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  Replying to Uk Independence Referendum - Brexit
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JAGZ1876 Posted Today, 04:02pm
QUOTE (carmella @ 24th Sep 2018, 04:53pm) *
Very peculiar indeed!

If we have gone back in time i wish i'd memorised some of the winning lottery numbers laugh.gif
carmella Posted Today, 03:53pm
  Very peculiar indeed!
JAGZ1876 Posted Today, 01:59pm
  What happened to the last 13 months? laugh.gif
bilbo.s Posted 15th Aug 2017, 12:39pm
  A typical view from Europe, which does not cause much mirth among UK citizens here, and will cause less in UK in time. I just know that someone is dying to point out that Switzerland is not in EU, but how exactly does that affect the validity of their view? Brexit will be a disaster!

Attached Image
john.mcn Posted 13th Aug 2017, 10:30pm

Indeed Danny also added to this hypocrisy is those wanting different rules for certain referendums, 50%+1 is plenty for Scottish independence but the goalposts for UK independence should be moved again and again and then the result just ignored anyway.
Just recently a former government adviser James Chapman called for a new political party to be set up to oppose Brexit and it was to be called the Democrats, their first call would of course be to ignore democracy and plead with the EU to be let back in. Obviously not the brightest as the Liberal democrats stood on a platform for holding another referendum and lost more votes
We had a referendum on the matter, I haven't changed my mind, those I know who voted leave haven't changed their mind, in fact like me their view has become stronger every time some sad wee whinging bremoaner greets that the majorities view should be ignored.
DannyH Posted 13th Aug 2017, 09:28pm

I can't understand your logic.

enrique started a topic, No One To Vote For, Election, on 20th April 2017.

The point he was trying to make, and which I am sure many will agree with, was that he is stumped for which political party to vote for.

You responded, by saying, with respect, that his idea of democracy is different from yours. You told him to get out and vote for what he believs is right for Scotland.

Now you have the gall, not for the first time, to post links and quotes, decrying those who voted to leave, as being uneducated, followers of right wingers, racists, etc. Cameron is also denounced for calling the Brexit referendum in the first place. The loud mouth you quote wants the decision to leave, reversed..

Here are the facts. In a democratic election, the majority voted to leave. If the vote had gone the other way, and the same disruption was taking place, you would be the first one to say that democracy must prevail.

So please don't make out you are a democratic person. Your a fanatic who has lost the place. You can only accept democracy prevails if the result is the one you wanted.

Danny Harris
bilbo.s Posted 13th Aug 2017, 07:57am

Well, we need a bit of a larff while we still can.
bilbo.s Posted 12th Aug 2017, 06:12pm
  Excellent piece from a friend:-

Copied from John Laforge.
I know this is going over old ground but I need to know if I'm on the right lines. This is just my opinion. What's yours..?

When the lunacy of Brexit is eventually reversed or simply withers on the vine (one or the other will surely come to pass), I want my residual anger to be directed towards the right group of people. The group who bear by far the biggest responsibility for the wounds that could take a generation to heal - if we're lucky.

I'm wondering if I should continue to be mad at the uneducated and politically disconnected. They've always been around. The folk who's only glimpse of the news is when they're flicking through the channels looking for Jeremy Kyle. They just didn't get an education. They happen to live in a country with one of the very worst school-leaver literacy and numeracy rates in the western world. Is it really their fault that they believe what they're told..?

I'm also considering if I should be wasting any more energy, being mad at xenophobes and outright racists. All developed countries have a small percentage of ignorant, stupid, small-minded bigots and the UK is no exception. However... slowly evolving attitudes meant they had to keep it under wraps. Of course we've always had small extremist groups but the overt and later the casual racism of the 60's, 70's & 80's has been hidden away and slowly declining. Slowly declining right up to Spring 2016.

Should I be fuming at the right-wing political elite..? With one or two exceptions they've always lied and cheated. They've always been self-serving, egotistical narcissists. They are almost without exception multi-millionaires, from multi-millionaire families. They are almost without exception the product of elite public schools, where their privileged position in society is reinforced from Reception and Year One, right through to graduation and a job in finance or politics. They can speak Latin and quote Shakespeare but need to 'get a man in' to change a plug. Is it their fault that they were the product of some kind of 'Lord Snooty' production line, getting elected into safe seats because we're so collectively dumb that we fall for it over and over..?

I'll tell you who I think I'm going to stay really mad at: The Millie Dowler phone hacking, dead soldier email intercepting, Hillsborough denying owner of the Super Soaraway Scum that is Rupert effing Murdoch, that's who - along with Richard effing Desmond, Jonathan effing Harmsworth and the effing Barclay Brothers.

Be under no illusion, these off-shore cash-stuffing multi-zillionaires HAD to play the role of facilitators, or the con wouldn't work. And they played a blinder.

Three solid months of preposterous, dog-whistle, anti EU, headlines was all it took to wrap-up all the rhetoric, misinformation and lies into one big homogenised lump of EU xenophobia. Then supply pitchforks and flaming torches to an enraged minority of politically disenfranchised, who now understood that all their problems were caused by the EU and foreigners, instead of the Tory government who promised (and delivered) austerity - probably the only promise they ever kept.

The vanity and arrogant ineptitude of Cameron in calling referendum in the first place but not bothering to give 16 year-olds the vote (like in the Scottish Indy Ref) because Remain are bound to win. Johnson standing next to the bus. The 'Foghorn of Ignorance' posing in front of the poster. Davis and Gove having enough of experts. The facile spoutings of disgraced former Defence Minister Liam Fox. The urgent need to control our borders - when we already had complete control AND we occupy an island. The desperation to take back sovereignty - sovereignty we always had. The hatred of the unelected EU parliament - the EU Parliament with MEP's who we elect, along with the ridiculous notion that we would be better-off by turning our back on the world's biggest free-trade area - right on our doorstep.

None of this would have been greeted by much more than derision and laughter by the majority of voters if any of the Nonsense and lies had been challenged by our so-called free-press. Instead the crap was relentlessly regurgitated and reinforced in order to hammer home the message to the dull-wits and headline-skimmers. Relentlessly regurgitated and reinforced so that enough of them sought-out the location of their polling station and voted Leave - as they'd been told to.

In a country of 60 million, had just 634,751 people voted Remain instead of Leave then Remain would have won.

Led by Rupert effing Murdoch, these five press-barons decided that the UK should leave the EU. These unelected megalomaniacs decided that my children and grandchildren should be denied the right to live, love, travel, work and study in a peaceful, free European Union.

Democracy my arse.
JAGZ1876 Posted 9th Aug 2017, 11:25pm
  I never believed a word he said in 2014 yet the Britnats like Dykejumper hung on his every word and told us he was almost like the word of God, so perhaps DJ can tell me why i shouldn't believe him now?

Or not.
JAGZ1876 Posted 9th Aug 2017, 09:14am
QUOTE (Dykejumper @ 8th Aug 2017, 10:26am) *
Clearly Mr Clegg is a very odd Democrat but no doubt this will cheer up Jagz

On a lovely Summer's day like today i couldn't be more cheery. biggrin.gif

I don't want to stop Brexit, i'm enjoying the show, pass the popcorn. laugh.gif
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