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Last 10 Posts [ In reverse order ]
bilbo.s Posted 20th Apr 2020, 10:52pm
  Aw, naw !
carmella Posted 20th Apr 2020, 07:26pm
JAGZ1876 Posted 20th Apr 2020, 06:27pm
QUOTE (carmella @ 20th Apr 2020, 05:54pm) *
Well when I go, am gonnie haunt the GGBB, so there Yiv been telt.

You mean you'll haunt it more than you do now Carmella? laugh.gif
carmella Posted 20th Apr 2020, 04:54pm
  Well when I go, am gonnie haunt the GGBB, so there Yiv been telt.
JAGZ1876 Posted 17th Apr 2020, 04:12pm
QUOTE (wombat @ 16th Apr 2020, 08:51pm) *
rolleyes.gif coincidence ossie ? yes.gif see theres always a reasonable explanation.

Exactly Wombat, i had someone who claimed to be a Medium in my cab one night who told me he could see the spirit of a blonde woman who meant a lot to me, he got quite stroppy when i told him i didn't know anyone fitting that description, they pick things, like do you know someone who's dead with a first name that starts with a J knowing most people will. wink.gif
Dave Grieve Posted 17th Apr 2020, 02:58pm
  The world is full of arrogant humans.
wombat Posted 16th Apr 2020, 07:51pm
  rolleyes.gif coincidence ossie ? yes.gif see theres always a reasonable explanation.
Ossie Posted 16th Apr 2020, 04:41pm
  First off let me say I'm athiest therefor I have no belief in any kind of afterlife in any shape or form. I would however like to share this 100% true story with you, ( sorry, it's another boring cabbie story ) I got a hire from a restaurant in Partick one night, a wee lassie goin' home to the east end. We got to blethering and she told me she was the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter and had the gift. That was my cue for a bit of mickey taking. She quickly latched on to my scepticism and told me I was surrounded by spirits to the point she was receiving very strong vibes and she would like to give me a reading for which she wouldn't accept payment. As is happened she did readings at the Barra's at weekends. Needless to say I politely declined the offer. She then said to me I had something in my wallet that meant a great deal to me ,something which I had written down or was printed. Perhaps a poem or whatever, she was completely convinced this was very important to me. After a bit of good natured banter she said you also have coin in your wallet which you keep perhaps as a good luck charm or the like. That set me off again and had me telling her I was the last person on the planet who would have a lucky charm.

A week or so past and for some reason I felt the need to clear some junk from my wallet. I found the intimation of my mother's death which I had been carrying so long I'd forgotten about it. I also found a silver "thrupney bit" on a paper clip. Strange wee story....but it is general chit-chat.
TeeHeeHee Posted 9th Nov 2019, 12:05pm
  While downing my morning coffee, I read through this on the Guardian (online) because I thought it would be more interesting than reading moree of Donald Trump's innate ramblings.

After reading I was reeminded of an experience that took place 53 years ago when , as a 22 year old, I decided to enlist in the RAF.
I wasn't sure if I'd made the right decision, feeling that I might not be in possession of the caliber of intellect espected by that branch of the services, or perhaps even be a square peg in a round hole, but the recruiting sergeant in Glasgow assured me (as they do) that he recognised that I was made of the right stuff and so I swore my Oath of Allegance to God and the Queen and accepted The Queen's Shilling in return.

During the eight week period of square bashing I came to realise I might actually be a round peg in a square hole, judging bu the mentality of some of my comrades in arms; some of whom would be dangerous even in possession of a plastic water pistol.
One of the first lessons to be learned was never hand film to the NAAFI shop on camp to have it developed: all the photos of guys posing with fixed bayonets proding another guy posing in fear on the ground came back blank for obvious reasons I supposed in case anxious parents screamed to the media about the horrors of abuse meted out on their babies on an RAF traing camp.

Every Flight has it's fair share of comedians and idiots, some of whom can become annoying during periods of rest. In our Flight we had one guy who always made a point of butting in where he wasn't wanted and generally being an all round nuisance at every opportunity: in other words a complete idiot.

One of the characters in our Flight was an Indian guy whom we called Ahron : derived from an ocassion when Ahron, who had a ron somewhere in his long family name, enterred the billet and one guy said " Ah, Ron, your back." after a time away at the NAAFI shop

I once asked our Ahron if he could read palms which he said hee could but didn't like to. I managed though to pressue him into giving a reading in front of the guys and was a tad disappointed when it seemed to be quite ordinary and demaned him that he spare me no blushes and give me the full Monty which he seemed reluctant to do but on my insistance grudgingly went ahead: he did not paint a pretty picturee at all: among other things pain would be a constant companion and a precursor for a terrible ending in old age.
(Two years later I suffered a boren kneck and crushed spine, with sundry less serious breaks and I rembered recalling during rehab, Aaron's readibg of my palm where he assured me that I had a long lifeeline.
A further twelve years and seeveral incidents later he sprung to mind again while I lay in a hospital bed in Norfolk having survived a nine hour operation following the onslaught of the greatest pain I have ever experienced before or since which had found me on my knees thinking that this was the end for me.
On recollecting Ahro's prophetic reading I was reminded that he did assure me of a long life and wondered , amused, at what could be worse than that which I'd just been through, which might await me in my old age.)

But I digress ...

It was during an evening's relaxation with a game of pontoon wheen the nuiscancee started to get in the way again by walking around the card table looking at players' hands nd making unneccessary and stupid, disturbing, comments when I called onAhron to come over to the table and put a `spell' on the idiot to shut him up before I put the heid oan him.
Ahron oblidged with a series of hugga bugga's, mumble mumbles, blah-de-blahs and the accompanying waving of hands before the idiot's face resulting in a confused looking blank stare of a few short seconds duration from the idiot before he turned, screaming, and ran out off of the room waving his own arms about in the air and allowing us to continue playing our game of pontoon in peace, for matchsticks, after thanking Ahron profusely for his assistance.

It might have been an hour or more later that an officeer entered our humble abode, and there's nothing less humble than a new recruit's billet, as we were suitably tucked in after `lights out', demanding to know at the pitch of his voice who was responsible for putting a `spell' on Aircraftsman 1st Class Idiot who was climbing the walls in a cell in the guardroom at this very moment?
Ahron stepped into the breech to take the blame but explained that it was just a simple joke and there was no `spell' cast beside which he was no more able to do such a thing than fly an aircraft and didn't believe in such nonsense anyway.
"Well Aircraftsman 1st Class Idiot is of the full belief that you did precisely that so get something on your feet and come with mee to the guardroom now and remove that bloody spell airman,"
"But sir, ..."
So Ahron obeyed and in pyjamas and shoes accompanied the Duty Officer to the guardroom where he blad-de-blahed, mumble mumbled and hugga buggad to remove the spell with minimal waving of hands in the air in order to reverse the `spell' (he assured us later) but the idiot maintained that Ahron was pissing about and not removing the spell at all.

Ahron returned much later, much dejected and much knowing he was in much dep shit.

It was something like three days later when the idiot got his marching papers; released on medical or mental grounds: I can't remember which, and Ahron receiived a right royal rollicking from the Station Commander and the Medical Officer.

There were two scenarios to consider. Either the idiot was really unstable, supersticios and a first class idiot to the core or ...
he knew he was a square peg in a round hole and siezed upon the opportunity to work his ticket and depart Her Majesty's Service without having to pay the cost of the made-to-measure uniform which he would have had to do if he left of his own volition during the first eight weeks of square bashing as laid down in Queen's Regulations (airmen for the use of).

Our combined guess was the latter: nobody really believes in that kind of rubbish tongue.gif

Do theey? rolleyes.gif

Rab Posted 2nd May 2016, 02:02pm
  Similar to the (supposedly) WW2 newspaper Headline - '"Eight Army push bottles up Germans' "

This made my Dad comment -'They must get to the bottom of this!' laugh.gif
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