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  Replying to It's Immigration, Stupid!
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Last 10 Posts [ In reverse order ]
angel Posted 29th Aug 2012, 03:39am

Heather , I understand that , the young school age non speaking children

Heather , the above line should have read .
The young school age non english speaking children . huh.gif
angel Posted 28th Aug 2012, 09:13pm
  Heather , I understand that , the young school age non speaking children of emmigrant parents are taught english free of charge here in Canada . also the other commonwealth countries and the USA

Young children pick up language very quickly , especially in a school environment and I think the regular students will also learn from these new kids . Cheers , Pat
Doug1 Posted 28th Aug 2012, 09:02pm
  Did I not a little time ago hear Alex Salmon saying he welcomed immigrants to Scotland with open arms, presumably he knew where all the unfulfilled job vacancies were for the immigrants to fill in our booming economy.
Heather Posted 28th Aug 2012, 07:48pm
  I don't understand why those children are allowed into Schools when they can't speak the language. Children from other Countries should have to learn English first before enrolling in Schools.

The language problem is just holding back the other children and that's not fair to them.
john.mcn Posted 28th Aug 2012, 04:08pm
  They should be offering the parents extra lessons for their children, for a cost of course. It's no difference to schools charging for music lessons.
GG Posted 28th Aug 2012, 06:48am
  Could the council's immigration policy be back-firing?
City s funding plea to help Roma pupils

THE Scottish Government is coming under increasing pressure to provide extra funding to help schools in Glasgow cope with a sharp increase in pupils from Eastern Europe.

Glasgow City Council has written to ministers requesting financial assistance to deal with the influx of the pupils, which has topped 2000 since 2005/06.

In particular, the council is growing increasingly concerned about its ability to cope with an influx of Roma families, from Slovakia and Romania, with pupil numbers rising by more than 1000 from these countries alone in the past five years. ...

Full story here:

TeeHeeHee Posted 12th Jun 2010, 09:39am
  Iain MacWhirter's comment should be posted in the "Thatcher" topic too.
What was it, 11years of Tory rule under Thatcher? Now 13 years of Labour rule is over and what did any of it bring to the citizens? The ConDem Party?
The Ruling Class is a creation of the people and it seems to be that no matter which party dons the mantel, the logo reads Con.
The choice is who we want to be conned by.
Iain Macwhirter's comment should be printed and delivered with the milk.
GG Posted 12th Jun 2010, 08:00am
  Interestingly, according to a commentator in The Herald, all the main candidates for the leadership of the Labour party now agree with the socialist who was quoted at the beginning of this topic:

With this Scottish lodestone gone, Labour in future will likely be much more responsive to English policy issues. I think this is why, all of a sudden, we are seeing immigration becoming a touchstone issue in the Labour election. A remarkable development when you remember that Labour has traditionally rejected public concern about immigration as inherently racist. Which is why, during the general election campaign, Gordon Brown described Gillian Duffy as a “bigoted woman”.

Where Labour is concerned, the past is another country

GG Posted 6th May 2010, 05:08pm
  Hi Mathieson,

No, it wasn't that at all, and apologies for being brief, I was literally running out the door!

My answer about the bankers was in reference to a very well-written article by Joyce McMillan in the Scotsman called 'Bigotgate': the final act in Brown's personal tragedy'. I had hoped to be able to link directly to it, however, it is in the Scotsman's 'premium content' collection and is not generally available.

The article was about how Gordon Brown thought he could control the excesses of financial system and – at the same time – realise his goal of reducing inequality of income and opportunity in society, but ultimately, according to the commentator, achieved neither. I'll see if I can find a paper copy and quote the relevant part.

Mathieson Posted 6th May 2010, 11:54am
QUOTE (GG @ 4th May 2010, 08:09am) *


Thought so, but for a moment there I thought it was the old "meet any criticism of immigrants/benefit cheats with a comment about rich folk" chestnut. Obviously not though. rolleyes.gif
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