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Full Version: Whit Ye Dae'in The Day?
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they squirrels have bigger nuts tae worry about tongue.gif
Aye ah know Murn ah saw thum oan anither topic OMG as they say.................Well Iam haeing a lazy hazy sunday listening tae Norah Jones & hinging oot wi you lot oan GG cannae hink o anything better tae dae fur masell. biggrin.gif
penny dainty
Had a wee trip out with Mr. Dainty, got me a new handbag , I needed it badly , so I got it rolleyes.gif
having daughter &g/daughter for dinner today so will be busy for a while laugh.gif laugh.gif
Well it's such a Gorgeous day here today,that ma pals surprised me and showed up and took me oot for a wee run in the car.
It's nice to see all the folk comin oot from their Hibernating,enjoying the sunshine.
penny dainty
Got two late starts this week, usually start at 6,30 on a Monday , but today it's 13. 30 so long lie then housework , then I do some ironing and make something for the tea before I leave.Then I go and do a fulls days work.hmm something not quite right here. dry.gif
annie laurie
Went for a nice long walk with my Dog for about half a hour,
Really is good to get out and about again,
The day was sunny not to warm just nice for walking I love walking
Prepasred my Dinner so just waiting on my Son coming over to join us,
Turkey Dinner
{Some left over from Easter } hope it is not to dry,
Oh well can smother it in Gravy right ????????????
Another un-exciting day. It snowed all day yesterday so the boots were on again to go to Church this morning dry.gif My e-mail was down from Friday evening but back again today so I spent all afternoon catching up!! Setling down now for a good read.............

Did a shift in the store on Friday and have to do another 4 to 6 hours tomorrow so I'd better rest up ohmy.gif
Having a wee sort out in my wardrobe, dont know how its gets untidy[no me] and this afternoon down to complex for afternoon coffee and find out whats going on here a wee update laugh.gif
Called Heathers Dr this afternoon as her date to see Gynacologist hasn't shown up yet so the Dr is gonna try force it forward so hopefu;y soon for my wee lassie. wub.gif

Iwent oot with Heather & Neil tae let heather look at Mag wheels for her car aye ah know sounds boring & it was boring but it was oot jist the same & definitely wisney in the hoose hehehe mind ye had My wee neighbour[Heathers pal who moves hoose saturday so getting new neebors soon] oer at lunchtime for a blether as she had been away tae perth at a wedding so had piccys tae show me yet we talked that much never got a chance tae look at thum rolleyes.gif
penny dainty
That's no like you linda laugh.gif
ph34r.gif Here you miss famous yin PD ah mibees resemble yer remark ever so slightly blink.gif hehehe merr boring stuff the day ahm off oot later oan tae dae ma food shopping merr BORING! stuff.
Mornin all, Linda ah wish a wiz food shopin the day, but sadly I'm stuck in the office. Sayin that the rain outside is shockin and its freezin. It's goin be one of those days when a cannae get movitated (see ah cannae even spell it).
Ah think I'll just go brouse the net for a wee break in the sun.
I wish every one a happy April and hopefully some nice weather will come along with it. Be careful it's April Fool's day until noon. We have 4 1/2 hours left here in southern Ontario.
How come it only lasts till noon? huh.gif
Marion Niven Dougan
Hi guys, just heading out to my Oncolgist to find out my next course of treatment. Cat scan showed the 2 new tumors have shrunk. Wish he'd pit me oan jist the Hercetin, that chemo diz me in. A slept oan the couch almost every weeekend fur six weeks. I goat the chemo on a Tuesday, so it kicks in bad Friday, then diinhill tae Monday then back oan it Tuesday. Ahm asking if a huv tae go back oan it if a kin dae it oan a Friday that wey a kin huv a pleasant weekend, a think
stick in marion worth it in the end, my husbands the same after about two days his kicks in as well just getting over it and time to start again unsure.gif
Marion Niven Dougan
Hi guys, well another course of Navalbine and Herceptin weekly for three months. Then Scans, if tumors are still shrinking, he suggests Surgery. I told him NO. I think one has to be in the right frame of mind for surgery, My gut feeling tells me DO NOT DO SURGERY??????? He is reducing the dose so hopefully that will help. If I don't do surgery, I will be doing chemo indefinetly, with breaks in between treatments. I am ok with that since he is reducing the dose x x x x x
Thanks for your continued support
glasgow lass
Hi Marion thats great news! why is your Dr suggesting surgery.
Marion Niven Dougan
He says he need to do a Mastectomy to cure me. The Cancer can spread anywhere in my body. So the cure is NOT A MASTECTOMY. I cannot do surgery, the thought of it terrifies me. I am such a baby. Thanks Lass and Anne appreciate your concerns x x
George Muir
Marion, whatever route you take, we are all still behind you. x
Marion Niven Dougan
Thanks George you are such a nice caring GENTLEMAN !!!!!!!
Hope you are well x x x x x
glasgow lass
Hi Marion you have trusted your Dr thus far Im sure he has your best interest and well being at hand, if its fear that stands in your way of doing the surgery dont let it, we are no less a woman if we have to have such an operation Marion aha know that if I had the chance of a full recovery by doing this surgery I would do it tomorrow, and kick that fear right in the teeth, its a paper tiger in the end ,but never the less very hard for you hen , Marion Im sure that you have thought it through very carefully I hope that am not emposing on you , Lass.
Of to gartnavel for Nevs pre med, then meeting with my brother for coffee so mixed day for me
A day at a time eh. Today am feelin' kinda normal, am going to try and get the spuds planted. Mind you, that could all change within the hour.
Take my hat off to folks like Nev. and Marion.Hope your day goes placidly. Enjoy the time with your brother and the coffee Annewan.x
penny dainty
Marion hang in there, surgery is a daunting thought , but will the outcome be better for you?Weigh it all up, but I know you will do whats right for you.

Anne hope Nev goes okay with his treatment , give him a wee rum when he gets home and you enjoy your coffee.

Stratson , happy planting.I be there to help you eat the new spuds with some melted butter and cheese. rolleyes.gif oh I wish!!
Marion as you know I'm new to the boads but you have been in my thoughts and prayers.
I had to have a hysterectomy to remove cancer 10 years ago and I am so glad I did but I do understand your fear. My feeling at the time was lets get this nasty disease outa here.
Everyone is different and you will know in your heart whats best for you. Talk your fears over with your oncologist there is nothing wrong with being afraid.
Keep strong and remember your not on your own you've got a lot of love coming your way from all over the world.
glasgow lass
Jist going to work soon , its a nice calm day out, hope all have a great day and best of luck to the ones with Dr apt's,,,,so see yooz aw efter ,Lass smile.gif
am staying home the day ,and Marion I know that you listen to your body and thats a good thing as its your life and your choices and if you can stick the chemo good on you as you are an insperation to others ,

Nevelle what can a say you are a trooper well naw an ex sailor so you keep doing what you are doing and a am glad when I met you you told me the story about your illness and was amaized what the doctors can do with the tecnoligy in the world these days and keep smiling as you are a really nice guy and a will be praying for you both
penny dainty
Was walking to work today and it occurred to me that there are so many fruit trees about the place.I pass Orange and lemon trees , passionfruit vines , avacado trees and mango trees ,paw paw and choko's , well thats a vegetable, but isnt it wonderful that we have all these things .The joys of living in a hot climate.Cant get good rhubarb though , need frost for that. smile.gif cool.gif
Well I did this all day yesterday I spent all dat at the hospital waiting for my grandson to be born, He arrived in the world at 4.10pm OKIE time

6lbs 8 oz his name is Tristan Dan , he is 19 1/2 inches long .

Lovey wee thing ,I am sure he gets it from me laugh.gif
Long day, but worth it
congratulations to Granma and the lovely Mum & Dad, he looks gorgeous lennox take it easy today girl dry.gif
wub.gif What fabulous news for you Lennox mate tats something t be proud of being a granma awe oer again ocht the glamourous granmas we have oan GG make us awe proud,Congratulations to the proud parents & a warm welcome to the world fr the healthy baby too. wub.gif
Thank you ladies, he's jsut loverly I was in the room with them the whole day and was the 2nd person to hold him Jason ( my son) was very hapy and he cried his wee eyes out.At one point I thought He would pass out he went so white.. wub.gif

If your interested I put a couple of photo's in the gallery wink.gif
Lennox, am so happy for you and your family. Saw Tristan Dan's photos in the Gallery, Just instantaneous love I felt for him. Aren't new babies a True Miracle. You have been so blessed.
You can hopefully relax now and goo goo to your hearts content. Jason and his partner look so young and very happy. God Bless.
Congratulations Lennox.
Jason & his Partner are Truely blessed by the arrival of wee Tristan Dan.
penny dainty
Congratulations Lennox, wonderful news , I'm off to the gallery for a wee looksee biggrin.gif
Hopefully goin out wae ma pals today,I hate being stuck in think i have cabin fever overload. sad.gif
Am in the same boat as you wits. Have been home firstly, looking after Zak, by the time he was home with his Mum, am just on P.C.. Can't get my shoes on, chiropodist yesterday accidentally when removing corn from toe next to big toe, made a boo-boo, have a large bandage which am unable to remove at present. Looks so nice outside, oh well, tomorrow is another day, hopefully all will be well. smile.gif

WITSHISNAME,hope your pals turn up for you,what's wrong with you, Can you not go out on your own, even for a walk, are you still snowbound over there. So glad I don't live in Montreal, would crack up! Never mind, am here, we can play scrabble! laugh.gif
congratulations Lennox on the birth of Tristan Dan,, Lots of happy times ahead. tongue.gif
Sorry to hear about your foot stratson,i hope ye gave the Doctor a swift kick wae the good
The snow is slowly melting here but it is bloody depressing sad.gif ,i can hardly wait for summertime.
I can get out sometimes,but when My back acts up (usually everyday)even the shortest of walks is painfull so i just turn around and come back home. Thank you for playing scrabble with me smile.gif
Congratulations Lennox on the birth of your grandson. smile.gif
well since its Saturday today will do my usual thing meet my friend for coffee and then its of to bingo hopefully for a win win win[cant play for toffee at present]
Am out of here a,s,a,p, gotta grab this dry sunny day. Food shoppingfirst, next>>>>>who knows!
Hoping for the best. biggrin.gif
go for it stratson laugh.gif
QUOTE (Anne1 @ 5th Apr 2008, 08:04 AM) *
bingo hopefully for a win win win[cant play for toffee at present]

Well you learn something new every day , I never knew they played for toffee at the bingo laugh.gif

Many thanks to EVERYONE who sent best wishes to my son, daughter in law and myself on the birth of the baby, he is just lovely, and I sent to see them yesterday and guess where I am going today laugh.gif

Stratson, Have a lovely day whatever you do,
penny dainty
HMM ,time I took up bingo , I like toffee laugh.gif
Belated best wishes Lennox on your new ganchild and best wishes to your son and partner.
Now let me say if you wish to post on this thead today, you must include the word "Tartan" in honourof TartanDay. There I've done my bit.
Congratulations ,Granma Lennox .Best wishes for the new wee boy and his Mammy and Daddy .I hope someone bought him something TARTAN .
almost monday so early start for us Nev goes in overnight for observation gets home Tuesday so will be all go tomorrow got to be a t Gartnavel for 7-30 am saves two nights in hospital wub.gif wub.gif
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