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> Council To Shed Thousands Of Jobs, Targeted letters sent to almost 4000 over-50s
post 10th Nov 2009, 10:59pm
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Joined: 25th Jul 2003
From: Glasgow
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In a move which could have dire consequences for service provision in the city, Glasgow City Council is pushing forward with a move to cut up to 4,000 jobs across the country's largest local authority. By the end of the month all staff over 50 will receive a letter inviting them to take voluntary redundancy. Staff will then have until March 31st 2010 to accept the enhanced redundancy packages on offer, after which the terms of redundancy will be reduced.

Senior officials in the Labour-run council, some of whom earn a six-figure salary, say they expect between 1000 and 1500 council employees to opt for the enhanced voluntary packages. As part of the deal on offer initially, employees over 50 who already have a pension will receive up to 6.6 extra years' pension and up to 30 weeks' redundancy pay. Those employees without a pension can apply for up to 66 weeks' redundancy pay.

The latest cuts follow jobs' cuts in social work and education, and are designed to save a at least 34million next year, as the council prepares to spend a minimum of 60million in the run-up to the Commonwealth Games in the city in 2014.

Commenting on the redundancies, Martin Doran of GMB said:
"If they are going to decimate the workforce, they'll leave the council in tatters. They're taking a monumental gamble by releasing a reservoir of talent and expecting staff with an already low morale to re-train. If they don't achieve whatever targets they have in mind, we'll be in a very serious situation next April."

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post 11th Nov 2009, 12:28am
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Lord Provost
Posts: 314
Joined: 29th Jul 2003
From: Whiteinch
Member No.: 128
Do the Council and the Government not know what each other are doing? The Government is increasing the age of retirement to 67, and the Council appear to be axing the jobs of anyone over 50. Talk about the left hamd not knowing what the other left hand is doing(sorry couldn't call the Labour Government or the Labour Council Right hands LOL). rolleyes.gif I would be interested how the council is going to get all the work done when they've retired so many experienced workers. They can't even manage to get the work done with the people they have, nevermind with that loss of personelle, especially with all the sports events coming up in the next 5 or 6 years.
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post 11th Nov 2009, 01:55am
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Posts: 4
Joined: 16th Oct 2009
Member No.: 7,616
So much for the age discrimination law. Just when you can finally enjoy your income as your children begin to leave home the rug is pulled from under your feet. They have followed this format in other councils. You may put your name forward for this scheme but its predetermined who qualifies. Watch your back if your face doesnt fit!
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post 11th Nov 2009, 03:16am
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Posts: 33
Joined: 3rd Aug 2008
Member No.: 5,911
Labour has no left hand and is issuing window sand leaflets accusing the SNP of "Ripping Off Glasgow". Despite John Swinney explaining to Iain Gray and nodding dogs behind him, that the Scottish Government spends more money on Glasgow than any other district.
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post 11th Nov 2009, 06:07am
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Posts: 2
Joined: 16th Nov 2006
Member No.: 4,015
It's sad to see any age group being targeted like this, especially when this particular age group is reaching the final stages of working life.

Also, it's becoming clear, during this present recession, that opportunity for youth employment is suffering badly. I remember during Thatcher's recession a generation of school leavers was denied meaningful employment.

Neither of the above is acceptable, but I'd say IF this decision by the Council can in anyway encourage youth employment and allow young adults to get a foot on the first rung of the employment ladder, then it's probably the lesser of the two evils !
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post 11th Nov 2009, 07:26am
Post #6

It's just an offer...a very good offer at that! When I got made redundant I got the 3 weeks statutory redundancy pay and my 1 month notice...that was it!

It's not age discrimination as it's not compulsory.
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*Charles Dunwoody*
post 11th Nov 2009, 07:36am
Post #7

This is a disaster for Glasgow on many fronts, here's just five:
  1. It will have a devastating effect on inward investment in the city, already suffering a collapse in confidence as businesses rush to cancel investment plans in the city. Few businesses will want to invest in a city which is clearly on the brink of total economic collapse contributed to by the council's fiscal 'management'.
  2. The city economy will suffer a very heavy blow as thousands of salaries stop contributing to the levels of cash flowing in the local economy. This will have a shocking knock-on effect on other businesses, especially retail businesses in a city centre already in rapid decline.
  3. As the author correctly states: services for vulnerable people will be decimated, with social work, education, and community services suffering the worst at a time when we need them the most.
  4. A huge pool of invaluable knowledge will be wiped from the collective intelligence of the council: it will never recover.
  5. Senior, talented workers will shun Glasgow City Council as a potential employer. Who would want to work for a decrepit organisation which clearly is acting in a morally unfair manner against a specific age group?
Glasgow is now entering a period of very rapid decline, just when the problems of high crime, soaring youth unemployment, and huge numbers of unintegrated asylum seekers will start to bite. The city can look forward to a middle-class flight from its boundaries as anyone who is able to escape the looming economic and social catastrophe in the city does so.

.... Oh, and one simple question: will this cull of over-50s effect the abundant talentless Labour councillors in that age range? No, didn't think so, they will clearly look out for themselves!!!!

Would the last person leaving Glasgow please turn out the light?
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Rob Rattray
post 11th Nov 2009, 08:28am
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Posts: 23
Joined: 21st Mar 2009
From: Wondai, Queensland, Australia
Member No.: 6,679
I can somewhat foresee what Glasgowegians are about to be dealt and agree with your other witers; I was personally forced into retirement at a similar age but mjy consequence WAS a wee different as my employer, virtually the Queensland Govt, claimed I could not be of any further service to them wholly because of not being capable of operating an old computer, not taking into account other departments not computerised in 1997, AND still NOT! After 32 1/2 years 'loyal service to the one employer, I was simply 'trashed', but on my occasion, the employer had made prior arrangements for me to be a recipient of a Commonwealth Govt Disability Pension, and this has been my sole source of income for 12 years!
I now operate 2 [two] computers at home with varying inputs to others locally, so if they still wish for me to stay away from 'work', then sobeit! [Don't think I'd know what to do now if taken back to fulltime employment anyhow] mad.gif
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post 11th Nov 2009, 09:12am
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Posts: 8
Joined: 6th Nov 2009
Member No.: 7,709
"In a move which could have dire consequences for service provision in the city, Glasgow City Council is pushing forward with a move to cut up to 4,000 jobs across the country's largest local authority. By the end of the month all staff over 50 will receive a letter inviting them to take voluntary redundancy. Staff will then have until March 31st 2010 to accept the ..."

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post 11th Nov 2009, 10:44am
Post #10

Special Visitor
Posts: 61
Joined: 3rd May 2008
From: Merseyside UK
Member No.: 5,658
QUOTE (ronnieauld2 @ 11th Nov 2009, 10:10am) *

You are having a laugh there Hell will freeze over despite global warming before any of those people contemplate early retirement.
Rather than targetting a specific age group irrespective of their talent and experience,have they looked at the overpaid "non jobs" which seem to be rife throughout Councils all over the UK?Perhaps Glasgow doesn't have anyone engaged in "teaching kids how to play football in the street"or "training them in how to catch a bus"to mention but two of the ridiculous posts reported in the media in recent times.The first I believe was in Dundee and the second Wirral on Merseyside.Council and Govt. offices seem to be stuffed with,Planners who don't plan,paper shufflers who can't shuffle and an army of "technical services" personnel who couldn't run a menage.
A clear out of these types might just preserve the jobs of the undoubtedly hard working talented people currently under threat.
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post 11th Nov 2009, 11:11am
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Posts: 21
Joined: 6th Jun 2008
Member No.: 5,756
My husband took early retirement from his professional post with a local authority and I am sure it saved his life ..... work related stress owing to senior (but just ) aggravation caused his health to be worrying . We gave up everything we had worked towards ,both sons just qualified and married . Worked out how many years on half /quarter income and cut our coat according to that amount of cloth.

Now 22 years on we are shoogly in the health stakes but hey we are not yet dead ! ! !
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post 11th Nov 2009, 11:14am
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Mega City Key Holder
Posts: 11,250
Joined: 23rd Nov 2003
From: Glasgow, Scotland
Member No.: 664
The terms of Redundancy may look good, but anyone accepting them should remember they will have quite a few years to wait before they can claim SRP.

This crowd on the Council must be the worse crowd to run Glasgow that I can remember.

The City is dirty and needs a good clean up. The cracks in our roads and pavements are terrible.
I know a lot of people are responsible for the litter, but we do need more litter bins in all our streets.

In July they sent men round our area covering the pavements with a thin covering of tar which is already cracked and full of lumps. There is grass growing in the middle of the pavements.

As the area we live in is a small private estate, I am seriously thinking of sending a registered letter to the Council informing them that if anyone slips on the grassy pavement and injures themself outside our house, they the Council will be held responsible and liable to be sued and not us.

We have trees so tall and wide they are against our hall and bedroom windows. This is on ground maintained by the Council for which they have the contract from Henry Boot for maintenance.

A neighbour in her 80s asked the Council to cut the trees back and was told to get it done and pay for it herself.

It is obvious those in the Council knew the city could not afford the Commonwealth Games. But no doubt they will tell us the City will gain from it as there will a lot of money spent by all the people coming to Glasgow to see the Games.

When the next Council election comes along we should not elect anyone age 50 yrs or over.

Heather.......I'm tartan. Alba gu Brath. Saor Alba
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post 11th Nov 2009, 11:55am
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Posts: 36
Joined: 15th May 2009
Member No.: 6,918
Heather, I totally agree with you. Come the next election, nobody over fifty gets my vote.
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post 11th Nov 2009, 12:02pm
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Mega City Key Holder
Posts: 14,309
Joined: 25th Jan 2009
From: German/French/Swiss border town on the River Rhein
Member No.: 6,448
One of you should start a site up for that "50? Forget It" or something of that ilk.

That would be a movement your councillors would never forget. unsure.gif

"Destiny is a good thing to accept when it's going your way. When it isn't, don't call it destiny; call it injustice, treachery, or simple bad luck.”
― Joseph Heller, God Knows
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post 11th Nov 2009, 12:47pm
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Super Lord Provost
Posts: 442
Joined: 21st May 2006
From: ayrshire
Member No.: 3,359
All I have to say is, if they get rid of even a dozen of the top earners (of whom there are far too many in unnecessary, unheard of position titles!) the Council could save over a million. Why is it always the important employess, i.e. the lowly-paid people who we can't do without, who are immediately in the frame? No wonder they have to get rid of so many of them!!! It takes a lot of wee salaries to make up even that one million.

Am I making sense here, or am I just another misguided over-50? God help us all.

Ah don't hear sae well withoot ma specs
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