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Full Version: Whit Ye Dae'in The Day?
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up and about early this morning got Drs first , then going to change holiday money into [euros] then later my daughter coming to cut my hair then staying on for dinner so a busy wee day laugh.gif
At the Docs first thing and been referred for two separate surgical procedures. Then the Dentist to be told I need two crowns, and all before I've had my morning tea. Sigh huh.gif Now I'm waiting in for a parcel to be delivered and it's a beautiful day outside, but am I downhearted?

Well, frankly, aye am ur laugh.gif
Know how you feel Ashy the bliddy Drs and Health centre are beginnin to feel like my social life this past year frightened to say word pain in case they hear me, but hopefully live to fight another day pal sad.gif sad.gif
Anne1, I thought it was in May your cruise, am aw pixed mup. rolleyes.gif

Delighted you got another wee windfall at the Bingo. Fantastic your well enough to travel. So happy for you guys, you've been through the wringer, both of you.

Is a lovely day, hoping by friday will be o.k. to go out. smile.gif
yes Stratson its 1st may but we go to youngest sons on Sunday for a week hes about 20mins from Southampton Docks and thats where we lleave from roll on roll on.,my daughter in Ullapool had snow yesterday but it didnt lie for long but says its bitter cold. and when I got up this morning there was a frost on the cars, so hopefully hasnt damaged new bedding plants we had put in, a wee bit of sunshine would be nice eh smile.gif smile.gif
Why did I think you had hospital appt. May 6th. Is my thinking going? rolleyes.gif
Hi Anne ,just to say that I hope that both you and Nev. have a wonderful vacation, Now does this mean you aint going to Spain for a month this year, biggrin.gif cool.gif ,

hoping to get to Spain but will depend on Nevs hospital results hes has exploratory when we get back so heres hoping alls well, thank you for good wishes Angel
Back from health centre had last iron injection till beginning of June yippee biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
Good on yea Anne!!!!!! biggrin.gif You know how to take a day at a time. I'm not up to much today but will still enjoy it, I will try to get my house in order, I would rather galavant than do housework, it is sooooooo boreing but it has to be done.
Anne enjoy your cruise, it will be like a second honeymoon for you and Nev, you both deserve it. wub.gif
No wonder your saying Yipee Anne1, like getting a reprieve, I know the iron injections are painful.
Enjoy rest of your day. biggrin.gif

Patsy, am doin' like you today, hoosie things.

Am feeling stronger and will get out tomorrow,,,,,,

Having a shopping spree,got to find pressie for my g/daughter's birthday next Tuesday.

Perhaps she will accompany me and choose for herself. I'd prefer it that way.

Wll a finally got roon ti daen ma ain garden to-day, cut the grass in the back, had to evict a lost tribe who were quite happy in the long grass, then a sorted oot ma fountain, it was aw full o rotten leaves an green slime, i phoned up dr who ti see if they wanted it but they turned me doon, i took the fountain apart an stuck the jet washer on it, that sorted it oot. once i checked the electrics an put it aw the gither again it was going fine, so that was ma day, oh by the way, anne1, hope ye enjoy yer cruise.

Hi All,
I had an unexpected guest for a few days. A friend of my nephew in Australia, was stranded due to the flight situation, so I told him to get here and he could stay here, save him on Hotel bills, he managed to get a flight back to Dublin today back to his base......
I have slept most of the day due to nightshift.
hope you get something sorted for your grand daughters birthday Stratson rolleyes.gif
I bought a nice new pair of shoes and a dress today for my grand daugher Murrons Holy Communion on 8th May...
Been up and about early today had to go to local butchers to get Full Lorne ,Full Black Pudding, Full Fruit Pudding, tattie scones dumpling, as my entrance fee to sons house, first thing he asks when you arrive wheres is the Scottish Food, he then divides it all into three lots and two lots go in Freezer for much later , almost ready now just a few bits and pieces to go in bags, cases all packed, then we will be off early morning to England. Will pop in during week to see whats happening here biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
Good morning Anne, Your son certainly knows what is good for him. Well today is for shopping and tonight is for dancing and a wee game of bingo, so whatver you all do enjoy wub.gif
wee davy
Jist leave mine oan the doorstep when ye get here Anne !! Ah,ll pick it up efter

mmmm ah kin smell it frae here!
ok Davy will do pal laugh.gif
I had a right senior moment this morning.

When I was coming out of Mass I stopped to buy the Observer. I got outside then remembered my brolly and went back in thinking I had left it on the Newspaper table, it wasn't there. So I looked at another table where I had stopped to get money out my purse, the brolly wasn't there either.
So I asked one of the Passkeepers if he had seen a black brolly lying about and before he could answer I realised the brolly was hanging from my wrist where I had looped it. The Passkeeper and I both burst out laughing, "senior moment" says he. Aye and he was right. rolleyes.gif
biggrin.gif Just going to stay indoors today get my ironing done for back to work tonight....only 4 nights to go and I am off for a week!
Off into town this morning hoping to meet up with Paulines47 for coffee later, Pauline stays in same small town beside my son, will update you later laugh.gif a small world eh
Well folks had a couple pleasant hours in Paulines company where as usual I talked non stop, poor lassie hardly got a word in, so nice meeting up with her I had promised to post some Pic tures in Gallery but cant find my camera connection think it might be in Nevs case , so will try later to get him to bring his big case in so as I can search in there, convinced I put in mine[ouch] rolleyes.gif
I've been in town all day and bought myself a nice jacket and top in M & S.

Then I browsed through some other shops buying a few odds and ends then I bought three short sleeved sweaters for the warmer weather, if it ever comes.

Had a cup of tea and a cheese burger in Mickydees before heading home. smile.gif

Got a nice surprise when I did get home.

Two weeeks ago I complained to the Council about trees at the side and back of our house that are so big they are nearly hitting off our windows.
The men were there today cutting the trees back.
This usually causes a problem as the Council say it's private land and the trees are the problem of Henry Boot, the Company who built the house's. But the Council have the Contract for maintaining the ground so it's up to them to cut back the trees.

My neighbour who is in her 80s, was told by the Council last year to cut them back herself or pay someone to do it. But I reported her trees as well and they also cut them back today, so she is very pleased about that. smile.gif
Sounds as if youve had a busy day Heather, bet your glad about the tree as will be your neighbour.
Ive put wee picture of My outing with Paulines47 in gallery rolleyes.gif
Good picture's Annewan.

Pauline, it's nice to see a new face. smile.gif

Annewan, are you all ready for the big off tomorrow???

I hope you and Neville have a great time.
QUOTE (Anne1 @ 29th Apr 2010, 09:08pm) *
Ive put wee picture of My outing with Paulines47 in gallery

Nicewan Annewan, smashin' photies biggrin.gif Have a great trip smile.gif

Sitting in the sunshine enjoying the last day of my week's leave. thinkin aboot all the things ah shood hive done bit didnae. Ah well, too late now
Well its finally arrrived we sail today about 5pm got to be on board by 2pm am ready already hurry up clock laugh.gif laugh.gif
Am soon going to set up Sunday Dinner for my son and I.

Cooking done. Easy Dessert today. Mascarponi Ice Cream and fruit.

Always have extra in the pot for stragglers.(G/weans) laugh.gif
Stratson, I'll have some of that ice cream and fruit. wink.gif

I cut the grass in the front lawn today. I also sprayed the rose bushes and hoed the borders.

Hubby was busy today. He put down grass seed in the bare and weedy parts of the back garden he had dug out a few days ago.

I am waiting for some climbing and perennial plants coming that I ordered from one of Garden Centre's Catalogues.
So maybe this time next year the back garden will look better than it has since I dug out a lot of old plants two years ago. smile.gif
glasgow lass
Im going to get an early start at the gym, then my son has asked me to go with
him to have a look at a couple of suits he wants to buy, a said is that no whit'yi
have a girlfriend furr haha. Then I have to get the back set up for summer,
thats going to be a bigish task, yuk!!!, wish a lived in a condo wink.gif
Well folks its back to reality for us holiday over, and we are travelling back to Glasgow today will take a day or two to get organised when we get there but looking forward to trip home laugh.gif
Safe journey home Anne1, missed you..................

Am about to start cooking Sunday dinner, first have to take a trip to Lidl for mushrooms. Doing Beef Bourbignon which my son likes.
Expect g/g/son also for dinner. biggrin.gif
glasgow lass
Im just on my way for a five mile run, awk a might go for eight ah'll see how a feel.
Later I'll be attending a bridal shower for one of my sons best friends, Mike will be the first
of the friends to tie the knot, it will be a lovely shower and held in one of the banquet halls,
expecting over one hundred quests.
penny dainty
would love to come with you lass on your run , i am laid up with bursitis in my hip from too much running .So this week no exersise , not walking outside on concret but the good bit is no work either i got signed off. HEE! Methinks i'll cope . be nice to get rid of this pain as well tho. sad.gif
well today ive got to unpack and put away all our clothes anybody wantin tae help naw didnae think so.
Penny got your card thank you hope mine was on time to you biggrin.gif
Are you hame already Anne? Did the captain throw ye off? laugh.gif
No was a model passenger laugh.gif
QUOTE (penny dainty @ 17th May 2010, 10:43am) *
would love to come with you lass on your run , i am laid up with bursitis in my hip from too much running .So this week no exersise , not walking outside on concret but the good bit is no work either i got signed off. HEE! Methinks i'll cope . be nice to get rid of this pain as well tho. sad.gif

Click to view attachmentSorry tae hear yer no so well wi yer pain and the burstitis whtever ye call it sounds painful thats for sure hen .Ive ended up with a chest infection saw Dr Monday afternoon got Prednisone/steroids and antibiotics tae help me along as my asthma is gone crazy,see my Rheumatologist today Tuesday so it is awe oan noo eh hen see witt happens wen we decide tae walk through the parklands by the river at night time hen lol crazy eh hen go figure who widdve known we widd baith end up no so well after it lol feel better hen .Luv Linda xxxClick to view attachment
QUOTE (Anne1 @ 16th May 2010, 05:04pm) *
Well folks its back to reality for us holiday over, and we are travelling back to Glasgow today will take a day or two to get organised when we get there but looking forward to trip home laugh.gif

Click to view attachmentWelcome hame tae yees baith Anne wann hen Luvyas stay well and Hope yees have a safe journey pals.xxxClick to view attachment
QUOTE (Anne1 @ 17th May 2010, 05:05pm) *
No was a model passenger

This comes tae ma mind when she says she was a model passenger lol laugh.gif Click to view attachment laugh.gif
Cheeky girl Linda am a wee angel just ask Lennox rolleyes.gif
Well Annewan, I hope you were a wee angel when you were on the Cruise and kept your hands off those young sailors. unsure.gif

C'mon spill the beans, warts and all.

We got your card, thankyou very much. smile.gif
Did you like my Sailor wub.gif
laugh.gif laugh.gif
Anne when I saw the sailor on the front of the card I knew it was from you before I read the back.
You naughty girl. laugh.gif laugh.gif
glasgow lass
QUOTE (penny dainty @ 17th May 2010, 12:43am) *
would love to come with you lass on your run , i am laid up with bursitis in my hip from too much running .So this week no exersise , not walking outside on concret but the good bit is no work either i got signed off. HEE! Methinks i'll cope . be nice to get rid of this pain as well tho. sad.gif

Aw penny I hope you feel better real soon, I may have to give the running up soon myself
penny as my ankles are very sore from all of the pounding over the years.
So it could be the eliptical for auld Lass eh haha, as long as I get my five to eight miles in
every day thats all that counts, so elipticals here a come.
Enjoy'yer much needed rest penny. Lass.
well fun day ahead methinks, im of to Hospital in Edinburgh to have Kidney Stones lasered, if its sore you will hear me from there but honestly glad this is finally getting sorted out sad.gif sad.gif
Penny D,....Have a speedy recovery, just enjoy the rest, 'tis true, our bodies lets us know when to take it easy. smile.gif

You will be just fine Annewan, if this laser treatment is anything like Lithotrypsy no pain attached to it. Had this treatment for kidney stones 2000, at S.G.H.
Was over in 1 hour. Successfully.

Edinburgh seems a distance to go for treatment.

G/G/son coming later today. Celebrated his 18th birthday yesterday.

Maybe he and I will make it to Victoria Road for some shopping. biggrin.gif
hello anne1 a hope you had a great time ,i have been tryin to get my laptop to work for about an hour and a half today it is kaput it is saying not enough virtual memory so a need to take it to the laptop hospital grrr ,,,so now am on my home pooter and she is hard work as the keys have no letters on its blank so am tryin from memory phew me and shpellin dont work and a try my best rolleyes.gif so thats been my day
glasgow lass
Im not sure whit am daein the day, but a do know a wont be sitting here all day,
so think am off for a wee run and ponder the rest of ma percious time , have a great weekend everyone biggrin.gif
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