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Full Version: Whit Ye Dae'in The Day?
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take care stuarty will be thinking of you

today I am of to diabetic clinic again seem like our medical runaround has started wae a vengance again, Nevs in Gartnvel Monday Tuesday again for exploratory well at least its a kind social life cause we know aw the Drs & nurses laugh.gif laugh.gif you wid nee tae laff or end up greetin
Morning all hope your days a good one tongue.gif
You too Joyce, have a good one. smile.gif

So the merry go round starts again for you and Neville Anne1, good to laugh in adversity.

What better friends than the medical profession. We are all like creaking doors, oil us and we go on for another while. biggrin.gif Bless.x

Off to the local shops today. Won't tarry though, much too cold for moi.
today i am doing what i do everyday - TRY TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

nah not really, but i will be cleaning - AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!! mad.gif
Marion Niven Dougan
Anne I know what you mean. Ho[pe all goes well, take care.
Stuarty keep me posted on the results x x x x
good news a just have a thickening due to hormones and am so relived a was first in and he was such a kind doctor and very understanding he must have had a wee read of my notes and he said a hope all goes well with the lung transplant so that was nice a think I will get my new lug/lungs this year all being well the only way is up for me a just feel great today for the first time in a long time laugh.gif
That's good news stuarty, here's to keeping that good feeling and to your lung transplant biggrin.gif
Good luck Stuarty. I hope it all goes well for you and you don't have too long to wait for your transplant. smile.gif
Nev supposed to be admitted to Hospital today they had to cancel as there has been small flood in on theatre and will be recalled in about 10days or so , back to waiting time again wanted it past as im getting my toenails removed next Wed and wont be able to drive him to and from hospital its a great life if you dont weaken eh smile.gif smile.gif
Nev supposed to be admitted to Hospital today they had to cancel as there has been small flood in on theatre and will be recalled in about 10days or so , back to waiting time again wanted it past as im getting my toenails removed next Wed and wont be able to drive him to and from hospital its a great life if you dont weaken eh smile.gif smile.gif
Hey Anne, one moan would have been enough, only one a day allowed!! laugh.gif

Seriously though, don't envy you the toenail bit, take care and avoid infection too. Sorry about Nev's cancellation, it's always a worry when that happens, but better than a paddle in the theatre.

Will be thinking about you on Wednesday. wub.gif
Went last week for my x-ray. thought they'd want to remove the metal and screws holding my wrist together and not looking forward to it at all. not scared or anything, but just not ready this time, not yet. Told me it would be at least six month. Ok handle that. Gettin it in was no worry at all. But gettin it out !!!
Then I read the above and think and of all the times I've been in and out of hospitals and each time have Known....... There is ALWAYS someone who makes you feel that it's next to nothing thats brought you in here.
I go this Friday again for X-rays
I'll be thinking of you folks from now till then. And beyond
all the best guys. LoL.
Anne the best of luck getting toenails removed.

Take a pair of open toe sandals with you. The kind that open up so you can just lay your foot in them, as you won't be able to push your foot forward.
The hospital may well give you spongy footwear to wear home.

I got my big toenail on my left foot removed 23yrs ago. biggrin.gif

That's hardlines about Nev, and the hospital.
mamie 1
Ann these hospital appointments are the pits, it's worse when they are delayed... Thanks for your help....God Bless
penny dainty
Hope Nev gets called back soon Anne, such a pain when that happens.Hope yer wee toe is better soon too. biggrin.gif
Well I went to see Leonard Cohen in concert last night and I have to admit I had tears in my eyes when he sang the first few bars of the first song.To be in the same room and hear him sing live was the biggest thrill.The man truly was blessed with a golden voice and even at 75 it was strong , deep and totally wonderful.
I know he is not everyones cuppa , but to those of you who are fans, if you get the chance to see him , do , it was an amazing experience.
I was thinking of you today Anne, hope your toe isn't too sore now, take it easy for a few days. Hope Nev gets another appointment soon.

I was at our church Celebration team meeting this afternoon. We are the one who plan all the special celebrations in the church, today we got Good Friday and the Easter sunrise service all organized.
Awe Annewan, I hope your feet are feeling a bit better today and I sure as heck Nev gets admitted soon and his operation is a complete success. I think you both need a good break..... it is coming, just you wait and see.
annewan a hope your toe nail removal went well and a hope nev gets in to hospital PDQ am going away this weekend for a chill out or it might be a brrrchilllllllllll ooout as in frozen a canny wait a need the adult company as a dont get much of it this time of year so a will start packing tonight and offski when a get up and thats normally 12miday oh a sent for my passport today it was 78puonds 85pence for it to be checked and 72pounds of that is for the pasport it's self 100days and counting whoopee laugh.gif
Marion Niven Dougan
Ma movers are here the noo, canny wait tae it's aw done. Going up to 68 tomorrow, barbecue time rid biddy yeah !!!!!
Hope you got your weekend away stuarty' Do you the world of good. Just hope you don't come back with a cold. Keep wrapped up!

Anne1, this is news to me you having op for your toe nail, it sounds quite unpleasant, hope is behind you and you are well. Love to Neville.x

Well Marion, your move will be over, guess the red biddy got laldy.hadn't a clue you were even thinking about it after the move from Scotland back tothe states. Your sounding i fine fettle. smile.gif

Am about to retire for the night, has been cold today. Guess it's the season.

Watched a D,V,D, today. Was a Christmas gift. Most enjoyable. Barry Manilow at The Las Vegas Hilton.. Could watch it all over again. biggrin.gif
Yesterday wiz a full day. Ah dropped the love o' ma life at her sister's as they wurr goin' tae see an opera at the cineplex where they show it live fae the Met in New York. It wiz Lucia di Lammermoor (at least is it was set in Scotland). So ah toddled off tae dae some stuff. Ah went furra an oil change, the line up wiz too long. So ah hud some dinner o' noodles and veggies at Mr. Dumpling! went back again and the line up wiz still too long. It wiz ma brother in law's birthday so ah goat him a nice boattle of vintage red fae Australia, the same place he's fae. Then ah went furra haircut and there wiz five people ahead o' me, so ah left and di mair bits and pieces and came back an' there wiz five people ahead o' me only new wans. So ah sat doon and started the readin' the papers and mags and hud a wee nap, which was abruptly ended wi' NEXT!!! Went back tae the bro in laws, the ladies showed up we ordered pizza and then hud a wee chuckle lookin' at Dave Allen re runs......Its a full life !!!! cool.gif
Hello Rond. smile.gif

Today staying home. Look forward to the spring when can get out and about back to my allotment,

Am going to make a chicken casserole, have some button sprouts and new potatoes.
As it's Sunday will make a warm dessert.

Watch a movie later. biggrin.gif
mamie 1
I go to my wee club on a saturday night, I enjoy the dancing and I always take it easy on a sunday, went to church, will have a nice dinner, read the papers and relax. looking forward to the daffodils appearing. biggrin.gif
mamie 1
Thinking another day, for me hame is best, wit aboot awe this climate warming.
Same as yesterday except only son for dinner today smile.gif
Looking out the bedroom window gazing at the snow balancing on boughs of trees.

Then across at the park, the snow looks really beautiful.

Looking forward to Thursday when it will go up to 8c and melt the snow, only then will I get out to walk. Tonight is -5 so will be keeping warm.

Can't wait to get up to plot and see what bulbs are through. biggrin.gif
Hi all..Hi Stratson...Im having a lazy day today.........should be moving to shops to see a work mate tonight for a few hours x biggrin.gif
mamie 1
thank god for central heating! remember when the ice was on the inside widows , we must have been hardy bits of stuff rolleyes.gif
Hi all..yeah mamie I remember that the windows a sheet of ice, we lived in castlemilk and it was freezing then......buses couldnt get into the area at all...there wasnt many cars around then so there wasnt that prob...I recall walking from castlemilk to my sisters in Victoria Road for the New Year party and walking back in snow next day too xxx
I'm off to the UCM tonight and I was in two minds whether to go out in the snow again, but a woman from Lepra is coming to give a talk. So one feels one should show her face. laugh.gif
Wrap up well Heather its still cold..what meetings that your off to? x
today I got some chores done around the house . and as it was really a very nice day for Feb...
temp. got up to about 12 deg. celsius and sidewalks are clear of snow ,I went for a nice walkabout and bought a few groceries and got myself a coffee. a nice hour or so outside at this time,helps get you through the winter, now I will get supper ready, my grandson will be visiting this evening. tongue.gif
Hi all...hope you have a nice evening with your grandson angel..Im just getting ready to head off to work rolleyes.gif
Seems ah shoulda been paintin laugh.gif

Enjoy yer work Joyce biggrin.gif
Went to bed affter dinner Felt all shivery. Dozed off to sleep, wakened by my cousin calling from Gortin. Dozed over again, wakened by phone, one of my friends here called, enjoyed both wee chats.
Have just washed dinner dishes,(no, my son thinks a leprechaun diz them) Here I am.!

Joyce, Hope your workplace is warm. Take care,

Hi Catherine, when dae ye think paintin' will get tackled? If my memory serves me your very
handy wae the paintbrush daein' evrybiddy's deckin' laugh.gif

Is another big book beckoning to you?

Whatever you do, jist enyoy yersel'.
Cripes mind that Stratson, poor George, that's him dead nearly six months now.....he forgave us in the end, he loved me ah no he did laugh.gif
Ah wis gaunni call ma next book gaun wae the wind, but ah think somebudy's already penned that wan laugh.gif

Wore a short jacket here for the first time in months the day, wisnae many michelin men aboot attaw the day it was that much warmer...gies ye hope for Spring sure it dis.
Joyce it's the Union of Catholic Mothers.

After me going out in all that cold the Speaker did not make it to Glasgow.

She was in Peebles yesterday and was worried about the road conditions and getting back to Peebles afterwards.

Can't say I blame her. You can still hardly walk on our pavements, they are all iced up and our drive's and garden's are still under snow.
Heather, we have to clear the sidewalk in front of our homes, the city only clears the main roads, We could be in trouble if we do not keep our sidewalks clear of snow, could even be sued if someone should slip on them because we did,nt clear the snow away.
Morning all...ok thanks for that Heather...hope you all have a nice day xxxxxx
Not going to be around long this am as my fella is popping over later to say goodbye as he is off to work again for another two weeks.
Got my son home yesterday from Milan he was away for 4 weeks playing Romeo in Romeo And Im back to washings and my toilet being in constant use lol ...Welcome Home Son...Did I say I missed him rolleyes.gif
mamie 1
Out here Heather in this parish they call the ucm the union af catholic grannies, laugh.gif as it is mostly grannies that are members, do you have any younger women in your group
Yes Mamie we have a couple of young women, but the rest of us are grannies. laugh.gif

I'm sitting here with a big grin on my face as I have just taken delivery of a beautiful bouquet of flowers. I did not have a clue why anyone would send me flowers until the delivery man pointed out that tomorrow was St. Valentine's day.
The flowers are of course from my husband. He said the Florist could not deliver them tomorrow as their deliveries were fully booked that day, so he got them delivered today. smile.gif
mamie 1
Very nice Heather, Love is a wonderful thing, it makes the world goe round wub.gif wub.gif
im celebrating as I stopped smoking six years ago at 7/15pm and it would have been my dad's85th birthday but he passed away in 1976 am sure he was watching me when I stopped the cigarettes as a had no intention of stopping so this is a great time as a save good money and can buy nice things if a want to all because a gave up them disgusting white cancer sticks whoohoo wub.gif
Hi all......thats lovely Heather nice to get a nice surprise like that isnt it wub.gif
Stuarty well done with the smoking wish I could do it too.......I did give it up for 10 weeks two years ago before I went on holiday to oz to visit my sister.....but put on a stone in weight in 6 weeks !!! Have a great friday all x biggrin.gif
Joyce, you just keep trying to quit until you succeed, the weight gain you can deal with later on. tongue.gif
today I was at the clinic to have some bloodwork done, while waiting there this couple came in and although smoking is not allowed, they both reeked of tobacco smoke,,for a moment I thought they were actually smoking, and to think that I must have smelled the same as them at one time, just boggles the mind. sad.gif
Hi all hope you all have a good day Im going to get ready to pop over to my mums for a blether and voddie..hope your nights a good one all x wink.gif
i have tried to get on gg for 2hours it would let me see other topics like photos but not on this part of gg oh a was so annoyed laugh.gif
is there a chat room on this site stuarty?
Joyce, no longer a Chatroom on G.G. .

Today was very mild with threat of rain which never appeared.

What did I do.? After a lazy morning went out and did the usual round of shops. Had some family business to attend, got that done. Went to Dr's, came home, just intime to prepare dinner.
Now relaxing here on P.C. Going to watch B.B.C 1 AT 9 p.m. Who do you think you are is featuring Rick Stein, celebrity chef.s geneology. Think will be interesting.

By then, time for bed and rest. smile.gif
Think am gaun a mystery tour!
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