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  Replying to Nurses Face Sack Over Parking Fines
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john.mcn Posted 9th Sep 2013, 06:10pm

I had red letters from the 'legal' department, then debt collectors, all shared the same address funnily enough, they eventually stop when they click i'm not a numpty who doesn't have a scooby wink.gif

Ohh and i know a car park attendant who was shocked when i told him that the wee tickets he stuck on cars were not fines and were as worthless as the litter blowing about, he actually thought he had the power of the law behind him..errr no!
DavidT Posted 9th Sep 2013, 06:02pm
  Thanks for all the info on private company parking charges folks. I'm really glad I mentioned it on here. I got another reminder this morning. The first bill was 40. There was one after that for 120. They now say it's 170. I wonder just how rich they get from this. They'll have to come and get me.
Jupiter Posted 9th Sep 2013, 04:23pm
  David I may have explained this before but Im sure you wont mind.What you have is a notice.According to the rat companies who run car parks you have entered a contract with them.That is baloney.Shamefully the DVLA sells vehicle info to these rat firms.Now they have a reg number pertaining to your car but and Im sure the V5 says that the name on the form is the keeper of the vehicle not necessesarily the owner.Only the Police have power to compel the registered keeper to reveal the name of the driver at the time of an alleged offence.You have not committed an offence and are under no such obligation.My advice sit tight do nothing dont even acknowledge them.They wont take you to court because they have no evidence against you.
droschke7 Posted 9th Sep 2013, 04:11pm
QUOTE (Thomas @ 4th Sep 2012, 07:01pm) *
You're either a liar or a bigamist - that's my current wife!

carmella Posted 9th Sep 2013, 01:43pm
  David, John is correct - these 'fines' are unenforceable, only traffic wardens and the police can issue by law fines. These private companies dress them up as 'fines' but they are charges and very expensive ones at that.

I have never been at the receiving end of these, fingers crossed.
DavidT Posted 7th Sep 2013, 06:27pm
  John, I do hope you're right. I have had the bill in for about 4 weeks now. If they persist I'll refer them to my legal advisor..john mcn. laugh.gif cheers
john.mcn Posted 7th Sep 2013, 06:00pm

Private parking firms cant issue fines, only police and council appointed wardens can do that. What they try to hit you with is a 'charge' dressed up as a fine so people pay. They have no legal standing because they can only charge losses or costs, and as it's a free car park there is no loss of revenue.

Photos of number plates are just that, it doesn't prove who drove the car and you are under no obligation to let them know. The warning letters will eventually stop, you can just ignore them, and i got that from legal advice:D
DavidT Posted 7th Sep 2013, 05:27pm
  It's a huge money spinner for the council. Even the place you pay the fine is called something like 'the parking shop'. Yes it does have double yellows outside.
I once appealed a fine along the lines of confusing road markings in Bath Street. I was surprised to win my case. They haven't changed the markings or signage though.
I've got one to pay to a private company at the moment. I went 9 minutes over the 2 hour parking limit at Govan shopping centre. I knew nothing of it until I got a photo of my licence plate in the post. Bah!
My pal works in the southern general. He has to stop what he's doing to go and move his car every 4 hours.
Harrymc Posted 7th Sep 2013, 11:55am
  Whilst not disputing the need for regulation,parking tickets,along with speed cameras,have become a money machine for councils throughout the UK.
The unintended consequences of the over zealous enfocement of parking tickets has for one thing,played no small part in the decline of Britains High St shops,
A classic example of the motivation driving the war against the motorist has been the sight of wardens,some drafted in from other areas,issuing tickets on vehicles parked alongside waste land where houses have been demolished near football stadia,on matchdays.In this area (Merseyside) it has been common for a number of years in the vicinity of Anfield where there has been a huge ongoing regeneration program over several years.I daresay it happens elsewhere as well.A license to print money if ever there was one.
Purplefan Posted 7th Sep 2013, 11:26am
  There has to be some sort of price cap. These private firms are more than likely run by gangsters.
I know one firm who are gangsters,
But if you get a parking ticket there are ways to get off it.
Here is a web page with a few tips.

You will find that most parking bays are painted wrong or marked wrong so it is worth appealing.
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