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Full Version: Whit Ye Dae'in The Day?
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away to Ullapool for a couple of days laugh.gif
What away again!!!!!!!!!!!

My my, it must be good to be one of the jet set, jetting off here, jetting off there. rolleyes.gif

I intended going into town today, but it's pouring rain and I can't be bothered going out in it. sad.gif
Might go tomorrow, hail rain or shine.
jist take yir rainmate you will be fine ...Heather
Now there's an idea. I should have known that as I keep my rainmate in my handbag. laugh.gif

I'm going into town to book a holiday for sometime in October, I'm thinking of going to Crete. I have never been to Greece. Hope the weather is better there. smile.gif
wee mags
Jist back fae New Hampshire, and my son said Ma Iam making dinner so take it easy, noo thats fine wae me biggrin.gif
Good for you Anne1, is good having family accessible to you to visit. Enjoy yourselves.

Lucky you Heather, at least you know your going to get sunshine in Crete.

I spent today taking it easy. Between the housework, P,C, and a trip to ASDA. smile.gif
I don't think you had much time to take it easy stratson, rest up, we have a big meet to go to biggrin.gif
I am packing today as we leave for the U.S. of A tomorrow morning. Have to be up by 5.00 a.m.
Mags, hope to drop in on you if we get to Connecticut and looking forward to meeting you. Thanks for the invite.
penny dainty
Went to work this after noon and on the way home in the evening my mobile rang , guess who?Lindamac.She had a wee natter and said to tell you all she is looking forward to meeting all of you on the 12th , still feeling a wee bitty tired after the flight as she took a bad asthma attack on the first leg of the journey, but recovered and arrived safely in Glasgow.
Don't fancy her mobile bill when it comes in LOL , but it was nice to hear from her. biggrin.gif

Bon Voyage Marjy , have a lovely holiday and a safe trip .
Went into town and got a quote for a holiday in Crete, but first we have to sort out Insurance for hubby as it's not every Insurance Co. that will accept him.

Saw a nice dress in a shop, I tried it on, perfect fit, so I bought it. Showed it to hubby and he said, " lovely dress but you bought one last week ". I told him it jumped out at me with a BUY ME written on it. Being such an obedient person I did as I was told. laugh.gif
Getting back onto GG , couldn't sign in for days now , don't know what happened . Jist when ye's aw thought it wis safe laugh.gif I'me baaacckkkkk.
wellcome home wellcome comeon in and close the door aww missed you petalpeeps wub.gif
penny dainty
Hey Petals , nice to see you back biggrin.gif
Well I went to work as usual this morning at 6.30 , worked like a navvy, finished at lunchtime , got some groceries, a new bin , cause my Mum snapped the lid off my old one yesterday, accidently of course , got two new bathmats and then headed home where I made a birthday cake , for Mr Dainty, cooked a roast , made some yorkie batter, prepared the vegetables for dinner tonight, did a washing , hung it out, realised I had , had no lunch , rectified that and made a coffee and sat down at the computer for 5 minutes till I drink it , phewwwwww! laugh.gif
Golly Gee P.D. am out of breath just reading about your busy day, slow down girl.(having said that used to do the same).

P.P. Happy to see you back!!

Heather, with your trim figure is easy to be fitted.You'd look good in a sack!

MHG. Bon Voyage. Say Hi' to Mags for me please.Have a great time.

Stuarty, why are you up so late? Try counting sheep!

Just finished my ironing, 4 hours of it. Now sitting down watching" Loose Women". Unable to go out as my problem is causing problems today. Have to get the feet up.

Elma, hoping I make the luncheon, even if it,s only an hour. Having doubts about Saturday's affair, it's really a day at a time for me right now.
Trust you understand. smile.gif
Ah boat too many crisps, anywan want tae buy a boax of cheese & onion, or worcester ?
me.....ME.....ME - oh forget it, I'm trying to lose weight laugh.gif
Having a nice quiet easy day after travelling from Ullapool, we were held up for nearly 1hr due to bad accident on A9 weve travelled that road safely for 20yrs and there always some smart a who wants to overtake and does without due care and attention smile.gif
glasgow lass
Well me I have work to go to very soon , and doctur's apt aftet so be caught in all sorts of lovely traffic jams the price'yi pay ferr they wee funny pills wacko.gif all in all life is good>>> have a great day everybiddy biggrin.gif
glasgow lass
At the minit am having a nice cuppa'coffee smile.gif
Not long out of bed and washed and dressed. Enjoyed watching The Ideal World sales, patter etc. They do have some bargains. Heading out to browse the shops. Put Lotto on, one of those days, am not greedy, Half a million would be nice. laugh.gif

Hope you are feeling rested by now Anne1!

G/Lass, enjoy your coffee.
I'm sitting here nice and relaxed reading a book. ' This Turbulent Priest'. It's about the Life of Scotlands Cardinal Winning 1925-2001, a Priest I had a great respect for.

Tonight we are going to an 18th birthday party in the Corinthian in Ingram Street. No doubt we'll come home with our ears ringing with all the noisy modern music. laugh.gif
I also had a quiet day went to Bingo but couldnt win a sausage then spoke with Lindamac and her and Neil are coming over Monday afternoon for coffee and a wee drink then we are all going out for a meal so looking forward to it will keep you up to date folks laugh.gif laugh.gif
am sittin here reading whit yous are all doing, procrastinating again, huv tae clean up sad.gif
AnneWan kin yee no try the butcher fur yer sausages huh.gif
it wis a money sausage a wis after laugh.gif
ur they good wae golden eggs unsure.gif
annie laurie
Just waiting on my Breakfast getting ready, it is almost 9am
get spoiled as the other half is always first up,
To-day Saturday may go to the open Market this morning later
Love the markets and they have fresh vegetables just picked this morning Cheers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
probably murn
sounds good Annie so enjoy rolleyes.gif
penny dainty
Hello Annie , nice to see you , havent seen you for ages.
Well it's Fathers Day in Australia , so a family dinner is the order of the day .Mr. Dainty wants curry as we had the big roast dinner through the week for his birthday and he thought curry would be nice .
Damp miserable day here. Just going to relax, well maybe get a little bit of ironing done.
glasgow lass
Aye Isobel its cold and wet the day, mine have a concert in the city tonight ( out doors ) some rock band called Oasis so I hope the weather changes befor tonight for them , this is it for a while as its back tae uni this week laugh.gif , and me well am doing a washing and lots of wee thing that have to get done ,,, have a great day everybiddy smile.gif
annie laurie
HI P>D> Thanks,
Yes the time just flies by when you are busy right ????????????
Enjoy your Curry

Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads in Australia,
"You can take our lives but you cannot take our freedom."

Yes right now we are watching, ' Braveheart'.

up early today getting my self organised for Linda & Neil coming over, looking forward to it, we are just having tea coffee maybe wine a few sandwiches cakes a good long natter then we are all going out for dinner laugh.gif will let you know how it goes folks laugh.gif
It poured a' day yesterday, an' still ah couldnae get anythin' done in the gairden, if ye staun furr mair than wan second ye get eatin' alive wi' mosquitoes, its been a bad year. So ah gave up and stayed in an' watched Toronto Blue Jays beat the Tampa Bay Rays the best part is when ah napped through the 4th and 7th innings.!! Mrs. RonD made a lovely bowl of soup, first o' the season! That reminds me tae order a cord o' wid for the wid stove!
Had my usual long lie in bed.(Resting)

Having a walk round the shops.

Anne1, enjoy your visitors Linda and Neil, I can just see you busy, busy, busy! Say Hello for me.
Look forward to meeting them on friday. laugh.gif
having a nice lazy morning and then will go to afternoon bingo see if a can win a fortune laugh.gif
Aye it's ok for some folk to go to the bingo while I stay home and do the ironing. sad.gif

Come over here I have two irons, you can have your choice. wink.gif
Conserving my energy for this friday so I can sit and hear everyone's patter and of course enjoy a plate of soup! laugh.gif
i wish the weather people wid get it right, i took the dug oot furra walk an got soaked, but the thing is i do`nt know wheather i got caught in the rain or a shower. sad.gif
Had a lovely day with my pal Lorraine and received some beautiful roses today and have been chatting and laughing with one of my favorite pals..Keelie!!! All in all a wonderful day!
Today I'm hiding my purse from my husband.

Our toilet was not flushing properly yesterday and he had a look at it and said it needed a new Syphon. So today he went to B & Q to buy the Syphon and told me it cost 9-48 and 60 for the plumber to fit it. As he is a Plumber & Gas Fitter to trade, I'm hiding my money from him. He said he was giving me a cheap rate because I was a friend !!!!!!!!! mad.gif

The best about it is, I was out early this morning then went shopping and just after coming home the doorbell rang and it was hubby. I thought he was still in bed as he has a chest infection. He said he was fed up pouring pails of water down the toilet yesterday so decided he better fix it.
Tammy, I did not know it was your Birthday. Really thought you had left as you used to send me e-mails, they all stopped. ohmy.gif

Happy you had chat with Keelie as I was concerned about her too, glad she is o.k.

Have missed your e-mails. smile.gif
Comin' hame biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
Am in the house cleaning up as tomorrow will be otherwise engaged, ALSO oan ma pooter.

So yer hame the day java, nae mad dash the morra then. See you! laugh.gif
Today doing a little cleaning and shopping.Want to relax over the weekend..
just sitting at computer enjoying the lovely cool day it is.
Isobel, ah wiz in the British shoap in yer toon yesterday furr the first time.!!
I am meeting old and new friends from GG and looking forward to it so much roll on 12.30 let the fun begin laugh.gif laugh.gif
See your like myself Anne, up early. I was hoping for a long lie in but I awoke at 6am and could not get back to sleep, a bad habit of mine. I envy those who can sleep for hours on end.

See you all at 12-30pm today.

Well I've had my porridge and now having a cup of tea and a wee smoke. smile.gif
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