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Last 10 Posts [ In reverse order ]
Scotsman Posted 28th Apr 2016, 03:20pm
  Very true and what happened in Glasgow recently shows that!!
Talisman Posted 26th Apr 2016, 01:51pm
QUOTE (john.mcn @ 23rd Apr 2016, 10:54am) *
A wee bit more on this..

By not attending an event to help combat extremism they are opening themselves up to even more criticism, I've disagreed with Aamer Anwar many times over the years but on this occasion and his calls for change at the mosque he's head and shoulders above everyone else.

The Moslem fanatics are constantly accusing the west of depredations and warring against Moslems. In actual fact they hate themselves to a far greater degree than they hate the western nations. This is evident from the killings and mayhem visited upon Moslems by Al Qaeda, Isis, the Taliban, Boko Harem and a proliferation of fanatical psychopaths set upon the destruction of all forms of Islam that they (most of them are unable to read the Quran, or anything else for that matter) in their infinite degeneration find offensive to their gun and knife spread of Islam. If left alone and isolated they will then turn on each other and continue to murder until happily there are none of them left alive.

Today in Australia we have seen the arrest of a youth on terrorist for attempting to attack the war memorial celebrations. The little s*%t had been to an intensive "de radicalization program" (Libertarian politicians
answer to mass murdering terrorists who have the misfortune in living in civilized society).

De radicalization? that's one the Marxs brothers could not have come up with.
john.mcn Posted 23rd Apr 2016, 10:54am
  A wee bit more on this..

By not attending an event to help combat extremism they are opening themselves up to even more criticism, I've disagreed with Aamer Anwar many times over the years but on this occasion and his calls for change at the mosque he's head and shoulders above everyone else.

Scottish Muslim groups fail to attend Ahmadi anti-extremism event

Sikh, Jewish and Christian representatives attend campaign launch following death of Glasgow shopkeeper Asad Shah

Ahmadi Muslims in Scotland have launched an anti-extremism campaign following the death of the Glasgow shopkeeper Asad Shah, despite the failure of other prominent Muslims to attend the event.

Representatives of the Glasgow Central Mosque and the Muslim Council of Scotland were invited to attend the launch alongside other faith groups, but the Guardian understands that both sent their apologies at the last minute.

Shah, who lived in the multicultural Shawlands area of Glasgow, was fatally stabbed outside his newsagents on 24 March.

Shah was an Ahmadi, a member of a minority sect of Islam that faces persecution and violence in countries such as Pakistan and is treated with open hostility by many orthodox Muslims in the UK because it differs from their belief that Muhammad is the final prophet sent to guide humankind.

The man charged with Shah’s murder is also a Muslim, and recently released a statement through his lawyer saying the killing was justified because Shah had “disrespected” Islam.

As part of the United Against Extremism campaign, posters sponsored by the Ahmadi community will be displayed on buses in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dundee for two weeks.

The event’s organiser Ahmed Owusu-Konadu said: “We are undertaking this campaign as part of our stand on the rejection of all forms of extremism and as a message of solidarity with all who have been its victims, including Asad Shah, and others in Paris, Turkey, Brussels, Pakistan, Nigeria.”

Abdul Abid, president of the Ahmadiyya community in Scotland, admitted he was disappointed that other Muslim leaders had not attended the launch. Representatives of Glasgow’s Sikh and Jewish communities and the Church of Scotland’s inter-faith group were all present, alongside local politicians, representatives of Police Scotland and Glasgow’s lord provost.

The Guardian has reported on how Ahmadis across the UK face shunning and discrimination by Muslims of Shia and Sunni faiths.

Abid said: “We are not asking them to stand united in faith with us but to stand united against extremism. If Glasgow Central Mosque is against extremism, they should be here today.”

Independent of the murder investigastion, Police Scotland are investigating alleged links between the head of religious events at Glasgow Central Mosque and a banned sectarian group in Pakistan. A recent BBC investigation claimed that Sabir Ali was president of Sipah-e-Sahaba, a militant political party that has accepted responsibility for deadly sectarian attacks against Shia Muslims and Ahmadiyya minorities in Pakistan, and was banned by the Home Office in 2001.

Following Shah’s death, Aamer Anwar, one of Scotland’s most outspoken Muslim reformers, helped to broker a unique event where representatives of Sunni, Shia, Ahmadi and Pakistani Christian communities shared a platform for the first time, and vowed to stand shoulder to shoulder against extremism.

At the time, Anwar said: “A very small minority of the community may think it’s OK to meddle in the cesspit of violent extremist politics in Pakistan, but we are united in saying that we do not want to import sectarian violence that has caused so much division and so much bloodshed to our community or to our streets.”

He has since received death threats himself, which are under investigation by the police.
pumps100 Posted 10th Apr 2016, 04:02pm
  Useful background here on this dreadful sectarian murder:


Tally Rand Posted 28th Mar 2016, 10:58pm
QUOTE (GG @ 28th Mar 2016, 12:57am) *

Shades of Billy Connely; "is youse a Caferlic Muslin or a Prodisint Muslim ????
GG Posted 28th Mar 2016, 12:49am
Glasgow imam criticised for supporting Islamist assassin

The imam at Scotland’s largest mosque has been criticised for speaking out in defence of an extremist who was executed for murdering a Pakistani politician.

Maulana Habib ur Rehman, leader of Glasgow’s Central Mosque, used the Whatsapp messaging service to praise the actions of Mumtaz Qadri, who was hanged in February for the murder of Punjab governor Salman Taseer.

Mr Taseer was targeted for criticising Pakistan’s strict blasphemy laws, which have been subject to international condemnation for being discriminatory to minorities in the country.

The murder of Mr Taseer was a polarising event in Pakistan as fundamentalists lauded Mumtaz Qadri’s actions, hailing him as a martyr while moderates viewed him as an extremist. [...]

Full story here:

GG Posted 28th Mar 2016, 12:46am
  People Make Glasgow.
After Asad Shah's 'religiously prejudiced' death, we know inter-Muslim hatred is a problem in Britain

By all accounts, the death of shopkeeper Asad Shah on Thursday night in Glasgow was alleged to be related to his background. It shocked the local community and a tribute event on Friday was attended by hundreds of people, including Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon. But, astonishingly, it is now suspected that Shah was killed by another Muslim man because he was an Ahmadi Muslim. It is the first high-profile anti-Ahmadi incident on British soil, and it has already sent ripples of shock throughout the small community.

Ahmadis are an Islamic sect, founded in modern day Pakistan in 1889. There’s no definitive number of Ahmadi Muslims: estimates range between two million to “tens of millions”, and though they are spread across the world, they are predominately based in Pakistan. Ahmadis are also considered heretics by many Sunni Muslims, and are viciously persecuted in their homeland. Pakistan treats Ahmadis no better than Apartheid South Africa treated black people; that is, with complete contempt.

It’s shocking, but not entirely surprising, that the persecution Ahmadis face in Pakistan has travelled over here. Several British Ahmadis I spoke to say they have known of someone who had been threatened or attacked for being an Ahmadi here in Britain. One anti-Ahmadi group with offices in London organises conferences that spread hate-speech against them; a popular Facebook group sent out a message of “congratulations” on news of Shah’s death.

The persecution of British Ahmadis by other Muslims has become worryingly normalised, yet has remained largely unspoken. In recent weeks, several British imams in Glasgow and Bradford openly praised Mumtaz Qadri, who murdered a Pakistani governor for campaigning against the country’s vicious blasphemy laws (used primarily to persecute and even kill religious minorities including Christians, Hindus, Sikhs and Ahmadis in Pakistan).

These are not isolated incidents. Last month a group of Muslims in Scunthorpe protested against an Ahmadi mosque being built, and there have been reports of similar incidents elsewhere around the country. In 2010, The Independent reported of hard line Muslims in west London calling for Ahmadis to be killed. In Tooting, mainstream Sunni preachers were found to have urged follower to boycotts Ahmadi businesses.

What’s frustrating for many British Ahmadis is that authorities are only just beginning to take their persecution seriously. Until now, it has been written off as an “internal Muslim issue” for the community to deal with itself. That can continue no longer. As Fiyaz Mughal, who runs the Muslim hate-crime monitoring group Tell MAMA, says: “They are hate incidents and are recorded as such by us.” [...]

Full story here:

Billy Boil Posted 22nd Mar 2016, 09:48pm
QUOTE (GG @ 27th Feb 2016, 01:36am) *
I don't think the Glasgow City Marketing Bureau's promotional campaign is extending to Canada. smile.gif This is worth reading for the pure comedy value. To be honest, I don't think the Canadian reviewer ventured outwith the environs of the West End.

Full story here:


Just before Christmas last, we hosted my family from Canada who were on an extended tour that took in Scotland and spent some time in the "Holy City" They were very impressed with Glasgow, the people and the food (???)

They put a lot of the renewal and positivism down to the "Games" being held in the city I was surprised at their attitude towards Glasgow but I never asked about the level of accommodation and travel they accessed. (they do have a few bob).

However I don't see them as staying in the Ritz Carleton as they are not pretentious like me. Then again most people can be pretentious in South East Asia when it comes to flash hotels. I was quite taken with their enthusiasm for Glasgow and I can only see this as a positive for tourism in a place where none existed in my memory.
zoro Posted 21st Mar 2016, 02:35am
QUOTE (ashfield @ 19th Mar 2016, 10:41am) *
Don't forget Govan shopping centre, a great place to avoid if you're in the area rolleyes.gif

Hark at the purified...That's not nice..... Attached Image
ashfield Posted 19th Mar 2016, 09:33am
  Don't forget Govan shopping centre, a great place to avoid if you're in the area rolleyes.gif
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