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> Is The Union Already Lost?, Referendum: 18th September 2014
post 1st Jan 2014, 05:01pm
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Despite what appears to be a reasonable lead in opinion polls, it is increasingly clear that major figures within the parties represented by the pro-union campaign are becoming nervous about the result Scottish independence referendum on 18 September 2014.

In a front page article in this week's Sunday Times, under the headline 'Tories fear Scots will break away', senior Conservative figures north and south of the border voiced concerns that the anti-independence group Better Together was "too negative and lacked momentum". David Cameron's own election guru, Lynton Crosby, is mentioned in the article as saying that the Better Together is "so feeble that the future of the UK is in doubt", and the expert voting forecaster made the unexpected prediction that an SNP victory was "not only possible but likely".

The article also mentioned Scottish secretary Alistair Carmichael and Boris Johnson, the London mayor, who are among a group of senior Tories who believe that many undecided voters may be swayed by lingering antipathy towards the Thatcher government's destruction of heavy industry in Scotland, leading wavering voters to choose 'Yes' in the referendum.

The increasingly outspoken condemnation of Better Together's pro-union strategy is also fuelling tensions in the cross-party group, with much of the focus of resentment coming to rest on the Better Together leadership of Alistair Darling. The former Labour chancellor has opted for a strategy based on highlighting the alleged economic and financial risks of separation; however, many commentators now assess the strategy – dubbed 'Project Fear' – as damaging to the unionist cause, at the same time isolating large swathes of voters who see the message as predominantly anti-Scottish.

The Sunday Times article also cited a poll this month which suggested that the pro-independence Yes Scotland campaign is closing the gap in the race for referendum votes, cutting the 'No' lead from 19% to 14%, while a recent poll for the newspaper put the 'No' lead at just nine points.

In a related article last week, a leaked advertising agency report commissioned by Better Together has suggested that the unionist group needs to move swiftly away from its damagingly negative strategy. The major London-based agency highlighted one prominent danger of the negative campaign being that voters might associate a 'No' vote with saying 'No' to Scotland.

What do you think: is the Union already lost? Or is the Better Together lead now largely unassailable with nine months to go?


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post 1st Jan 2014, 06:42pm
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Lord Provost
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Seems to me that both sides are as bad as each other the no campaign with their fear campaign and the yes campaign who see Independance as a panacea for all ills.

I think the situation was best summed up by Rab C on the Hogmanay show last night - "2014 will be the year the great Scottish people will decide if they are to be shafted by Westminster or Holyrood"

Many a true word spoken in jest.
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