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Last 10 Posts [ In reverse order ]
margie Posted 20th Feb 2018, 05:40pm
  Thanks Norrie, I,m well on the mend noo. Jist no pleased a canny drive yet. Bet Flams pleased aboot that. Had keyhole surgery so nae big scars, so roll on ma holidays so a kin wear ma bikini lol. cheers Margie.
norrie123 Posted 20th Feb 2018, 04:22pm
  Hi Margie, glad your op went well, big scars????

Bye for now, norrie
margie Posted 20th Feb 2018, 04:19pm
  Awe Clydo, Thanks so much for your get well card, it came today and brought a smile tae ma face. Folks it says ---Don,t let the doc examine you in the nude. Well Clydo if you had seen the surgeon who done my op OH JESUS, George Clooney didnae hiv a look in. If a hid another gallbladder a wid book in Why dae yi always get a doc thats half yir age and like a bliddy super model- it,s so embarrassing. Hope a didnae say anything naughty when they put me tae sleep. Woke up efter the op tae an auld man shuvin me along the corridor =whit a let doon. Oh well one can only dream . cheers Margie. wub.gif
gracebarrett Posted 14th Feb 2018, 08:24pm
  Hi everyone Mags omg what next and hope to Christ that's it all over and watch that chest we are cracking up I just hope you are fully recovered soon and get that holiday ,well back to docs for me and waiting to see specialist now this ruddy fingers driving me mad so doc says it might be cortisone injections but i would rather they just operate and get it over with so let's see what happens, been really busy helping my Grandson move to his new house I've been like Picasso on a good day and never want to see another paintbrush ,the weathers been chronic for the past few weeks and wind was so strong today my front gate went AWOL I said to his nibs it could have been me he smartly replied I wish !! gobshite lol ,well flam you got the house right so I assume you got a new comp with the same sly patter although such a busy boy your butler should come in handy when your jaw locks bumming about your ten mile run and your rolls are they well fired lol I'm surprised ye don't faw aff yer moat when ye get hame fae yer travels ,mind yer crown disnae slip it jist might cut yer throat lol right folks off for a brew and painkillers bye for now .Grace.
possilboy Posted 11th Feb 2018, 08:05pm
  my granny middle Nellie hatch on the right and mrs Hudson all from carbeth st

Margie get well soon
Clydo Posted 11th Feb 2018, 07:44pm
  Margie throw that lucky White Heather
oot it's no working.
Get well soon thumbup.gif
norrie123 Posted 11th Feb 2018, 12:26pm
  HI Margie, all is well, cheers

Bye for now, norrie
margie Posted 10th Feb 2018, 05:57pm
  Nae chance Norrie ,a kin still lift a gless. thumbup.gif
norrie123 Posted 10th Feb 2018, 02:15pm
  Hells teeth, margie, hope your OK
Loosing your Gall Bladder, will that affect anything else

Bye for now, norrie
margie Posted 10th Feb 2018, 12:52pm
  Well Norrie I was rushed in to Royal and had, emergency op to remove gall bladder, feel better now although I have a wee touch of pneumonia, Flam noo be nice tae me. feelin sorry fur masell. cheers Margie. thumbup.gif
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