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Full Version: Whit Ye Dae'in The Day?
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aww stratson it sounds as if you had a great day i have had an up down day a knew a would as things affect me the day after the news so a just keep trying to stay positive its bloody hard sometimes this to shall pass wub.gif
That was a lovely day stratson. I can just picture your garden with all the azaleas in bloom, just let others do the hard work and you enjoy. Get that kettle on and have a cup of tea and kid on I'm sitting there with you. wub.gif
Thanks stuarty, I know how you are, your doing right staying positive. You have a cruise to focus on, now that is something.!

Elma, strangely I was thinking of you in my garden yesterday, this time of year it always looks lovely, wish you had been able to see for yourself.
Keep meaning to upload your photo taken when you visited, you look really nice in it.(as you are.)

Today am staying home taking it easy, I will until I see my cardiologist on Wednesday the turn I had last Sunday was the first since he put me on Verapamil so will see what he has to say.
Have been keeping occupied in the house, I never know who will pop in to visit, most of my nieces are off work so they may drive over. Always something I can rustle up foodwise.

Going to do a little ironing, mostly slacks which I hate doing. laugh.gif

Enjoy Easter Monday Everyone.
penny dainty
Today I had to endure the debaucale of getting the internet reinstalled by a new server.The second largest in Australia .The largest stuffed it up in the first place .Several hours later we were reconnected only to discover our phone number no longer works.It is now 1700hrs , so from 0900hrs this morning till now , I have had technicians in the house , on the phone , on the net and I'm still not sorted.GIVE ME STRENGTH!!! mad.gif
How frustrating for you P.D. My brother was with Optus net. He changed to big pond, every time I e-mail him to new address I get mail administrator failed message to Optus net, am not mailing to Optus net>>>>my brother gets the mail, makes you wonder what game Optus net are playing.
Hope you get all completed smartly. smile.gif

Right now am waiting on plumber, the faucet on my shower is still running water when switched off.
Have a couple of bits and bobs to do in the house, need some shopping,
Have a Beef Bourbignon simmering away in the slow cooker.
Gonna watch loose Women. smile.gif
Ah'm doin' census stuff the day and this wee entry raised a smile.

1851 St. Ninians
Margaret, 84 head of house, unmarried
Agness, 70, sister, unmarried
rank, profession or occupation - depending on kindness of neighbours

Ah wonder how far they'd get these days...biggrin.gif
Aw heaven help them Java. sad.gif
That reminded me of Blanche DuBois in Street Car Named Desire: Whoever you are, I have always depended on the kindness of strangers. sad.gif
Ah think the modern version is a tube train named disgustin' and ye can depend oan the strangeness of mankind...laugh.gif

Still, ah reckon if they got tae 84 and 70, they had some very kind friends. biggrin.gif
annie laurie
laugh.gif very Interesting java,
How did you come apon this article, ????????????????
thanks very much're very interestin' tae....laugh.gif

Ah, ye should know by now ah've spies everywhere...laugh.gif
QUOTE (penny dainty @ 14th Apr 2009, 08:06am) *
Today I had to endure the debaucale of getting the internet reinstalled by a new server.The second largest in Australia .The largest stuffed it up in the first place .Several hours later we were reconnected only to discover our phone number no longer works.It is now 1700hrs , so from 0900hrs this morning till now , I have had technicians in the house , on the phone , on the net and I'm still not sorted.GIVE ME STRENGTH!!! mad.gif

nice to see you back penny dainty a hope you had a nice holiday and a hope they get your number sorted out soon wellcome back we missed you
penny dainty
Cheers folks.Number still not working, Mr. Dainty, almost bald headed, me head butting the wall, telephone, pretty unbreakable we've discovered and Optus , well......... mad.gif Watch this space.
Today have a 2,45.p.m. appt to see my Cardiologist Mr Mc Alpine at The Victoria Infirmary.
Must dash and get ready.
Hopefully return later and catch up.
Trust all goes well with problems P.D. smile.gif
Hope everythin's okay Stratson wub.gif

Lovely day here so ah've been on ma swingy seat contemplatin' the Navy...biggrin.gif
java, did the swingy seat make ye think o' boats? laugh.gif

All went well at hospital java, am good. biggrin.gif
i gave Lydia her belated birthday and christmas present and her face was a picture a got her the latest nintendodsi she is in heaven a have had my face pulled into all shapes and she gave me long hair and her and her daddy it said they were cousions and that her and i were relatives its a great thing and it connects to the internet she is coming over to stay tomorrow night with me so am looking forwaed to that and a made that arrangement with her mum so maybe a will get to see here more we are going to build another camp downstairs a bought a wee camp tent am sure it will fit in the living room well grannies ur magic we can do lots of fun things cant we ,,,,,,,,so we will be singing songs etc tomorrow night a canny wait

hope all goes well Stratson at heart doc at the hospital am praying for you huggles mammy1 wub.gif
annie laurie
Good news Stratson,
Now you can relax and have a nice evening,
Take care one day at a time,
QUOTE (Java @ 15th Apr 2009, 03:49pm) *
Hope everythin's okay Stratson

Lovely day here so ah've been on ma swingy seat contemplatin' the Navy...biggrin.gif
the job lot of navy knickers that aww the schools put on ebay and you dont know what to do with them weelll,,,,,,a was thinkin what aboot the navy knickers club a will join and so will my aultered ego donkey will buy 2 pairs or would that be 3 because a donkey has 4 legs ,,, what do you recon ogre laugh.gif oh its sunny here the day also
I took the two g'daughters and one of their friends to the swimming pool today.
Then afterwards the usual visit to MacDonalds.

Although the pool was busy, it surprises me that it's not packed out during the School Holidays as the children get 'Kids Cards ' that lets them into the swimming pool free and you can stay in as long as you want.
Not like my days when we had to pay to get in and you were put out after about a half hour.
Glad everything went well for you Stratson at hospital that will put a spring in your step
Trying to get into some routine in my life nothing s been quite the same since I fell never two days the same so today I start[or continue] physio at Carrickstone our local day hospital they will then give me a set number of days for treatment, Hopefully this new physio will help as im having a lot of pain with my leg, feel as if I am going backwards... Then today at 2pm going to my ex Brother in Laws funeral at Falkirk Crematorium
Tomorrow we are of to Ullapool to see our weeg/g/son Fraser ,just staying weekend but really looking forward to it.
Linda enjoy your indoor camping with Lydia rolleyes.gif rolleyes.gif
Thanks Anne1, Annie Laurie and stuarty for your caring words.
That's great your going to Ullapoolat Anne for the weekend, a wee cuddle from your g/g/son will be best medicine for you.
(You can have a run up and down stairs without your sticks. Hope you become pain free a,s,a,p,x biggrin.gif


My niece, her husband, and the 2 g/g/children of my late brother Jack will be here at 11.30.a.m. for a visit, looking forward to it as I just love them all to pieces. smile.gif

Have dental appt 2p.m. so it's all go today.

did,nt do much today, got a little shopping done and went for a walk as the weather to day has been lovely.. and tomorrow Fri. I am going into Toronto to see Andre Rieu at the Air Canada Centre and I,m really looking forward to that. tongue.gif
Been doing quite a bit of knitting today.

I am knitting an Aran sweater to take over to America for my sister, when I go 5th July. I just started it on Saturday and it's not the kind of pattern you can whisk through, not with all the twists and turns of Aran.

I really need a rest from the knitting as I have been doing quite a lot recently. I have knitted two shrugs for myself, a childs Aran sweater, a hat with a skip, & 7 pairs of mitts.

you are putting me to shame Heather being so busy, we got back from Ullapool last night then early start for physio this morning finished that, we then went and got some bedding plants for tubs and hanging baskets, decides to leave then till tomorrow as I was shattered as medication Dr gave me has started kicking in went for a nap when I got up my daughter had called by and she done all the tubs for us what a bessing...So a wee quick flick to see whos on the boards then an early night for me. rolleyes.gif
Anne your ahead of me with the garden. I have not bought any plants yet, but yesterday I cut front and back lawns and trimmed th edges.

Are you still using walking sticks???

After all the physio I'm sure you deserved a rest.

I'll not be up late either, I'm worn out with all the knitting. laugh.gif But if I don't have that Aran sweater when I get to America, I'll be sleeping in the Porch. unsure.gif

How is baby Fraser doing??????????
See everyone is keeping busy, I am too.
Was at garden from 2 o'clock and got home around 9-930.Got greenhouse windows done, emptied hanging baskets ready to plant again, cut back a lot of bushes, had the burner going right up til I left. A colleague got me a 125litre bag of compost from B & Q, if it rains tomorrow will go there and get my bedding plants. Can sit and do my hanging baskets. At the weekend my tall trees are being felled as the are blocking the light to my neighbours as well as my garden.
I have just not been strong enough to lop them as I always did, so they are way out of control'
So thankful though am getting a lot of help this year.. It was our A.G.M.meeting yesterday so I asked the committee for help which they duly arranged Here's hoping we get some nice weather. rolleyes.gif

Anne1, glad you are getting youe physio and hope it's doing the job.
You can sit like me and do your hanging baskets, God bless you, I know you are in pain, hopefully every day you will get better and better.

Heather, you must be going ten to the dozen with those knitting needles, those are excellent gifts, am sure they will be appreciated. Next thing you'll be getting into your garden. Won't be that long until July 5th and you'll be in N.J. think I told you my daughter is in Cherryhill South Jersey. Are you going to Newark or J.F.K.?
Hi All, Got all my ironing done today and cleaned up a bit in here...just chilling tonight on line with a voddie x rolleyes.gif
Stratson, we are flying into Newark as my sister lives in Woodbridge, New Jersey.

I'm taking my g'son with me, it's his 18th birthday 3rd July, so that's his birthday present from his g'dad and me.
We had intended going in August, but the g'son starts College in the middle of August, so my sister had to arrange time off, she works for the IRS.

The childs Aran sweater, mitts and hat are for the Chapel coffee morning held beginnning of December to raise money for the Chapel funds. I hope to have more items knitted by December, especially a couple of childs Aran sweaters.

I have a habit of buying an extra ball of wool when knitting anything, so I use what's left over to knit the mitts and do them in all different colours, plain and striped. They are so easy to knit and pass the time when I have nothing to do, and as we all know children are always losing gloves and mitts so they sell quick as do the sweaters.

I never do two pairs of mitts in the same colour in case they are bought for children in the same school and they gets lost, and a barney starts as to whose mitts are whose.
Hi Heather how are you? My Mum still does her knitting too prefers to do baby things now though x
Intentions are to do a bit of housework but if this good weather continues then am off gallivantin rolleyes.gif
biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
Intentions are to do a bit of housework but if this good weather continues then am off gallivantin rolleyes.gif
Whit am gonny dae the noo is go tae bed , everything is goin wrang here .
Ah think thats a wise decision, make hay while sun shines, there's been enough dreich days to be stuck inside. As furr ah'm no makin' any comittments past breakfast!!
must go Lydia has just turned up see ya later wub.gif short but sweet visit to GG
With you on that RonD It only takes a little sunshine to make me smile and enjoy. cool.gif
Went to B & Q at Darnley by bus, got my bedding plants, it's a fair walk from the bus stop to my gardens, had to stop halfway to draw my breath, a nice asian boy and his Mrs, carried the 2 large bags from the Tramway to Glenapp St. for me, was most grateful, anyway I put them all in greenhouse, gave them a watering, about turned and walked all the way back to my house.
Having early night and hopefully tomorrow will be a nice day, will do my hanging baskets.
This is definitely a labour of love. rolleyes.gif

Heather, am not sure how far Woodridge is from my Angela's place Cherryhill.
Newark is better airport as J.F.K. makes it a lshorter drive. Am assuming your going Continental.
Lovely gift for g/son Heather, taking him with you and hubby.
My wee neighbour Maggie is like you, never without knitting needles in her hand, she does some beautiful work.

Ron, when am fit would never waste a sunny day in the house, must get out and about. We get so little sunshine you've got to grab it when you can.
Mind you I only please myself. biggrin.gif
Going out early this morning also going to B&Qs garden centre to get some more hanging baskets plants as my daughter says she will come in from work and plant these for us, to good an offer to refuse . laugh.gif laugh.gif
glasgow lass
well am up and already talking aboot the big bang and its only 6.50am laugh.gif
Oh that is a good sign........WIN BIG BETTY!!!! laugh.gif Oan ye go an WIN FUR SCOTLAND!! laugh.gif
wee mags
we were supposed to go out for dinner for our annivesary[48yrs] but I didnae feel well efter the wee yin left so it hot dogs forMike I had some home made soup,its cauld the day.
oh I forgot I have been asking mike to get apicket fence ,and Guess whit in he comes with a floral arrangment in a wee picket fence container ,very funny ha ha rolleyes.gif biggrin.gif
och aye betty never mind winning for Scotland win foe yirself that way you can come for the meet
Happy anniversary to wee Mags & Mike, at least you got yer wee picket fence!!
Off to Physio again this morning then Nevs got Drs.11.15. after that will go do a wee bit of shopping and say hello to bank manager by putting some cash in instead of out, pay a couple wee bills maybe even have lunch out rolleyes.gif rolleyes.gif
Today ,due o weather will have a respite from gardening, been taking advantage of the last 3 days sunshine getting it shipshape again.

Hi Anne1, looks like you are on the mend, pain free I hope, hope all is well with Nev.Having a lie in then some shopping for me today.

Generally a lazy day. laugh.gif

we got Lydia a 14foot trampoline and it was worth 250pound and we got it for 50 pounds and Lydia came in and a said theres a present in the garden for her that was half an hour ago and yes she is still playing on it she said wow what a trampoline 14feet wide so she is in her element as is her daddy I might add so this is why am writing the day a havent been really into my pooter at the moment as im enjoying the sunshine and trying to sort my clothes for my holiday I bought a new dressing gown but I was raging as the belt was missing and now it has to go back so am not a happy bunny sad.gif and the ogygen guy has not turned up and they said it will be delivered every 2 weeks weather it needs changed or not now thats a waste of government money in my opinion so it will be down to me to call them not to deliver every 2 weeks oh well thats life today rolleyes.gif
Lovely sunny morning here, so meeting my friend for coffee then we are going to Bingo where last night I won 250 and Nev gt 20, and today Ive got 2 freebie vouchers for b ingo so it will cost next to nothing, first win ive had in yonks ,Nev got 100 lastTuesday so maybe starting a wee lucky streak laugh.gif
Well done Anne, and good luck today. You and Neville seem to be on a winning streak. smile.gif

I'm going to do some digging in the back garden, it badly needs a bit of tidying up.
We have visitors from overseas (Estonia) who staying at my sister's in law house. So today my job is to pick a 12 seat mini bus (smallest I could get for 8 people and do the obligatory trip to Niagara Falls.
glasgow lass
Ron have a nice time it will be lovely doon therrr,but still a wee bitty chilly this time of yr so wrap up, am aff tae have a day oot wae mah sis/inlaw, another bugger a might add. Its going to be warmer today a was thinking shorts Haha, but naw its no warm enough fur them so Ill dig oot some capri's and hope a can still fit intae them after our long winter of hibernating,,, or a might jist thro on a pair'a blue jeans, bit they'r even tighter,,,,,help! laugh.gif
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