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Full Version: Whit Ye Dae'in The Day?
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glasgow lass
Anne 1, good luck to neve ahm sure all will be well for him,,Lass wub.gif
penny dainty
Anne , hope all goes well for Nev at the hospital today. wub.gif

Well got home from work and made a pot of chicken soup and a fresh crusty wholemeal loaf, burn my finger on the hot bread tin and it's sweein like the dickens now, ouch ouch , sweery words uttered. ohmy.gif
Ah can hear them fae here...laugh.gif
got back from glasgow 30mins ago what heavy traffic,, few hours off then back into see nev tonight find out how he got on, so gonnae have a wee laze about and watch tv for an hour rolleyes.gif
keelie gal
Congratulations Lennox on the birth of your wee grandson how lovely another wee grandchild to spoil eh wub.gif well done Grandma

Anne i hope that all goes well for nev at the hospital i will keep my fingers crossed for you pal
wee mags
its ma day to watch Andrew wub.gif so Iam off to get anything I think he might take a fancy to out of his reach ,he loves cookies so I have to put the  away : rolleyes.gif
Anne I hope all goes well with Neville
Anne i hope everything turns out ok for Nev my thoughts are with you both God Bless
thanks VB talk later laugh.gif
Anne hope Nev is well when you see him. Like you I am going to have a lazy day. Its a nice day sun is shinning may even take a seat out to the porch. Crazy really we still have snow on the ground. Perhaps the warmer temp today will clean the stuff thats remaining on the grass. Oh I hope so. Dying to get some planting done.
glasgow lass
laugh.gif I have a nice long weekend but today wont be an easy day as I have lots of yard work tae dae, aha know ah'll see lots of creepy crawlies, am so not into bugs tongue.gif so if'y hear screaming you'll know its me, LOL.have a great day everybiddy,,,Lass
Enjoy your lazy day Anne and Isobel. Hope Nev gets on OK at the hospital, thinking about you both.

I still have to work today, pinch hitting for my son-in-law who is on holiday, so that's my day taken care of..... smile.gif
What a shame Elma, it's your Birthday today. Bet they will make up for it this evening. Isn't it wonderful to think you can still work at 73. Enjoy ALL of your day.

Had Zak (g/g/son) until lunch time, let's his Mum go to gym and I get time with my treasure.
After lunch had a trip to ASDA(Walmart to you.) Now have vegetables on. Did some mince in the slow cooker. Relaxing now on Pooter for an hour.

Say Hi, to Neville please Anne1, am thinking of both of you. smile.gif
Scuse ma stupidity.....whit's pinch hitting? huh.gif
glasgow lass
Good question Jave tongue.gif
"Pinch Hitting" is Someone stepping in to do someone else's job when they are unable to do it..Oh Hark at biggrin.gif My 1 Grey cell kicked in.
Don't work too hard today Elma.

Me,I'm just lookin oot ma window at all the lovely sunshine.
Java its a baseball term. When the game is crucial and some is up to bat is not a praticularly good hitter, the coach will often send in a "pinch hitter" in his stead.
A wee trip intae the city is oan ma agenda biggrin.gif
Anne I hope all goes well with Neville.

Give me a shout when you pass through as my sister & her husband arrive in Glasgow Airport at 7-30am. I figure if I get there for 8'0'clock then they should have picked up their luggage and passed through Customs. They are collecting a car, so the journey home should be quick.
We are really looking forward to seeing them. smile.gif
Well there ye go, ye learn somethin new every technically, that's whit ah'm doin the day....laugh.gif

Ah wonder whit's the chances of me findin somebody tae pinch hit me the day....naw, maybe no...ah feel a nip comin ma way...laugh.gif
keelie gal
Heading out to the shops today for a new bed ,there is so many different ones to chose from been looking online and got my eye on one so im off to the shop soon to try it out for comfort ,we bought a new bed last year with a firm matress but i canny get used to it at all i know the matress is supposed to be firm but i just canny get comfy on it ,its like sleeping on a brick no kidding so im taking my mum's advice and investing in one of those memory foam beds anything fer a good nights kip biggrin.gif
Hi All
Hard at work the day. Have been quite busy this last week. Interviewed a wee boy this morning to do some admin work. The wee lamb turned up realy nervous and despite my best efforts stayed bright red for most of the interview. He made the effort with a new shirt (no tie). Straight out the packet not ironed. In fact not too tidy at all, he was wearing jeans. But I found out he lives on his own (at 16 ). Only being 16 he's not got much in the way of qualifacations but really keen.
Well I think I'll give him a chance. Hope he doesn't let me down or my boss aint gonnae be too happy.

Keelie gal you go for that memory foam mattress, I got one last year and its so comfy.
glasgow lass
Way to go Cat wink.gif am sure he was sent to you for a reason tongue.gif
Thanks lass! Everyone needs a wee hand up now and again.
keelie gal
Very true Cat and maybe with that wee helping hand ye give him he might just turn in tae a great wee worker might just be the start he needs well done Cat biggrin.gif got my foam matress comming oh i canny wait Cat i have heard they are brilliant and it canny come quick enough for me wink.gif
Hope you have sweet dreams on yer new mattress, just so long as ye kin tear yersel oot yer bed in the mornins.
Cat my dad used to say "you only get out of this life what you are prepared to put in" I say something good will come your way. Nice that you should give the wee young fellow a chance.
Keeliegal remember and set your alarm for tomorrow ,you canny be laying in that bed all day.
Jim has just left for the dump . We lifted a load of grass from the back garden this morning, getting ready to put a nice big patio down. Dont want to wait till it gets to hot to work. Now its clean up time. Thats my day.
I painted the bathroom ceiling .
ah ended up wi' a touch o' the flu, so ah've sleepin' most o' the day, nice tae rest up when yer forced tae dae it.
Ah thought about doin lotsa stuff.....but it wis jist too much effort......laugh.gif
am trying hard to get these gg pages to move is anyone elses board slow
Mine seems awright Anne biggrin.gif
Same here, however late afternoon encountered the same problem Anne1..

Today did a 6 bag declutter of clothing , shoes, bags, curtains & scarves.
My son took them all to the local Marie Curie.
That,s the wardrobes done (coats all went last week.)

Now for the drawers, will do them when I have next lazy day.. rolleyes.gif
glasgow lass
naughty girl speaking aboot your drawers in public. rolleyes.gif
I just knew some smartie pants would say that tongue.gif
Jakka your shoulder's will be as sore as mine tonight. I painted last weekend and felt the after effects for a couple of days.
Bought more paint and going to do my bathroom.Stying to get it done before the weekend. I am having crown moulding put in. I f I paint now I don't have to go right up to the ceiling and it makes it so much easier.
penny dainty
When your husband is 6' 3'' ladies , ceilings are no problem .
Just in from work and made myself a coffee and put in two sugars , now whats wrong with that you ask ....I dont take sugar tongue.gif huh.gif I despair of myself at times.
Marion Niven Dougan
Just trying to book a week at North Myrtle Beach, for 2 weeks after my Chemotherapy. We are taking Haydan ( Grandaughter ) so looking forward to it
biggrin.gif I can vouch for PDs Husband being a 6ft3 fella that paints ceilings with great ease since he painted oor ceiling at oor hoose.rerr & handy big fella so he is,very kind may I add.

Today I got a surprise visit from an elderly neighbour whom incidently brought along her own Jarrah since more often than not folk don't have it in their homes just her & her kids get it in for her according to her which was fine but I had to smile at that,she was ever the depiction of a woman of proverbs was.

she was ready for anything right doon tae the conversation topics she brought along her photo album to share her family with me as well as her knitting wilst she chatted she could continue to knitt that cardigan she needs for herself LOL it is exactly what my mum wouldve done too,what a great generation of excelling ladies are those in that over 50yrs group not that the others are less just somehow those older ladies to me are a wonderful depition of substance ye know what ah mean? theres nane like thum realy their in a class of their own I admire them soo much.

I had an enjoyable chichat however I felt at times I watched the clock as I don't know her well we are just getting to know her .I felt like I was hauf starved tae death[slight exageration there eh?] by the time she chose to go home.anyhoo I had offered her lunch as well as morning muffins ,more tea etc but all she would say is 'I never eat between meals' [heres me thinking i maybe eat you in a minute hehehe] all I could end up thinking was' ok then when ur ye leaving so ah cin eat lunch' hehehe how bad tae the bones ahm ah? I felt so guilty afterwards cause I truly did enjoy her visit but felt it tad too long for being a 1st pop in visit unannounced.

she arrived at 10.30am left at 1.45 so what would ye regard as polite for a 1st pop in visit to a stranger GGGems? Ahm I jist a moany so n soo? or is there a time more suitable for that 1st pop in unannounced? I wouldve kept things to an hour if it were me who knows maybe she was wishing to know me more I don't know but all I was sure of was I was hungry for lunch & mammy says if yer guest doesn't eat don't you eat untill they leave as it is impolite OMG ahm I the worst neighbour ever?I always thought of myself as sociable but now not so much ,I must be becoming one of those grumpy old ladies hehehe laugh.gif What say you GGGems?
Familiarity breeds contempt. Perhaps you told her to pop over anytime Lindamac. If not, shocking manners on your heighbours part.
Would never dream of going anywhere uninvited and likewise, unless it was family or very best friend.This lady must have felt very welcome methinks.
Am perplexed , "What is her own "Jarrah"? ohmy.gif

Marion, have a wonderful holiday with Haydn, stay strong. smile.gif
penny dainty
For a first visit , perhaps she did stay a wee bit too long Linda Loo, but it's your house and if you want to eat and she doesnt , you go ahead.I know it may seem like bad manners , but you should be at ease at home.She's probably lonely and you would have made her feel right at home, because you show real hospitality.Unlike me who throws chocolate cream cake at you after you make me dinner laugh.gif tongue.gif
It's okay though , she let me back again for more dinner a few weeks ago.HEE!
penny dainty
Went into town for a wee shopping trip with my Mum today .Walked over the Victoria Bridge , It was a lovely day , we had coffee in a nice wee coffee shop on the other side , went round the shops , got a few good buys , 2 pairs of boots included , no Anne I didnt let Mum pay for them lol.Well okay I did , she bought one pair for my birthday , she wanted to get me the other ones too , but I drew the line on that and bought them myself.Yes I did need 2 pairs.One pair is black leather and the other cream suede , flats with fringes, dead nice.Got some t shirts as well for my holidays in May, not long now.Three weeks away in the caravan.Soooooooooooo looking forward to it.Oh and we had lunch in town as well.A good day biggrin.gif
Must be a long bridge PD, from Brisbane to Victoria, Thought you'd need more than 2 pairs of boots. laugh.gif cool.gif
I am going to the library, then the $(dollar) store (lol)
I will then go to Walmart for the groceries, and then drive back home to watch Oprah.
Very boring day off for me here in Tucson, AZ...Hate to say it, but it's gonna be in the late 80's today.
It's only half ten the
glasgow lass
laugh.gif Hello everybiddy,, lovely day here so it is ,am happy tae say a have ma capris on so am getting closer to ma shorts an inch at a time LOL , had nice time with ma sister lots of chit chat and singing as usual, almost dinner time now and a think a'll make a stir fry its fast and delicious,,,cheers everybiddy . Lass wub.gif
penny dainty
Lotsa veggies lass, good for you. biggrin.gif
glasgow lass
With cake to follow penny, Mr Lass has a birthday today>>>>yumeeeeee tongue.gif
laugh.gif We had stirfry the other night too Lass with trifle tae follow

Oh yes, Thanks for the opinions Penny & Stratson, the wee lady is on the body corprate as we are too but whenever we have spoken it has been in the capacity of business nothing social so even though she has been to my door before & stood in my lounge before it was all business,I actualy shy away from her as she is too forthright as far as Iam concerned a tad busybody like but I could do nothing when she arrived but just let her in,at first I thought it was on business as it happens she said 'Iam here on a social visit' well blow me doon & tickle me with a feather ah thought tae masell hehehe laugh.gif Nae matter lassies I think I was jist feeling awful at the thoughts I was having ye know witta mean? ,,Stratson she brought her own Jarrah which is a tub of vienna type coffee mixed with some sort of chocolate the brand name is called Jarrah.
Seems to me bringing her own "Jarrah" she was planning getting comfy>>>>Brazen b----y hussey.
Like your own kind self I make people welcome, >>>>by appointment!. laugh.gif

Today hope to get to garden after Zak and his mum depart at lunch time. Cloudy right now, not too promising looking.Oh for some warm sunshine Lindaloo.Could be doin' with a nice wee seat in your garden for an hour. Ah well, c'est cera cera smile.gif
keelie gal
Going to Toys R Us to buy some toys for Blossoms first birthday next week cant belive she is nearly one already the time has just flown by ,she has just started walking and has 6 teeth now and has such a wee hearty laugh you cant help laugh with her biggrin.gif
Welcome tae the boards Ayrshire!
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