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  Replying to Glasgow Parks Privatisation Plans
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Last 10 Posts [ In reverse order ]
GG Posted 14th Nov 2010, 10:26pm
  Hi Davy,

There has been no mention of this in the press since the initial story was covered by The Herald and the Evening Times. It could be that the scheme has fallen off the radar following the departure of disgraced former council leader Steven Purcell. It could also be that Enterprise plc is carrying out some kind of feasibility study into the project.

I'll see what I can find out; if anyone else knows, please update the topic.

wee davy Posted 13th Nov 2010, 01:18pm
  Any chance of an udate oan this wan, anybody?

wee davy
Madge Posted 1st Apr 2010, 09:48pm
QUOTE (Guest @ 19th Mar 2010, 07:49am) *
Any firm that came in at this moment in time might do a better job than GCC especially when it comes to 'neds' and 'big weans' jumping over the wall at Ruchazie and skipping on to Lethamhill Golf Course at the 9th hole.

Hi Guest!!

Surely that is the very point - the Council should be doing a better job!! BUT they prefer the easy way out!
*catriona* Posted 26th Mar 2010, 07:27pm
  Hello people of Glasgow and the board i think you all have to think hard and long about privatisation as once they take over it is hard to remove them ans if you are not happy with their services you will have to contact the English firm and that will take time as the council is on your door step.

Look what happend to the railway when they privatiased that it is a disaster the goverment said it would be a better service and cheaper fares what a load of rubbish you just have to listen to the nes to know how bad it is i hope you have better luck .

Bye for now aw the best to all.

[teadbear] Catriona x.
weebren3 Posted 20th Mar 2010, 04:06am
  Well one can call themselfs just A guest, why dont you make A comment that makes sense,that kind of lingo dont mean crap to A scots,I mean the real mCoy,regarding sell to anyone,did you work for the council? or is that A joke,no offence my neice was born in England,sounds like you talk like A moron,dont hide your name if you are scots,have some pride,stand up for your country there is people out of work,or do you work for Brown,and the rest of downing street.,bunch of clowns. dry.gif
weebren3 Posted 20th Mar 2010, 03:51am
QUOTE (weebren3 @ 18th Mar 2010, 05:43am) *
biggrin.gif Thanks rabbie, good quote had A laugh anyway,your quick wit. cheers

TX4 Posted 19th Mar 2010, 02:01pm
QUOTE (fronswa @ 17th Mar 2010, 03:31am) *
For F*** Sake!

Is there nothing that these plebs won't sell off, and pass out "to arms length" companies?

What a shower of sh!tes!

Well said fronswa, We have always been benevolent of previous City Fathers who have always provided liesure facilities to the Glasgow public at no cost whatsoever,

But this proposed sell off is an insult to all of our predecessors who have enjoyed the privilige afforded to them.

My one concern is however that GCC may plan to extend this sell off to all of its other liesure services and we may find that we will be paying a private company 5 a head to access the new multi million pound transport museum when it opens next year.
TeeHeeHee Posted 19th Mar 2010, 01:29pm
QUOTE (fronswa @ 17th Mar 2010, 04:31am) *
For F*** Sake!

Is there nothing that these plebs won't sell off, and pass out "to arms length" companies?

What a shower of sh!tes!

I've only just taken time to read this link. (sorry)
Shocking and scandalous are inadequate descriptions of this April Fool's day trick.

The Council's proposals ... clearly breach the 1887 Public Libraries Act which says that it is the duty of the local council to manage public libraries, museums and art galleries provided under the legislation.
Unison Spokesman

On April 1st, without any consultation with the public, Labour transferred your Cultural and Leisure services to an "Independent Trust". We will reverse that transfer.
LibDem Manifesto Pledge

I know here my vote would go if I had a vote in Glasgow.
sumac Posted 19th Mar 2010, 12:54pm
  I'm speechless at this proposal!

Fronswa, can I just say, "Thanks" for the You-Tube link you posted. It's brilliant but heart-breaking at the same time.
Margaret McDonald Posted 19th Mar 2010, 10:28am

Am i reading right ... Cleaning Services to an English Firm are you off your Head ... what about all the Out of Work People that could do with a Job in Glasgow come off it ... Traiter.

Margaret McDonald.
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