee Frazer at every turn and hes like greased lightning when he moves maybe its just me thats slow[lennox nae comment] and tonight they are going to another daughters house then tomorrow we are of to drop them of at 7.40 am Stirling Station where they are on route to my sons in Hexam so am certainly no footering about the day biggrin.gif
Was watching The Remembrance Day Service from the Cenotaph in London.
Need to get mobile and get the dinner in the oven.
Between this P.C. and footerin' aboot", zilch has been gettin' done!

Och, whit the heck, having a wee cuppa first!

O.M.G. Annwan, a widnae last the pace in your hoose! tongue.gif
Annwan congrats on being on GG for 4 years , never mind how did you sirvive , how did I ? tongue.gif You said a word to me the other day footer I had never heard that , now I kow what zilch means .. cos I do that very well biggrin.gif
Just knew we were connected somehow or other doll same wave length , who would have thought 4 yrs where has time gone biggrin.gif
When you find out can you let me know cos it has gon very fast mellow.gif
Aye, time waits for no man/woman, especially when they spend the day footering aboot doing zilch. laugh.gif
annie laurie
We awe understaud wan anither very well on here
that is part of the connection right ???????folks
Life is short too short to nit pick

If you cannae beat or undersaud them them join them
annie laurie
been own this board 7 years never have any trouble understounding anybuddy
don't always agree , but then again it is a free world

annie laurie
not spelling mistakes here
just guid plain scots [glesca] togue

incase anywan is having trouble reading these posts

annie laurie
[color="#FF0000"][/color][size="7"][/size]COngratulations Anne1

seems like I have known you and many other posters forever,

sounds like you are having fun having the family around you,

i can imagine that wee g/son is a real live wire, he has the wee look about him,

You will fall asleep with the quietness when they all leave, enjoy cheers
And you ma wee Annie Laurie. smile.gif Nice to see you posting.
hello everybody, no been on furra wee while, been runnin aboot like wan o they flys wi a blue bahooky. my daughter`s moving hoose, so i`ve been here there and everywhere, had ti go an wait fur the gas man, the electrician, the surveyor, the e.p.c. man , then the central heating went up the wa, so back i went ti wait fur that again, now the latest thing is the caurs decided ti pack up noo, if it wisni fur bad luck she`d hiv nae luck ataw. so i got a wee minit ti masel so i thought i`d come on the boards an say it`s awright ti caw aff the search party, ( whitdye mean yi never noticed? ) rolleyes.gif
OMG folks if you havnae been out yet[scotland] its totaly baltic, Nev was taking family to Railway Station car was iced up badly, course where was our de-icer but in the boot took ages to de ice locks they wouldnt open using remote evrything here is white with Frost , glad I didnt have to go, so careful on roads pavements folks go easy be safe biggrin.gif
Hi Auldbutcher ye sound like a great Dad though. smile.gif Anne, when is the frost going away? Ah'm away tae make another cup of tea and consider ma options aboot going out. laugh.gif
Oops Melody forgot to tell you ave got brilliant Sunshine, so its safe to go out biggrin.gif

Annie L nice to see you pal Annwan you make sure that Baltic weather stays over there in Scotland I just don't want it here ..

Melody I would have several cups if I wis you ..

Shuggs , when you get done with yer lassie I need a new water heater installed laugh.gif
morning Lennox hope your well and happy the day doll laugh.gif
So far so good Anne, but I ahve only been up 38 mins so there's loads of time yet laugh.gif
just try extra extra hard to be happy,, am so happy ave got a quiet house again all ornaments and breakables back in their rightful places now wee Frazers gone biggrin.gif
wee davy
ive got an incoming 2yr old & 4yr old, later!! lol

thanks for reminding me tae get the tin helmet oot, annwan
Ha Ha Davy, laugh.gif laugh.gif this wee fella was like a tornado in here[18mths] also has a fascination for my walking stick which he managed to jab my toe with several times, then offers smiling face for kiss, then back to mischief, I love them at this age[in wee drops at a time]
Am going to have a Zilch and Footer day the day still recovering from weekend visitors but will abandon Zilch & Footer tonight when its Bingo Time and be on the ball to win [I hope] biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
I'm doing zilch as well.

I've been out since the back o'nine this morning and I'm not long home and I'm frozen to the bone. So I'm sitting here with a big mug of tea to warm me up.

I might do some knitting later on as those Topsy Turvy dolls have a lot of wee footery bits to be knitted.
I see Prince William & Kate are getting married next Spring.
I better start looking for a new outfit as I expect I will get an invite to the wedding of the year, next year. laugh.gif

I don't want to leave it too late getting a nice outfit as William & Kate will be inviting a lot of people and the women will clear the shops of all the nice clothes and I want to loook my best. smile.gif
glasgow lass
Heather jist incase a miss it , will'yi bring me back a wee bitty wedding cake so a kin put it under ma pillow. That was a tridition in my family,and if we dreamed about a certain boy,,, well he was the one we would marry lol
glasgow lass
hope yiv warmed up now Heather, its chilly were a am too but vet sunny,

very sunny rolleyes.gif
Lass, if you wait outside the Palace I'll get the Footman to bring you out a slice of wedding cake. laugh.gif

I've warmed up now, but I'm going out later on and I'll have a warmer coat on this time, including hat and gloves. smile.gif
wee davy
Don't forget tae order yer commemorative wedding tea set before they awe run oot, Heather. Av told young Billy ah'll no be able tae dae hiz best man fur him.
(Ah no Kate will be devastated lol)

(Don't think ma uniform wid fit me any mair laugh.gif )

Good luck tae the pair ai them. Anybody feel a street party comin on?
I picked up my computer today,no major problems with it , so thats good smile.gif
glasgow lass
s'nice to see you back angel, maybe see'yi on sing-song later cool.gif
My Laptop is still away getting fixed.
The guy couldn't get into it and had to phone me for my Password. I gave it to him, then he had to phone me back as he now needed my Administrative Password. I had it so locked down with Paswords no one could get into it. rolleyes.gif

I'll need to mind and change all the Passwords when I get the Laptop back.
Nice to see you back Angel ave missed yer cheek doll tongue.gif
Busy day again today, was Bowling this morning in our Tuesday morning league, then at the Access committee meeting this afternoon and then off to our Summer Theatre Society AGM tonight and no rest for the wicked, I have two more things to do tomorrow.

- And it's here, dry.gif we had about 3 inches of snow this morning..... !!
you can keep the snow at your place Elma its to early for us to have some.
Going to Glasgow this morning Got to go to Buchanan Galleries to some new american shop called Hollsters[,perfume for my daughter in law]
then afterwards make my way to Cemetary as yesterday was my Mums 6th Anniversary and tomorrow is my Dads 20th anniversary so hopefully the rain will stay away till we get home smile.gif
That's a sad trip out to the Cemetary for you Anne.

Tonight we are off to Coatbridge College to see our g'son in his College Show ' Chess ', we are looking forward to it.
Apart from doing hair and feet, massage etc Did little else apart from cooking and a few cups of coffee.

Enjoy your G/sons show Heather.

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