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Glasgow Boards/Forums _ Chat Threads _ Whit Ye Dae'in The Day?

Posted by: RonD 25th Aug 2007, 04:29pm

Tell us whit's up , urr ye goin' tae the shoaps or the pictures? Java is building a shed. Inga and I urr going tae the local children's camp where they're huvvin' a fund raiser wi' a Jazz Festival. It's an Estonian group so ah'll be drinkin' Saku beer.!!

Posted by: Marion Niven Dougan 25th Aug 2007, 05:56pm

Ma day stertet wae a wee hangover!!! Bob made b/fast as usuall. We are heading to the pool this afternoon. Craig, Rachael are coming for Steak dinner tonight. A a jist fun oot ma pal o over 34 years is comin oan wed yeah!!!

Posted by: murn 25th Aug 2007, 06:13pm

I'm sitting here reading what everyone else is doin. Have to finish cleaning the house as I sat here most of the day yesterday dust is gathering around my teacup wink.gif

Posted by: Java 25th Aug 2007, 06:26pm

Java abandoned the shed at a crucial point tae watch the Edinburgh Tattoo....master shed builder isny talkin tae me - but it wis worth it...laugh.gif

Posted by: stuarty 25th Aug 2007, 07:24pm

aww naw a missed the tattoo am gutted a fell asleep aww day am a wee bit poorly today not good rolleyes.gif

Posted by: Lennox 25th Aug 2007, 07:33pm

Lennox spent her last fiver , to chance winning lottery which is now at $300 million US , so if you don't here from me any more, you'll know why laugh.gif
On Saturdays I do as little as possible it is my day to do what ever I want.

Posted by: glasgow lass 25th Aug 2007, 07:44pm

laugh.gif aha had a late nite last night went oot wae the freends furr dinner,,then double duty at the gym the day so im quite knackered the noo ,,look and feel like a zombie soadae,, aha ask mahsel wiz it worth it,,,,,awch aye tongue.gif

Posted by: Elma 25th Aug 2007, 08:21pm

Am getting ready to go to a Bbq with friends, nearly all theatre people so should be fun. It's byob so I'm thinking of red today...........well maybe white, no I've decided red it is laugh.gif

Posted by: RonD 25th Aug 2007, 09:39pm

Why don't yeez go pink Elma!

Posted by: Jim Wilson 25th Aug 2007, 09:55pm

Its a beautiful day Sunday morning 9.45am and the sun is shining perhaps a bit of work in the garden trim the lawns and then a wee drive and an ice cream cone. Nice lazy day hope you all enjoy your Sunday.

Posted by: Angela Chick 25th Aug 2007, 09:55pm

I had a good wee day went into Markies and changed my cash to Turkish Lira, then we went for lunch to a nice wee pub, and i never even got 1 number on the lottery guess there is only 1 Angela from Glasgow who wins millions lightning never strikes twice rolleyes.gif

Posted by: Anne1 25th Aug 2007, 10:38pm

unsure.gif unsure.gif my day consisted of doing a little shopping needed to buy baby gift for a little boy and decided to treat myself to a CD ive been wanting it is Rod Stewart sings The Complete American Song Book 4 volumes , excellent value [Nevs already moaning are you still listening to that rubbish] the mans nae taste, then tonight we went to Bingo nae winnings and afterwards staff had musical show for charity very talented youngsters [they raised £2700 for 6 local charities] and now completeing my night by reading the boards[wae a bar of choc]

Posted by: wee mags 26th Aug 2007, 12:37am

wee mags got up and said well its another steamy hot day ,then I had my tea and toast,then I headed for ous churchs auditorium [naw I wissnae auditiong for American Idol]we have a big tag sale and Iam the co chairwoman came hame manky and had to take a shower,but all is well and noo am on the computer wink.gif

Posted by: Java 26th Aug 2007, 08:17am

Ah need tae go food shoppin the day....apparently boys canny live on berries and leaves.... sad.gif

Posted by: Melody 26th Aug 2007, 08:24am

How no? laugh.gif Have a wee shot in the car in the shop and look out for Aliens. laugh.gif

Posted by: Anne1 26th Aug 2007, 08:31am

laugh.gif aw melody dont start her aff on aliens or god help us

Posted by: stratson 26th Aug 2007, 11:26am

Today am finishing hoosie things. Want tomorrow all tae masel'>>>PAMPER/PAMPER! Ma lassie arrives on Tuesday so am keeping every minute free to spend with her. biggrin.gif

Posted by: Anne1 26th Aug 2007, 11:28am

laugh.gif laugh.gif good on you stratson enjoy your time with angela you deserve it friend

Posted by: penny dainty 26th Aug 2007, 11:44am

I spent the day cooking up a storm for my visitors that got stuck by the rain and couldnt get to their caravan park, we had , lentil soup , roast beef and yorkies , mashed tatties , green beans and carrots with lots of gravy and then we had apple crumble and custard and goody two shoes me didnt have tatties, yorkies or pudding cause I need to lose weight sad.gif


Posted by: RonD 26th Aug 2007, 12:41pm

Jazz festival was great. I had my fill of Estonian beer. All within half a kilometre from our house. We're off today to see the finale which closes at 2 P.M. (7p.m. Glasgow)

Posted by: glasgow lass 26th Aug 2007, 12:59pm

laugh.gif laugh.gif aye ,,,aha think ah'll being the case up the day,,,

Posted by: glasgow lass 2nd Sep 2007, 09:45pm

laugh.gif weatherwise its such a lovely day,la la la la ,, and its a long weekend the kide go back to school this week so have tae look out furr aw the wee waans on the streets and make sure that they have a good safe start to their school yr,, its a wee bit cooler noo and going to be nice aw week,,i lazed aboot the day but tomorrow ive got tae get cracking ,,,come fly with me come fly lets fly away,,, tongue.gif

Posted by: Catherine 3rd Sep 2007, 12:28am

Got up bright an early, off tae Ikea thinkin ahm gaunni talk Geoff intae this an ahm gaunni talk Geoff intae that......two mins fae the front door an ma brakes failt right ootside Canadian Tire {auto/big shoap} so four hoors later an 400 dollars ah didnae bargain oan spendin oan such an INSIGNIFICANCE!!!!.......ah didnae get whit ah waanted sad.gif

Last day of the holidays the morra, weans jist watched the Rookie oan the telly an are ootside thinkin they're IT wae therr wee baseball gloves oan God love them, mind ye used tae dae things like that laugh.gif

Posted by: keelie gal 3rd Sep 2007, 08:21am

Awww Catherine thats a shame pal and rotten luck eh but at least ye broke doon right outside the garage, I hope ye get tae have yer wee shopping spree at Ikea soon catherine i just love that shop and spend a small fortune everytime i go there canny get enough of all the bargains i tell john im just going there fer a few bits n pieces and end up come oot with trolley loads laugh.gif

Posted by: Anne1 3rd Sep 2007, 08:50am

laugh.gif keelie you no working the day am having tae run fast tae keep up wae you on the boards and am no built for running as well you know gal

Posted by: keelie gal 3rd Sep 2007, 09:21am

aye im working the day anne i go in after lunch i havent been on the boards fer 2 days so i was trying tae catch up laugh.gif

Posted by: RonD 3rd Sep 2007, 12:50pm

Finishin' paintin' the dae. Ah'm paintin' Inga's sewing room, moss green, ah've goat some oan ma erm fae yesterday, ah look like Shrek (aboot the same size tae but ma ears don't stick oot)

Posted by: murn 3rd Sep 2007, 01:42pm

QUOTE (RonD @ 3rd Sep 2007, 09:07 AM) *
Finishin' paintin' the dae. Ah'm paintin' Inga's sewing room, moss green, ah've goat some oan ma erm fae yesterday, ah look like Shrek (aboot the same size tae but ma ears don't stick oot)

ye dae meen yer "van ear" laugh.gif

Posted by: Anne1 3rd Sep 2007, 04:59pm

laugh.gif well today had a wee browse in shops went for coffee in our complex and now tonight am gettin holiday clothes organised as we are going to spain on sunday and then get myself organised as well get prescriptions from doctors see to aw the bits and pieces before a go

Posted by: glasgow lass 3rd Sep 2007, 05:25pm

laugh.gif you lucky lassie you,,,thats twice in the past month whit a b- - - - y life you have eh hen,,, it must be nice tongue.gif

Posted by: angel 3rd Sep 2007, 05:28pm

busy busy Anne,, have a rerr wee holiday tongue.gif

Posted by: lindamac 4th Sep 2007, 09:12am

biggrin.gif did awe ma usual stuff like tidy up & washing etc,Neil finished early the day & came tae take me tae this wholesale Butchers[my son spoke tae us aboot as he saw it online & turns oot its behind where they work] tae get wurr sells a 9lbs in weight pack of restraunt quality grain fed porter house steak[some know this as newyork steak or sirloin] fur 50 bucks noo tae rub it in merr that is aboot 20quid sterling or less[urr yees awe jellis yet?] laugh.gif saw 13lbs of t bone fur 40 quid so will go back for that next time.magic int it? usualy ye pay anything from 15 -25 bucks for2lbs of it in the shopping centres.Brilliant savings so ah cin go buy a hedge trimmer the morra [despite the hard reality of not being able tae use it as it's rain for the rest of the week hahaha]hahahatheres nuff porterhouse steak for tae last us several months och its rerr tae huv a freezer steak hedgetrimmer & rain awe at wance int it.

Posted by: RonD 4th Sep 2007, 10:32am

Funny how yer days changed fae week tae week. Last weekend we hud a rerr time at oor local Jazz festival, this week ( a long weekend) Ah painted Inga's sewin' room. Last Tuesday we hud company fae Australia and did the obligatory trip tae Niagara Falls. This Tuesday ah's sittin' here eatin' ma porridge and comptemplatin' worl day ahead.

Posted by: Java 4th Sep 2007, 12:35pm

QUOTE (lindamac @ 4th Sep 2007, 10:29 AM) *
och its rerr tae huv a freezer steak hedgetrimmer ....

Canny be much good if ye've tae yase a hedgetrimmer oan it....laugh.gif laugh.gif

Posted by: lindamac 5th Sep 2007, 09:55am

laugh.gif Och witt dyee expect oor Java ah canny chow through yoan cowhide doll it'ts oer tuff even if am a wee tough nut frae Glesga so we bought the hedge trimmer as a double edged tool fur tae trim wurr steaks we drink the rainwatter fur refreshments & later oan wurr gonna trim wurr hedges[hope He dinny trim doon wee billy connollys Lord of the squirrels charachter in over the hedge hahaha laugh.gif]

Posted by: Heather 5th Sep 2007, 01:06pm

I did plan to go out today then had a lazy fit, so I just started knitting another aran cardigan for myself for the winter, in a nice pale blue wool.

Posted by: angel 5th Sep 2007, 02:53pm

well I began the day with the best of intentions, but got listening to all the singers on these boards, and so I promise to have a better day tomorrow,,, might do a bit of painting around
the house, ! who knows!.. tongue.gif

Posted by: lindamac 7th Sep 2007, 04:34am

biggrin.gif final ave found time tae kick it back & enjoy my beloved GG woohoo wub.gif

Posted by: Anne1 7th Sep 2007, 04:45am

laugh.gif laugh.gif well this morning I have foot clinic then at 12-15 meeting Glasgow Lass for lunch in Glasgow to which I am really looking forward to then we are taking a quick flip up maryhill then back to her hotel then home for me to get ready to go to see concert at my daughters church, and then bed, So a nice day to look forward to

Posted by: stratson 7th Sep 2007, 08:10am

There's the sun out, so looks like will be heading for N.V.G. Plums about ready to harvesFirst have to see"Jeremy". biggrin.gif

Posted by: keelie gal 7th Sep 2007, 09:23am

seeing as its another hot day today i am heading for the beach with my sarnies and a good book cool.gif

Posted by: Heather 7th Sep 2007, 09:05pm

Friday is the day we clean the house from top to bottom.

After that I did some knitting until the g'children came in. Then I played tennis in the back garden with one of the g'daughters. G'daughter was on the patio, I was on the green and the edging was the net. laugh.gif

Posted by: Elma 7th Sep 2007, 09:44pm

Had a meeting this morning, reviewing the Policy Manual of Kimberley Summer Theatre Society, popped into our Book and Video store and did the cases for the DVDs coming out next Tuesday, next to Grocery store for more milk, home for a quick cup of tea and now I'm relaxing reading todays posts on GG - what an exciting life I lead, haha ohmy.gif

Posted by: RonD 7th Sep 2007, 10:37pm

Uneventful with eventful weather, it feels like 38 degrees wi' this humidity. Ah ran tae the warehoose and loaded up wi' chocolate and sped aff tae delvierit afore it turned tae chocolate soup even wi' the air conditioned van. Noo ah'm an' had a nap and shower an'; decdin' whit kind o beer ah'll huv wi' ma tea. Ah hink we're in furr thunder boomers.....It's a full life!!!!! wink.gif

Posted by: wee mags 8th Sep 2007, 11:57am

well the day am going to my church tag sale, we are still getting all sorts of goodies and baddies as well, its amazing what people send to it ,then tonight its off to our Oyster festival to see and sing along with The Village People they put on such a good show wink.gif

Posted by: Isobel 8th Sep 2007, 12:13pm

Hey Mags sounds great, good luck with the sale. Our church bazar is next month. we are starting to get ready for it. Mind you we have never made the money thats you make, Any secrets you want to share.Have a great time tonight.

Posted by: murn 8th Sep 2007, 05:41pm

meeting my 2 big sisters for a shopaholic day
see ya when my cards shredded

Posted by: Anne1 9th Sep 2007, 04:30am

laugh.gif laugh.gif me what am a doing am taking it real easy folks going to mass then having b/fast out then going for papers and a wee read then ofsky to sunny Spain so be good folks be happy

Posted by: wee mags 9th Sep 2007, 04:46am

well the yank and I had a great time at the oyster Festival ,the Village People once again were great everyone was singing all their songs even the young childrenabout ten and such were singing away it was a good night wink.gif

Posted by: Elma 9th Sep 2007, 06:04am

We had a wee surprise birthday party for my son-in-law tonight. We held it in the back room of the store so that all the staff could take part. Had a rare time and a good laugh, had the office all decorated with streamers and balloons and of course, had pizza and ice cream cake.......mmm..mmm..good. rolleyes.gif laugh.gif

Posted by: lindamac 9th Sep 2007, 08:02am

Wee mags its awe your fault that ave got that village peoples song Go West in ma heid since yesterday when ah read yer post that you would see them tae hahaha canny get thur ither songs oota ma heid the day either laugh.gif wub.gif gled yees hud a rerr terr eh.

Posted by: RonD 9th Sep 2007, 01:21pm


Posted by: Java 9th Sep 2007, 01:36pm

Ah hope your doin the actions there Ron....disny count if yer no doin the actions...

Posted by: Gemini 9th Sep 2007, 01:55pm

well went to Mass then had breakfast noo at 12.30 ah huv tae go back roon tae the church today our priest is celebrating his 35th year ordained so there's a big shindig going oan then so thats where ah'll be, glad you had a great party there Elma and Annie1 you have a great time in sunny Spain.

Posted by: Isobel 9th Sep 2007, 05:43pm

Went to mass then on to Tim Hortons (coffee shop )as usual. Little bit of rain today , so happy about that as we got all our new gardens done this week. Beautiful shrubs and trees. Builder really outdid himself, everyone is pleased with the great job they are doing.So the grass needs some water.Its been very dry .
Hope your sale went well Mags. I bet it was nice to sit and enjoy yourself at night.

Posted by: RonD 10th Sep 2007, 01:01am

Java! ah'm a' puffed oot efterd ae'in a' the actions , Erms up YYYYY erms doon MMM erms bent ower CCCC how dae ye dae a n AAAA again!?

Posted by: wee mags 10th Sep 2007, 01:06am

they put on such a good show and for the fee it cost to get in it was worth it
"In The Navy " Macho Macho Man' here a go again yae!!!!!! Ron you should have seen the antics of the wans who were drunk, they could not keep up with the song but they had a good time biggrin.gif

Posted by: murn 10th Sep 2007, 01:18am

biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

Posted by: wee mags 10th Sep 2007, 01:23am

very funny Murn biggrin.gif but" You cant stop the music" not after you see this group wink.gif

Posted by: stratson 10th Sep 2007, 06:18am

Today am going to my aquarobics, is fantastic how you can do exercises in water you could not ordinarily do. Pain free>>>>>>Magic! Makin' a promise tae masel', nae mare chocs, cakes, am sick o' masel,. S'funny, never ever was a sweetie person but since one o' ma nephews sent me them from France have been addicted, next time a see him am gonny mollicate him. biggrin.gif

Posted by: angel 10th Sep 2007, 12:53pm

don,t mollicate him Stratson, just send the sweeties tae Penny Dainty tongue.gif

Posted by: penny dainty 13th Sep 2007, 01:13am

oh what a wonderful idea Angel biggrin.gif

Posted by: angel 13th Sep 2007, 01:24am

I just knew that you would like that penny.. tongue.gif

Posted by: lindamac 14th Sep 2007, 03:00am

Today Iam preparing for serving a BBQ dinner for 6 as my son,his girlfriend & 2 pals he grew up with are coming over to see my new hoose & eat drink & be merry my bonnie wee daughter is coming tae so shall be lovely times as we havent all been together in same place for at least 4 months so shall look forward to their arrival. biggrin.gif

Posted by: maryhillgal 14th Sep 2007, 03:02am

Have a lovely day Lindamac. Nothing better than all the family together.

Posted by: lindamac 14th Sep 2007, 03:07am

:DThanks for that good will there Maryhillgal cheers yer right nuff ah love ma weans & the extentions of them thur pals cos they urr like faimly ave watched thum awe grow up intae adults lovely eh wub.gif shall huv a wee drinkie raised tae ye this night pal cheery bye,ave got Penny Dainty the morra fur dinner so am oantae a rerrterr weekend eh.

Posted by: penny dainty 14th Sep 2007, 03:14am

no yer no havin me for dinner tomorrow , I refuse to be eaten , besides I'll gie ye indigestion laugh.gif

Posted by: maryhillgal 14th Sep 2007, 03:17am

Pass the Rennies!

Posted by: penny dainty 14th Sep 2007, 03:23am

cannibals I tell you unsure.gif

Posted by: lindamac 14th Sep 2007, 05:30am

laugh.gif Och nae worrys there ma china al make sure ah borow Maryhillgals Rennies hen yeel no affect me & a wee extra drinkie & yeel go doon a treat hen hahaha laugh.gif

Posted by: penny dainty 15th Sep 2007, 02:01am

hells teeth wummin , ahm no comin if ahm the main course!!! mind if ahm the puddin ah could eat masel cause ahm so sweet.HAW HAW HAW laugh.gif ( Gie ye ye boak wouldnt I) tongue.gif

Posted by: wee mags 15th Sep 2007, 03:03am

Lindamac I hope you had a nice day with your family ,dont you jist love it ,I know I do ,and I hope that PD isnae on the menu the morra have fun wink.gif

Posted by: maryhillgal 15th Sep 2007, 03:10am

I'm having my daughter in law and grandkids over today but if I don't get to sleep soon [now 4.00 a.m.] I will be too knackered to enjoy them.

Posted by: Isobel 15th Sep 2007, 03:18am

I had a real busy day .We picked up my daughters wedding dress. Got all her stuff moved into my front room ready for the big day next Saturday.Its going to be a real busy week ahead . First of our company arrive tomorrow ,then another cousin and husband arriving from Glasgow on Monday . . Thursday another cousin and husband arriving from Glasgow.Friday rehersal dinner then Saturday is the big day. Sunday BBQ at my house . I;m a glutton for punishment eh? Anyway I may not be back in for a couple of weeks .Lets hope we get a good day on the 22nd. Its started to get cooler at night now. Ok gang talk soon.

Posted by: murn 15th Sep 2007, 03:18am

get tae yer bed wumman, a thought a wis bad, now 11.00am and am off tae dae the snooze thing. GB night all wub.gif

Posted by: Elma 15th Sep 2007, 05:47am

Isobel, you've got a busy week ahead but it will all be worth it when the wedding goes so well, as I'm sure it will. Congratulations to your daughter and her groom and remember that both Jim and you will have a long time to relax after the celebrations are all over, but don't forget to post some pictures! smile.gif wub.gif

Posted by: toerag 16th Sep 2007, 12:48am

Just had a great day! Had my wee granddaughter for the day, oh it was rerr!! Said to her mum and dad this morning when do you want her home the mammy says anytime John says ok we'll see you on Wednesday!!! Mammy says oh I dont mean that long! took her to meet my neice and her four daughters so everyone had a great time! Isobel, congratulations to your daughter and husband to be and dont forget the pictures!

Posted by: penny dainty 16th Sep 2007, 12:55am

Had dinner at Lindamacs last night , my compliments to the chef , we had a lovely dinner of salmon , followed by steak then crumble, just lovely it was, good comapany , good food.
Today I am going to settle myself on the setee and read a wee Christopher Brookmyer novel and do very little.

Posted by: jakka13 16th Sep 2007, 12:58am

Great days for you and John hen .My day was cutting down flags (iris) and day lilies and everything else that has finished blooming .I got a new mail box like a wee house and I spent the rest of the day inside painting it to look like a proper wee cottage .It's bloming freezing here so electric blanket is on ,fire has been on all day and when I close this post I'm going to go and sit back with a wee splash and enjoy the fire .Had a helluva thought yesterday ,it's only three weeks to our thanksgiving !!!!!!!

Posted by: toerag 16th Sep 2007, 01:02am

and you know whit comes after Thansgiving!!! ohmy.gif

Posted by: Elma 16th Sep 2007, 02:06am

I'm not even thinking about Thanksgiving yet. I had an extremely lazy day today, my daughter is away watching her middle son play volleyball so all I did was check my e-mails and then get settled in to watch all the Still Game that I hadn't seen, what a marathon, but now I've finished all of them and am ready to start on Chewin the Fat or Rab Nesbitt. I'm about computered out right now! mellow.gif biggrin.gif

Posted by: maryhillgal 16th Sep 2007, 04:04am

Is yer wee bum no sore sittin' aw that time?

Posted by: Elma 16th Sep 2007, 04:34am

It was and unfortunately it's not that wee...... laugh.gif

Posted by: lindamac 16th Sep 2007, 06:51am

laugh.gif Cheers oor Dainty girl,thanks for the compliment al accept that with sace oan hahaha,likewise PD only the good company makes the dinner work tae a tee. Yer forgetting tae tell thum awe we wurr bad lassies frae Glesga last night,ppppppssssstttttt GGGems,we ate sports mix sweetys & lucky tatties tae superyummyyum!we wurr greedy wee middens & enjoyed every bit of it laugh.gif a rerr terr scottish meet in the minnie size hahaha,today ave slept late went oot for the paper,lounged aroon hame & noo am oan here tae catch up with yees awe GGGems .Wunner how the ither hauf live eh?

Posted by: lindamac 18th Sep 2007, 05:17am

rolleyes.gif Merr Shopping but the boring type ye know the grubb type eek! tongue.gif

Posted by: witshisname 19th Sep 2007, 06:13pm

Just enjoying the fantastic weather we're having at the moment,seeing all the leaves changing colours,and watchin the weans with their faces trippin as they head back to

Posted by: lindamac 20th Sep 2007, 04:53am

tongue.gif I have done nothing but relax & play with the pc today,haven't made the bed even,Gonna talk hubby intae going oot tae tea Iam a tate furlorn the day so jist haning chillin or whatever ye caw it. rolleyes.gif

Posted by: penny dainty 20th Sep 2007, 06:21am

Looby ya daft eejit , you shoulda given me a wee call , I am off Thursdays.I was at home all day , doing housework and stuff , but hey I would have welcomed the distraction, havin said that the hoose is gleaming again, I like a clean hoose. laugh.gif

Posted by: Marion Niven Dougan 20th Sep 2007, 04:49pm

Ave no done much this past couple of days, due to ma wee scerr. Go today for my Herceptin and lab work. Out tonight fur dinner. Fly to Florida Mon for 9 days, again due to ma wee scerr. Bob is out of town so am gawn tae ma pal in Fl.. In hospital overnight thought I was having a heart attack on Sunday at noon, Bob called 911 anbulance therr i mins, did all the tests including a chemical stress test, all is clear the auld ticker is tickin nicely. Jist dinna want ate be alone.... jist in case !!!!

Posted by: Elma 20th Sep 2007, 05:00pm

Glad to hear it wasn't your heart Marion, but your're quite right, don't be alone. A wee trip to Florida sound good to me.

Today is my daughter's 44th birthday, don't know what we will be doing as she might have made arrangements for dinner with her (separated) husband but if not we'll probably go out for dinner. Guess what I'm hoping tongue.gif

Posted by: andypisces 20th Sep 2007, 05:07pm

Hey Marion hen you take care of yourself. Glad tae hear you were given the all clear.
Back tae the topic. whit am a dain the day. Well i am starting to build a deck with stairs up to my apt from it. the deck will be 38ft long and 12 ft deep. willl have lots of room for the adirondack chairs a table and the barbie. Nice view from it too right acros the river to the island which is just over two hundred yards away from our side if the river. Good fun hitting old golf balls to the island. More go in the water than on the island rolleyes.gif Anyway got tae get back tae it ...bye fur noo.....Andra

Posted by: RonD 20th Sep 2007, 05:12pm

Jings Andra! ah'll huv tae inspect it the next time ah'm in the Ottawa area. Ah'm bring a wee something in a poke tae "Wet the baby's heid"!! rolleyes.gif

Posted by: jaybee 20th Sep 2007, 05:17pm

QUOTE (andypisces @ 20th Sep 2007, 05:24 PM) *
Hey Marion hen you take care of yourself. Glad tae hear you were given the all clear.
Back tae the topic. whit am a dain the day. Well i am starting to build a deck with stairs up to my apt from it. the deck will be 38ft long and 12 ft deep. willl have lots of room for the adirondack chairs a table and the barbie. Nice view from it too right acros the river to the island which is just over two hundred yards away from our side if the river. Good fun hitting old golf balls to the island. More go in the water than on the island rolleyes.gif Anyway got tae get back tae it ...bye fur noo.....Andra

Ahaaaaa...... so its you, noo where dae a send the invoice for the broken windies????? lol. Extended golf season Andra, the weather is great intit?

Posted by: petalpeeps 20th Sep 2007, 06:13pm

Had to have an x-ray done for extreme shoulder pain that the doc thinks is spondylitus. Went to the Southern for it. Didn't get a return ticket as i thought i would be there for hours. Was in and out in 15mins , hubby couldn't believe it , he was there for four hours when he had one done a while ago. laugh.gif

yehh i just learned how to use the emoticons biggrin.gif

Posted by: wee mags 21st Sep 2007, 01:09am

well we are going up to my brother-in-law in New Hampshire for the weekend,its the first time we have been up since his wife died ,he has been down here a few times so we decided we would go up there .I llike it there as he is away in the woods,he has anice view of trees ,ha ha ha
and once in a while you hear a coyote in the woods ,at least it no like when he had rv there we had to use a outhouse,[ I often wonder why they say out house ]its no my idea of a house atawe biggrin.gif

Posted by: stratson 21st Sep 2007, 06:46am

Mags, curiosity is killing me. whit's an rv? Have a rerr weekend, watch oot fur they coyote's biggrin.gif

Posted by: wee mags 21st Sep 2007, 11:12am

Stratson its a caravan or a trailer,there is a movie out with Robin Williams called Rv ,but thats not the kind he had his was an OLD yin some company was getting rid of and he took it ,nae simple pleasures like running water ,you had to fill these big cylanders with water and if you wanted a shower you left them in the sun to get warm ,talk about the aulden days
my daughter would say l dont want to go to the wee house in the prairie ,I want to stay home biggrin.gif

Posted by: maryhillgal 25th Sep 2007, 12:38am

Cannae sleep. Going in to Gartnavel General at 12 o'clock today to get the cataract in my left eye done. Feeling a bit apprehensive but confident that it will be o.k.

Posted by: maryhillgal 25th Sep 2007, 12:39am

Stratson - an RV is a recreation vehicle.

Posted by: betty2 25th Sep 2007, 01:28am

Am gawn gallivantin an am leaving early afore ah get waylaid again rolleyes.gif

still here in glesca

Posted by: Anne1 25th Sep 2007, 02:34pm

laugh.gif laugh.gif Hi there am going backwards so will tell you what I done yesterday we went to a place called Murcia its the capital of this area, the journey was about 50odd miles we went by coach on the way we passed field after field of lemon groves then it was fields of orange groves then next place caught my eye was masses of tree full of olives by time we reached murcia a was starving I was expecting and old type town but very modern beautiful parks buildings lovely old cathederals, and loads of market like stalls and things We had dinner in very nice hotel and we walked for miles and so today all we have done is have a dip in the pool and sit on sun terrace and chill the temp heres is 27 deg so thats me folks

Posted by: angel 25th Sep 2007, 03:43pm

sounds just wonderful Anne, for myself, I,m just doing the usual house work,, it,s a drag, tongue.gif

Posted by: murn 25th Sep 2007, 04:06pm

catching up on some work I have been trying to ignore mad.gif

Posted by: witshisname 25th Sep 2007, 05:11pm

Ahm goin tae the Sunny

Posted by: betty2 25th Sep 2007, 05:37pm

Anne is therr a pc at the pool?????????????????

still here in glesca

Posted by: stuarty 25th Sep 2007, 09:43pm

a went to the dentist and was told by thursday 4teeth lighter 2 extractions and my plate refitted and the docs thismornin life great when having fun going to all these nice places anne1 hurry back as we need you but tomorrow bob will be in ma hoose eating breakfast whoopee laugh.gif

Posted by: Catherine 26th Sep 2007, 01:09pm

After aw that work ye'v jist goat in the dentist Stuarty ah hope Bob likes mushy peas...sounds as if that's aw ye'll be able tae eat !
Have a great holiday Bob laugh.gif

Well, ahm away tae paint ma front door again, back tae red...Chookie's comin doon next week anna like tae keep her oan her toes an confuse her aboot which hoose is mine laugh.gif

Posted by: Anne1 26th Sep 2007, 02:18pm

laugh.gif laugh.gif No Betty no PC besides pool just lovely little internet cafe that serves lovely cakes coffee and sometimes neville sits and has coffee with brandy while I potter about here for a wee while and its it a nice wee end to my afternoon and then we have a wee walk about then have dinner, pool only 60yds from house and cafe 100yds.and we are still in the lovely sunshine till monday.Thought it might have been you that got the million but alas no. temp still 26

Posted by: Anne1 26th Sep 2007, 02:26pm

laugh.gif laugh.gif getting dozy thought Id posted this in bettys room[sign of ageing]

Posted by: Anne1 26th Sep 2007, 02:32pm

laugh.gif laugh.gif what did i do today up very early went for a dip in pool sat on sun terrace then Seans two friends came and took us out to lunch before they go home tomorrow[nice lads] and we went to and old village and restuarant which served proper spanish type food which neville liked I stuck to salad steak and magnifecent ice cream had a little walk round came back had another dip in pool then wee walk here maybe boring but very enjoyable to us.

Posted by: Java 26th Sep 2007, 08:04pm

Our telly finally gave up the ghost at the weekend. By Monday, Mr. Java has a new wan ordered, will be ready for collection Wednesday. It’s the fastest ah’ve seen him make a decision in years, but he swears the football has nothing tae do wi it. Anyways, phones this morning tae make sure telly is there before we set off, tae Newcastle of all places…

“Wey aye Mrs. Java, ah’m sittin here lookin arit as we speak”…

Ah don’t know if ye’ve ever been in Newcastle drivin…they have a wonderful traffic system…all roads take ye intae the town centre and then they jist hit ye wi big signs sayin ‘no car lane’…so ah presume some great big hand is supposed tae jist come oot the sky and lift ye up and put ye somewhere else, but it didny for us, so forty six traffic violations later, we finally get tae John Lewis.

Every telly in the place is the size of a wee hoose, so ah’m a bit concerned at exactly whit Mr. Java has agreed tae…however…
“Here ye are Mr. Java, lovely new telly”
“It is indeed, but it’s not the one we ordered”
“It must be…”
“It isn’t!”
“Well ah’ll joost call wor manager – he’ll sort yas oot”

The ‘manager’ is six if he’s a day…..awfy sorry blah blah, don’t know how this could happen, blah blah…sure we can sort something oot…..bein six, he clearly disny realise that when ye’ve already gone through yer weans grow up, the UN's clamourin for yer negotiatin skills…so wi’ two hundred pounds off the price and a boxa dvd’s for wur inconvenience, we leave wi temporary telly and delivery promised for Friday….laugh.gif

Posted by: stuarty 27th Sep 2007, 05:04pm

oh java if you fell in the doo doo you would cum up smellin o roses lucky thing

my dentist cancelled on me today so a have got to go in saturday at 11am so am still half gumsey biggrin.gif laugh.gif

Posted by: toerag 28th Sep 2007, 02:38am

Here's whit I did the day, had a wee visitor biggrin.gif we had a rerr day, al least I know ah did!


Posted by: jakka13 28th Sep 2007, 02:47am

Lucky you toerag .She's a wee smasher .I cleaned the inside of the boat and cut back some plants today .The boat will come out tomorrow and I'll do the outside then .

Posted by: toerag 28th Sep 2007, 02:50am

Hi Jakka, ye've had great weather for getting all your chores done, not be long now till you are back in the city sad.gif

Posted by: wee mags 28th Sep 2007, 11:50am

what a wee smasher , wub.gif I bet you are enjoying her ,loved her wee smile ,was that for Nana ,Granma,Granny? , or what ever they call you

Posted by: Anne1 28th Sep 2007, 02:41pm

laugh.gif laugh.gif Hi Toerag what a smasher, she is absolutely gorgeous enjoy pal enjoy

Posted by: Heather 6th Oct 2007, 02:08pm

Got my Flu Jab this morning, then headed into town and picked up some Holiday Brochure's. Hope to go away for a few weeks soon, somewhere nice and warm.

Going to the Vigil Mass tonight, then hubby is taken me out for a meal and a wee drink. smile.gif

Posted by: glasgow lass 6th Oct 2007, 02:38pm

laugh.gif Heather that sounds like a smashin way tae spend yir day and night,,enjoy hen. aha jist came infae the gym and its bucketin oot,, huge bangs of thunder aha thought that somebiddy wiz droapin the weights on the floor but naw it wiz the thunder,,aha might go get mah hair cut bit ah've no decided yet,,,,, smile.gif

Posted by: murn 6th Oct 2007, 02:47pm

Going on a wee drive around. Lookin round for a wee plot of land tae build on.
Heather stay away fae the mint cream the night, it disna agree wae you. An take they rollers oot or put yer scarf over them tongue.gif

Posted by: Heather 6th Oct 2007, 02:53pm

Lass, you had me looking out the window to see if it was raining. laugh.gif

It's nice and dry here today and warmer than it has been the past few days.

Better take a big brolly with you, or your new hair do will get washed out. sad.gif

Posted by: murn 6th Oct 2007, 02:59pm

QUOTE (glasgow lass @ 6th Oct 2007, 10:55 AM) *
Heather that sounds like a smashin way tae spend yir day and night,,enjoy hen. aha jist came infae the gym and its bucketin oot,, huge bangs of thunder aha thought that somebiddy wiz droapin the weights on the floor but naw it wiz the thunder,,aha might go get mah hair cut bit ah've no decided yet,,,,, smile.gif

it wisna thunder GL, ma toes will never be the same sad.gif

Posted by: Anne1 6th Oct 2007, 03:01pm

laugh.gif well a went to bingo should have stayed at home would have saved money still a will go and see whit heathers up to [probably the baileys again]

Posted by: Heather 6th Oct 2007, 03:01pm

You slipped in there Murn. You too Anne.

I forgot all about the Mint Cream. Might try it tonight.

I don't wear scarfs, just a hat like Mrs Mac. laugh.gif I got put off scarfs when a Teacher told a girl in my class, " take that duster off your head, we only wear hats in this school ", and we were still in the playground. laugh.gif

Murn, are you building a new house ??????????

Posted by: glasgow lass 6th Oct 2007, 04:10pm

laugh.gif laugh.gif Aye Heather she's building aha dug hoose,,,,,,ferr you know who.

Posted by: glasgow lass 6th Oct 2007, 04:18pm

laugh.gif Aye Anne better luck next time hen,,,diz that help ataw,,, tongue.gif

Posted by: Anne1 6th Oct 2007, 04:20pm

laugh.gif laugh.gif will take more than luck to let me win

Posted by: glasgow lass 6th Oct 2007, 04:29pm

Anne next time yi go take yir lucky charm waeyi,,,,Mr Luck Neve,,, wub.gif

Posted by: penny dainty 8th Oct 2007, 06:45am

went to work , came home and made a peppermint slice , an apple bakewell and a pot of chicken soup, anyone coming over for tea? biggrin.gif

Posted by: Java 8th Oct 2007, 07:01am

Never mind the tea, jist get me straight tae the apple bakewell....biggrin.gif

Posted by: Anne1 8th Oct 2007, 07:50am

laugh.gif laugh.gif after ive been at penny daintys I am going to falkirk to buy birthday presents for 3 g/kids got to get them early cause they are going to england should be fun present for g/son easy next two for 9yr old and 11yr ild should be a nightmare as both are so fashion concious and I always buy them clothes[I like it really] just telling you what am doing the day

Posted by: Anne1 8th Oct 2007, 07:52am

laugh.gif laugh.gif after ive been at penny daintys I am going to falkirk to buy birthday presents for 3 g/kids got to get them early cause they are going to england should be fun present for g/son easy next two for 9yr old and 11yr ild should be a nightmare as both are so fashion concious and I always buy them clothes[I like it really] just telling you what am doing the day

Posted by: stratson 8th Oct 2007, 09:53am

Today I would dearly like to go up to garden again, alas, have not recovered from yesterday's stint.Have to get flu jab too, will play it by ear. P.D. Don't want your cake or soup, am sure is lovely>>>Some of your energy please! biggrin.gif

Posted by: Java 8th Oct 2007, 10:51am

Ah'll have Stratson's share of the cake fank yew...biggrin.gif

Posted by: glasgow lass 8th Oct 2007, 05:01pm

laugh.gif Aye got the burd in the oven noo should be cooked aboot five,,,set the table last nite ferr the gang the day and mah mother makes the best cakes so she'll bring the desert,,,,,and Ive got everything else, aha hope they aw bring a big apatite as there is lots of nice food tae be eaten here on this lovely thanksgiving day, have a great day all were ever yi may be,,,Lass wub.gif

Posted by: Java 8th Oct 2007, 05:02pm

GL could ye jist ask yer mammy tae make a wee detour please, ah'll no keep her long...biggrin.gif

Posted by: glasgow lass 8th Oct 2007, 05:24pm

Aye Java she would most definatly stop at yir hoose hen as she's a good wee soul.. bit she's already left tongue.gif ,,,but ah'll save yi a nice plate so yi cin come the morrah ferr left overs, or aha'll shove another burd in the oven jist ferr you Java wub.gif

Posted by: Java 8th Oct 2007, 05:33pm

Oh it wis yer mammy's contribution ah wis wantin hen...jist tae taste test it, ye understand...canny have ye bein disapointit.....laugh.gif

Posted by: glasgow lass 8th Oct 2007, 06:42pm

Aye Java,,, in that case I'll send yi a dogy bag,,mah mammy'll drop it aff at yirr hoose oan her way back hame as aha goat her a roond trip ticket lets no firget noo she's here ferr a good time no a long time ,,, tongue.gif laugh.gif

Posted by: Heather 8th Oct 2007, 10:20pm

Well I didn't do anything exciting today. I spent the afternoon washing the windows and the frames. Also washed some glass ornaments, vases etc.

I spent the rest of the day watching a DVD. Series 3 of Soldier, Soldier.

While watching the DVD, I finished off an Aran cardigan for our 6yrs old g'daughter and started knitting another one for her sister. The cardigans are both Red, so I told them they can choose the buttons themselves. smile.gif

Posted by: Anne1 9th Oct 2007, 07:29am

laugh.gif laugh.gif well today Im going to do things I was going to do yesterday my plans came unstuck yesterday.Firstly comp was playing up couldnt get in or out of mail then wee neighbour next door wasnt well so sat with her till her daughter came then top it all some old neighbours came to visit so all plans were kaput. Hopefully of to falkirk today to buy birthday pressies

Posted by: Java 9th Oct 2007, 08:56am

Have ye warned the good folk of Falkirk? laugh.gif

Posted by: keelie gal 9th Oct 2007, 09:06am

laugh.gif laugh.gif well anne i hope ye have a lovely day out in falkirk and ye bag some good wee bargains

Posted by: betty2 9th Oct 2007, 09:28am

Today my plams were going into the city, but not a nice day so will stay home and catch up wae the ironing Not exciting but necessary tongue.gif

still here in glesca

Posted by: wee mags 9th Oct 2007, 02:08pm

well its overcast here the day, but am no complaning after all the humidity we have had I welcome it ,but the day will brighten up as my Grandaughter is coming over and we will take her out to lunch
nothing fancy but she likes when we take her out ,
then we will pick up Andrew at his day care ,he goes there three times a wekk ,my daughter and her hubby think its too much for me everyday, sad.gif makes me feel old, but at times he is a handful ,he is at the age where he is into everything

Posted by: Marion Niven Dougan 9th Oct 2007, 03:00pm

It is going into the 90's today, here in the good old USA. Doing laundry ( we do not hang out laundry here) Dryer is a neccessity not a luxury here. Bob is in Alabama on business until Friday evening. The kids are picking me up at 6:30 and taking me for dinner, an mibbee, jit mibbee a wee gless o red biddy wub.gif

Posted by: Anne1 9th Oct 2007, 04:05pm

laugh.gif laugh.gif enjoy marion enjoy the red biddy

Posted by: penny dainty 10th Oct 2007, 10:09pm

Getting packed up to go away to the caravan for a few days

Posted by: RonD 10th Oct 2007, 11:32pm

Hello Marion: When you say that dryer is a necessity, do you mean you can't hang out a wash, as in not allowed by a city bylaw? Here in Ontario, the provincial governement is going on about saving electricty in every heat spell and turn up your air conditioning and not to do laundry at peak hours etc. However, the ludricous thing is that in towns and city is a by law that you are not allowed to hang out a wash because of estetics (sp?) It really makes you wonder?

Posted by: Anne1 11th Oct 2007, 12:18am

laugh.gif laugh.gif well im not making to many plans for today as last two days have all backfired, so taking it easy my daughter is coming from ullapool for a few days s o that will be nice and we are going to see about getting a car as after report from garage on M>O>T was not good so needs must , so folks thats me for today

Posted by: stratson 11th Oct 2007, 12:22am

Like yourself am not making plans, one thing for sure though, will be going back to the Dr,(Quack)

Posted by: maryhillgal 11th Oct 2007, 01:02am

Taking my elderly aunt and uncle to Harry Ramsdens for a good old fish supper at lunchtime. Looking forward to it.

Posted by: lindamac 11th Oct 2007, 02:05am

biggrin.gif Well Iam chillin it today hanging oot oan Pc etc done awe my everyday stuff so shall enjoy this we rareity of time oan Pc Gonna go tae shops tonight as its late opening untill 9pm so need tae take back a top I bought that had 2 wee greasy stains oan it so thur gonna let me swap it for a skirt I like insteed being as its a sale item cannae get cash back.God I sound boring right nuff och well mibees al talk Neil intae taking me tae oor favourite steakhouse for dinner annawe so ah dinny huvty cook thats merr worthwhile int it :lol:Och aye ave also got maself awe chipper noo ave put a wee cd oan yeel never guess where ah got it? It's a mixed artists soul music of the 70-80s CD I got it oota the Sunday paper when ah was last hame in Glesga oota the sunday Mail hink it was didney even bother with the paper jist wanted the cd hahaha laugh.gif

Posted by: betty2 11th Oct 2007, 02:22am

Efter the vet an the hairdresser, precious little but if anything interesting turns up am there rolleyes.gif

still here in glesca

Posted by: George Muir 11th Oct 2007, 02:33am

It seems to be a condominium law down this way, no hanging out your laundry, the result is we are using lots of electricity. You know that stuff that we're supposed to be using lightly (pardon the pun). Another no-no is you can't have a TV satellite!!! Condo living has some drawbacks.

Posted by: Anne1 12th Oct 2007, 09:59pm

laugh.gif laugh.gif slightly of topic whit have a done the day Ny daughter is here for a few days and she has run me ragged visiting ,shops , re arranged food cupboards[nothing up with it] then garden centre, then away picking up my other daughter from work who then had to go to bank big queue there then back here for coffee cakes she then said to me mum you & dad should be taking things at slower pace instead of running around the way you do[me run a can hardly waggle now] anyway shes gone to my daughters so peace till Saturday when shes coming to bingo with me, so spare a thought for one knackered wumin the day

Posted by: Heather 12th Oct 2007, 10:03pm

Awe my hearts bleeding for you. laugh.gif

If you have a spare daughter send her my way. laugh.gif

Posted by: Anne1 12th Oct 2007, 10:06pm

laugh.gif laugh.gif heather she wants to do my wardrobe on monday god help me

Posted by: Heather 12th Oct 2007, 10:09pm

God help your wardrobe. Well she might treat you to a few new outfits if she thinks you need updated. laugh.gif

Aye right, says you. sad.gif

Posted by: glasgow lass 13th Oct 2007, 12:00am

laugh.gif Aye tae stay on topic aha was jist remembering the day how that Anne wan drives her cor ,,, fast, agresive, darts in and oot the traffic like a speedin bullet on a mission, and confident ,,,whit,,, never saw the likes'oit in mah life,,,

Posted by: betty2 13th Oct 2007, 12:40am

Whit ah,ll be daen the day is goin tae the bingo am on a roll rolleyes.gif

still here in glesca

Posted by: wee mags 13th Oct 2007, 01:27am

my daughter is having a wee birthday for Andrew he will be two next week so she is having it on Saturday for his wee pals ,"Ma do you think you could make some Baked zitiand meatballs?" oh how about some of your mac and cheese for the wee yins,
I know why am invited dae you ? wink.gif

Posted by: Elma 13th Oct 2007, 04:46am

And Mags you wouldn't want it any other way............ tongue.gif

Posted by: RonD 13th Oct 2007, 10:26am

We're supposed tae to go oot tae dinner at a pal's place aboot an hoor away, same toon as Toerag lives in. This cauld o' mine is fair draggin' along an' ah huvnae stoapped since last weekend. So ah' think ah'll droap Mrs RonD at her sisters and her man since they're gaun tae, and head hame fourra rest. Ah already goat ma column done furra Scottish Banner. It's only wance a amonth an' only takes two hoors tae write, but talk aboot procastrination!!! ah squeeze every nanosecond ah cin afore the deadline.!!!!

Posted by: glasgow lass 14th Oct 2007, 03:21am

Aye RonD,,,,,time tae chuck the tea and hit the good stuff tongue.gif

Posted by: Rab 14th Oct 2007, 08:16pm

De-flea'd ma dug the day.

Posted by: Anne1 14th Oct 2007, 08:50pm

laugh.gif sorry a asked rab

Posted by: maryhillgal 15th Oct 2007, 12:27am

Going to the surgery to get ma flu jab and a blood test. Dead exciting eh - ah canny wait!! {kiddin on].

Posted by: betty2 15th Oct 2007, 04:07am

Dont know yet , hud a hectic week-end so might jist chill out tongue.gif

still here in glesca

Posted by: keelie gal 15th Oct 2007, 08:21am

Going to do my weekly shop at asdas today .....groan smile.gif

Posted by: Melody 15th Oct 2007, 08:43am

Well it's miserable here so ah'm ironin'....... again!!! sad.gif Could life hold more? laugh.gif

Posted by: RonD 15th Oct 2007, 12:04pm

ah;m a way tae sell some Dundee cake, any takers?

Posted by: Java 15th Oct 2007, 12:39pm

Will ye take the nuts oot it first?

Posted by: witshisname 15th Oct 2007, 01:12pm

I went fer a wee walk up tae Castlemilk the day,Then Grabbed the bus fer shawlands but decided tae get aff at Battlefield and go into the ''Glass House'' in Queen's park.Got to see some lovely plants and wee animals.
Took a walk thru Queen's park towards Victoria Road managed tae get a couple of pics of some rabbits,and a Squirrel.
Stood up at the flag pole and took some lovely snaps of the surrounding area,most of the trees are bare but the leaves that are still there look great,some really bright colours.
I then walked doon Victoria road and grabbed the #5 bus into toon,ran aroon lookin fer some good deals,jumped intae M&S tae see if java's cardy had shown up..the answer was sort of? i asked fer a green one wae white flowers,they had a white one with green i telt em to stick it tongue.gif .
I'll keep lookin fer yer cardy biggrin.gif

Posted by: glasgow lass 15th Oct 2007, 02:43pm

laugh.gif Aye ahm jist leaving ferr the Falls as ive got the day aff work,,its a wee bit cool but nae matter its still a day oot,,see yi aw later ,, tongue.gif

Posted by: RonD 15th Oct 2007, 11:19pm

Which Falls izzat, GL? an' oh by the wey Java, cannae dae nuffin' aboot the nuts , they're a' oan GG (hehehehe) tongue.gif laugh.gif

Posted by: glasgow lass 15th Oct 2007, 11:41pm

laugh.gif The big, big big wans RonD,,,,,Niagra Falls tongue.gif

Posted by: betty2 15th Oct 2007, 11:53pm

Waitin in fur the gas man got a safety check due, probably sit half the day, never understand why they canny tell yi when theyre comin, its like the secret service

still here in glesca

Posted by: jakka13 16th Oct 2007, 12:13am

Well got up walked on the treadmill 45 minutes ,Ate breakfast did four loads laundry .Worked my way through dusting window sills and baseboards etc .Sorted out some presents for the great grand weans .Birthdays coming up .Cleaned up after supper .Tidied my craft room a wee bit and now I'm going to knit .

Posted by: RonD 16th Oct 2007, 01:11am

Jings GL. I wiz jist alkin' tae a pal o' mine the day, as he wiz goin' tae the falls wi' company ower fae Scotland. Ah wiz tellin' how the Falls make me yawn since ah lived in the toon furr nine years when ah first came tae Canada.

Posted by: keelie gal 16th Oct 2007, 08:44am

well im making a big pot o soup today ...yum yum biggrin.gif

Posted by: witshisname 16th Oct 2007, 10:38am

Well I'm goin tae see ma wee auntie and ma cousin the day. biggrin.gif

Posted by: RonD 16th Oct 2007, 12:31pm

Yer huvvin' a busy time o' it Bob, sounds like a magic trip. Keelie! bags oan a plate o' that soup!

Posted by: RonD 17th Oct 2007, 12:25am

Well, its official and dinnae shoot the messenger!!!!! huh.gif
The day, ah delivered the first round o' selection boaxes! There ah've said it. Its no even Hallowe'en and we're goat the Christmas bits in the shoaps!!! Its like seeing shorts in the shoap windae in February, the world's topsy turvy, is it no?

Posted by: penny dainty 17th Oct 2007, 10:31pm

yep Ron , the Christmas stock is coming into the shops here as well.
I am planning a wee jaunt over to the shops with my Mum today, day off from work so we'll have lunch and a wee spot of retail therapy.

Posted by: lindamac 18th Oct 2007, 05:43am

rolleyes.gif Och ave ended up dain nowt in particular since Neil chinged his mind aboot gaun tae the Goldcoasts INDY track furra drive oan the track afore it awe starts next week.Seems they are awe practicing the drive themselves so it's awe blocked tae the locals so weev done very little but eat huv tea & Neils playing himself at snooker & Iam oan the PC och well He is oan hoaliday ah spose but am jist being lazy so am urr. laugh.gif

Posted by: glasgow lass 18th Oct 2007, 11:07am

Aye you would think that ive got nothing to do sitting dodiling here ,,,going intae work soon so im away ferr a shower and a wee bit of sent lassies,,see yi aw later ,,Lass

Posted by: wee mags 19th Oct 2007, 01:11am

well me I celebrated 49 yrs of being in America ,I left My beloved Maryhill on Oct 17th 1958,and I arrived in America on the 18th 1958 ,
And tomorrow am going to the Casino ,the Mohegan Sun for the day ,it s fun as long as you know you only have so much to spend and thats it rolleyes.gif

Posted by: Tennscot 19th Oct 2007, 05:52am

Ah`ll Tell ye this.....It`s wan in the moarnin and there`s been a Tornado watch for the last few ooors!! Noo a severe Thunderstorm should be here aboot twenty minutes `n i`ll huv tae shut doon in haud the wife s Haun. She`s feart `cos we `ve been thro` a few Hurricanes `n ah wis injured wae a Tornado . all in Florida. She sez " I would not have came to Tennessee if I`d Known about this crap." There`s nae pleasin sum folks. so that`s whit ah`m daein the day

Posted by: Tennscot 19th Oct 2007, 06:55am

2.03am... It`s passed nuffin much , we lucked out ...a gap in the storm front jist 10min heavy rain. Way tae ma bed `Night all biggrin.gif

Posted by: Melody 19th Oct 2007, 08:52am

Night Night Tennscot, the two of you stay safe. smile.gif

Posted by: Anne1 19th Oct 2007, 10:02am

laugh.gif laugh.gif Been up since early for Nevs appt at Drs test was to take two hours got there in you come says she, just a blood test the day neville so I explained about tolerance test she said oh that came back fine last time just a simple blood test now shattered gonnae lie on the bed so thats ma day jiggered.
glad your safe tennscot

Posted by: glasgow lass 19th Oct 2007, 11:00am

take it easy Anne smile.gif

Posted by: glasgow lass 19th Oct 2007, 11:01am

and Tennscot! biggrin.gif

Posted by: murn 19th Oct 2007, 11:33am

darn... I've burt ma porridge again sad.gif

Posted by: Tennscot 19th Oct 2007, 06:47pm

Thanks Gals..Everything fine....Breezy but sunny ..Temp 73*f

Posted by: Melody 19th Oct 2007, 07:15pm

Good Tennscot, hope the two of you got a good night's sleep. smile.gif

Posted by: murn 19th Oct 2007, 08:19pm

jist finished 3 loads of washing, hey #10 got 3 more bags for ironing, yee can skip the socks and undies, a nice wee bit of spray starch on the sheets please wub.gif
where's that lassie hidin?

Posted by: Elma 20th Oct 2007, 06:13am

Sheets!!! iron sheets huh.gif I take them out of the dryer right away and fold, does it for me biggrin.gif

Posted by: jakka13 20th Oct 2007, 04:51pm

Well I just made a wee mattress and pillow for a bed for the wee baby doll I got Delaney for her birthday ,now I'm going to make about four dozen potato scones .

Posted by: George Muir 20th Oct 2007, 05:18pm

ohmy.gif Murn, I burned ma toast the last 2 days for my midnight snack, the smoke alarm came on and took ages to switch off. A was daein ma nut, the neighbours wid wonder what a wis up tae

Posted by: glasgow lass 20th Oct 2007, 05:27pm

Hi George ,,,yi must stoap daein that yir gettin tae be the talk o'the toon laugh.gif wub.gif

Posted by: penny dainty 21st Oct 2007, 12:07am

just going to get the bacon and egg on for the Sunday brekkie, yum sizzle!

Posted by: maryhillgal 21st Oct 2007, 01:32am

I'm going to make a pot of Lentil soup today then, if the weather is nice, might go a wee run to Arrochar or somewhere up the Loch. I just love Loch Lomond, but hate the midgies, they eat me alive.

Posted by: toerag 21st Oct 2007, 02:20am

Maryhillgal, whats your secret to a good pot o lentil soup, my mum made the best but I never seem to get it just right?

Posted by: murn 21st Oct 2007, 03:41am

QUOTE (George Muir @ 20th Oct 2007, 01:35 PM) *
ohmy.gif Murn, I burned ma toast the last 2 days for my midnight snack, the smoke alarm came on and took ages to switch off. A was daein ma nut, the neighbours wid wonder what a wis up tae

George, I set ma fire alarm off all the time, am gonny break ma neck one of these days runnin doon tae the basement tae turn the blidy thing off. I think I wis a Pyromaniac in another life, naw wait a minute, am wan the noo. That's why a hate ironing as well, ever smelt wool burning. Hubby swears am gonny burn the hoose doon wan of these days sad.gif

Posted by: RonD 21st Oct 2007, 07:28pm

Assemblin a new wid cover furr oor well, so we don't fa' in!!!!

Posted by: jakka13 21st Oct 2007, 11:07pm

I've been having a day off .I finished all the wee bits for the doll .Decided before I get back into the Highland Cattle and all the other stuff I've got going I'd have a day with nothing to do .Went up to a wee outside market and puttered around .Came home and did some wee craft things that really don't take any effort and helps me relax ( needed a wee fix ) cooked chicken on my indoor grill and now I'm on here .As someone else said "Tomorrow is another day " I'll pick up my stitching and go again .I'm going to try and finish it for my daughters birthday Dec 7th .
How ye doin' Ron ,and Inga?

Posted by: maryhillgal 22nd Oct 2007, 12:19am

Toerag - try and get ham bones/ribs or a ham hoch [don't know if that's how you spell it] or if you are really stuck try ham stock cubes. Bring your bones/ribs,hoch/ham joint to the boil and then let it simmer away for a few hours. Steep your lentils and split peas overnight [I always add split peas but if you don't want to then don't add them] then dice up your carrot, turnip and leek [potato is optional]. Bring to the boil then simmer until all the vegetables are soft. I leave it to cool and then put it through the blender. You can sprinkle with parsley [optional also].

Sometimes I buy a nice ham or gammon joint for boiling and the stock from it gives you a great pot of soup also. If it is smoked ham then I bring it to the boil, chuck out the water and boil it again because the first boiling is very salty.

Hope this helps you.

Posted by: maryhillgal 22nd Oct 2007, 12:21am

P.S. Made my lentil soup but didn't get the run to Loch Lomond as the weather wasn't good. Maybe next weekend.

Posted by: betty2 22nd Oct 2007, 12:27am

MHG I add a sprinklin of coriander tae ma soup gies that wee bit extra flavour try it biggrin.gif

As soon as daybreaks , ah,m strippin two beds fur the wash and then a trolley dash
. Ah hate mondays

still here in glesca

Posted by: toerag 22nd Oct 2007, 01:09am

MHG thanks for the lentil soup, will give it a try this week, weather is supposed to get a bit colder towards the end of the week, they even mention SNOW flurries by the end of the week, and today is 25 degrees, weather all mixed up, but will be ready for the cold weather with my lentil soup! thanks!

Posted by: glasgow lass 22nd Oct 2007, 01:09am

betty yir a busy wummin

Posted by: maryhillgal 22nd Oct 2007, 01:12am

Yer no kidding Glasgowlass, ah'm breathless jist readin' her post!!

Ah'' try the coriander next time Betty. Thanks fur the tip.

Posted by: penny dainty 22nd Oct 2007, 03:31am

mmm I love corriander, better in curries though not too sure about soup , but you never know till you try , I will give it a go.

Posted by: lindamac 23rd Oct 2007, 03:01am

biggrin.gif Just catching up on the boards & relaxing it is too hot for anything else but staying indoors in aircon.Mind you ave the food shopping tae get in later on but thats the wack for today. biggrin.gif Anyone got any suggestions for a headache cure as ave had the worst kind of headache these past 4 days in a trot cannae shake it Iam sure it is of a hormonal nature myself as it won't shift at all.

Posted by: RonD 23rd Oct 2007, 07:38am

Hope yer feelin' better Linda, dae yeez huv Advil gel there in OZ, ah find it does a treat furra headache. Make sure yer drinkin' plenty o' watter tae.

Posted by: stuarty 23rd Oct 2007, 02:49pm

the washing is getting done as is the cleaning when a get sombody to dust as a get puffed oot and the boys never watered my plant,s when takeing the wee dug oot so a had to soak them a few died grr but thats boys when you ask them to look after the hoose for a few weeks dry.gif rolleyes.gif

Posted by: Tennscot 23rd Oct 2007, 03:04pm

We`ve got our much needed rain and I`m not working on the garage Build out, Soooooo. I gonnae watch Rangers V Barcelona LIVE on the PC . with no guilty feelings about helping my son in Law.

Posted by: petalpeeps 24th Oct 2007, 12:57am

Had to perform major surjery before bedtime laugh.gif
Teddy was burst and needed stitchin , why is it you can spend
and spend , yet it's something as simple as fixin teddy that
gets the best reaction : unsure.gif :

Posted by: betty2 24th Oct 2007, 01:09am

I,ve got ironin ahead of me today, huh.gif then chillin out till bingo time biggrin.gif

still here in glesca

Posted by: lindamac 24th Oct 2007, 02:16am

smile.gif Thankyou Rond for yer kind remarks I do take plenty watter pal aboot 3 litres a day as it is too hoat here & naw ave not tried advil but may well go get it today as Ive still got the darn heaidache am sure it must be the weather or summitt .They dae sell Advil here, it 's the heat or hormonal am at that age ye know witta mean hahaha, actually Men get that age tae sometimes haha anyhoo al get the advil since ye recomend it try it oot & see pal thanks for yer concern mate.

Just got cleaning & tidying to do today & a big cook up which ah dae often especialy since I went to the Butcher factory wholesaler/outlet,got some major bargains such as several kgs of Rib fillett ,Porterhouse steak ,steak mince, T bones & Rump there as well as bacon pork lamb & ham so will cook up a few storms tae freeze. Ah huvty bag & freez rest intae bundles as required ,so again anither boring day since Neils back at work. Jings ye miss thum when theyve been aff oan hoaliday then they go back again,I was jist getting used tae him aroon noo he is away again rolleyes.gif

Posted by: lindamac 24th Oct 2007, 02:23am

laugh.gif How sweet Petalpeeps that is such a lovely special wee job for the weans sure it is when ye save that tired auld teddy frae anither wee hole or popped oot eyeball och that reminded me of the days mum took me to the dolly hospital doon the high street somewheres when ah was wee tae fix ma broken dollys mind ye there was nowt I could do tae save my wee daughters teddys etc she tugged & pult every bitta fluffy affa thum till they wurr bald she has kept thum tae madness it is tae me but she loves thum awe still & she is now 19yrs young.cute huh? rolleyes.gif

Posted by: lindamac 24th Oct 2007, 06:58am

tongue.gif Iam being awe chuffed wi maself efter a year o trying ave finaly grasped oantae how tae post a real photograph ontae GG woohoo laugh.gif

Posted by: glasgow lass 24th Oct 2007, 11:07am

laugh.gif aye,,, ahm jist going oot the door soon tae hustle a buck as usual then home tae clean up a wee bit as ive decided tae go with mah pal tae Buffalo on Friday so'll get mah hoose work done when aha get in,,,then its aff tae the gym farr a few hrs , double class tonight ( help ),,,,, anyway lassies and guys see yi aw later,, Lass biggrin.gif

Posted by: stuarty 24th Oct 2007, 11:48am

aww am going for breast screening this afternoon not looking forward to that as it is painful boo hoo but a must

Posted by: murn 24th Oct 2007, 12:57pm

QUOTE (glasgow lass @ 24th Oct 2007, 07:24 AM) *
decided tae go with mah pal tae Buffalo on Friday so'll get mah hoose work done when aha get in,,,then its aff tae the gym

"Lass" don't you go buying everything doon there leave some for me and put in a wee half hour fur me at the gym wink.gif
Have tae get intae the grind today been procastinating sad.gif need tae make some money for Buffalo next week.

Posted by: maryhillgal 24th Oct 2007, 01:09pm

Aw the best Stuarty wae yer breast screening. I am going to the Western Infirmary today to see the 'hip man.' [Orthopaedics]. I was offered injections before but turned them down [I have bursitis in my hips]. I think today I will opt to have the injections as I am sick of the pain and the amount of sleep I lose because of it. I hope they work. I was reluctant to have them because they are steroid injections and I already take steroids for polymyalgia in my shoulders plus I have to take booster dozes of them when I get a chest infection. I'm not complaining because there are people a helluva lot worse than me but I hate putting stuff into my body because of side effects. Steroids help some things but cause a lot of others [weight gain, thinning of skin etc to name but two]. Anyway, as the song goes "Always look on the bright side of life!!"

Posted by: glasgow lass 24th Oct 2007, 07:46pm

Aye MG,,,, ah'll dae that ferr yi hen ,,,,,, but it'll cost yi, whit will it cost yi ask( tongue.gif ) well lets say a few bags of mah goodies that aha buy in Buffalo stashed in yir trunk,,, and if yi get caught ,,, yi dont know me ,,, deal hen laugh.gif

Posted by: Heather 24th Oct 2007, 08:00pm

Stuarty I don't envy, you as Breast Screening is painful but necessary.

I decided to start putting up the winter curtains today. Started on the sitting room and wore myself out as the curtains are very heavy, lined and double width as our downstairs windows are almost 8feet wide.. Of course I had to wash the windows again, as you can't put clean curtains up on dirty windows. smile.gif

Getting the valance/ pelmet even is annoying, and makes me wish for the days we had wooden pelmets. I put fancy clips on mine to give them a scalloped shape and because it looks nice. laugh.gif

Posted by: Tennscot 24th Oct 2007, 09:03pm

Feelin Proud..!!! Ma daughter jist accepted Engineering Manager Position at The Swan Dolphin Resort in Disneyworld. You Go Gal. wub.gif

Posted by: Heather 24th Oct 2007, 09:14pm

Good luck to your daughter, Tennscot. I'm sure you have every right to be proud of her. smile.gif

Posted by: RonD 24th Oct 2007, 09:30pm

Congrats to your daughter Tenn. aboot tickets to Disneyworld?????//

Posted by: Tennscot 24th Oct 2007, 10:32pm

You Teuchters frae Auchinairn .. Ma Maw telt me ye wid squeeze the blood oot a hapenny. Noo if ye wiz Fambly weel 1 maybe a wee discount it the Hotel coz ye see its oan Disney Property but it disnae belang tae Disney so it Disnay, bit see me see ma wee wife ,we even git Floors `N fruit `n stuff when we go. But honestly folks it a great resort the Swan Dolphin. Google it `N ye`ll see fur yerself. Anyway Thanks for the good thoughts, I am the way the other daughter was an Electrical Super. in Construction. Nae Boys but the girls(now women) worked with me in their younger days. good Training and good Scottish work ethics. Once thanks again.

Posted by: stuarty 24th Oct 2007, 11:10pm

oh everything went ok Maryhillgal a hope well a hope a dont have a recall but thats one less thing to do this week one more biggy thing on friday but a will be ok rolleyes.gif

Posted by: betty2 25th Oct 2007, 12:50am

First call hairdresser, then a wee visit tae a friend, then hame tae set up dinner , then , am up fur offers that sound inviting rolleyes.gif

still here in glesca

Posted by: maryhillgal 25th Oct 2007, 01:34am

Glad it went well for your Stuarty. I took the steroid injection today but the doctor said it might take a couple of week before it works. Have to go back in January and if all is well they will inject the other hip.

Posted by: Anne1 25th Oct 2007, 04:20am

laugh.gif laugh.gif glad stuarty and MHG got on ok today at hospitals take care

Posted by: glasgow lass 25th Oct 2007, 11:09am

laugh.gif awck,,,, that wiz ferr Murn ,,,, so is it still a deal hen,,, tongue.gif

Posted by: wee mags 25th Oct 2007, 01:57pm

am no daein a bliddy thing the day, efter running efter the two weans a need a break ,come to think of it maybe I will do as betty does and go shopping, noo theres a thought wink.gif

Posted by: Anne1 25th Oct 2007, 02:34pm

laugh.gif laugh.gif spend spend mags[take Mikes cards as well]

Posted by: murn 25th Oct 2007, 03:04pm

QUOTE (glasgow lass @ 25th Oct 2007, 07:26 AM) *
laugh.gif awck,,,, that wiz ferr Murn ,,,, so is it still a deal hen,,,

DEAL! jist leave yer bottled goods fur me, I'll take care of them wink.gif Dae yee recycle? want the empties?

Mags surely yee don't let hubby huv a card??

Posted by: keelie gal 25th Oct 2007, 03:23pm

Who's oot on a spending spree then ....sounds good laugh.gif

Posted by: betty2 26th Oct 2007, 06:19am

Am gawn gallivantin the day rolleyes.gif an mibby dae a bit o spendin, Nae man or cairds in ma life but goat some pennies that wur laid by fur a rainy day, an thats the forecast RAIN

still here in glesca

Posted by: RonD 26th Oct 2007, 08:53am

Still cannae sleep so ah'm away to sort oot some ancestors!

Posted by: glasgow lass 26th Oct 2007, 11:14am

betty good luck at the hospital the day ,,, keep warm if its as chilly there as it is here,,,, so i'll be leaving ferr Buffalo aboot 9am its 7;20 the noo and jist having a wee cuppa,,, have a great day all and happy shopping tae me ,,,, wub.gif

Posted by: stuarty 26th Oct 2007, 06:33pm

am looking at my Lydia and violet and joshua getting their halloween outfits on laugh.gif

Posted by: glasgow lass 28th Oct 2007, 05:57pm

laugh.gif Well Ive been very busy thus far, done the gym thingy ferr a couple of hrs noo mah pal jist called told me that we're going shopping tae walmarts ,,, got lots of great workoot gear on sale,, awright aha said so thats were am headed ferr a wee while,,, see yi aw later,,,be good noo tongue.gif

Posted by: RonD 29th Oct 2007, 09:41am

Ah'm aff early, well rested fae yesterday. Ah'm the man that make sure yer Canadian cousins get their selection boaxes!!(ah'm sure ah'm goin' tae heaven furr ma good work!) rolleyes.gif

Posted by: murn 29th Oct 2007, 10:23am

kin yee send wan ma way. Been on the liquid diet all weekend (naw Heather no that kind)
am starving and will scoff in doon in wan go the night.

Posted by: wee mags 29th Oct 2007, 11:15am

its cauld here the day so Iam making a big pot of soup ,i had a nice ham the other day so I decided to make a nice pot of veggie soup ,oh I forgot its ma day to watch we Andrew ,and Iam sure it will be 'Spooky movie granma" he loveds this darn movie with Elmo and he has seen it umteen times ,ach well it keeps him happy then when he leaves am off to see about a new Computer as this one is acting up too much rolleyes.gif ta ta the noo

Posted by: betty2 29th Oct 2007, 11:30am

Am goin shoppin an its no fur masel sad.gif Lee wants a black shirt fur friday nights do an ah goat the job o goin fur it. Noo ah dont mind efter aw its a trip tae the shops biggrin.gif

Posted by: glasgow lass 29th Oct 2007, 12:12pm

Aye ,,, got the day off work the boss told me tae take it easy ferr a few days as things are slow the noo ,,, whit a nice guy eh tongue.gif ),,, aye betty sounds like a good plan at least yi dont have tae wonder aboot whit colour tae get Lee,, have a nice time ,,,

Posted by: stuarty 29th Oct 2007, 12:16pm

am gonny have a big long soak in the bath, and get ready to go see my pals the night as a havent seen them since scotland whoopeeeeeeeee laugh.gif wub.gif

Posted by: Heather 29th Oct 2007, 03:32pm

I have had a lazy day. Aye right.

Changed two beds and put the bed linen in the machine, this morning

I have the valance's that goes on the bed base, but what a struggle getting them off and on. I have to stand the mattress up and that's a feat in itself as it usually falls over me, and now I'm worn out struggling with those mattresses. I felt like going back to bed by the time I was finished. sad.gif

Posted by: glasgow lass 29th Oct 2007, 03:37pm

Aye Heather aha know whit yi mean,,, but at least you'll have a nice clean bed tae yiself ferr a while ,,, yi know before Mr Heather gets tae ti hen wub.gif

Posted by: Heather 29th Oct 2007, 04:11pm

Lass, I don't let him in until I've had a few nights of the clean sheets to myself, he sleeps on the floor. Aye right, says you. laugh.gif

Posted by: glasgow lass 29th Oct 2007, 04:35pm

oh Heather you amaze me hen,,,, cin yi no dae better than that ferr yir man like me ,,,,,,, aha have a nice wee bug hoose ferr mine tongue.gif

Posted by: glasgow lass 29th Oct 2007, 04:37pm

DUG HOOSE ,,,,,,its this puter of mine, but bug hoose tae eh biggrin.gif

Posted by: stuarty 29th Oct 2007, 04:58pm

oh ham and veg soup yes please and dugs and bugs go together laugh.gif laugh.gif

Posted by: Anne1 29th Oct 2007, 05:01pm

unsure.gif we have been housesitting nearly all day then to finish we had our flu jabs to get a boring day.

Posted by: glasgow lass 29th Oct 2007, 05:12pm

Anne ,,,,, dis a jab mean a shot tongue.gif

Posted by: Anne1 29th Oct 2007, 05:13pm

laugh.gif aye lass a shot[a shot of what] laugh.gif

Posted by: stuarty 29th Oct 2007, 05:19pm

hello anne1 a shot of the flu or a jag or a jab a[A JAB IS ALSO A HIT IN BOXING ] another piece of useless inforrmation laugh.gif

Posted by: Heather 29th Oct 2007, 06:55pm

A shot is what you fire at men who try to get in to the nice clean bed before you.

Lass I was wondering what a' bug hoose ' was until I read down further. laugh.gif

Posted by: glasgow lass 29th Oct 2007, 07:21pm

Aye aha shot in the dark ,,,, laugh.gif laugh.gif

Posted by: stuarty 30th Oct 2007, 12:10am

or a wee shot of tiquilla yuk way a worm in the bottom of the bottle oh nooooooooo imagine drinking that huh.gif

Posted by: glasgow lass 30th Oct 2007, 01:28am

laugh.gif laugh.gif Aye me either ,,,,,, is one suposed tae swally the worm or whit,,,

Posted by: maryhillgal 30th Oct 2007, 01:31am

Oh Goad G/L ah hope no. Could ye imagine it wriggling doon yer throat! Double boak.

Posted by: glasgow lass 30th Oct 2007, 01:34am

so who does one get it tae stay in the glass then laugh.gif laugh.gif

Posted by: glasgow lass 30th Oct 2007, 01:48am

whits up wae this puter tongue.gif ,,,,,,, how is the word,, awch tongue.gif

Posted by: betty2 30th Oct 2007, 02:39am

Everything ah should huv done yesterday biggrin.gif

Posted by: glasgow lass 30th Oct 2007, 04:20pm

Me to Betty,, jist going to do the iorning ( awch ) its a pain noo,,,back tae work the mora so better tae git it oot the way with smile.gif

Posted by: keelie gal 30th Oct 2007, 04:50pm

Im making candy apples fer the weans when they come round and chocolate rice cripy cakes biggrin.gif getting the goodie bags ready fer the wee trick or treaters tommorow

Posted by: glasgow lass 30th Oct 2007, 06:52pm

laugh.gif Keelie thats what i'll be doing later the night when aha get home,,,,,, this was my dads favorite time of the yr, we'd get a costume and dress up wae the kids take about 5 or 6 out with my own so the other parents could give out the candy, we were the bigist kids oot there we loved it,,, last yr aha was Dorothy from the Wizard this yr ahm the tin man,,,,,kids are big noo so dont go about the streets ferr candy,, so ah'll be giving out in mah get - up here lol

Posted by: murn 30th Oct 2007, 07:31pm

QUOTE (glasgow lass @ 30th Oct 2007, 03:09 PM) *
this yr ahm the tin man,,,,,

Don't biggrin.gif yee be fright'nin them GL ohmy.gif , huv a heart (or is that scarcrow)?

Posted by: No. 10 Girl 30th Oct 2007, 07:41pm

I've also spent the day making up goody bags for the kids. Wander what I'll do with any leftovers?.... I'll be sucking lollipops for months, now where did I put the Rinstead pastilles? dry.gif

Posted by: murn 30th Oct 2007, 07:45pm

QUOTE (No. 10 Girl @ 30th Oct 2007, 03:58 PM) *
Wander what I'll do with any leftovers?.... I'll be sucking lollipops for months

an thats a bad thing, I'll help, nae charge biggrin.gif

Posted by: No. 10 Girl 30th Oct 2007, 07:56pm

Away an get yer ane lollies!!

Posted by: Heather 30th Oct 2007, 08:03pm

Was out just after 9'0'clock this morning and did the shopping all along the Main Street finishing with Greigs for the tasty treats.

Came home, had a cup of tea and then ironed all the bed linen I washed yesterday. Put the dinner on, peeled the potatoes and left them ready for the dinner tonight. I then did more ironing singing to myself that song Dave Anderson wrote for, ' The Steamy '. Isn't it Wonderful to be a Woman'. Aye right. sad.gif

Posted by: glasgow lass 30th Oct 2007, 08:04pm

aha widnae scare them,,,,, bit the tin man might ,,, tongue.gif tongue.gif

Posted by: No. 10 Girl 30th Oct 2007, 08:06pm

QUOTE (Heather @ 30th Oct 2007, 08:20 PM) *
Was out just after 9'0'clock this morning and did the shopping all along the Main Street finishing with Greigs for the tasty treats.

Came home, had a cup of tea and then ironed all the bed linen I washed yesterday. Put the dinner on, peeled the potatoes and left them ready for the dinner tonight. I then did more ironing singing to myself that song Dave Anderson wrote for, ' The Steamy '. Isn't it Wonderful to be a Woman'. Aye right. sad.gif

Did ye get any iced-ring doughnuts shall I put the kettle on?

Posted by: glasgow lass 30th Oct 2007, 08:09pm

laugh.gif Heather, Heather Heather,, yi iron the sheets ,, aw youre amazing aha've no done that in mah life , your good, woud yi like tae come tae mah hoose ferr ah wee while. tongue.gif

Posted by: Heather 30th Oct 2007, 08:39pm

No.10 Girl, I don't like iced doughnuts, just the sugary one's and I bought a bag of them, some Belgium Buns, and Fruit Square's. But there are some doughnuts left, so put the kettle on and help yourself. Yummy. smile.gif

Lass, the hand I hold the iron with is worn out. I had to iron the sheets because they have frills around the edges. I don't like creased frills. laugh.gif

Posted by: keelie gal 30th Oct 2007, 08:52pm

Heather i will do your ironing for a few sugar donuts laugh.gif

Posted by: Heather 30th Oct 2007, 09:00pm

Aye now you offer, when it's all done. sad.gif

Never mind, have a doughnut. smile.gif

Posted by: keelie gal 30th Oct 2007, 09:11pm

Awww Thanks Heather yer a pal biggrin.gif

Posted by: stuarty 30th Oct 2007, 09:56pm

oh heather any cream rings way the icing on the top please laugh.gif

Posted by: Anne1 30th Oct 2007, 09:58pm

laugh.gif they are fattening stuarty

Posted by: Heather 30th Oct 2007, 09:59pm

No sorry Stuarty, and your too late, as Greigs will be closed now. sad.gif

No doughnuts left either, Keelie ate them all. laugh.gif

Posted by: Anne1 30th Oct 2007, 10:02pm

did you wash them down wae a wee baileys laugh.gif laugh.gif

Posted by: stuarty 30th Oct 2007, 10:03pm

am gonny sulk in the corner as a set myself up to eat it ,will you buy me wan the next time in the bakers please heather laugh.gif

Posted by: Heather 30th Oct 2007, 10:09pm

Anne, of course I washed them down with a Baileys, a Vodka, and a wee Sherry. unsure.gif

Stuarty, Greigs the Bakers is down our Main St. and there is always a big queue in it. I'll get you a couple of your choice on Thursday. It's so cold I'm staying in doors 'till then, and do some of my knitting. smile.gif

Posted by: betty2 31st Oct 2007, 12:59am

The morra wink.gif ah,ll take it ias it comes , dinner ,s a dawdle mince an tatties mashed turnip, followed wae custard an apple pie. Baked by mine own fair hands. See am good at a lot o things tongue.gif when ah try Then its girls night out barn fur bingo heres hopin am good at that

Posted by: RonD 31st Oct 2007, 08:26am

JIngs that sounds lovely Betty, ah cin smell that mince!!!! .. Oh here its hallowe'en ah better get some sweeties oot the back o' ma van furr the weans!!

Posted by: keelie gal 31st Oct 2007, 08:42am

Aye betty mince n tatties sounds grand to me oh i love that dish Ron dont ferget me when yer dishing oot the sweeties i will have my trick or treat bag open and waiting laugh.gif Heather those cakes were lovely next time the treats are on me ,well folks im dressing up today as every year in the salon us girls all dress up fer halloween its a good laugh and the clients love it and a good excuse to have some fun mind you think of the looks im gonna get this morning walking to work all dressed up laugh.gif

Happy Halloween Folks

Posted by: Java 31st Oct 2007, 08:46am

Ah'm too far oot the town tae get weans round.....Keelie could ye put Blossom in her pram and gie her a really really big push...ah'll catch her, honest....

Posted by: keelie gal 31st Oct 2007, 08:55am

Ochh nae bother Java ye will know when she arrives Java ye canny miss her she will be dressed as a wee pumkin laugh.gif

Posted by: Java 31st Oct 2007, 09:19am

Is she allowed candy apples? whit aboot monkey nuts? laugh.gif

Posted by: Anne1 31st Oct 2007, 09:50am

laugh.gif keelie dont send her to javas youll no get her back laugh.gif