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> Henry Healy Sells Last Tunnocks Teacake, Glasgow grocery institution closes last shop
post 2nd Dec 2009, 08:11pm
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From: Glasgow
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The family-run shopping institution that was Henry Healy has closed its doors for the last time in Glasgow, as the last couple of remaining shops bearing the famous name of the Irish immigrant, who began his business selling eggs from the back of a horse-driven cart, finally closed.

Henry Healy food stores had been serving tasty treats to Glasgow shoppers for almost a century, but the current economic climate, and the growth of supermarket chains opening city centre shops, have finally put an end to the chain which had operated in the city since 1913.

At its peak in the early 1980s, the distinctive red and white Henry Healy brand could be seen on more than 30 stores across the city, specialising in fresh groceries and latterly sandwiches and takeaway snacks. The chain had shrunk to just six sites in Hope Street, Queen Street, Mitchell Street, Howard Street, Sauchiehall Street and Stockwell Street, with the shops in Stockwell Street and Hope Street being the last to close.

Commenting just before the company went into liquidation, Valerie Healy, wife of Mr Healy, expressed uncertainty at the future of the chain, adding:
"It is one of those things that has kind of tailed off. I am not too sure what's going to happen at the end, or if there will be an end. He [Mr Healy] is just about to retire. He has tried to keep them going - and not as a supermarket type of place."

Attached Image

Henry Healy in Stockwell Street

Attached Image

Henry Healy in Howard Street

Attached Image

Henry Healy in Mitchell Street

Henry Healy's, Grocers, Springburn Way, in 1988.

Do you remember a favourite Henry Healey's shop, maybe a special bargain, or a helpful assistant? Did you work there?


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post 2nd Dec 2009, 08:52pm
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Mega City Key Holder
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From: Glasgow, Scotland
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Years ago I worked in an Office along from Bridgeton Cross and some of us bought our groceries from Henry Healy. His shop was always busy because his prices were very good.

Coming from a cheese loving family, I bought a lot of it in Healy's and he sold it cheaper than other shops.

Heather.......I'm tartan. Alba gu Brath. Saor Alba
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Agnes & Robert
post 2nd Dec 2009, 09:58pm
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Mega City Key Holder
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What a crying shame, all those Glasgow shops,Healy's, Cochrane's, Massey's etc, I think I can remember a healy's on the Maryhill Rd. also on Saracen St. the last time that my Wife and I were home (2005) I think I remember a shop under the Central Bridge, It's a shame that everything seems to be Supermarket these days
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post 2nd Dec 2009, 10:32pm
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Mega City Key Holder
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From: Northeast of Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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It's a funny world as most of the public who say what a shame, old institutions are going away were also the same people who had last their grocery shop at Tesco's and ASDA.

Bad luck, emotional blackmail, soppy sentiments, no matter what ! The chain letter stops here!
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post 2nd Dec 2009, 10:37pm
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Joined: 2nd Apr 2009
From: North Ayrshire
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I do remember,was there one on the way up to the bus station.Loved the food and it was a reasonable is a shame.
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post 2nd Dec 2009, 11:02pm
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Settling In
Posts: 17
Joined: 6th Sep 2008
From: lanarkshire
Member No.: 6,020
I left school at 15 in 1966 and went into a factory, i was paid 3.5.6p. Walking up Dundas St. i saw the advert in the window for an assistant and the pay was 5.19.6p albeit you had to work 3 Saturdays a month ( nae bother!!!). My ' job' as junior was to pick up the bits of bacon that had fallen on the floor, put them on a tray, rinse them under cold water to remove the sawdust and make sure they were strategically placed between the nice slices so that they would'nt be noticed but would make up the weight. These two bosses ( Jim and Joe) brothers by the way had a few underhand things going on in that shop and we used to laugh about it but my family were always warned not to buy butter or bacon first thing in the morning. Also, if you were on the shop floor at the counter, the customer had your undivided attention, OR ELSE!!!. There was no talking among colleagues at all, as the boss always said at the wee ' briefings ' we got " get them in, get them served, get them oot and let's get merr in.( that's Glaswegan vernacular by the way )These two brothers thought they were wide boys ( not) but i loved every minute in that shop. I was eventually poached by a customer from 'The Wimpey Bar' up at Dundas St. bus station with the lure of 1 more which i jumped at and enjoyed that wee adventure too. Wis ah chasing the big bucks ?? yeah you better believe it.

mc manus34
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post 2nd Dec 2009, 11:09pm
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Mega City Key Holder
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Joined: 26th Mar 2009
From: glasgow
Member No.: 6,716
There was one in Stow Street and the thing I remember most is the butter being cut from a big block and beaten into shape with wooden paddles! laugh.gif

Slainte Mhor
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post 3rd Dec 2009, 12:06am
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Posts: 7
Joined: 2nd Dec 2009
Member No.: 7,792
Supermarkets are there because the consuming public put them there and Henry Healy is closing his store because the consuming public turned away from him. It is exactly the same here in Canada and no doubt the same all over the world, we want bigger, sexier, lights and glitter stores with aisles like village walks where we can meet and chat with others just like us. When we stop to chat someone will ask,"Have you heard that Henry Healy is closing?", and someone will reply and say,"I have, it's to bad isn't it, wonder what happened?". Look no further we are what happened! I grew up in Mount Florida and as a boy I would often accompany my parents on Saturday sojurns into the City and while my mother shopped ar Coopers and Malcolm Campbells' I would accompany my father to a store on Refield Street where he purchased fresh ground coffee and I would be in awe of the Brass Grinder and watched as the beans rattled and crushed out there aroma. Then it was next door to a Vinters where he would discuss the wines withthe proprieter. Nostalgia, I wonder if these places have gone like Henry Healy's?
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linda c.
post 3rd Dec 2009, 03:05am
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Posts: 1
Joined: 10th Jun 2009
Member No.: 7,013
well what a shame ! Healy's was a 'Landmark' in Glasgow ! I can remember my mother buying her butter and cheese from there, nothing like watching the man pat the butter then weigh it ! and the bags of caramel wafers, the best ! I can remember a funny incident happening years ago ! well you all know that there are 4 legged wee animals roam the streets of the toon looking fur sumthin' to eat ! well 2 men were employed to catch these wee buggers ! there they were in the roof and there he was standing in between the two men >> a big bugger, wi great big eyes and the longest tail you ever did see !! he was just staring at them ! this was like gunfight at the OK coral ! so it was him or the men ! in the caffuffle,, the wee animal got away, but the big man fell through the ceiling ! into the shoap !! aw' the customers wondering what the hell is going on here, ! and then it happened,, the big square polystyrene tiles on the ceiling fell aff, one by one ! this story comes about many a time, causes many a laugh ! >> travelled back to the old country this year, and went into Healy's in Stockwell St, was like going back in time,, so sad, but Thanks Mr. Healy for providing the public of Glasgow with the best ingredients on earth !! by the way, the big man that fell through the ceiling is the man I have been married to for nearly 40 years !!!
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post 3rd Dec 2009, 03:53am
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Super Resident
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From: new brunswick canada
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I Left Glasgow in 1953 for residence in Canada. I left at the young age of 16, therefore for my age,or for whatever reason, I have no recollection of ...Henry Healy..
Clousure of what I can recall is..the traditional shops,situated around the tenement buildings amid glasgow. During visits over the years, I recognised the decline of said shops.
We are also facing the same epidemic here in Canada.
Big Box Stores are forcing the closure of the Main Street Guy.

And there is no denying the outcome...Human nature will always seek the better bargain.
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post 3rd Dec 2009, 04:20am
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Mega City Key Holder
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From: I keep my interests... mobile!
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QUOTE (27stowst @ 2nd Dec 2009, 11:07pm) *
beaten into shape with wooden paddles! laugh.gif

Sounds like my introduction to rowing boats on Huggie Loch.


So sad to see another wee firm go pass awe.

I have my views on these supermarket chains. Break them up, spreaded em around, refuse planning permission. New Tesco, how about a new hospital, social housing or even a recreation area.

Small is beautiful, Tesco is fugging ugly and a cancer thats out of control.

They are only there because people are too effing lazy to be bothered to to be "inconvienced." I hate them and much prefer an all day shopping experaince, with gossip and a few pub stops and mair gossip. No I dont shop at tesco, I use small independant traders and markets, for food shopping, its not cheaper, Feel the quality.

Yer a lang time busy being deid, make the maist of this and enjoy the spice of life.

RIP Healy's

Awe ye wee sma' traders, thats gone afore.

Attached Image

A wee salute fur ye, fur tesco we deplore.

Black holes are where God divided by zero.
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post 3rd Dec 2009, 04:27am
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that is sad. I remember going to the one near Queen Street Station. When I would be going home with my grandma and Papa on the way to Buchanan street bus station we would stop at Henry Healy and get the food and stuff and then we would always buy carmel wafers they were my favourite. the ones with CHocolate were great the one without even better. their food was always so good. Iremember teh sausage with Ithink it was mustard round the outside delish. Now of course since I live in the states I dont get good food to begin with but now the shops that I grew up with are all closing and so my kids dont get to experience a lot of my childhood memories.

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post 3rd Dec 2009, 07:16am
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Mega City Key Holder
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From: Glasgow
Member No.: 235
Martin, did you really need to tell me that this morning, did ye? It's pitch black ootside and freezin' an' ah've tae go tae ma work. Ah don't know how a lassie's tae keep her spirits up at aw. Och that's jist the pits. sad.gif
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post 3rd Dec 2009, 09:29am
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Hate to see any Glasgow institution go, but affraid its the sign of the times. Supermarkets are taking over the country and they seem here to stay. You dont get the same personal touch you dae fae a wee store, but at the finish up many people find them convenient. Its a shame but unfortunately times change and so dae oor habbits, thats the way of life. I can remember going to the corner shop at Robroystan and getting tuder crisps , boy they tasted great. You had the co across the road and broons store just over the railway bridge, great times. Ah well, thats how it goes.
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post 3rd Dec 2009, 10:09am
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I once bought a cheese and tomato bagette in Henry Healy's (Trongate branch) Glasgow .... I was starvin', AND I hadn't been living in Glasgow that long....

The elderly lady making up my order had all the correct sterile hygene clobber on, hairnet, plastic gloves etc...Then, midway through said-sarnie preparation, she SNEEZED INTO HER HAND, and continued to make my sarnie with her freshly bacterialized 'Snothand'.......I was so flabbergasted, I BOUGHT the Snot Sarnie, and left it sitting on a wheelybin outside the shop....I think I gave it the Churchillian 'V' salute and actually ran away from it.

Haven't been in a HH's since, but it's still sad to see a business go under...
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