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  Replying to Should Council Evict Occupy Glasgow?
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Last 10 Posts [ In reverse order ]
Weslley Posted 21st Mar 2012, 04:06pm
  I think it is ridiculous that people can suggest on here that the Occupy group took action for any other reason than to facilitate the change of a system which is obviously not working. We did it for the greater good, not to line our own pockets!
GG Posted 14th Jan 2012, 02:41pm
  Glasgow City Council's has rersponded to the following FOI request:
Q.1 What were the legal grounds on which the City Council presented to the Glasgow Sheriff Court to evict the Occupy Protesters from George Square?

Q.2 What are the terms of the agreement between the City Council and the Occupy Glasgow protesters formerly in George Square that resulted in their relocation to Kelvingrove Park?

Q.3 What alternative sites to George Square were offered to the Occupy Glasgow protesters before their relocation to Kelvingrove Park?

Q.4 Before the relocation, what amenities (e.g. food, water, fencing, portaloos, pallets etc.) and Council services (e.g. relocation support in terms of organisation and moving of equipment and personal belongings, bin allocation & collection etc.) were offered by the City Council to the protesters at each sites offered (including Kelvingrove Park)?

Q.5 What amenities and services have the City Council provided to date to the Occupy Glasgow protesters now situated in Kelvingrove Park, either directly or through contractors?

Q.6 How much have these amenities and services cost in terms of equipment rental / purchase and staff overtime?

Q.7 What limits, if any, on the camp site have you informed the protesters of in regards to;
a) numbers of protesters
b) physical boundaries
c) behaviour
d) duration

Q.8 Does the City Council monitor the number of people and animals (both pets & livestock) within the protesters’ campsite?

Q.9 If the City Council has monitored the campsite, how often has done so?

Q.10 When will the current arrangements be reviewed by the City Council & who will undertake it?

Response here:

Heather Posted 11th Jan 2012, 05:27pm
  Or a Teacher.

I never saw the point of a protest by sitting in a Park away at the other side of Glasgow. rolleyes.gif
irrie Posted 10th Jan 2012, 09:04am
  An MP .
droschke7 Posted 10th Jan 2012, 08:56am
QUOTE (tamhickey @ 7th Jan 2012, 06:27am) *
Most of the protesters are in work,

what kind of job can you get 5 or 6 weeks (maybe more) time off to go and protest?
Mathieson Posted 9th Jan 2012, 07:40pm
QUOTE (tamhickey @ 7th Jan 2012, 06:27am) *
Most of the protesters are in work,

Now that I very much doubt. mellow.gif
angel Posted 8th Jan 2012, 04:42am
  Tam , from the bits and pieces that I read about the occupiers and their cause , it would take nothing short of a revolution to achieve their objective and I would'nt think that they could muster a revolution sitting in a tent in some park, or do they think that other's will do the job for them,
this whole business seems to me to be nothing short of an excercise in futility , I think that they should all go back to "their jobs " and come up
with a plan that has a chance of being , "maybe viable".
dondon Posted 8th Jan 2012, 01:34am
  So they are all in work, are they taking extended leave for these protests. How do you know the majority are in work if they are camped out in these camps for weeks on end.
You don't need to believe anything the media tells you, nor do we have to accept the claim the majority of these campers are in work while being on these protests for weeks on end.
Or maybe you give credence to the claims that no one was actually camping out and that they all went home at night.
Maybe the young girl wasn't sexually assaulted, maybe no one on these protests indulges in alcohol or drug participation, maybe the cow did jump over the moon but then not everyone will believe the claim the majority are in work while they camped out and cost the taxpayer a fortune.
These people have no idea of how to run the economy, they are similar to yourself, they condemn everyone they want to blame but never ever come up with an uterior method of living.
The media that tell us all the lies, I guess it must be the bad media while the good media tells us these people are all grafters.
I don't know about you but stopping the spongers getting thousands of pounds a week in rent for mansions should be applauded by these protestors who condemn the bankers waste of money. People on the dole getting benefits in excess of 100,000 a year for doing nothing is a tad OTT in my book. The fact the majority of these claimants are foreign shows the system is completely wrong. Why is it wrong for bankers to waste money but okay for scroungers and parasites to come here and get 5 times the average wage in benefits for doing nothing. They could at least join the camps but then why do that when others are daft enough to sit in the cold and rain supporting a system built for scroungers.
The poor people so abused by the tories are now limited to 20,000 a year of taxpayer's money for their rent, that's 400 a week and yet the defenders of the parasites are claiming ethnic cleansing. Well I for one will be happy to see the end of the abuse. Maybe you believe these poor people will be sleeping in the street, chance would be a fine thing, remember one thing, at least the bankers did some work for their money, the scroungers you give support to have no intention of doing any work, a bit like the camp protestors but they won't sleep in tents, they just want to continue their luxury existence on the taxpayer.
I have no sympathy for the campers and even less for the scroungers who will have to move to cheaper abodes. Let them try working and paying their way, they might discover just how tough life is for THE MAJORITY. These spongers in their tents speak for no one and have no idea about real life.
And to finish, try checking out the facts about these campers having no proper accounts from thousands of pounds in donations, was it drink or drugs it was spent on. Amazing, these people decry the bankers but made their money vanish with no accounts. Are these people with a different choice for life seers or just chancers, the odds are shortening on the latter.
tamhickey Posted 7th Jan 2012, 06:11am
  Most of the protesters are in work, and for some, the reason they challenge the mess this world is in is that many could find themselves out of work anytime soon. They not only challenge the banks, but Governments around the world who have mortgaged all of us to the hilt by re-financing the same people who caused this mess at the expense of people everywhere. We get humped whilst the financial services industry are allowed to continue to gamble in the financial world of a casino with our money! You couldn't make it up.
We need the voices of protest to make us sit up and take notice otherwise we just swallow everything the media tell us and just take it. If I was able, I would join the protesters because I believe they have a just cause. As for the answer, well, why not start by closing tax loopholes to the extortionately rich, believed to cost this country 25 billion a year rather than the disgusting populism of cutting the benefit bill. It seems that we have a millionaire Cabinet in charge of our country who are intent on enriching themselves even further. These people have done nothing other than University and Politics. Same goes for all of the Parties. None of them have a clue about real life.
So maybe you can see why people get pissed off. Good luck to the protesters for they act on all of our behalf.
angel Posted 7th Jan 2012, 05:58am
  Athough the sodding of the downtown park was no cost to the taxpayer
the actual estimated cost was around sixty thousand dollars .
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