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Ok 5 questions-
1-European history in South Africa is English and what other european country?
2-The decendents of these people are known as?
3-Official capital of South Africa...?
4-Table mountain watches over what South African city
5-Robbin island sits off the same city and is famous for what?

wee mags
ross here is the site that jan posted I hope thats right rolleyes.gif
Just ignore this related posting.I posted this earlier on topic where it appeared now its been moved to the joke section.No idea what's going on and don't really care.The subject is finished now and I won't post on it again.Cheers
wee mags
Ross if you look it says Word games,Quizzes and jokes so it covers all three things,please try to keep it going am even heading for google tae find the answers wink.gif
No probs Mags I won't be posting on it again..........cheers
2.Dutch Afrikans{?}
4.don't know
5.don't Ross under nae illusions I'll be wrong for the above....but ah tried right, no got the time to google here the now pet, so gave it a shot....JIST FUR YOU wink.gif
Sorry Catherine here are your answers:
4:Cape Town
5:Nelson Mandela's prison

I seem to have a knack for getting topics moved on here,maybe I don't read things properly!I thought this was a pretty serious topic and President Mandela has always been a big hero in my eyes.To end up in the "joke column" sorta destroyed what I was trying to do.So what!I won't do anything like this again and just learn from it.
Hi Ross,

A contribution to your quiz which might also be of use in your project:

1 What is South Africa's national flower?
2 What is South Africa's national bird?
3 What is South Africa's national animal?
4 What is South Africa's national fish?
5 What is South Africa's national tree?

1. King Protea

2. Blue Crane

3. Springbok

4. Galjoen

5. Real Yellowwood
Five out of five, Robbie. What about these?

1 Who was the Dutch merchant who established a European presence at the Cape of Good Hope in 1652?

2 Which two Boer Republics were involved in the Anglo Boer Wars?

3 In 1497 which Portugese sailor reached the bay which is now known as Durban Bay and called it "Rio de Natal", Christmas River ?

4 In which battle of 1879 did the forces of the Zulu King Ceteswayo over-run a British force despite the superior armament of the British?

5 Who were the protagonists in the Battle of Blood River?

Mary Doll
1. Jan van Riebeeck
2. Transvaal and Orange Free State
3. Vasco da Gama
4. Islandwhana
5. Voortrekkers and Zulus
1. Van Riebeeck.

2. Transvaal and Natal.

3. Bartholomew Dias. I'm wrong , he was year before Da Gama

4. Rorke's Drift.

5. Afrikaans and Zulus.
Mary Doll took that round with five out of five. A question is only difficult if you don't know the answer so here are some more:

1 What is the title of Nelson Mandela’s best-selling autobiography?

2 How many official languages does the RSA have?

3 In the colloquial Afrikaans of the South African underworld, what does the word “bandiete” signify?

4 What is a shebeen?

5 Where and what was District 6?

6 From where does Soweto get its name?

7 What was Mpumulanga formerly called?

8 What was KwaZulu Natal formerly called

9 A battle in the Boer War was fought at Spion Kop.
What is the literal meaning of Spion Kop?

10 Where in RSA is Simonstown Naval Base?


Its late and I don't have time to try them all but here are the first 4 answers-I think!Good questions...

1.A long walk to freedom.
2.11 languages
3.A prisoner
4.Drinking house
Just sneaking in for a moment.

5.Cape Town-A museum to apartheid
6.South Western Township
7.Kloppenheim Country Estate at Kruger National Park?
9.Dutch for look out hill-whats the connection to Liverpool FC"kop"?
10.Outside Cape Town.
Mary Doll
1. A long walk to freedom
2. 11
3. Prisoner
4. Illegal drinking house
5. A black township at the foot of TAble Mountain near Cape Town
6. South Western Township
7. Eastern Transvaal
8. Natal
9. Vantage point
10. Cape Town

Now I'm off to work (late)!
Here are some answers. Please bear in mind that the guy who sets the questions is always right - even when he is wrong! In my case that could be especially when he's wrong!

1 Long Walk to Freedom

2 Eleven

3 A prisoner, sometimes used to differentiate between a political prisoner and a criminal.

4 An illegal drinking den, usually in a township

5 District 6 was a “slum” area in Cape Town, largely occupied by the “coloured” population. The area was declared a “White Group Area” in 1966 allowing the authorities to destroy all the buildings except religious ones. The population was forcibly removed amid great protest.

6 South West Township

7 Eastern Transvaal

8 Natal

9 Look-Out Hill – Forget Everton! There was a steelworks in the East End of Glasgow for many years. It had an area in Camlachie for the storage of scrap steel called the Spion Kop – go and work that one out!

10 On the Western Cape

Over to you, Ross, for some more questions


Mary Doll
Thanks, Luceo, for the quizzes, even though I'm in the huffy mump, tongue.gif but yes, the quizmaster is always right. And I did get to work on time this morning. It would excellent if Ross set some questions.
1. Founded in 1829,South Africa's oldest university.
2. South Africa shares a border with 6 other states,can you name them?
3. Pretoria is the state capital,what is the legislative capital and what is the Judicial capital
4.Lead a commando group in guerilla warfare,went on to become Prime Minister twice and for a while had an airport called after him.
5. Who was the last Prime Minister of South Africa.
6. Which Prime Minister was assassinated in Parliament.
6. 19th C military genius-he introduced the assegai?
7. This famous man lead the struggle for civil rights for Indians in South Africa
8. He was a great nephew of Europe's greatest soldier and son of an Emperor-he was speared to death by Zulu's at Ulundi in 1879.Who was he ?
9. The PAC and ANCwere banned in 1960 after what incident which resulted in the death of 69 blacks.
10. A member of the Black Consciousness movement,he died in police custody in 1977 and his death resulted in some of the worst riots South Africa had ever seen.
Mary Doll
1. The University of Cape Town ( formerly the South African College)
2. Namibia, Mozambique, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Lesotho
3. Cape Town and Bloemfontein
4. Jan Smuts
5. Peter Willem Botha
6. Hendrik Verwoerd
7. Mohandas Gandhi
8. Napoleon Bonaparte's son Napoleon, the Prince Imperial
9. The Sharpeville Incident
10. Steve Biko

Thanks,Ross. That got my googley brain going for the day, and what a lot I've learned.
Great going Mary,I gave you 2 no 6 questions ...doh!!! the assegai question was Shaka the Zulu king sounds like someone Beyonce might sing with.
Hi Ross and Mary Doll,

It seems we have this thread to ourselves. I did know about Chaka Zulu but who is Beyonce?

Some South African trivia. The present Zulu King, Chief Mangoswele Buthelezi, played the part of King Ceteswayo in the 1964 film, Zulu. Not many people know that....

Some more questions:

1 In which year did South Africa leave the Commonwealth and in which year did it rejoin the commonwealth?

2 What is a rock dassie?

3 The Blue Train runs between Helensburgh and Airdrie. There is also a blue Train in South Africa Can you name one of its four routes?

4 What and where is “the Big Hole”

5 South Africa helped to pioneer the development of a process to produce motor spirit from coal. In what city in the Orange Free State was this fuel produced?

6 Which is the deepest gold mine in South Africa?

7 What is the “Karoo”?

8 Nelson Mandela was born the son of a tribal leader; which tribe?

9 Which group is regarded as the original inhabitants of Southern Africa?

10 Which white activist was a friend of Steve Biko and editor of East London’s newspaper, the Daily Dispatch?


Mary Doll
1. South Africa left the commonwealth in 1961 and rejoined in 1994 when Nelson Mandela became President.

2. . Related to an elephant, although it's only wee. apparently because it's got the same feet and teeth. Also looks to be a Rangers supporter.
( If the picture didn't appear, could someone please tell me how to put pictures on here, thanks).

3. Cape Town and Port Elizabeth (sounds great on the blurb - do you have shares in it Luceo)? At $1287 a skull I'm sure it's worth every rand.

4. The Big Hole is in Kimberley, the biggest hand dug excavation in the world, and Elizabeth Taylor and the Queen now wear most of it's contents.

5. Sasolburg

6. I'm not sure about this, it's either the Deep Western Mine, Johannesburg, or the pub at Shaft 14 Johannesburg in the high holiday season.

7. The Karoo is a plateau which covers most of South Africa, an oasis to go on holiday with lots of lovely things to do and see (are you sure you haven't got shares in South African tourism)? THe Victorians loved it and British soldiers had their R&R there in the Boer War.

8. Tembu.

9.Not sure about this either - the Koi San, indigenous nomadic tribesmen ( not to be confused with the San Toi fae the Calton).

10. Donald Woods.
Good Evening Mary Doll,

You have been busy and it is a pity there are no prizes for these as you are doing rather well. Perhaps we should approach the South African Tourist Board for sponsorship....

The answers I have are:

1 1961/1994

2 A small rabbit like mammal, the rock dassie gets its name from the Dutch for small badger: dasje. This is a more accurate description than the English 'rock rabbit', as the dassie has very tiny ears and no tail. It is also referred to as the 'Rock Hyrax'. Dassies are more closely related to dugongs (marine mammals) and elephants than to either badgers or rabbits. In Mary Doll's picture the dassie looks as if he is wearing blue make up but he is a dassie sure enough! On Table Mountain there are lots of fat rock dassies and lots of signs enjoining tourists not to feed the dassies. It is hard to see the signs as they are obstructed by tourists feeding dassies....

3 Pretoria - Victoria Falls - Pretoria or
Pretoria - Cape Town - Pretoria or
Pretoria - Hoedspruit – Pretoria or
Cape Town - Port Elizabeth- Cape Town

4 A “pipe” from where diamonds are mined It is the largest hand excavated hole in the world and it is located at Kimberley.

5 Sasolburg

6 Western Deep Mines

7 The Karoo is a plateau taking up much of central Southern Africa

8 Thembu

9 San Bushmen

10 Donald Woods

Next lot of questions:

1 Where in RSA is Long Tom Pass ?

2 Who or what was Long Tom?

3 Who or what is Mzilikazi’s roller?

4 What is Unisa?

5 Where is the Voortrekker Monument?

6 Who wrote the novel “Cry the Beloved Country”?

7 Which South African writer was the first writer to win the booker Prize on two occasions?

BONUS for either of the two books!

8 What is the name of the water front area in Cape Town which has been redeveloped as a commercial, retail and residential area?

9 Archbishop Desmond Tutu said of him, “If you could say that any one person single-handedly made apartheid a world issue the that person was ****** ********** “ To whom did Tutu refer?

10 What is the centre of South Africa’s fledgling offshore oil and gas industry?


1. Mpumalanga
2. A siege gun
3. A lilac crested roller bird
4. University of South Africa
5. Pretoria
6. Alan Paton
7. J M Coetzee
8. Victoria and Alfred Waterfront
9. ------
10. Gautang
Jan Williams
Hi everyone, I feel like I am back helping the girls with homework.As most of the people on the boards hail from Australia, canada or the States it took me by surprise to see South African questions. More amazed when I saw Sasolburg, my hometown for 20years before we moved here to Sun City, and in fact I still own property there. Weemags suninternational is a company where we work, Sun City is where we live, in fact why don't all of you check the website out I'm sure weemags has and you'll see 2 of the most pestigious golf courses in the world, one of which I walk around 5 times a week. Let me know what you think of it. It was really nice to see you "talk" of S.A. even if it was a quiz, thanks guys. Jan
These responces have amazed many non south africans have replied,providing great stuff about the RSA,an awstruck.I still think this is the most beautiful and amazing country'. and one day I will visit it I just know I will,so much i want to see
Jan,at last we have a South African posting on the subject.I started the topic because am fascinated by SA.I'd love you to tell us about it now,what life is like-i still think this is the most beautiful country in the world and I want to visit it badly.
Evening All,

Answers for Robbie first:

1 Drakensburg Mountains (Mpumulanga)

2 Nickname given to a long barrelled siege gun used during
the Boer War

3 A bird, also known as a lilac breasted roller

4 University of South African, most of its students are enrolled
in correspondence courses

5 On a hill overlooking Pretoria

6 Alan Paton

7 J M Coetzee. His prize winning books were "Disgrace" (1999)
and "The Life and Times of Michael K (1983)

8 Victoria and Albert Waterfront

9 The late Archbishop Trevor Huddleston

10 Mossel Bay

Ross, you are right. South Africa is one of the most beautiful places I have ever spent time in and not to be missed. For a while in the Eighties their advertising slogan was ".... the world in one country" and I thought that was pretty apt.

Where Jan lives in North West Territory, there is loads to see and do and it is a beautiful part of the country.

It is some time since my last visit but I am told that the rate of exchange at present makes RSA a very reasonably priced holiday destination.

Are we going to see more quiz questions?

luceo, check waterfront name, think you'll find it's Alfred, I been there
wee mags
hey Ross jist for you Carlize Theron comes from South Africa!! noo theres a beauty rolleyes.gif
Jan Williams
Hi everyone, I am so glad you are "into" South Africa. Yes weemags, Charlize is our Golden Girl and it has been a media frenzy all week as she had been home. We live in the North West Province and we did live in The Free State. Yes S.A. has many problems but we are trying to sort it all out. Cape Town has become so upmarket, its the holiday destination. Whereas 10 years ago it was Durban. I still like the Natal north coast, Umhlanga,beautiful place, but Cape Town is so like Scotland, the mountains and greenery, also the rain as this is their rainy season,mind you we are not doing too bad in that department as we have had more rain than I can remember, not that I am compaining (well, I do as I can't get the washing out). We have many game reserves around this area and talking about it really doesn't do it justice. I think what people are in awe of is the space, there is so much land and it just goes on and on. Where we were in Sasolburg, well, its mostly industry, the Vaal Triangle consists of, sasolburg, Vanderbijlpark and Vereeniging. All these towns have websites. hey guys I could go on all day but time is passing and I am on duty in just under 2 hours, mind you it takes me 69 secs to get to work as we live accross the road from the main entertainment centre. Enjoy your day Jan
Hey Mags I did not know Charlize was a South African-this country is looking better every day.Might as well get done in style for being off topic(oh no I can't get done for that this topic is not on topic anymore wacko.gif ) Well dubious but interesting pictures you think she knows smoking is bad for you?I nicked this from my brothers wallpaper of the month.

Charlize Theron

No need to check - you are absolutely right!

Please forgive my error and blame it on a senior moment/CRAFT moment/typographical error!


wee mags
Hi jan you make South Africa sound so good,and very interesting ,and as for you Ross shes jist making believe shes smoking ,and there are much nicer photos of her ,she is very beautiful young woman wink.gif
Tell me where Mags?
wee mags
Ross go to google and type in Charleze Theron and up comes a lot of sites happy hunting biggrin.gif
Jan Williams
Ross, before we get kicked off as we are really off the topic now. Charlize has a No of websites and here are some that was listed in our weekly magazine "YOU" hope this helps you get what your looking for.
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