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Loved it Tori and it was so nice to see you, looking forward to seeing and hearing more from you. wub.gif
Nice wan Tori noo ah know whit you look like , in case I spot you in the Rocky Mall ... laugh.gif
Nice one ToriG,and a great song choice,yer a wee smasher,and what a beautiful head of hair x---wellfield
annie laurie
Loveley Torig
Good to see you, Your looking good, waiting for another one PLLeeaaaassse
A Nice one I learned tonight

Josh Groban
You're Still You
First time going along this thread, be visiting more often.............

Hi Tori, that wa as lovely as your sweet self.

x x x xfor you too biggrin.gif

Josh Groban is among my top singers just now.

You do him justice, love your voice. biggrin.gif
Tori and Jimmey, great songs, lovely voice Tori smile.gif
That Josh Groban song was lovely,and well sung Jimmy!
annie laurie
Here Here I second that Wellfield
Lovely jimmyd,
annie laurie
Loved it Jimmy, very nicely sung,once again,
Love Josh Groban as well
Not sure if I posted this song before , but hey !!! it's party right hahaha

If I had you. Alabama song
Ocht ye can post that wan as many times as ye like's beautiful...biggrin.gif
Hi all , I heard this song for the first time today ,and learned it very quickly , it was not hard. OK , I would love to say , that my parents were like this , sadly I can't , cause my Da was a ratbag !!! but ma wee Maw was an Angel.. I don't normally ask for feedback BUTTTT !! lol I would love to hear your stories about your parents love affair , and how it has influenced , or had an impact on your own life. This is a beautiful song , and I am no ashamed to say , it had me greetin. mibbee for what I missed .Who knows . If you have just had a wee listen in the past , but not commented , can you mibbee say a wee word on this wan

Between the the two of them Alabama
( should say I never listened to Alabama sing it ,but a punter on Sing Snap ) so maybe I have got it all wrong
That was nice Jimmy. I never heard that song before.

Mum's advice to us when we got married was that old adage, " you've made your bed so lie on it ". laugh.gif
Mind you if it had turned out a bad marriage, mum & dad would have stood by us.

I can honestly say my parents had a good marriage. They got married when they were both 20yrs old and had a good life together, one of the best, even with eight children. laugh.gif
We all grew up knowing the words to the song,' I Don't want to set the World on Fire', mum always sang it to dad and mum was a smashing singer.

They really did love each other and when dad died age 69yrs in 1982 mum collapsed at his bedside as she she felt she could not go on without him.
As the years went on mum always said, " I wish I was dead so I could be back with my Davie ".
Well she got her wish in September 2007 age 95 yrs.
When we went into see her just before the Funeral she had a smile on her face and everyone said the same thing," mum's back with dad that's why she's smiling ". ( I hope that does not sound morbid )
At her Funeral one of the songs was of course, 'I don't want to set the World on Fire'.

Lovely story Heather , I hope others will share . Jimmy
That is a lovely song Jimmy and Heather my parents had a good marriage too. My dad was a quiet gentle man who thought the world of my mum. She had a stroke when she was only 59 and although she recovered very well he looked after her from then on, doing all the cooking and a lot of the cleaning too. He was 8 years older than her, they waited out the depression and didn't marry until 1934 when he was 33 and she 25. He died at age 82 and she fell into a depresion after that and slipped away in 1988. I used to say to my husband that if he took care of me half as much as my father did with my mother, I would be satisfied!

You were right Jimmy, that song did bring a lump to my throat and a wee tear to my eye.
QUOTE (jimmyd @ 21st Feb 2009, 06:00pm) *
Lovely story Heather , I hope others will share . Jimmy

Ye really don't want me tae share Jimmy...ah had a lovely granny and grampa tho...laugh.gif
Ah well that last idea went doon like a lead balloon lol

(Glesga accent version ) laugh.gif

Green Green grass of Home
Jimmy I hope you don't feel insulted when I say Icould not help laughing at you singing that song Glesga style. I could just picture some drunk staggering up Hope Street belting that out the same way. laugh.gif
Haw' Jimmy,ye' had me chucklin' away here,ah' thought it was brilliant--my English wife said why don't you two speak proper--the cheek o' her eh'

Noo' here's the Scottish-American version here's another one tae greet' to

Ooops' this is the one ye' can greet' to
"Anniversary Song"
Your doin great Campbell , I enjoyed your version.

Heaher I am not insulted. We used to have parties over here ,and you had to sing in your native accent .Scots ,Irish , Liverpool ,Geordie ,Cockney .it was a crack up. . I actually don't like the Green Grass Of Home , but ma wee maw used to insist I sing it ,when I was home visiting. laugh.gif
Cripes cannae balieve I've managed to get in here jimmy right after ye, usually ye's are that deep intae things ah don't want tae jist waant tae say this is a GREAT topic laugh.gif
Ye's are all fabbydoo at the singin guys, its very entertaining, thank you. biggrin.gif

Heather that wis a lovely story and no morbid at all. Yours too Elma, thanks for sharing.
I'm sittin' here smilin' Catherine after reading you wee note--It just reminded me of a typical wee Glasgow woman talkin' away tae someone else, loved it,and I'm glad you enjoy the singing,music's a medicine!
Hey Catherine , nice to see you love , when I started this topic , I was hoping to hear you give us Big Spender ,an I am still hoping ... How ye doin ma love. ? I miss oor wee blethers on MSN. I guess we all move on eh. !! wub.gif
Hi Folks,here's a couple to keep things going,

"Hawaiian Wedding Song"

"Four Leaf Clover"

Hope you enjoy!----wellfield
annie laurie

Aye !! your doing well Campbell , you are wowing them on SS ,they appreciate top talent

Here's wan for ma wee sis ,with a bit of a twist to it.

I am I said !!
That was lovely Jimmy, I know thinking about "back home" can made you feel a bit sad sometimes. I enjoyed my trip to Glasgow last year but sometimes I would have liked someone to share it with me, it got kind of lonely being by myself almost every day. When I got to Irvine I spent all of that time with family.
Great rendition Jimmy
A couple more songs,hopefully for your pleasure
"Dean Martin"

"Nat King Cole"

Hope you enjoy!---wellfield

annie laurie
Lovely Jimmy,
Yes brought a few tears
But it is good to hay a wee greet once in a while
tears of Joy,
you are so blessed such a lovely Voice,
I AM,I SAID........... Jimmy that is just lovely. smile.gif smile.gif Am greetin!
really nice wellfield, I think your voice is getting better. tongue.gif
Tori G
Seeing a few of us get homesick every now and then, thought I'd do "Country Roads", it wasn't until the song played that I realised it was a different version, so I put my own wee spin on it tae, just for fun, lol. Disnae sound the best, but hey, who cares I had fun. laugh.gif laugh.gif

Ps Happy Burfday Wellfield.

Gaun yersel Tori this was great darlin , loved your wee spin on it. laugh.gif
if we had,nt crossed oceans Tori we could have driven or mibbee even walked back home,.
..... I love to go a wandering along the mountain track. rolleyes.gif cool.gif
Good job on the song Tori,good wee spin!
Back in ma long haired folk singing days LOL\

The Wedding Song
Can someone on here tell me how to get back on to this site[singsnap] used to be on it but kept getting difficulty on there sometimes could get on, thought I had signed membership for it for cant seem to get past first step on it I know its probably something am doing wrong but used to enjoy listening to GG members singing so any help appreciated folks sad.gif sad.gif
Anne, I'm not a member of singsnap but I click on the link given by Jimmy or Wellfield or ? and I get right in to that song. I can't comment on it but I can read others remarks on that site but I just wait until I'm back here and say my piece.
Anne, why not just set up a new account .you can do that from the page you are on . Make sure you keep your log in details. PM if have no luck Jimmy

I thought I would give this a try.

Don't Cry for Me Argentina
Welcome again to the Scottish Karaoke Clan!

"Good Luck Charm"

"Loving You"

"Sloop John B"

"There! I've said it again"

I bought a new "Mixer" to sing through,it makes the quality a wee bit better--Hope you enjoy!
Wow, these are great. I listened to all four and even stopped watching the curling to listen!! biggrin.gif
Always knew you were away wi the mixer Campbell laugh.gif

Your sound is terrific now mate . What did you get ,and are you using it on Vista , or XP . Keep them coming china , am sure many are listening on here , and enjoying your songs

Heres a nice wee song

Three Times A Lady
Jimmy that romantic song suits your velvet tones right to a "T"
Jimmy,the mixer I bought is an ALESIS MULTIMIX 8 USB it was $149 US,it has 99 different voice variations(am still workin' on the first yin')not savvy wi' aw' this tech. stuff,it's about 12"x 10"---the computer we have here is WINDOWS VISTA Home Edition
QUOTE (Elma @ 14th Mar 2009, 05:58pm) *
Wow, these are great. I listened to all four and even stopped watching the curling to listen!! biggrin.gif
Thanks Elma---Oh' yer' such a good wee fan!!!
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