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  Replying to Happy St. Andrew's Day
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Last 10 Posts [ In reverse order ]
Billy Boil Posted 30th Nov 2016, 01:08am
QUOTE (GG @ 30th Nov 2016, 12:28am) *
... and some people are not so happy!

Plan to project Saltire on St Andrew’s Day blocked as ‘too political’


That's nothing Freemantle council in West Australia, went ahead last week and abolished Australia Day without any consultation or warning. The yuppie council decided to hold an "inclusion day" to make all minorities feel wanted. What happened to democracy and the rule of the majority? It is now apparent to me, due to the politically correct ( the rest of us are obviously wrong! ) the election of Donald Trump and Marie Le Penn, in France in the running for president of the Republic, the rise of right wing and neo fascist parties in Europe, are coagulating in response to these petty bourgeoisie imposters and imposers of mediocrity.

The rise of the extreme right is in reaction to their velvet glove pseudo socialist authoritarianism.
GG Posted 30th Nov 2016, 12:28am
  ... and some people are not so happy!

Plan to project Saltire on St Andrew’s Day blocked as ‘too political’

GG Posted 30th Nov 2016, 12:27am
  Happy Saint Andrew's Day 2016.

Gallusbisom Posted 15th Aug 2016, 04:26pm
  Now that is a pic. to stir the heart. The flag and Ailsa in the background. It surely does not get any better than that. We never miss celebrating St. Andrew's Day, haggis, totties, turnip, everything I can get my hands on. smile.gif I guess I got too caught up in the cooking to post, my bad. Carmella, you won't believe this but at our home up in the B R mountains, we fly the American flag, the Canadian flag the Union Jack and yes the Saltire. It does not offend anyone as we fly them off one of the upstairs porches and they are positioned to point down the valley and flap freely in the breeze. Most of our neighbours fly flags and I know that when you were in the USA, you know how flags and bunting appear on certain days. lol. Since I can't be home, I really enjoy seeing my heritage.
and I would not presume to offer an opinion, (unless asked,lol) Just a wee comment, my Mum received a pension of 7/6 a month and that was only because she was widowed at age 39 and she even had to fight for that. Whoops, off topic, sorry.
Betsy2009 Posted 30th Nov 2015, 11:42am
  Happy St Andrew's Day to you too. Enjoy your dinner.
carmella Posted 30th Nov 2015, 11:22am

So many events around the country this time, like never before I think.

I am going out tonight for a lovely dinner with my group. Hope you have a lovely day.
TeeHeeHee Posted 12th Dec 2009, 01:10pm
  Nice one Heather, thanks.
I'm sure someone will direct me to an appropriate tune or even Youtube link.
Heather Posted 9th Dec 2009, 09:24pm
  There you go THh. Sorry, but I don't know any songs with the same tune and I'm not into Kareoke. laugh.gif

Hymn To Saint Andrew

When Christ our Lord to Andrew cried come thou and follow me
The fisher left his net beside the Sea of Galilee
To teach the truth the Master taught, to tread the path he trod
Was all his will and thus he brought unnumbered souls to God.

When Andrew's hour had come and he was doomed like Christ to die
He kissed his cross exultingly and this his loving cry
O noble cross o precious wood I long have yearned for thee
Uplift me to my only God who died on thee for me.

The faith that Andrew taught once shone o'er all this kingdom fair
The cross that Jesus died upon was honoured everywhere
But evil men that faith beat down reviling Andrew's name
The cross though set in kingly crown became a sign of shame.

Saint Andrew now in heaven above thy fervent prayers renew
That Scotland yet again may love the faith entire and true
That I the cross allotted me may bear with patient love
Twill lift me as it lifted thee to reign with Christ above.
Elma Posted 7th Dec 2009, 03:38am
  Bit different here, at least in this area of Canada. No-one I spoke too realized it was St.Andrew's Day and most didn't even know who he was. There was no mention on TV or radio and certainly no St.Andrew's Cross flags. The only patron saint who is remembered here is St.Patrick with all the green hoopla, etc.
lindamac Posted 6th Dec 2009, 05:57pm
  Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached ImageHeres some of my recieved well wishes from friends at hame in Glesga ive plenty more where these came from via emails n on Bebo & springburn remaniscence site etc.Wish id thought tae get oan here tae that day ahm Sorry ahve been away a wee while but it sure is grand tae be back.

Aye ah would suggest many folks at hame and abroad still concern themselves with St Andrews day judging by the many st andrews day wishes I reieved from both strangers in the shopping centre here in Aussie as well as from freends frae hame.We celabrated with Steak pie frae the scottish shop so we did ,we took the time tae recognise the day & raised a Glass or 2 tae.

The down under Aussie people seem tae be very taken with it also the scottish people in general every one seems to want to claim Scottish heritage here its amazing what yer Glesga accent can dae fur ye doon under friend,People just want ye tae talk awe the time & chat aboot the traditions & great warriors etc of Bonnie Scotland the Brave.Everyone Luvs the scots here.I have certainly gotten more patriotic for the things of hame since ahve been here some 21 yrs now I need to feel the closeness tae ma ain folk n ma heilan hame ye know witta mean even though I left it I still love it always will . I Meant tae say,there were also many banners in all the shops as well despite the fact there was christmas decorations everywhere St Andrew got his day here in OZ.
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