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Glasgow Boards/Forums _ Poetry and Verse _ The Cathkin Braes

Posted by: weesue 1st Jun 2005, 11:52pm

I remember the long hot summers of the 70's when I wis a wean. We would spend all day up the Braes, with our bottles of water and pieces and biscuits. What an adventure!


“Gonny gie’s a piece’n’jam”.
“A want tae go an meet wee Tam”.
“Hiv ye been washed before ye eat”?
“Och ma, a’v no goat time tae hiv a seat”.

Ma mammy shouts “noo haud oan son”,
“don’t forget yer lunch at one”!
“But ma, dae a hifty come back then”?
“Ye’v plenty time it’s only ten”.

Grab a biscuit oot the tin,
Ma mammy says “Aw that’s a sin”,
Hiv ye nae time tae eat yer flakes”?
“C’mon ma, the sun’s oot – g’dness sakes”!

“Oh of course” she says, “a beg yir pardon”,
“But dae ye no want tae sit in oor wee garden”?
“och naw, a need tae go up the Cathkin Braes”!
“A wish a could sit there fur days’n’days”!

“Gonny buy a tent! Please Ma”!
“Don’t ask me, goan ask yer Da”!
“But he’ll say naw, ye know he will”!
“Because A’m jist goan up a hill”.