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Full Version: Whit Ye Dae'in The Day?
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Have a brill holiday Anne1.
Just off to bed soon after my nightshift...hope you all have anice day xxxxxxxx
Joyce hope all goes well for your mum on Tuesday at the hospital
A busy wee day ahead for me all the last minute bits and pieces but will still make time for coffee with my friend then my daughter and I will go to bingo this afternoon[where my daughter won 150 last night] so will try my luck today , thank god am no depending on a win for my spends,] then tonight family coming over for Nevs birthday as we will be away tomorrow when it falls.
We fly out at 6.15am so looking forward to it, laugh.gif laugh.gif
Your a very busy woman Anne. Your sounding fit. Good Luck at your Bingo. x biggrin.gif
a went shopping for a wee small luggage trolley and a got one and a spent a few bob on rubbish but a got a great bargain tescos were selling all there sun lotions for six pence yes six pence ya beauty
had a nice day visiting with my big sister, god kin that wuman cheer yee up wub.gif

Spent most of the day teaching her how tae use her laptop, again. She could not understand why it she couldnae get her email or onto the internet. Told her it might help if she plugged her router back in tongue.gif she had unplugged it while dusting.
QUOTE (Anne1 @ 28th May 2009, 07:11pm) *
Having a fairly quiet day getting my hair cut for the holidays ,my sister is coming for lunch and going to finish my packing for the holidays roll on Monday then it will be up up and away yippee laugh.gif

Happy Holidays tae yer good self & yer doll of a man Nev Annewann,ahve warntSpain yer coming & fur thum tae cool doon the sangria jugs etc & make sure yeev got somewhere tae play bingo & win a wee prize pal cheers tae you N Nev hen have a fab time we shall miss ye oan here.Love Linda xxx PS My brother arrives here Tuesday then it is awe gonnae be oan full steam ahead ahl be rushed affa ma feet jist holidaying tae. LOL biggrin.gif
Going to a B.B.Q. , having a rest day. In evening will call at gardens to hose ground and water my greenhouse. Right now back to bed after my porridge and a coffee.
im going to re pack my things as sombody said roll the clothes up and pack them I am taking a tobi travel iron so if creased a can iron them out so am going to be on and of pooter oh am getting more and more excited every day as the clock is ticking woohoo laugh.gif
Rolling is good Stuarty and so is using tissue paper if you have any layit on they clothes , then fold or roll them.. Do you not have an iron in the cabin ?
HIya all this lovely sunny day in Glasgow...dont the sun make you happy...Im off to tesco then getting the bus over to Mums will sit out in her veranda and get some sun as I am staying overnight with her tonight as we are going to see the surgeon tomoz to see about Mums operation....thanks for thoughts Ann1 Have a nice holiday....Have a nice day all catch up soon...xxxxxxxxxx
Anne ,Once again from me you have a great vacation. cool.gif cool.gif
thanks angel will try ma hardest to enjoy it hava ball at the meet laugh.gif
Hi all, Had a lovely few days with my boy friend we went for a drink local last night went to a pub with seats outside and sat in the sun was lovely.
Then today we headed into town to get him clothes for his holiday to Florida with his two grand daughters and had a nice wander round.
We went to hospital with Mum on Mon, she is no longer having an op, the surgeon advised against it at her age so she is going for radiotherapy heres to work now take care all... see you are having a meet next week hope the weather keeps up for you all and you have anice time xxxx
Yes Joyce the weather has been fab, Glad your Mum has a decision re. the op. I wish her well with the radiotherapy.

Was at my garden and got home an hour ago. As the barometer is forecast to drop, guess will not be spending so long there.
Will give the house a treat. smile.gif
Moing all, thanks for best wishes for Mum stratson.
Looks like another nice day today...well not as nice as its been but nice...and I will be sleeping the day away !!!
Hope you all have a nice day xxx
Enjoy your sleep, very well earned, the body needs rest. biggrin.gif

Exactly what I shall be doing today, having a rest from gardening, having a walk to shops.

Will have to walk to gardens this evening and water my greenhouse. smile.gif
Still a nice day here and the sun comes and goes.
I really need to spray my rose bushes as there is a lot of blackspot on some of them. I was out earlier on picking the bad leaves off.

Oh I got another letter from the Debt Collectors, they say I am on 72 hours notice.

Part of the letter says I may have to appear in court and answer questions about my life style. Someone must have told them about all the boozing in the Cyber Pub. wub.gif

Another part says I may get a visit from their field officers.
I wonder do they mean the SAS or the CIA. unsure.gif

Joyce I hope things go well for your mum. It's quite a worry. I will light a candle for her.
Awww thanks Heather thats lovely of you.
Hows everyone? Hope you are all enjoying what looks like another nice day today. As usual I slept through it rolleyes.gif
Got a friend coming over from Oz next week met her on line and got to meet her when I was over there two yrs ago so will be brill to catch up with her again.
Take care all x
Just sitting here enjoying the lovely sunshine we have been recently having,plus the temp is nice and cool so it's easy to go oot fer wee walks.
This is another letter I got today from the Debt Collectors. I cannot believe the arrogance of them. Sending me letter's saying I owed AOL money and they did not even have a copy of the Account. Now the have done a complete turnabout.
Then they have the cheek to say not to hesitate to contact them if there is anything else they can help me with!!!! What help have they given me except to send my blood pressure soaring???

I wrote to them one week before they sent out the letter telling me I was on 72 hours notice and asked for a breakdown of the money they said I owed AOL, but they just ignored it. Now they are tryin gto make out I have just sent the letter.
When I posted that letter I asked the Post Office for a Certificate of Posting.

Have read your letteer from AOL Heather. What a turnaround. Am hoping you change your server and have no more of their truck.
Not a penny more to them either.

RE. blackspot on roses, was doing exactly the same as you today, other than that all coming along nicely. What do you use to spray them?
Got home at 9'o'clock tonight, don't know where the time goes , am in another planet at my allotment...Shangrila. biggrin.gif

Delighted for you Joyce having your friend from Oz come to visit. Good times.!

Was thinking of our own stuarty sailing out on the Med. Is wonderful lifetime dream come true.
Can't wait to get all the gen.
Don't half miss her and oor ain Annewan. sad.gif
Stratson, I changed my Server when AOL cut me off in February.

They had given me a new Contract at 9-99 for 6months then 14-99 thereafter. But they were taking 15-47 a month off me, the extra 5-48 was for McAfee which would not download on my Laptop neither was it mentioned in the Contract. I phoned them and emailed them asking to stop taking the 5-48 but they just ignored me, so I told my Bank to stop paying them so they cut me off.
I honestly don't know where the get the figure of 64-73.

I'll have to check tomorrow the name of the spray I use on the rose bushes.
glasgow lass
Well whit a day a had !! laugh.gif laugh.gif ,,,, managed to get tae the gym but talk aboot rushing a was so rushed a dont even remember being therr lol, mah wean was having his graduation ceremony ( aye the final wan lol ) oh what a lovely day at the uni the kids looked so chuffed, well they're no kids now so a should say young men and ladies lol, a wiz never so proud of my boy, he's come a long way, was usually the wee wan who laged behind the rest of his school pals regarding studies and look at hin moo, well he has his university degree in hand, we cant take the smile of our face,its a wonderful time for all of the grads today , God bless them all,,,,,,,,,,,,so diz this mean am free from all of his financial responsibilities,,,,,,,,,,,,,,a hope so hahaha.
Well Lass, congratulations to your son and his parents. smile.gif hope you have a lovely celebration,
although I,m not to sure about the end of the financial responsibilities bit. tongue.gif
Lass, congratulations to your son. You have every right to feel proud of him.

I know how you feel, as we couldn't keep the smile off our face when our son Graduated from University.

As for finances, well that's another story because first he has to find a job, and who do you think will be keeping him until he gets one!!!!!!!!!! laugh.gif
Hi all, Looks like the suns here again today. Im back to work just for one night today so will mess about and get things done that I should have been doing while I was off. Just find everytime I do something my decorator turns up and all I done is back to what it was lol.
Glasgow lass brill news about your son, its a real proud moment to see them all dressed in the gown, my sons pic takes pride of place on my wall.
I am seeing my friend from Oz on Sunday, she arrives in Glasgow today but will be with family tonight and tomorrow. So looking forward to seeing her last time and also forst time we met was in Oz almost three yrs ago...have a nice weekend all xxxxxx
Im off to Hamilton tomoz night to see my son perform in the play AGAIN lol I could act it myself now lol xxxxx
It was so hot here in Glasgow today it reminded me of what it will be like in America, so as my hair tends to be thick and grows quick, I went and got it cut really short.

I also went to the Library and got a couple of books to read. When I came home I cut the grass in the back garden then I curled up in a chair to read one of the books.

After dinner tonight I cut the grass in the front lawn, pulled out some dead flowers and did some weeding.
glasgow lass
Heather wont be long now, hope your taking some shorts with you , New York can be stifeling in summer biggrin.gif
I know lass, I've been in America about four times, and yes I do have shorts although I'll have to try them on and see if they still fit as I have not worn then since last year.

I'm away on the 5th July. smile.gif
penny dainty
Not doing much today ,off work with a rotten cold....SNIFF! sad.gif
G'Day Penny Pal heres tae yer wellbeing & a warm hugg to awe you lovely GGERS tae ahm back almost tae normal here,ma visitors have gone home all went well.Sorry ye ended up sick right nuff oor Penny ,Click to view attachmentClick to view attachment
QUOTE (penny dainty @ 24th Jun 2009, 10:39am) *
Not doing much today ,off work with a rotten cold....SNIFF! sad.gif

Ocht yer a poor wee soul hen ,ah know how yer feeling ahve just had a chest & Lung infection that ferr knocked ma stuffin oot so you take it easy & get well ma wee doll.Chat soon eh pal.
Had a last look round our local market today with my daughter and g/daughter as g/daughter and baby & partner all go home tomorrow, then we will have a nice peaceful weekend before we set of for home on Tuesday morning, the weather is roasting but am enjoying it so catch up with you all soon. Hope you had a lovely time linda on your voyage, and \lindamac hope you had a brilliant time with your brother when he was over laugh.gif
I have been packing my wee case for the 4 day stay in hospital and all medication and other stuff to take clothes nighties and books to read a will be thinking of you all and say a wee prayer for me as am full of fear but the day has come for the tests and we shall see what the outcome will be what is for me wont go by me one day at a time and a just need to hand my life over to whoever is looking over me so i wont say goodbye I will say adios untill im back again wub.gif
Stuarty I'll light a candle for you with a prayer that everything goes well for you.

I am taking things easy today as I am tired with all the walking I did yesterday.

I was away for the day with the UCM and we went to the Samye Ling Centre in Eskdalsemuir a place I did not know existed in Scotland. It's a Tibetan Buddhist place where you can go to visit or for retreats, we were just visitors.
We spent a couple of hours there then went into Moffat for the rest of the day getting home just before 9'0'clock in the evening
Good luck to you Stuarty. Let go, let God hen. Will be thinking of you as will all the regular gg mob! Will be looking forward to your next post. wub.gif wub.gif
Click to view attachment
See you when you get back Stuarty. tongue.gif
Will be thinking about you stuarty, keep thinking positive and you'll be OK. Huggles xxx
annie laurie
Thinking of You Stuarty,
I am sure all will go well
look forward to having you back again

Hey stuarty i cannae find the other pictures you posted,
be someone will guide me to where they are

Relax and everything will go well

Hugs to you

One day at a time Stuarty,your in my thoughts and prayers, smile.gif
penny dainty
Hope all goes well Stuarty , will be thinking of you xx
Sending all my loveand good wishes to you stuarty, look forward to hearing from you. God Bless. x
I watched the tennis yesterday, it was a to close for comfort, but Murray got through,so lets hope he is successful in the quarter finals.

Anne I suppose you are home now,you will probably need a rest after your vacation tongue.gif and thanks for the post card, cheers
glasgow lass
Had the work men in today changing the sinks in bathrooms,,, bliddy messy. After they left a cleaned my main level, dont mind that part of house work cos a can come in and out , it was a lovely day today I hope you all enjoyed it. Now if the birds would just get out of the trees at night Id get some sleep>>>>>> yaun mellow.gif
Ive spent the morning unpacking holiday cases dont know why I took so much away with me only used about half of it, god a hate unpacking felt like flinging case out the window but at least its done till next year unsure.gif unsure.gif
glasgow lass
laugh.gif Hi Anne sounds like'y had a smashing time in Spain,,,, a hope you let Nev have a wee rest from doing the Flamenco with his castanets. Thank you for the lovely card, Lass. tongue.gif
will be watching the tennis today, see how Andy does. tongue.gif
I'll be watching the traditional exodus of tennants from their apartments since it's moving,mibbe i'll be nice and offer them hot-dogs and a drink laugh.gif
Marion Niven Dougan
Stuarty, my thoughts and prayers are with you. GOOD LUCK X X X X
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