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  Replying to Is Glasgow Miles More Miserable?
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Last 10 Posts [ In reverse order ]
aaron king Posted 23rd Jun 2018, 06:09am
  Regarding our Glasgow being vibrant,my wife and I greet friends from England once a year for a wee catch up.we have been meeting them in a well known pub in st Enoch square,it is named after a new York area.we met as usual a few weeks ago on a Monday night ,spent few hrs talking about how much we loved our Glasgow .we had meals then relaxed for blether ,then we were told place was closing early ,7.30
We were dumbfoonerd !!we told them other friends were joining us .but still they had to close ,shocking..😐 not a great advert for glasgows vibrant night life .
Dykejumper Posted 13th May 2018, 10:13pm
  Johno doesnt say why he is studying at a glasgow uni , would no other city accept him?
The city is awash with students and the money men are building or trying to build student accommodation on every site that becomes available close to a university, we are heading
for 1 in 6 of the population being a student, none of whom pay council tax.
taurus Posted 13th May 2018, 09:46pm
  very good Wombat,and reminds me of the days when the yobs were on the beach sporting T shirts "Bob Hawks Surfing Team ". For the non Aussies,that was our Labor PM handing out great loads of dole money. When we came here,there was no such thing,(that we were aware of) or child endownment,that all came after my kids were too old to get it. Not sour grapes,we worked hard for our living.
wombat Posted 13th May 2018, 07:29pm
  tongue.gif mibbie johno shood move here laugh.gif
wombat Posted 9th May 2018, 07:52pm
bilbo.s Posted 8th May 2018, 09:37pm
QUOTE (wombat @ 8th May 2018, 08:48pm) *
tongue.gif yie furgot tae menshun the ALKY'S johno.

rolleyes.gif the dog crap dries up and blows away with the wind where I live yes.gif

Ah prefer the tinto! tongue.gif
wombat Posted 8th May 2018, 06:48pm
  tongue.gif yie furgot tae menshun the ALKY'S johno.

rolleyes.gif the dog crap dries up and blows away with the wind where I live yes.gif
taurus Posted 8th May 2018, 03:52am
  Oh dear you have had a bad day Johno,to vent your spleen like that. Spare a thought for those who still live in Glasgow and the environs. Not all lucky enough to be at Uni like you.I left Glasgow 57 years ago,not my choice,my husband`s ,and I was homesick for the place for years. Granted,there was a lot of employment then,and the only drug of the period was cigarettes,who ever envisaged a day when the drug scene would be the major problem that it is,and every country losing the battle against it. Sydney was beautiful when we landed,somewhat prim and proper,with clean streets,the days before grafitti ,and drunken yobs glassing and stabbing each other on a weekend night. When we came here if a man said "bloody " in a group where ladies were present,he got taken outside and got a punch. The degenaration of the world now and it`s not nice,but just not only Glasgow. I`v e been back many many times,and the people DO make Glasgow.
*johno* Posted 7th May 2018, 09:11pm
  People who are saying good things about Glasgow need to wake up. Scotland in general is beautiful... but only if you don't step your foot in Glasgow because here there is nothing more than heaps of litter, dog crap, dampness, misery and skinny junkies. Vast areas of boring and monochromatic landscape. Nothing interesting for sure. Glasgow is an unhealthy environment to live in. Tourists might love it as they only visit for a couple of days and move on - especially the usuals- parks, SEC, clyde, Glasgow Uni, west end etc. These very predictable arguments will NEVER make up for horrible weather all year round. If you decide decide to come and live here for longer, you realise that you have made a shitty life choice.

The most common excuse heard for any form of critisism of glasgow is 'every city has problems' or 'glasgow has its nice places or great night life' (pretty average really)

This place feels lonely and abandoned, so people search for 'happiness' in going to shops and binge drinking and going to McDonald's. Just some taste of the Glasgow Effect.

I have walked the streets of Glasgow for at least 3 years since I'm stuck at uni here, and when I hear the council telling people that the city is 'modern', 'vibrant' and 'attarctive', i Laugh. Then i go outside and see all the litter alongside the streets leading to the city centre, and say to myself: yeah, 'People make glasgow' ha ha ha ha ha
TeeHeeHee Posted 28th Oct 2017, 11:26am
  Billy, my 10 year older brother was a genuine "Turn-the-other-cheek" believer and did so along with his friend while being robbed one evening in Glasgow near the Tent Hall which they'd visited to hear Billy Graham preach: I could never see the logic in that confused2.gif
Being able to react to violence violently has saved my bacon on enough occasions to be worthy of merit
On one occasion just before I was removed to a police station near Hannover, a flabergasted Polizei Kommissar turned me round to survey the devastaion left behind in a bar, where the owner had attempted to assault me physically, and asked in disbelief, " You did that?" To which I could only reply, "I suppose I must have ... but the others shouldn't have tried to join in!"
I was eventually released without charges and the guy who owned the bar; and most of the bruises, had to meet the cost of the damage to his person and establishment.
Had I turned the other cheek in the first instance I would have had to have cut my contract at the airport with Hapag Lloyd short and return, struggling with 3 tool-boxes, to the UK, out of work and with my jaw broken as a result.
And all because the lady (his niece) loved Milk Tray, as they say. tongue.gif

True, Billy, it's hard take the streets from the boy that you've taken from the streets; right enuff ... but those same streets made you who you are today: your upbringing is your guinea's stamp, it's your mark, win lose or draw - and no regrets wink.gif
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