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  Replying to Barlinnie Prison
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Last 10 Posts [ In reverse order ]
taurus Posted 18th Sep 2020, 11:13am
  we just had a discussion on another forum about the "strap",how it was used and abused by the teachers. Compared to the type of kids you had to teach Sumac,we were innocents, belted for talking in class,or something equally dafter,nowadays a teacher is lucky not to get stabbed or youngest girl always wanted to be a kindergarten teacher,and she would have been good at it,but we were glad life took her in another diirection and let her use her brain in other sort of work. many years ago beiing a teacher was an exalted profession,but that fell away in modern times.
sumac Posted 18th Sep 2020, 10:05am
  Another wee story about the Bar-L.

Years ago, I taught in a primary school in Irvine. It was a very poor area and the parents of the children were nuts. Anyway, one boy in my class was, at age 9, a MCP who thought women were something you had to put up with or abuse. I had the cheek to give him a row for being a bully and he vented his spleen, as usual. Next day, as I entered the school, the headmaster was waiting in the corridor for me. He told me to hurry to my room and wait there for him. It transpired the boy’s dad was in the heidie’s room and wanted to knock my block off. When the heidie came to see me, 15 minutes later, it was to tell me that, when the heidie wouldn’t let him see me, the dad got him against the wall, yelling that his son “was going to the University of Life,” like him - the Bar-L. Nuff said!
sumac Posted 13th Aug 2020, 08:27am
  It’s a small world right enough, zascot.
ashfield Posted 12th Aug 2020, 07:07am
  I was a frequent visitor to the Bar L, in a professional capacity only though rolleyes.gif tongue.gif

Once, back in the mists of time, I was part of a small "pop" group (we were rubbish yes.gif ) and we played at a birthday party held in the Masonic hall, just outside the "big hoose". It was for the daughter of the guy who was the secretary of the local Celtic supporters club smile.gif
zascot Posted 11th Aug 2020, 03:43pm
  Sumac I lived in Riddrie and worked part time in the "Anvil" pub near the library when I was an apprentice back in the late 60`s . Plenty of Warders and a few dodgy characters visited the Pub,
sumac Posted 11th Aug 2020, 09:33am
  My husband and his sister and parents lived in Riddrie Knowes with the Bar-L towering in the background. One day, before we were married, his mum returned home to find policemen scouring her garden, behind bushes, under shrubs, behind the garage, everywhere. Apparently, a prisoner had gone AWOL and they were searching for him. I can’t remember if he was found in the vicinity or elsewhere.
Hubby’s best friend lived in the prison wardens’ houses. His dad, surprise surprise, was a warder at Bar-L.
Flure Posted 4th Jul 2018, 06:16am
  Bar-L is simply the first four letters of Barlinnie.

Now, how did it get the name "Barlinnie"?

At some time in the 1880s, the Barlinnie Farm Estate sold the land for 9750 and building began on the structure.
Dykejumper Posted 5th May 2018, 09:02am
  Bad guys are lazy, why say Barlinnie when you can just shorten it to Bar l which sounds more menacing.
wombat Posted 3rd May 2018, 08:55pm
QUOTE (Drew @ 2nd May 2018, 08:34pm) *
Neat. But I was looking for more.

rolleyes.gif o.k. its fulla cattle/animals laugh.gif
Drew Posted 2nd May 2018, 07:34pm
QUOTE (wombat @ 2nd May 2018, 07:42pm) *
its fulla cowboys ? yes.gif

Neat. But I was looking for more.
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