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Pest control are still taking squirrels out our loft. They discovered there is at least a fourth one, but it's so small it has been taken the bait out the trap without getting caught. laugh.gif
Heather put oot a wee saucer of red wine and they laugh.gif will all come out gon a dare ye
Anne, it's one thing watching the squirrels prance about the garden, but to go up the loft, look them in the eye, and waste a glass of wine into the bargain, you cannot be serious. I'd pass out with fright. ohmy.gif
naw you widnae Heather laugh.gif
she drunk the wine Anne ,,, tongue.gif nane left. laugh.gif
sounds like our Heather Angel eh.

Well of to physio again this morning and after that got to go to Wishaw general Hospital for bone density scan[had this done 18mths ago but all info between hospital and Dr lost] The Dr, said to me you didnt go for test did you I said yes I did told what the procedure had been that day, she said oops they must have forgoten to send to us the results when she checked they said I hadnt turned up. makes you wonder doesnt it laugh.gif
Anne1, what total incompetence, bone density tests(which I have undergone periodically for 25 years) usually are to test for Osteoporosis. So you may well have missed out on medication for 1 year. Hope all goes well. mad.gif
Hope the physio is helping, do you still have pain? Take care, soon be holidays>>>>Yippee.

Today have some things to do, no garden today, looks like rain anyway. Put a lot of work into it yesterday after my chiropody appt.
Beginning to look like a garden.
Still searching for my winter holiday, can't make up my mind where to go, not S.C.
Like hotels where there are other residents. smile.gif

miserable day here high wind and rain, it is also garbage pick today
and as usual there are those you will not secure their garbage and as a result,it is strewn all over the street and in particular my yard, it just pi**e* off, if I just knew whose bins it was , I would dump the garbage back on their yard............ front door whithout any hesitation. mad.gif mad.gif
laugh.gif Well no bingo this afternoon for me as its Family day at our wee complex weve got car boot sales homebaking, homemade jams, books bric a brac loads of raffle prizes, tearoom with s.wiches cakes, tablet fudge , and also plant stall, so quite a nice wee day hope the rain stays of last year we raised over 600 and this goes toward our theatre and days out[like 6th june they are having a sail and afterwards high tea] I will miss the sail as we hall be in Sunny Sunny Spain. so heres hoping for sunshine today
I'm just relaxing today after being at a Ladies only Dinner & Dance last night. We all had a good time and the meal was very good.
That Strip the Willow dance fairly wears you out. It's one of my favourite's with all the birling and whirling. wacko.gif

Margaret Curran the Labour MSP for this area who also lives in the area, comes to a lot of our ladies nights out and the couple playing the music and singing couldn't avoid having a go at her about claiming the night out on her expenses. laugh.gif
She took it in good part and also had a laugh.
There's no grandstanding with her, she comes with a couple of friends and just enjoys herself like the rest of us.
Hi All...Just having a wake up coffee...then its a good clean up in here for me will give myself an hour or so of cleaning then its MY NIGHT, got all my provisions in earlier...MY VODDIE lol.
Thats work over with till Tue. Just gonna enjoy my peace and quiet as my son is performing in Edinburgh tonight.
Hope your days been a good one folks xxxxxx
Ive been getting myself all excited by organising & making up the bedroom for my brother & his partner arriving on June 2nd I can hardly wait,the wee room looks quite welcoming for them even if I dae say so massell. biggrin.gif We have bought a new bed & new bedside tables , laces & bed linen & table cloths too,bedside lamps & pictures it just looks nice n new,it realy is quite inviting Iam as pleased as punch with our new guest bedroom,Iam certain my brother & his partner shall enjoy their wee bedroom & the efforts Neil & I have made for them. biggrin.gif
Back on the Physio training track then of to shops to take back a couple of tops I bought fpr my holidays and get something exchange laugh.gif
What a day I have ahead.

I have a Dental Appointment as I think I need a couple of fillings.

This afternoon I have an appointment with a Solicitor about the 64-73 AOL say I owe them. I haven't a clue where AOL gets this figure from, that's why I have refused to pay it.

Ten days ago I got a letter from a Debt Collection Agency demanding immediate payment of 81-98. This is the 64-73 plus 17-25.

Yesterday the same Debt Collectors sent me a another letter threatning me with big legal fees and sending a Representative to my door to collect the money in full.

I have never been in a position like this in my life so need Legal advice about what happens next.
I really do resent paying a Company money I don't owe for a Service I did not sign up to.

AOL are now making out that AOL Broadband and AOL UK are two different Companies, and when you sign for the Broadband you automatically sign for AOL UK.

There is nothing about this in the written contract I have with AOL.
The contract clearly say 9-99 for six months starting July 2008 then 14-99 there after.
On top of that the UK lot took 5-48 from my Bank Account for eight months for McAfee Suite which would not download to my Laptop, so I got my Bank to stop the payment of 5-48 and in error they stopped the 9-99 payment at the end of October.

AOL Broadband said the Contract was cancelled at the end of February and my summing up works out at two months at 9-99 each and two at 14-99 a total of 49-96.

They also sent me an email saying the McAfee suite account is activated when downloaded. But as I never downloaded it why have I got to pay for it, and how did AOL UK get my Bank details to debit my account, because I have never had any contact with them??

I have all the letters and my Bank Statements ready to take to the Solicitor so he can see for himself what has been happening.

Confusion is the name of the game.
Good luck today Heather
QUOTE (lindamac @ 17th May 2009, 08:18am) *
...Iam as pleased as punch with our new guest bedroom,Iam certain my brother & his partner shall enjoy their wee bedroom ....

Ah hope that's no ma room you're gie'n them...huh.gif huh.gif
I went to the Solicitor today and she advised me to phone Roxburghe the Debt Collectors and ask for a breakdown of the 81-98 they want and to put the Action on Hold until I get it.
They would then have to contact AOL for a breakdown of the 64-73.

I did that, and they said they could not give me the breakdown and would not put the Action on Hold. I asked them to Hold off Action until I got a Breakdown from AOl, but again they refused.

It was a right arrogant person I spoke to, and although she was English I had to keep asking her to repeat what she was saying and speak slower.

The Solicitor also said she would be surprised if they took Court Action for 81-98 and some of the wording in the letter does not apply to Scottish Law. They would have to raise an Action in the Sherriff Court and I would be notified about this. They can't come to my house and demand money.

With my kind of luck I'll probably end up in Court.

She also said that as AOL are operating as two different Companies it will be for tax reasons and how they operate from within should not affect the consumer.
So if that's the case then it's AOL who owe me money. Over nine months they debited my Bank Account for 91-02 and going by the Contract I have with them they should have been paid 89-92. So they owe me 1-10.

But I feel I'm back to square one.

The Solicitor gave me her card with her email address and I sent her an email letting her know what Roxburghe said.
Thanks for the update Heather ,I realy want to follow your story to see the outcome I think what is happening to you is terrible & will take a good strong person like yourself to fight the big guys pal Good Luck & please keep us updaated wish ye awe the best pal.Love Linda xxx cheer up hen it isney in vain . wub.gif biggrin.gif
QUOTE (Java @ 19th May 2009, 07:48pm) *
Ah hope that's no ma room you're gie'n them...

wub.gif Nah doll your rooms next door tae that wann ahm gien ma brother so dinnae fret Greenyin laugh.gif
Hi all just popping by...had a good sleep today as I went straight to bed from work as I had a headache most of the night, so had a good sleep and am up and about getting washing out since its a nice day xxxx
Had a long sleep today,was working hard at garden yesterday after having spent the morning in town attending to business.
It's so lovely out, sunshining, makes me feel guilty am not at the garden.
Just going to have a shower then attend to meal for my son and I.
All being well weatherwise tomorrow will get the rest of my bedding plants done.
Must say am enjoying the rest. smile.gif

penny dainty
Took a pair of shoes back to the shop as the sole had split, now I bought them 10 months ago , but they were not cheap.The manageress to one look and offered me a new pair on the spot aplogising profusely for my trouble.Now that's what I call customer satisfaction.Big tick to Kumfs.
lovely day here ,just might take a browse around the stores ,maybe even buy something,which I will probably return......Where is that Kumps Penny biggrin.gif

oops Kumfs. tongue.gif
talkin about shoes kept meaning tae ask if yees knew about the Rieker Store on 190 Millway Ave Concord, Ont jist off of the 407 open on Sat. Great shoes great price wink.gif

Noo me a did some weeding today some work then a wee bit more weeding. No am daeing some more work mellow.gif
I can see that Murn. tongue.gif
penny dainty
They are a N.Z company Angel, dead good shoes biggrin.gif
Getting packed up for a weekend away in the caravan.
Went to B & Q late night and got rerr bargains in bedding plants, some marked down to 50p, 1, 1.38 AND 2 all in all 11 trays. A real nice guy gave me a lift to my gardens and helped carry them up to my plot. Between showers over the weekend will plant them(I was waiting on a taxi)
Not usual for me to go in a car with 2 strange men.......times are tough laugh.gif
I gave him 3.50 all I had in small change, he was reluctant to accept it however I insisted. Taxi would have cost double that, guess my guardian angel was at work. Full of beans and rerrin' to go.
Have even already prepared veg and meat for tonight's dinner.
Back tae bed noo tae watch Jeremy. smile.gif
there you go Stratson, Chivalry aint dead. biggrin.gif
Did the housework then when the g'daughters came over we played a couple of games of Croquet.
While one amused herself on the Laptop, the other one helped me put in some bedding plants.

Now I have to pack my bag as we are off to Callendar tomorrow for the week-end to celebrate my Aunt Barbara' 90th birthday.
About 30 of us have booked into the same Hotel and it has a Dinner Dance on a Saturday night. So I'm looking forward to it. smile.gif
biggrin.gif Heather I have been to the said places at Caendar,the dinner dance nights are fantastic what a great way to enjoy celebrations with your loved ones,we did it when we were home some 6yrs ago,sad we didn't find the time to do it last year.Have a Fab time mate cheers!.xxx
Nothing exciting on the cards today so it wil be my old routine meet with my friend for coffee then of to bingo, last night called for 250 house and had to share with another person so I came away 125 richer so no a bad wee night laugh.gif
My youngest grandson's high school graduation is this afternoon so I'll be in the arena to see the ceremonies. It is a great day for them, they are piped into the arena by our local pipe band and sit on the stage, when their name is called they go forward to collect their certificates. After that all the awards are announced, hopefully Cameron will get something. Last year Kyle graduated and came away with 3 awards for a total of $4,000. There are 96 graduates from our High School this year. The school is called Selkirk High School not after the town but the mountain range close to here.
sure sounds like yees have all been doing good things & gaining bargains & great deals with service filled with smiles especialy fur you Penny & bargains & Gallantry tae Stratson doll ,ahm gled ye got yer bargains & the lift tae,Hope yer Grandson has a few awards tae Elma mind ye Iam sure in his own right he is one great big award to all of ye at hame.Heather I Loved going to Callander,always loved them dinner dance weekends their pure magic the atmospheres brilliant!.Hope ye huv yerself anither wee win oor Annewann.Ive just been sat around home this weekend was out shopping Friday hence why no need nor excuse tae be oot Saturday LOL laugh.gif Well freends much love tae yees awe have a great week coming up ahead pals.wub.gif
Lindamac, I did like you, spent today at home (I have been in bed most of the day),after bedding my plants and red and white onions, another couple o' hanging baskets, spent too long on my feet so have to pay the penalty, my feet and ankles were swollen.
You have a lovely house to enjoy .
Bet your gaun daft arranging everything,
not be long untill party time.
Just a week now till your brother and partner arrive. Good times, eh. biggrin.gif
I took my two g'daughters and one of their friends to the swimming pool today.
The one who had her friend with her, also met up with another two friends who are in their class in School. The five of them had a lot of fun and enjoyed themselves.
Afterwards we all went for a Mickey D. laugh.gif

We had a really good time in Callander at the week-end.
The meals in the Hotel were very good and the bedrooms big and comfortable.

The music was provided by a guy who was a terrific singer.
He finished just before midnight, so we all sat there and had a good old fashioned sing song the way we used to do at family gatherings years ago.
There were 35 of us with the age's ranging through four generations.
My Aunt's daughter came home from Canada bringing her daughter and g'daughter with her.
There were a lot of good solo singers, then someone would start a song and the rest of us join in. 'I Belong to Glasgow' got a good airing.
By two'o'clock in the morning most of us were tired out with all the dancing and singing, so off we went to bed.
The next morning at breakfast, other guests in the Hotel told us they enjoyed the sing song and has also joined in.
glasgow lass
Heather your weekend in Callendar sounds lovely, did you have a nice time Heather, I went there wae the school a few times , is it still as lovely as ever,, sniff. A bought my mother w wee blue and white jug with the word Callender written on it, she's kept it all this time. smile.gif
Lass, as it's many years since I was last in Callander, I can't remember if it has changed much.

There are a lot of shops to browse through, but I did not buy anything.
As it was a Saturday, the town was busy.

On the way home, my cousin' husband took us the long way through Aberfoyle and Loch Katrine and too many other's to remember.
Well we didn't exactly go through Loch Katrine, more like around it. laugh.gif

As they are both Hill Walkers, we got a lot of commentary about all the places we passed through and stories about some of the funny things that happened to them on their walks.
glasgow lass
I love walking the Hills also Heather, maybe one day I'll get to do some beautiful hills of Scotland. biggrin.gif
Lass, my cousin and her husband Jim, have been walking the hills for years.

Jim has walked the China Wall and brought back a lot of picture's. He takes picture's everywhere he goes. Even driving home on Sunday he stopped the car to take a picture of an archway/tunnel of trees we were driving through. laugh.gif
glasgow lass
Sounds like they love it Heather long may it continue for them. Last month we did a ten day hike through Rome and surrounding areas right into Umbria , Lake Bracciano and through into Tivoli, and then some LOL. Hiked for at least ten to twelve hrs every day,,, lots of hills and steps in Rome, but must say that it was exilerating tae say the least biggrin.gif
Ah Lass, the only steps I walked up in Rome were the one's in the Vatican Museum and the Spanish Steps. laugh.gif

You seem like a serious walker yourself and that was some hike.
penny dainty
I walked home from work today smile.gif went to the gym as well, then home for a wee sleep zzzzzzzzz!
Hi all..Well done penny you will be as fit as a fiddle smile.gif
I slept all day as I was working last night.....back to it tonight.....had a lovely weekend with my boyfriend down in Irvine ...its good to pack a wee bag and head off for the weekend...good to come home too. Hope you all have a nice day xxxxxxx
Sounds like a nice weekend Joyce,it recharges the batteries for the week's work. biggrin.gif
Today I did the ASDA food shopping, taxi home. Did not get all I needed so doing the Silverburn tomorrow, if weather nice will then go to my allotment the allotment. Just love being there, in the nice weather all of my colleagues have a good old natter over out afternoon tea.
Apparently at weekend will be 25c so we will be heading down the coast.
Gosh, almost forgot, have the hairdresser tomorrow, talk of "Senior Moments"
I was on my soap box today after reading the report in the newspaper about the 13,817-00 abortions in Scotland last year.

I asked my g'son if he knew anything as disgusting as that, and with a frown on his face he said, " yes, Rangers winning the league ".
I must admit I couldn't help laughing at his reply.

Honestly, can the men ever see anything more important than football.
QUOTE (stratson @ 28th May 2009, 07:02am) *
Sounds like a nice weekend Joyce,it recharges the batteries for the week's work.
Today I did the ASDA food shopping, taxi home. Did not get all I needed so doing the Silverburn tomorrow, if weather nice will then go to my allotment the allotment. Just love being there, in the nice weather all of my colleagues have a good old natter over out afternoon tea.
Apparently at weekend will be 25c so we will be heading down the coast.
Gosh, almost forgot, have the hairdresser tomorrow, talk of "Senior Moments"

wub.gif Awwwwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Stratson my wee dearhearted freend that seems so unfair to hear yees ur awe excitit tae hae 25 degrees & are awe ready tae invade the beach ,I was shocked actualy, I seem to forget how privalaged we are here in Australia,we are currently sitting on the 24-25 degrees yet we are awe moaning we are cauld,1st day of winters on Monday tae,disney seem ferr tae you Wegies attawe sure it disney?I hope ye get plenty mer days of 25 degrees & upwards wee pal ye sure deserve that wee extra time at yer allottment Stratson thinking of ye & hoping yer summers kind tae yees awe.Yer sure right Ive been blue bum flying aroon this hoose making sure everythings done, Got ma hair done yesterday,My brothers room is awe ready & ahm wishing the days away [accept saturday ,awe go oot tae dinner & pictures with Penny & her Mr Dainty]untill it is tuesday June 2nd at 6.40am at Brisbane airport.Oh Happy days are here again tra la la lala le la lala laugh.gif
Having a fairly quiet day getting my hair cut for the holidays ,my sister is coming for lunch and going to finish my packing for the holidays roll on Monday then it will be up up and away yippee laugh.gif
Hi all, Well not long up as I was working last night.
Got a friend from work STILL decorating for me rolleyes.gif ....never mind the hall should be finished this weekend then its just the living room...looks like the weather will be nice then eh stratson?
Prob spend my time washing so I can get it out lol x
Not so much about what I did today but what I did tonight.

It was our 11yrs old g'daughter Confirmation tonight and I was very pleased to be her Sponsor.

Everything went well and the Chapel was packed to the doors.
The Bishop is so patient, after the Confirmations and Mass he cheerfullly stands there so all the children, Sponsors and parents can have a picture taken with him.
There where 56 children getting Confirmed so the poor soul must be worn out, never mind I'm sure God will bless him. laugh.gif
well today I am of to Town Centre to change our money into EUROS and then Monday 4am we are of to Sunny Sunny Spain, so looking forward to it, roll on Monday yippee laugh.gif laugh.gif
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