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> Ripped-off Glasgow: Hogmanay Punters, Forced to pay £3 for drinks in plastic cups
post 9th Dec 2009, 09:36am
Post #16

Its about time this country stood up to this crazy authority. I think it proves this is a police state ,when they have the ability to search people going for a harmless new year drink, in George square. Do you think they would put up with this in France, of course not. The French would bring the country to a standstill, we just accept everything that is thrown at us here and lie down without a murmer.
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post 9th Dec 2009, 09:41am
Post #17

Surely folks you can enjoy Hogmany festivities without going to George square.For once everyone do the right thing.Boycott it and deny them their big buck rip off.

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post 9th Dec 2009, 10:52am
Post #18

Lord Provost
Posts: 323
Joined: 18th Mar 2005
Member No.: 1,842
QUOTE (Targer @ 9th Dec 2009, 12:07am) *
Perhaps it's time to remember the word Boycott?.

Naw a didnae like cricket
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post 9th Dec 2009, 11:04am
Post #19

Mega City Key Holder
Posts: 2,231
Joined: 24th Feb 2005
From: I keep my interests... mobile!
Member No.: 1,794
QUOTE (GG @ 8th Dec 2009, 10:48pm) *
This year all ticket-holders attending the event in George Square will be searched by police or security staff before entry, and any drink (hard or soft) – even that in plastic containers – will be confiscated.

That's jist going to far, wit next get breathalyzed before ye get let in? Control freakery gone wrong here, when will folk stop pitting up with this.

The shock move comes despite authorities having consistently praised New Year crowds for their outstandingly good behaviour.

Praise from the "Authorities". Praise indeed. must be some mistake there.

Management of the company which currently oversees the New Year event, Culture and Sport Glasgow, insist that the move, while likely to be unpopular, will enhance safety.

Enhance safety, in this instance, prolly correct, as anywan wi an ounce of sence will no go, an the place will be empty. There's safe fur ye.
Bliddy plonkers. Where, in the name o' the wee man are this species of "safety concious" clowns "educated?"

Ah' kin show them some "fun" that will gie them a heart attack <grins evilly>

Hus furst footing died oot up there, or whit? See the year oot doon at the bells, then have yer ain party wi yer freinds an family. Go round the doors and say "Jimmy sent me!" Even thats prolly no "safe."

Wit a sorry mess this place has become. At times, ah despair at the stupidity that is pit up with in this country.

Time fur the clean up crew to sort it oot and get rid of the bampot government thats brought all this PC, Blame and Claim and excessive curtailment of civil rights keech into existance. These sanctamonious, self serving fraudsters are slowly and surely gnawing away at the fabric of our freedom, jist like the rats they are and we are paying for the dubious privlidge of getting shafted.

Britain, sick man of Europe, mair like the world. An there is crawbag broon sat right at the tap of the stinking, corrupt middin, crawing awa'.

Black holes are where God divided by zero.
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post 9th Dec 2009, 12:21pm
Post #20

Posts: 8
Joined: 6th Nov 2009
Member No.: 7,709
I agree with all thats been said by everyone here,why noo get a petition going,BOYCOTT IT is the right way forword f**** them even though ive got a ticket i'll noo be going,£15.00 doon the drain ach well some councilor will get it on his exspences,he/she brob needs it fur there carry oot.OK rant over,PS if hardly any one turns up(except the councilers who get it free anyway)the tv companys will noo show george square live another kick in the teeth to glesga. Signed, Oh mammy the counilors stole my dummy.
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post 9th Dec 2009, 12:37pm
Post #21

Mega City Key Holder
Posts: 4,494
Joined: 27th Oct 2006
From: Glasgow
Member No.: 3,936
I wonder why they have waited this long before releasing this information as it is obvious that this decision was taken some time ago ??

You don't need a weatherman
To know which way the wind blows
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post 9th Dec 2009, 01:22pm
Post #22

QUOTE (norrie123 @ 9th Dec 2009, 08:37am) *
Plenty of places to go, tell them to get lost, why not bring in the New year with family and friends, or is that too old fashioned
Bye for now, norrie

Just exactly my thoughts norrie. Mebbies we're getting too auld but I preferred the old tradition of "first footing" the neighbours, family and friends.

Get roon the hooses, pit the Deacon Blue,(Jimmy Shand & Andy Stewart biggrin.gif ) cd's on - crack open the malt and save a fortune.Ye'll probably, no definitely, have a better night!
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post 9th Dec 2009, 02:02pm
Post #23

Thats ridiculous! we were annoyed enough by the £15 price tag to boycott this year after going for 10 years+, but if they carry on with this i for one wont be going back - ever!
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post 9th Dec 2009, 02:21pm
Post #24

Mega City Key Holder
Posts: 12,952
Joined: 10th May 2005
From: inside the m25 in surrey posh area tee hee
Member No.: 1,972
this smells of let the wedgies buy the tickets then tell them the bad news,,,,,,,, and where there is a will theres away to smuggle drink in,,,,, but a dont drink and dont need to do it any more but here is one way to smuggle it in knickers2pairs of put half bottle inbetween first and second pair a dont think police are allowed to touch that region,,,,,,,, but a wouldny be there anyways a would be firstfooting or partying the night away rolleyes.gif oh am a bad bad wummin so a am laugh.gif

gie me a wee minite
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post 9th Dec 2009, 02:46pm
Post #25

Posts: 6
Joined: 13th Oct 2007
From: Rutherglen
Member No.: 5,066
We all know how much things cost nowadays. A pack of plastic cups in a pound shop about 10 cups for a pound. A litre of spirits in a supermarket anything from £10 upwards. But say it is a proprierty brand at £18. This will yield £120 in revenue. Not bad for an outlay of around £22. After all it is only a 545% markup. It only really comes into perspective when youstart multiplying the amount of portions the caterers actually sell. Taking into account that cateres can buy in their supplies much cheaper than you or I, by Bulk buying why should we worry about paying such paltry sums for a nip of the crater out in the freezing cold. The councillors attending such a festivity have the missfortune of traversing the famous George Square into the uncomfortable heat of the city chambers where they have misplaced their kerryoots for their after the event ne'erday furst fittin. Will their be renumerations from certain purveyours to the city fathers for their really thoughtful implimentation of this extra servie to the new year revellers. It may be a possibility that the odd gift could be proferred to the unfortunate few who sat on the diciding committee that agreed this device for relieving the wallets and purses of the valueless paper pictures. Some of the city reresentatives will be seeking promotion to the higher house in London. well lets hope that senile dementia does not set in by them we may remember here not put put our crosses.
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post 9th Dec 2009, 03:17pm
Post #26

I think this is so disappointing. We have enjoyed many a hogmanay in the square and the atmosphere was always great. It was more like the old days with people offering each other drinks and sandwiches and shortbread after the bells. Bah humbug mad.gif
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post 9th Dec 2009, 04:48pm
Post #27

Surely Deacon Blue werent that expensive GCC thought they had to Con us out of our hard earned cash smile.gif

Seriously just another sign of the times.
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post 9th Dec 2009, 06:04pm
Post #28

Group Icon
Posts: 9,121
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From: Glasgow
Member No.: 1
QUOTE (JBG @ 9th Dec 2009, 04:58am) *
Excuse my ignorance. Are bar customers known as "punters"?

You are correct JGB, in that this term usually applies to gamblers (or clients of some professions), however it is gaining more wider usage, I believe. That said, I wanted to use the word "revellers", but that had too many letters for the available headline space!


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post 9th Dec 2009, 06:25pm
Post #29

Super Resident
Posts: 182
Joined: 28th Aug 2008
From: A Wee Hoose On the West Side of Toon.
Member No.: 5,990
QUOTE (Catherine @ 9th Dec 2009, 03:46am) *
Personally, I'd boycott it as Targer says, see what the story is next year.
It's nothing more than Money and how to make more of it.

I have done just that the last two years and I will again this year , no matter what you do down there it is all a rip off . Oh and its always freezin or raining or both . ohmy.gif

Hullo Catherine

Life is not a dress rehearsal grab it with both hands and enjoy !
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post 9th Dec 2009, 07:08pm
Post #30

Mega City Key Holder
Posts: 10,801
Joined: 9th Apr 2008
From: ALBUÑOL (Granada), Spain
Member No.: 5,582
I doubt whether, if you gave me 15 pounds and free drink all night, I could be persuaded to stand among seething masses in a public square, in the freezing cold and possible wet. Especially with a weak bladder! sad.gif

Yesterday, when I was young, Ne'erday was rerr. We started off either with family or friends- no drink before the bells- met somebody- joined them on a first-foot to the other side of the city (all night bus service), met somebody else going somewhere else and joined them. All madly chaotic and impromptu.

Then it all started going to hell- organised parties! If you weren't in the know, it was miserable.

Next blow- the pubs started opening New Year's Day, at least in Aberdeenshire. At first it was Sunday hours - not so bad , as people regrouped with the carry-outs and at 2.30 went first-footing again. Next move- pubs stayed open all day and nobody could be bothered moving.

I am happy to report that I had a wonderful Hogmanay in Spain the last 2 years, with friends and visiting the neighbours, who all had big family gatherings - it was so nostalgic of my young days in Scotland.

The tv has a lot to answer for too- ok up to the bells and maybe an hour after. After that it should be audio only and a sing-song and a good blether.

By the way, my wee village provides a quarter bottle of Cava and the traditional 12 grapes in the town hall square, together with fireworks, all out of our annual 99 euros council tax.

I consider it should be illegal to fence off public streets and squares and charge admission.

Just because we disagree doesn't mean I don't like you, and just because I don't like you doesn't mean I disagree with you.
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