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Full Version: Whit Ye Dae'in The Day?
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Doing the usual Sunday things. Stayed up this morning after porridge and put the roast in the oven, by 9a.m. will be cooked so back to bed and watch Andrew Marr on B.B.C.1 smile.gif

Glad you had a nice break P.D. biggrin.gif
I would love to do what you just described Stratson, sounds good to me.

I woke before 8 made my coffee, come into my wee computer room, and have been going through the GG.

Will go and have a shower in a wee while once I'm wide awake - I've never been someone who can jump out of bed straight into a shower, need my morning fix first LOL.

Then after the shower, dressed, and over to my aunties with her shopping which I normally get on a Sunday at M & S, but went instead yesterday to Iceland to see if they had some things a wee bit different from the usual for her, as she eats like a bird. One of the carers sends me a text now telling me what she needs, saves me going over with too much food.

So I'll take that over around 11 or 12. The only good thing about the world my aunty is living in is that she has no day to day worries or stresses, as she is on a different plain to the rest of us, and I do all the other stuff.

Not sure what I'll do when I come back yet.


I just noticed too that you got the plaster off - my goodness after all this time, I bet that bath felt great.

You will slowly be on the mend and out and about again I'm sure. Glad you got that off. I've never had a plaster cast on, my aunty did a couple of years back when she fell on black ice, she damaged her wrist, but I remember the look on her wee face when they started to take it off LOL.
Stratson, I don't think there would be enough space in Stuarty's house for the Dashing White Sergeant, Canadian Barn Dance etc. laugh.gif

I'm trying to walk without the crutches, but oh dear it's sore. Still can't get a shoe on.

Penny was that you in hiding from your children, leaving them to get on with things themselves, quite right. smile.gif

Having a nice peaceful relaxing day after the hectic week running between hospitals Nurses Drs.. dinner is on the go so easy does it today.Was going to look at new furniture b ut Nev has talked me out of it today, he thinks I will forget about it,, in his dreams biggrin.gif
Ah'm jist gonnae huv another day in ma jammies and fleevy housecoat wi' the bedsocks oan and hope this bleddy cauld finally goes away!! Feeling a lot better the day except noo ah've got the annoying raspy cough that feels like there's glass stuck in yer chest and throat! Don't want tae miss the 24th at Stuarty's tongue.gif
OOps just realised that the 24th isnae this Sat coming it's the next wan ! Senior moment!! huh.gif unsure.gif
having a nice lazy day., still in my nightie, (is that too much information) ohmy.gif later going to my daughters for dinner with the rest of the family.
glasgow lass
I'll be having a sort of lazy day, well after the gym that is lol. Not working till Wednesday so yipeee fer me laugh.gif have a great day everybiddy biggrin.gif
Might wash the car.
Might fix daughter's door.
Might go to PC world for a browse around.

Might just chill and do absolutely zilch. Quality time.
Thanksgiving weekend and we had a special service at church this morning to celebrate and also give thanks for the 60th Anniversary of our current church building. We had a lunch of turkey and ham, cheese, pickles, cranberry sauce, veggies, tomatoes, etc. etc. and some lovely desserts as well.
glasgow lass
Im thinking about going cross border shopping today as we have had out thanksgiving. A could use a day away and a need some things for ma holidays. Have a great day everybiddy wink.gif biggrin.gif
Been for physio now going for coffee in our wee complex smile.gif
will start to clean up patio as it's covered in leaves,mind you it is fall and it's sunny & cool. smile.gif

Enjoy yer day of shopping 'Lass,mind and leave something fer the other

Hi Anne1,enjoy yer visit to the complex..if they have any Gingerbread save me a couple of slices smile.gif
Yippee my last Iron Injection today,,when finished there have got to go to Opticians for eye test[wonder whit bit of me will need seeing to next] laugh.gif laugh.gif
laugh.gif Ah know the feeling Anne. Never mind pal it's yer last jag. wub.gif
Ocht ye shoulda said Anne...we coulda gave ye iron oan ye goin oot...too late noo, ah've jist been tae the recyclin'...they widny take ma spare tyres huh.gif
Going to braehead. Buying a new jacket biggrin.gif
I am sitting stuck at my desk feeling miserable with a cold. sad.gif

Java if ye find somebody tae take they spare tyres give me a shout. I've got a couple that should do a 4 x 4 although at the rate I'm going they might fit an artic lorry. So I'm just gonnae cosole myself with a packet of mintola. (Sorry just read the lable they are now called after eights) biggrin.gif
I almost passed out with fright this morning.

It was about 8-30 in the morning and i'm in the kitchen making my porridge when my eye caught someone at the window. I looked round and there was this stranger in the back garden peering in at me. I got the fright of my life and the man knew it and he's signing out with his hands and mouthing, sorry, sorry, it was the Window Cleaner.

He has this new fangled way of washing the windows. It's like a jet spray and when he comes to our Avenue he always fills the water tank from the water tap in our back garden which is just below the kitchen window. He did ask when he got this jet spray if we minded, which we didn't as we are not on any meter for the water and the man has his job to do to earn his living.

My husband put the water tap in years ago. One of the benefits of being married to a Plumber.

I stood there with my heart racing and signing out to the guy, it's ok, it's ok.
That fright wakened me up real quick. unsure.gif

Hope you've recovered Heather. Our window cleaner has the same thing he said it's to do with health and safety and insurance and window cleaners are no longer supposed to use ladders. rolleyes.gif

Well I'm in the office just now but awaiting a call from my daughter as she's due her wee girl on Monday and now every niggle or anything out of the ordinary and she thinks she's in labour laugh.gif
So thats me on maternity watch no cyber pub for me this weekend.
Heather is the window cleaner alright laugh.gif

CAT hope you dont have a long wait laugh.gif
Annne & Cat, the Window Cleaner was at the door tonight for his money and the two of us just burst out laughing. He said he got a fright when he saw the look on my face. He knew he had frightened me. I think the poor guy must have thought I was going to collapse.

Maybe he also got a fright seeing me standing there making the porridge, my hair standing on end, the dressing gown on and half asleep. laugh.gif

I don't get washed and dressed until after I have my breakfast.

In future I won't open the blinds until I'm decently dressed.

Cat, you'll be on nettles every time the phone rings. Keep you coat and bag at the ready.
Today we are off to a wee tea party for the 88th birthday of my favourite customer. I'm that chuffed that we were invited. biggrin.gif
laugh.gif I,m off to our local mall this morning where I meet up with a few friends
and have a coffee and a good laugh. waiting for someone to tell us to keep
quiet one of these Sat. mornings. tongue.gif
Off to the airport this am to see my niece off back to Oz, then having my sister and some family over later for a nice night drinks and food.
Looking forward to all being together and getting some nice photos of them all to cherish, sisters here for another two weeks then shes off back to Oz x
it was yesterday am a wee bit behind a went to my mammy1 stratsons and was invited to stay for my dinner it was to die for chicken and fresh mediterrian veg and mash and rosties oh it was so nice a fair enjoyed it and we had a great natter and her handsome boy was there also hes a good guy also and a really enjoyed getting out as my car is getting fixed now as a write this well it better be as they could not get the parts needed so that was yesterday and today am indoors cause its freezing or am freezing so thats me up to speed a am now going to pm the ogre or e mail her and a cant wait for saturday to come to see the ggers that I have not met so thats it huggles and fankew straton the company and food was greatfully enjoyed wub.gif
We are feeling very pleased for our g'son today.

Last year he got an Audition for a part in a film Peter McMullan was making. Unfortunately the filming was starting just before we went to America, but he still got a small part in it.
The film is called: Neds. rolleyes.gif

A few days ago he got an email to go for an Audition for a part in a Musical that will be on in the Ramshorn Theatre in January.
After the Audition he was told he had the Lead part.
The story is set in the future and sounds like a comedy.

Apparently it was the group Peter McMullan is with that passed on his email address. So they must have been plesed with him.

He's going to be a busy lad as he is also in the Musical his College is putting on in December.
Just the usual kind of day for me. Footered aboot the hoose. Cooked dinner. Did some surfing the net. Viewed the new built houses at Rouskey in Co Tyrone They are detached, 12 in all have been built , each a little different. So near my cousin Mary in Gortin.>>>> Ah well, if my lottery comes up, who knows? rolleyes.gif

Heather, am so excited too for your grandson, no wonder your chuft, a great opportunity for your budding star,

stuarty, I wish you stayed in Scotland as I would love to see you more often, it was great having my other lassie home. Hope to see you before you return to Surrey.
Enjoy Saturday with the rest of the G.G. family. smile.gif
Stratson, we have already told him, that if he becomes a rich and famous Actor, then he better remember all those who were good to him when he was young.

He was laughing when I said I would sell stories to the Media about all the things he got up to when he was young. laugh.gif

He has wanted to be an Actor for as long as I can remember. Not an easy profession to get in to, but it's a Drama & Music Course he is doing at College.
my car is back on the road they fixed it monday tuesday and my brother picked it up for me as a was getting stressed out so a will be doing the party shop on friday hopfully . has anybody seen petalpeeps as a would love to invite her on saturday so can anyone help .Heather im pleased that your grandson is getting a chance in the acting world as it is very hard to get into the buisness so welldone .break a leg as they say but no you Heather your foot is bad enough
Stuarty, I have been wondering about Petal also.

Maybe her PC is not working as I have not seen her on for a long time.

I hope her and her family are OK.
Started today (by my wife's orders) to start installing new laminate hardwood floors (the stairs are a B----)
Christmas starts today, I will delivering Christmas orders to my customers starting today, yes on Saturday, I have waiting for the orders to be processed at the warehouse and now I hit the road running, getting all my customers stocked by Nov 1. It is a full life biggrin.gif
Off to bingo thus afternoon then tonight we are off to Stuartys party laugh.gif
Just having a day at home today, weathers horrible anyway, I popped to the post office to post some mail and got home as quick as I could out of the rain.
I am going to try and get a few hours sleep as I am back at work tonight, I am popping over to see my sister Norma tonight at Mums for a wee hour or so to say goodbye as she goes home to Oz tomoz, we will all miss her, been great having time with her, got loads of lovely pics to cherish too.
Well done to your grand son Heather thats excellent news for him, all the best to him for the future!
What College does he go to? He may know my son from around the Glasgow Theatres etc.
Hope everyones days a good one rolleyes.gif
Last three days have been busy been running round B&Q picking out wallpaper taking samples home then decided it wis yuk looking back for more , then emulsion charts god a hate this decorating lark thankfully this time we are going awa to Nairn for the weekend and the guy will be in and get it done whilst we are away., yippee.
Said last week last of Iron injections but doctors has informed me ive another 4 wks to get am like a pincushion[a big big cushion] laugh.gif
Last two days ah've been hobbling aboot like an auld wumman cos ma back is killing me and then today ah've hud the sore back and the cauld tae. Been lying oan the settee aw night feeling sorry for masel! Disnae seem tae help though tongue.gif Enjoy yer weekend away Anne1.
and been watching omnibuses all day happy.gif
QUOTE (Biancax3 @ 1st Nov 2009, 08:01pm) *
and been watching omnibuses all day happy.gif

Is that a bit like trainspotting rolleyes.gif
Hi All, Having a day at home, got my ironing to do, as I am back at work tonight and need my uniforms for the week ready.
I went to Holy Cross parish with my Mum and friends last night to an Annual Bereavement Mass, a lovely service, then went back to Mums friends for a few drinks with them, had a nice night x
I have an appointment at the Royal Infirmary this afternoon for a Bone Density Scan.

How is your back Stowst???
sitting here reading the board blink.gif
glasgow lass
am jist following you around huh.gif
Are you two playing chases???

Tig yer het. laugh.gif
glasgow lass
laugh.gif yoor het back tongue.gif
No I'm not, you didn't tig me. Now I've run away. tongue.gif
Here am I jist sitting minding ma ain business and these two louts start hitting me and running away ohmy.gif

Just ignore those two Murn they are wee trouble makers rolleyes.gif
Ahv two wee trouble makers in here annaw. There's not a place in the hoose that they don't leave a trail in laugh.gif

The house of sick, ye get fed up don't ye ! laugh.gif
Here you Annewan, I'm no that wee, I'm all of 5ft 2inches and I'm a fast runner. So there. tongue.gif

Murn just tig Annewan and run away, she cannae run fast. laugh.gif
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