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Full Version: Whit Ye Dae'in The Day?
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Another lazy morning for me then meeting friend for coffee and then another wee go at the bingo smile.gif smile.gif
take a drive today down to the lake have lunch and also get a little shopping done, O the thrill of it all.. tongue.gif
glasgow lass
aw me too angel had a very hard day today loafin around in the back sunbathing.
It was so lovely outside, now am in and going to have a nice long cool shower
and watch the 8pm movie,,,
The Days Of Wine And Roses, followed by a second feature.
So better get going only got 45 minits till movie time lol , see'yi al later biggrin.gif
Another rainy day in Glasgow.....working overtime this afternoon then chilling out tonight x
well I'm off to church now, then i'll meet a couple of friends for coffee
go for a walk and I'll figure out the rest of the day as I go along, O"
just remembered It's the big soccer game today,this afternoon ,so I had better move myself, cheerio. tongue.gif
Is,nt time yet to go for coffee, my friends each go to different churches,
they go at a later time than I, so I am back now, will get a few chores done and meet up with them later and shoot the breeze for a wee while
and we do have a good laugh mostly about ourselves. biggrin.gif
Am away back tae singsong
my boy took me shopping and Iwent and spent a lot of money a got all the nice fruit Ilove and got some flowers and other nice things for me a bought 6boxes of smoothies lollies and my boy got me 7 last monday am so addicted to them oh they are superbe so thats my cupboards are full at last wub.gif
I was informed this morning that the BBQ that we had planned for today was to be held at my house as my new deck is huge and able to hold everyone comfortably. The family brought everything, the steaks, chicken, salad, tomatoes, potato salad, the drinks,everything, all I provided was the space, they even did all the cooking. The event was planned as it is my eldest grandson's birthday today and he came in from Calgary for the weekend and last night was the final night of the play that my other grandson was directing, the youngest ever director of our Community Theatre plays, he is 18! He is usually on stage but this time was asked to direct the play "Smoke and Mirrors". We had a great time, we were outside until after 9 o'clock as it was so warm. They have all gone home now so I have time to relax......... tongue.gif biggrin.gif
Sounds like you had a lovely day Elma smile.gif
Lovely Elma sounds like you had a nice day xxxxxx
I am of fout to visit my Mums friend this afternoon with my Mum x
I,m not doing anything worth mentioning today , glad you had a good time with your family Elma and hope you have a good time with your mother Joyce and Anne you take it easy,hope you had a good sleep ,.hello Stratson ,whits you up tae? tongue.gif
Jings Elma are you trying to make us all jealous?? Well it worked for me, your day sounded terrific.

Well done to both of your g'sons. smile.gif

I've just munched my way through two bars of Cadbury's Fruit & Nut. Well the shop was selling them two for 1-20, so what could a body do. smile.gif
Hi HEATHER, You talkin about cadburys chocolate reminded me tae ask , dis anybody know where in Glasgow a kin buy Cadburys Tiffin. I know yi can get it in Ireland but no luck here. cheers Margie. biggrin.gif
Elma, you will have to send pix of your new house, great having space to entertain.

Angel, am not up to anything today, been in bed most of the day, my body told me to take it easy, so I did. Hope tomorrow to have some energy. This dreich weather isn't helping any.

Am seeing the Dr. tomorrow, perhaps he will have some answers for me.

Heather, am amazed how slim you stay eating all that chocolate, great you can enjoy without worry of gaining weight.....Eat up hen. laugh.gif

Annewan, don't tell me you've spent all your latest big win already, really shouldn't be surprised as I know you are generous to all family and friends. Hope you get a substantial win tonight, Guid Luck, biggrin.gif
Stratson I don't know about not putting on weight but my clothes are feeling very tight around the waist these days.

I have to stop eating all that chocolate. sad.gif

Margie I don't have a clue where to buy Irish tiffin chocolate. You could probably buy it Online from Ireland.
Heather, its no irish hen it,s cadburys but yi kin buy it in ireland cheers Margie. laugh.gif
Aye I know that Margie but it has the best of Irish milk in it and probably a drap of Baileys Irish Cream. laugh.gif
Iwent to argos and bought a new petrol mower and strimmer as my boy said he cant do the sides anymore and a got a bargain 119,99. tho old petrol mower lasted 16years and the engine is still sound as a pound its just the rust all aruond the mower so a think del might make a go cart or somthing for Lydia so a need a new settee and it will be a sofa bed and 2 seater to match as climbing stairs in a mountain so a can have a proper bed to sleep in down stairs well as ma pal says theres nae pockets in shrouds so am spending just for a wee while laugh.gif
You've got to be comfortable stuarty.. biggrin.gif

Today will take it as it comes, have no plans until late afternoon. smile.gif
I totally agree with you Stuarty, why save the money for others to spend double quick when we go.
You should enquire about getting one of those chairlifts to take you upstairs.

Out lawnmower blew up last week so we will have to see about buying another one.
Today I did the edging round the front lawn and weeded back and front.

Hi Stratson, be good to yourself. smile.gif
Well, they are predicting that we will be getting torrential rain over the next few days and, guess what, I am in the process of packing the car to go away camping. Thank goodness my skin is waterproof laugh.gif
oh today has been so hard ,my wee dog is so poorly with being sick and also the other end is just as bad its as if she has had food poisoning am realy worried but its another day and will see if she is the same tomorrow its vets for her but she sees the vet next tuesday for her steroids .

thanks mammy1 and heather my boy Stuart keeps saying mum spend it as he recons Ihave been very good to him and his brother over the years so it me first for a wee change rolleyes.gif my hous is too narrow to have a chairlift as it was offered and mesured and not enough room tp fit in my wee house
Spend your money doll and indulge yourself on anything you fancy be good to yourself you are so worth it, and its so good to see you posting regularly again, huggs biggrin.gif
I was going into town today but the rain is pouring down so I'll stay home and do an ironing, after I finish my porridge of course.

Can life get better than that. laugh.gif
O' yes it can Heather ! anyway guys I just this moment got a call fom my sister and her husband , they will be in for a blether in about an hour,
which usually means apox. 90mins. and then they will stay for about 30mins.,anyway that being said , I am wiped after all that tango-ing Iv'e done to Billy Vaughn's music.
Athough it is warm here at this time those clouds are looking pretty ominous and I,m hoping that it will clear by tomorrow because I am off on a couch trip for the day to a region called the Kawarthas here in Ontario
and I'm looking forward to the day and going buy coach is so much better than driving anymore, I just hate driving, I have always found it to be to stressfull so that being said I will now go and bake a batch of muffins for my visitors to have with their coffee. cheers , Anybody heard from stratson ?
Just going to sit out on my patio & enjoying the cool breeze as we are supposed to get hit with another heat wave this week.
Enjoy your company Angel..and have a terrific time on your coach trip tomorrow,just sit back and enjoy the beautiful scenery.
Thankyou Wits I will do just that, just sleep out on your balcony if it gets to hot, Take care now . tongue.gif

I see you on the boards Stratson ,I hope all is well with you. smile.gif
Hi Angel, yes, my first time on the boards today, feeling a lot better, got out a walk to health centre, nearly got blown away, outlook is pretty grim.

Must get back to bed, need my beauty sleep/ and some! laugh.gif
Well folks I am going to be a busy wee B[no comment Lennox] today as we are off to Ullapool in the morning for a few days and need to pack a bag for both of us , looking forward to it especially as we havent seen our wee Fraser since April and its lovely cos Yvonne runs round doing everything for you and likes to pamper you , a love being pampered, then dont we all laugh.gif laugh.gif
hope you get pampered a lot Anne, have a lovely visit, It's just on 6am
now and I going away for the day myself and it looks like the weather is going to be great,,,take care ... tongue.gif
Hope you have a good day as well Angel sent you pm rolleyes.gif
I had a lazy morning sitting blethering in our Parish Hall over tea and scones.

I then did the shopping came home and had lunch then did some knitting.
I'm knitting myself a bolero and the pattern has long sleeves but I am making them short, so I had to guess how many stitches and shaping. So it's anyone's guess how the turn out. rolleyes.gif

Annewan, enjoy your time at Ullapool.

Angel, I hope you enjoyed your Coach trip.
I did ladies ,thankyou" might just do it again, one problem though ,
it was to darn hot. wub.gif
well I've done enough dancing for today, I'll now go out and get some weeding done tongue.gif
No need to weed here.
On the balcony with marquise fully rolled down we have 37C.
Out on the garden, in direct sun, the mercury is off the scale (55C max.) The grass is like dry straw. Usually we get thunderstorms in the evening here in this kind of weather but they are not dropping any rain at the moment.
I'm not complaining though, last two winters were exceedingly long.
Just means I have to hop around with the garden hose. rolleyes.gif biggrin.gif
No need for hoses in Glasgow just now. Has rained incessantly all week.

Doesn't feel like Fair Friday here in Glasgow.

Remember you always got something new, grannies took the weans to the shows in Glasgow Green
The park across the road had Marquees and entertainment within for the children also teaching them
:(about wildlife etc. Such a shame it rained, probably would have been better attended sad.gif

Well Tee no matter what the temp is the weeds still grow here, drought or no or maybe I'm simply delusional but I will lug the water hose around this evening, because the grass is going brown here also. "summertime !
Angel could you cut our grass while your out there.

We have to get a new lawnmower as the one we have blew up. wub.gif

The grass is badly needing cut and it has rained every day since last Friday. sad.gif
Heather is it because of the rain or your lawnmower that is the reason for not cutting your grass,,, on a brighter note you don,t have to lug around the water hose. tongue.gif
Angel it's actually the rain because I could borrow my neighbours lawnmower. smile.gif

If the weather had been better we would have bought a new lawnmower this week.

Another woman and I had a good laugh yesterday about all this rain.
She asked me last Thursday if she could have some of the seeds off the marigolds when they start to die off. I told her she could have some marigolds instead as they grow all over the borders in the front garden drowing out some of my other plants.
I throw some of the marigolds out as well as a lot of the seeds.

So I dug up about two dozen marigolds for her and told her to give them a good watering to help them settle in. It has rained every day since last Friday. laugh.gif

never mind heather, jist come along with me and listen to singsong.
nae cares at all just "let the rains come down" tongue.gif
the weather channel here is forecasting severe weather in Ontario and Quebec, Tornadic activity and it does'nt look to promising outside my window, so I'll just listen for the storms , last time a few weeks back the lighting hit my answering machine and the surge from that messed up my computer, Ces't la Vie. sad.gif
glasgow lass
Was working very had today,,,,,,on ma tan got about an hour out of it and by the time a got comfy it started to pelt down any way am away for a nice nite to friends house for dinner, thats my friend the chef's home so cant wait to see whit he's got cookin Mmmmmmm. Have a great nite everyone, until tomorrow then X.
glasgow lass
Martin I got what you were saying about the enter key, Hm I thought that I was going right into those commertials at the right hand side , so was trying to avoid that,,,,silly me. biggrin.gif
well I'm going to a barbecue later today,looks like it will be fun,lots of good company,good food tongue.gif and a wee cup of tea rolleyes.gif
am just popin in to say they never found anything sinister when a had my endeoscopy and a did not have any knock out medication just the spray and a never even bolked wance doc said a was a great patient as a dont make no fuss so a was in and out and the ones asleep when a arrived were still sleeping when a went home after 20 mins that was all it took but a have got to have a bairium meal oh a hate it drinking aww that gloup so a will get that done in the next 2 weeks am fedup way hospitals and everything but thats life eh ,,,,,oh Iwas talking to my neighbour yesterday and on the feeding station was a parrokeet so this country is gettin warmer for these birds to live outside will try and gey pic of the deer and the bird sturty's wildlife park oh and a cub in the garden at 5am this morning .a love my back garden
Morning All....Not too nice a day here today, was hoping to get loads of washings done and out to change of plan, will get my housework done and just chill out.....Have a nice holiday Monday whatever your doing....
just saw the photos Anne ,he is comming along so well,I cant make a comment in the Gallery, it's them wee gremlins again!.
went to a barbecue yesterday and had a great time and now today I do have some running around to do here and there. but thats about it.
Sadly I am off to the funeral of a friend who was killed in a road accident las t week. She was only 57 and was returning home after she and her husband had bought a new RV, he was driving iit and she was following him. It will be a sad day for all of her family.
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