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Full Version: Whit Ye Dae'in The Day?
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Iam finaly getting some relaxation & peace tae get online again woohoo great tae get oan here,had a surprise meeting oan here with one of Neils school pals his name is The Kevster he is a good soart so mind & say hello tae him if ye catch up wi him oan the cranhill topic. thats awe ahm dain the day lazy hazy sunday ahhhhhhhhhhhhh MAGIC! biggrin.gif wub.gif
QUOTE (glasgow lass @ 25th Apr 2009, 02:01pm) *
Ron have a nice time it will be lovely doon therrr,but still a wee bitty chilly this time of yr so wrap up, am aff tae have a day oot wae mah sis/inlaw, another bugger a might add. Its going to be warmer today a was thinking shorts Haha, but naw its no warm enough fur them so Ill dig oot some capri's and hope a can still fit intae them after our long winter of hibernating,,, or a might jist thro on a pair'a blue jeans, bit they'r even tighter,,,,,help! laugh.gif

It was quite warm and I even had a bit of sun in the back of my neck. I'm glad I took my Tilly style hat. The wind was up though. Parking was impossible but we managed to get a place at the Fallsview Casino and walked down the hill to the Falls. Niagara on the Lake was just coming into bloom and was pretty as ever.
glasgow lass
oh thats great RonD sounds like you had a lovely day,,, better weather than me, we got cought in a wee tornado rolleyes.gif
annewan can a rub ma lottery ticket on your bum for luck we used to do the fitba pools and rub the ticket on ruben the tailors bum laugh.gif he was a lovley man
aye stuarty feel free hen laugh.gif well this morning I am of to Physio again and today my treat from them is to have a wee weight tied to my ankle so this sounds painful before a start am sure that Java wans been to talking to them, then if am fit will go for afternoon coffe in the complex wae ma wee neighbour so thats ma day accounted for folks laugh.gif
Hi Anne mind not to fall over your own two feet. tongue.gif
my grand son is comming for supper to day
so that makes it a very good day, despite the rain. tongue.gif
I'm off to the UCM tonight.

We are having a Quiz Night, so I will have to oil the old brain. smile.gif

Anne it won't be too painful, but exercising with the weight helps to strengthen the muscle.
I'm going for training today for the B.C. Election on May 12. Hopefully it will be a better day than yesterday. I had some chest pains and tightness of my jaw in the afternoon, symptoms of Angina which I have had for a few years now. I eventually went to the Emergency in the Regional Hospital half an hours drive away. I was there from 5:30 p.m. until I was released at 12 midnight sad.gif I had ECG and blood tests TWICE and an x-ray and needles everywhere. It was so boring lying there although they were so busy I watched so many people coming in who were really ill I felt like a fraud. Thakfully, everything seems OK today smile.gif
annie laurie
Hello elma,
Sorry to read about your Day in the Emergency,
Are you sure you should be doing the SVO
It is a lot of responiblity [Think about it]
I think you should just go for a V O Clerk, or something
Let others worry about all the other things,
Take care my neighbour & GG Pal

I think you arwe over doing it,
Aw, ah hope you're takin' care of yerself Elma wub.gif
Take it easy Elma, no election is worth your health. tongue.gif
glasgow lass
feel better soon Elma,,Lass smile.gif
Relax and take it easy Elma, let others do the work.

Our team came 2nd in the quiz, beaten by one point. Boo hoo.
Click to view attachmentFor you my friend Click to view attachmentDear Elma Iam wishing you well my friend Be Blessed with Health & happiness my friend love Linda xxxx

QUOTE (Elma @ 29th Apr 2009, 04:23am) *
I'm going for training today for the B.C. Election on May 12. Hopefully it will be a better day than yesterday. I had some chest pains and tightness of my jaw in the afternoon, symptoms of Angina which I have had for a few years now. I eventually went to the Emergency in the Regional Hospital half an hours drive away. I was there from 5:30 p.m. until I was released at 12 midnight sad.gif I had ECG and blood tests TWICE and an x-ray and needles everywhere. It was so boring lying there although they were so busy I watched so many people coming in who were really ill I felt like a fraud. Thakfully, everything seems OK today smile.gif

Dearest Elma don't take yourself for granted dear friend, you are a lovely lady so kind & hard working for others etc but please listen to your body my dearhearted friend, you must be doing too much,please get well you are a precious lady we all love on GG.

It was last week on my birthday when I experienced the same symptoms [the symptoms had been there for over a week truth be told]with added pressure to left arm neck & jaw as well as stabbing pains directly in the heart area & ended up in the ER the day after my Birthday as it had worstened ,They did all that same stuff to me as they did for you then released me to go home after 7hrs however the result is they are taking me back into hospital as a day case this Friday for a drug induced heart stress test xrays the lot yet again,the normal stress test Iam unable to do because I may break my bones etc so this low impact Thallium stress test will hopefully diagnose me once & for all.

Iam scared & dreading it allthough I feel this, I will go on & do the tests etc but Ive listened to my Dr ,he has enforced rest & has advised that I not do too much nor get too upset or distressed by anything or anyone so theres a real need for rest even if it is stress related, angina related ,remember dear friend the heart is a muscle that will get tired if we push it too hard please get well & be safe dear Elma ,You could never be a fake that was a real experience that worried you enough to go get it checked anyone has a right to do that so no more of this feeling like a fake when other seemingly more sicker folk show up,we don't know what our own position is or theirs either God wouldn't have had you there had you not required the tests or the warning to slow down my dear heart,I send you my Love & well wishes & hope you get a proper diagnosis & a healthy wellbeing back to your daily living Love
Aw Heather, sorry to hear that, better luck next time. smile.gif

Well, I did the training sesion today and really, I think the SVO job isn't too bad. I have worked elections before in all the different capacities as well as being a scrutineer for my candidate. It is only one day and I know most of the others working that day. At least I get to move around, not stuck at a table all day.

Thanks for all your good wishes, I'm feeling good today and I have a prescription for a new nitro spray.
Elma hope your feeling better today biggrin.gif
Just had a leter from Nevs Doctor he doesnt have to report to Gartnavel till 30h Sept then in on 5th October for further tests, this is first time we have had a 6month break so relieved for him.
Nevs quite chuffed as now we can make holiday arrangements fall into place with no impending worry about hospital and treatment biggrin.gif tongue.gif
Have just been reading back on the posts.
Elma, you did the right thing going to check out your chest pains, this ain't a rehearsal,
I'm sure you will make the right decision re working at election, no need for me to tell you stress is the biggest killer. You will know the right thing to do. Take Care.x

Congratulations on your win Anne, Nev. got a wee turn too, well, you know what they say, a giein' haun, is a gittin' haun.
Best present was Nev's news. Hope you manage to get a nice holiday. biggrin.gif

Not sure what am doing today yet. Lookin' kind o' dull.
Have to go and get my g/g/son's present, he will be 17 iMay 19th. His Mum tells me he likes Diesel After Shave, Semi Chem has it on offer £6 off this week, usually£24 so now's the time to make purchase.
If it brightens up may go do a bit at garden. Gee whizz, theirs the sun out>>> biggrin.gif
I,m having some work done in the yard today so I,m hoping the rain stays away, I might even get a bit of gardening done myself. sad.gif
good news Anne Eh, that will make your day much better, and don,t work to hard Stratson. tongue.gif
Good news about Nev, Anne, tell him I am pleased for him. Have you got a big holiday planned for this year?

Stratson, enjoy your garden but don't overdo it. I often think of you there, wish I could be there to help you.
Click to view attachmentIam delighted to hear about Nev Iam wishing both your good self & him a season of wellbeing healthy happiness & a good rest from anything that hinders yees pals I love you both very very much pals wish I could rush round to your door & run through it to hugg you both my dear friends Neil is very happy for you both too & he also sends his love to you & Nev hen God Bless seems prayers do get answered eh hen Click to view attachmentClick to view attachment
Click to view attachment [b][/color]Ive got to prepare for going into hospital tomorow so I have to fast from 7pm strangest thing is all I can think about is food eating PORKCHOPS! mmmmmmmmmmmmmm My favourite Click to view attachment did someone say PORK? I like PORK! everythings turning into PORK today I don't like the idea of Fasting rolleyes.gif[/b][color="#FF00FF"]
penny dainty
Mind and let me know how you get on Looby
glasgow lass
Good morning everybiddy, well am away wae ma boy today,,, he's going to have Laser eye surgery done at TLC, am feeling very excited and a little bit scared, anxious really. I hope all will go very well for him, a think this is another good step in the right direction for him. If anyone remembers please say a wee prayer for a good out come .Lass biggrin.gif
Lass will keep him in my prayers take care.
Linda thanks for good wishes for Nev hope all goes well for you keep us up to date will say a wee prayer for you smile.gif
Elma im pleased you took yourself to hospital because you are being very responsible better to be safe and alive than ignore it and possibly have a heart attack so welldone Elma and huggles to you from me wub.gif

anne1 hope you got on ok today you will soon be chasin nev roond the bingo hall again xxxxx
Today just went shopping, came home and had dinner with my son. Feeling good today, s'wonderful! biggrin.gif

Lindamac, surprised to read you go to hospital tomorrow. Hope all goes ticketyboo.
Thinking of you and always remember you are in my prayers, will hear how you go. Bless and take careof yourself, your a very precious lassie.
Lindamac, thought I sent you roses, so, just pretend it's your B/day. Hate this Vista, the pictures are so small ye canny see them. laugh.gif
Lindamac hope you get on ok at hospital as a know you have been poorly huggles from me to you
Hope you get well soon Linda. tongue.gif
Waiting to see how the weather is gonna be, bit dull now, planning a day bedding out plants Am rarin' to go, so puleezzz, send me sunshine! biggrin.gif

Hope all went well yesterday Lindamac. Hope your feelin' alright! smile.gif
Been to garden noon-8p.m.
Was a cracking day, got lots done.
Now heading for bed and hoping tomorrow can have more of the same weather.
THE GOOD LIFE. biggrin.gif
sad.gif glad to see that you had a good day Stratson , I got ouside today to do some spring cleanup which I did and then also cut only some of the grass because my lawnmower quit on me, sad.gif
am glad you got the time in the garden stratson a have had Lydia and gave her a bath and washed her hair then new jammies she has had here since christmas just as well she forgot her change of clothes so a keep some things here and a washed her stuff for tomorrow as she is going to a posh place for her mums birthday dinner wub.gif
Mibbee's G/LASS you'll get yer lawn finished the day. Is it large?
Yer always a busy wee bee so ye ur, nae wonder ye need aw they holidays.
This busy wee wummin is waitin tae see if this sunny mornin' isnae jist an illusion. Then am offsky efter ma shower........Huv seeds to sow, hedge tae trim.
Almost furgoat, widnae mind a good auld rummage in yer garage, bet it's an Alladin's cave in there. laugh.gif

stuarty, can tell yer lovin' aw the extra work wae Lydia, good you keep change of clothes for her.
You'll need tae send me a picture o' Lydia, she must be gettin' big.
Will gee ye a buzz later when dinner is ower, that's if yer free!
Byzeetats the noo. biggrin.gif

morning Stratson, hope you have a good day at your lot, I,ll be spending time ouside today myself, still got quite a bit of work to do, although I will have to wait till my lawnmower gets fixed, it went on the blink yesterday,but I can get the trimming done and a few other jobs as well.
Paid a guy a couple of weeks ago to do yard cleanup for me ,it was a waste of good money, he did a lousey job. O well , Cest La vie. tongue.gif
It's a cold wind here today, so I'm staying in doors.

I hope it clears up as there are a lot of parties going on in our area.

Being the start of May we have 1st Communions at 10-30 & 12-noon Mass each Sunday of the month. 10-30 Mass this morning was packed to the doors, they were even standing out in the porch.

It's always so nice to see the wee girls in their white dress and veils, and it's common practice now for the boys to wear the kilt.
penny dainty
Labour day holiday here today , spent it doing housework tongue.gif
Back to physio for me today then a wee trip to town centre . Then take ma wee neighbour for afternoon cofee in the complex, you wont get much gardening done today stratson wha stinking weather for month of may
Hi Anne1, good to see you getting around again. biggrin.gif

Am quite happy to stay in bed today, yesterday at garden was just a step- too far, had difficulty walking home yesterday, soles of my feet have calluses, which made me stoop walking home, my body has been aching since.

See chiropodist May 13th.(N.H.S.) soonest appt. I made over a week ago. rolleyes.gif
Hi Stratson sorry to see you are feeling a bit under the weather today but when you get those feet attended to ,you will be a lot better, ! thats such a long time to wait for an appontment tongue.gif
hello Anne are you managing to get around without your sticks now,
and will you ge going back to Spain again this year, anyway have a nice day . tongue.gif
You have to take better care Stratson. The cold wind yesterday has probably chilled you.

Never cast a cloot 'till Mays oot.

It's another miserable day today. Another day for staying in.

I'm glad I cut both lawns on Saturday.

I bought some bedding plants yesterday but it's too cold and wet today to be gardening, so they can wait until the weather picks up.

Angel, ofcourse Anne is off to Spain this year. With all the money her and Neville have won recently, they have to spend it somewhere.
Happy spending.
im doin some more packing, but at the minute im making a boring dinner as i am trying to empty my chest freezer as much as possible!!! laugh.gif
stratson a know you over do it in that garden just little and often but a know you get a good workoot up there aww a took pics of Lydia on her new bike yesterday before she went with her mum ,,her daddy was runnin up and doon the path that was his workoot and she had me in stitches as everytime she passed me she would look at the camera and nearly crash shes a camara mad kid laugh.gif
Today? Gardening Gardening Gardening!---Love it--Oh' if they only had gardening in the tenements when ah' wis' wee!!!---well,we did huv' a wee window box,but ma' Mammy would throw it at ma' Daddy every Saturday night---so much for his "Happy Hour"
penny dainty
Started work at 6 am today , had to be up by 5. Don't like it one bit , no I do'nt sad.gif
penny dainty
Sold my old caravn today , off it went to a new home, I hope they look after it.
We pick up a brand new one on friday and off we go for the weekend in it , just to see if it works you understand. biggrin.gif
glasgow lass
Well am jist going off to the gym then tae work, not done any gardening yet its still too cauld, has to be at least in the 80's befor aha go oot there in ma shorts brrrrr. Penny go easy on they springs tongue.gif . Cheerio everybiddy have a great day.Lass laugh.gif
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