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  Replying to World Cup 2014
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Last 10 Posts [ In reverse order ]
mitchell Posted 3rd Jun 2015, 05:26am
  I am afraid Dave this is the case, South America have a lot to answer for, regarding the voting system and the cup held in Brazil.
I really don't know what is going to happen in the near future as there is so much money involved in this.
Also a club level, one only has to point the finger at Spain, look at the amount of money involved there, especially when the youth unemployment is sky high and jobs are hard to find.
I reckon the Spanish will be drawn into this debacle.
Dave Grieve Posted 3rd Jun 2015, 05:20am
  Agree with you that 'games' wise it was a pretty poor world cup, but that cant be laid at the door of the hosts. The bribe when its proved will just be par for the course for this corrupt government
mitchell Posted 3rd Jun 2015, 04:23am
  Sorry meant to say alleged bribe by South Africa which I believe is under investigation.
mitchell Posted 3rd Jun 2015, 04:11am
  So that old git Blatter is going, Frank Lowy in Australia should be going with him.
Nice to see that South Afriica managed to bribe their way into getting one of the worst games I have ever seen.
I do hope that the European teams boycot Quatar also, mind you look at the countries that supported this clown Blatter, Africa, South America and a few other nations.
Absolutely pathetic to say the least.
And the workers in Quatar are dying everyday building those stadiums and living in absolutely atrocious conditions.
angel Posted 30th May 2015, 07:20pm
  Hi Campbell , ain't that the truth , You Betcha agree.gif yes.gif
wellfield Posted 30th May 2015, 06:44pm
  Hopefully the Olympic committee is next,another set of corrupt buggers!!
dugald_old Posted 27th Jul 2014, 08:26pm
  The UK deputy prime minister thinks it was "unthinkable" that Russia should host the 2018 FIFA football event and feels that,

"Russia should lose the right to host the 2018 World Cup as part of tougher sanctions following the plane crash in eastern Ukraine.".

Who's this ding-dong Nick Clegg who's advocating that we get FIFA involved in world politics? Oh yes, the question is rhetorical, I know who he is; I just wanted to have the opportunity to call him a 'ding-dong'. Nothing has been firmly established regarding who is responsible for the destruction of the Malaysian airliner in the Ukraine and this man wants to start punishing Putin and Russia. Thoughtless stuff, or is it? Maybe his motive is that England could be given Russia's place....hmmmmm?

Anyway, aside from the political aspect of Clegg's wish, what about the sporting aspect (yes yes, I know, I've been known to argue that today's soccer is no longer a sport, but as a sport it lends itself to this discussion), who would suffer the brunt of implementing Clegg's suggestion? Would it hurt Putin? Would it hurt Russia? Nah, I don't think so, but I can appreciate that it might hurt the Russian soccer fans and players. Maybe Clegg feels they all deserve punishment, they are after all Russians, the same wicked types the Americans and some others in the west have been drumming into us.

And what about repercussions? Would the Russians simply sit back and take it all? I don't think so. A similar situation happened not so very long ago, in the 1980's I believe, when the Yanks boycotted the Olympic Games in Moscow. Who suffered then? The American athletes suffered ( but Scotland's sprinter managed to get a gold medal in the blue-ribbon 100m sprint!). Oh Yes, the Russian athletes suffered too, because these commies had the effrontery to retaliate and boycotted the next Olympics in America.

I believe it would be a mistake to attempt to punish Putin or Russia over this business in the Ukraine. Happily, the World football governing body Fifa has so far rejected calls to change the 2018 host.
mitchell Posted 16th Jul 2014, 08:31am
QUOTE (Jupiter @ 14th Jul 2014, 06:36am) *
Backed Germany in April at 11/2.Didnt they do well ?

Any truth in it that with your winnings you will be buying GG members a bottle of Scotch? happy.gif
ktv Posted 15th Jul 2014, 05:08pm
QUOTE (ashfield @ 15th Jul 2014, 01:16pm) *
A wee postscript to the final on Sunday and a plea for an explanation from anyone who feels able. When Neuer poleaxed Aguerro from behind, why was a foul given to Germany, in fact why was Neuer not booked or sent off for dangerous play?

It could have changed the whole game.

ive never really understood why goalies get let off with some of their tackles.
it happened loads of times in the world cup alone when strikers where punched, bodyslammed etc by goalies then the foul goes against the striker for being in the way or something. wacko.gif
JAGZ1876 Posted 15th Jul 2014, 04:51pm
QUOTE (ktv @ 15th Jul 2014, 11:11am) *
world champions in more than just football

Class. thumbup.gif

Let's hope our National team can do similar at future tournaments after independence, apart from winning the cup of course. laugh.gif
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