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  Replying to Wilson's Zoo On Oswald Street
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Last 10 Posts [ In reverse order ]
*Sadie* Posted 23rd Mar 2017, 07:08pm
  I had a photograph taken at Oswald street zoo around 1949/50 when I was 4 yrs old with another girl aged 6yrs we were sitting on a 100 yr old tortoise.
George White Posted 12th Nov 2016, 02:29pm
QUOTE (Stillroom @ 27th Feb 2010, 10:27pm) *
I remember when it was closing, my mum and I were walking past when one of the men came out carrying a red a'''d baboon over his shoulder, he recognised my mum, (old neighbour) and stopped to talk I was mortified and folk were laughing, the animals were so old I don't think they had seen daylight in years

Billy Boil Posted 13th Apr 2016, 09:47pm
QUOTE (Gladys W. Anderson @ 5th Apr 2016, 09:29am) *
I have just been talking to a cousin about Wilson's Zoo and can recollect visiting it as a small child.

I remember them for the fact that my mother forbade me ever to go into them. Something to do with "bad men" or women for that matter.
Gladys W. Anderson Posted 5th Apr 2016, 09:21am
QUOTE (Agnes & Robert @ 19th Feb 2009, 03:22am) *
Can anybody remember the Amusements at the corner of Argyle St. and Oswald St.also Wilson's Zoo just along on Oswald St.

I have just been talking to a cousin about Wilson's Zoo and can recollect visiting it as a small child.
tam srevenson Posted 13th Apr 2014, 09:38pm
  Theres a story in my family about my mad uncle jimmy stealing the lion from that zoo. Anybody remember this to be true !?!
*big les glasgow* Posted 7th Sep 2012, 09:31pm
QUOTE (tombro @ 19th Feb 2009, 12:20pm) *
I've answered this on other forums.

One day in the late 1950's my Granny, who lived in Crimea Street (off Carrick Street about a mile along Argyle Street towards Anderston Cross) itook my brother and me to the zoo in Oswald Street.

I remember it being dark and gloomy and I remember the lion in its cage.

Lately I've seen (on this and other sites) various pics of that corner of Argyle Street and Oswald Street but don't remember any amusements.

Tombro huh.gif

Yes Tombro during the war there was between Wilsons Zoo and the Central Bridge where the AA used to have ther offices an amusment parlour and I remember me pleading with my mother to take me in to see "The Fat Lady" which she did and here was this "Big Wummin" as Josie called her complete with 2 cheeks like in the GLASGOW UNDERGROUND song in a kinda bathing costume she must have been 30 stone and my mother got on the chat with her and I remember her telling me afterwards she was a poor soul!!! Memories are coming flooding back!!! ... Funny iI can remember all those days like yesterday and cant remember the day of the week it is!!!!
benny Posted 13th Jul 2012, 07:56pm
  If aw the weans reacted tae the roarin lion the way ah did it's nae surprise that the zoo smelled. biggrin.gif
Dylan Posted 13th Jul 2012, 07:42am
  The smell is my main memory of Wilsons Zoo also.

I did not know about the one in Carlton Place. !

Doug1 Posted 13th Jul 2012, 07:06am
  the only thing ah remember aboot wilsons zoo was the smell. it was awful and the smell stuck on yur clothes all day. when i got back hame my mother would pull all my clothes aff and stick them in a big bucket of water then make me get washed ohmy.gif
weelew Posted 12th Jul 2012, 11:07pm
QUOTE (klingon @ 4th Jun 2011, 01:53am) *
The lion was called "Rajah" and he was so old he had no teeth!-Andy Wilson used to feed him with buckets of mince!-the zoo moved to Carlton Place in the 60@s and shut down after a few years due to the DWA acts-(Dangerous wild animals) coming in and finally Wilsons ended up with a wee pet shop in the Trongate which has just closed in the last year or two

I remember going to the zoo many times with my Dad when it was in Oswald street and Carlton place , the Wilsons did indeed end up in a pet shop ,but it was in the Saltmarket .It was called Bert Wilsons who i suppose was the son of the zoo owners .My father was very friendly with Bert as he bred cage birds and every Saturday we would go to the pet shop .My Father and Bert would stay in the shop talking about budgies,canaries and all sorts of birds while i was allowed to go down to the cellar below the shop where he had a big bath full of goldfish .There was hundreds in it and i would sit and watch their antics Bert also owned the other pet shop across the street just at the raiway bridge .His wife and son ran that one for years . Great days .
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