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> Scottish Independence, About voting yes/no
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wee davy
post 8th Jan 2013, 05:58pm
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Mega City Key Holder
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From: North Yorkshire
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Dear Friends

I think a new Topic might do us all a world of good.

To kick off.
It is of course impossible to seperate your politics from such a discussion, without using your colours to form your argument. But it IS possible to refrain from allowing your beliefs to cloud the issue.

It is without a doubt, a MASSIVE decision - not just for Scotland - but for the whole of the UK.
One very contentious thing, is nuclear (having recently been discussed on other similar Topics).
But there are SO many more.

Brothers and Sisters, Mothers and Fathers, whole FAMILIES will be affected by it, on both sides of the divide.

The argument, in my humble opinion, hasn't even BEGUN yet.
Until those who OPPOSE independence give their reasoned arguments for remaining unified with a Westminster Government who certainly for MY lifetime, and historically, has always favoured the South of the 'UK', there is a real danger, apathy will win YET AGAIN.
Over 300 years ago, a significant, well to do lot, in Scotland, sold the country down the river. You now have a chance to reverse that. DEMOCRATICALLY.

What about family businesses in direct competion with each other - fighting for the same contract

My dear fellow GG'rs.

What is said on this forum, DOES have a certain amount of weight.
It is read by a whole HOARD of people (probably even those who are closer to the important and crucial decision).

I think we can do this, with the minimum of acrimony, bitterness, or even self beliefs.

There is MUCH to be discussed, before your vote, NEXT YEAR - NOW is the time for everyone to fight their corner. For all I know, to remain unified, may just be the right result. But would it be conceivable for Canada to become the 51st State?

adversus solem ne loquitor

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Dave Grieve
post 9th Jan 2013, 07:37am
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Mega City Key Holder
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From: Umhlanga Rocks South Africa
Member No.: 9,005
There are numerous good reasons to stay with the Union.

How could Scotland survive without the House of Lords.

We surely dont have the savvy to run the country without the guidance of London Politicians.

We dont have enough money in the kitty to pay for the whole country to be on benifits

We need the London goverment to pay for those benifits.

The reason we need the London goverment to pay those benifits is because we are a nation of scroungers and drunks that need guidance from our southern neighbours.

North sea oil is going to run out some time this century and what will we do without the London Goverment to fall back on.

We need the annual hounours list to pretend to the nation that we are appreciated by the rest of the Union.

Scotland is incapable of running its own armed forces without the London goverment.

Scotland is to wee.

Scotland is to poor.

Scotland is to (fill in your own excuse)

Scotland needs the London goverment to take people of benifits when it gets itself into another war and calls our sons up to be used as cannon fodder

There must be many more reasons for staying in the Union but I'm sure all the Unionists on the board can list them.
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