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Full Version: Asian Cup
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I watched the Socceroos getting beaten by Iraq 3-1, it amazes me how a country that is under the turmoil, chaos, ethnic cleansing, hatred among sects, not to mention the thousands of deaths etc, also being occupied by foreign armies can still organize play and compete in a tournament as though their country was sane and normal, its beyond me?
Also watched a favourite of mine Nakamura once again having a great game for his country Japan, Japan 3 UAE 1, I think thats how it ended?
They are been classed by the press here Hubert as 'Big Heads'
A senior player has lashed out at several Australian team-mates, claiming growing egos are compromising the team's Asian Cup hopes.
Apparently players are more concerned with getting a few more dollars from FFA (Football Federation Australia) than doing their best for Australia.
I do believe Harry Kewell was the player that made the comments.
Japan and Nakamura V Australia and Viduka, early Saturday morning I believe my time sorry Aussie fans I am shouting for Japan. smile.gif
So am I Hubert! wink.gif
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