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  Replying to Scottish Independence
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Last 10 Posts [ In reverse order ]
ashfield Posted Today, 07:35am
QUOTE (JAGZ1876 @ 14th May 2021, 07:37pm) *
I would never suggest such a ridiculous notion Ash, the good old Beeb is a paragon of impartiality, and i hear Old Rug Head Andrew Kneel's GB news will be every bit as impartial. laugh.gif

Well, his hair does resemble a Fox tail (and we all know what us under a Fox tail tongue.gif )
JAGZ1876 Posted Y'day, 06:37pm
QUOTE (ashfield @ 14th May 2021, 05:44pm) *
Surely you're not suggesting a media bias rolleyes.gif ( yes.gif )

I would never suggest such a ridiculous notion Ash, the good old Beeb is a paragon of impartiality, and i hear Old Rug Head Andrew Kneel's GB news will be every bit as impartial. laugh.gif
ashfield Posted Y'day, 04:44pm
  Surely you're not suggesting a media bias rolleyes.gif ( yes.gif )
JAGZ1876 Posted Y'day, 12:47pm
  Congratulations Anum on winning the Airdrie and Shotts by election.

Isn't it strange that we never had the 24 hour rolling news on the English based news channels like we had in the run up to the Hartlepool by election last week, i wonder why? unsure.gif
ashfield Posted 10th May 2021, 05:08pm
  Talking about clown.gif 's, I see that "I saved the world" Gordon"The Vow" Brown thinks he still has some clout when it comes to sorting out Scotlands future. He does of course, with the same voting rights as the rest of us.

Meanwhile I suggest he should haud his wheesht rolleyes.gif
TeeHeeHee Posted 10th May 2021, 01:08pm
  Saw this in the FT this morning wink.gif
"Post Brexit deals scotch freeport tax benefits for trade with 23 countries"
Emily Thornberry:
I fear that manufactures in towns, cities and regions across our country who have succeeded in bidding for freeport staus risk missing out on access to key markets

Freeports are set up to allow companies to receive components and ingredients from abroad without paying any duties including tarifs, vat or excise duties ... but busnessies that enjoy the advantages will be obliged to pay tarifs when exporting finished products to any of the 23 countries in question.

See that small print rolleyes.gif
ashfield Posted 10th May 2021, 07:09am
  Just a further thought on the post election performance of the leader of the Tory branch office in Scotland. He said of the FM, no mention of improving the NHS, no mention of improving education, no mention of employment.

So what exactly has he and his cohorts been banging on about over the past year, nothing except stop indyref 2. What a clown.gif yes.gif
ashfield Posted 9th May 2021, 03:04pm
  That's a shame Tomi, and you a poor, err, elder statesman like masel' tongue.gif

After all the fun last week with the French fishermen in the waters around Jersey, and the embarrassment of the UK government sending gunboats to the area, just wait to see what happens when the UK tries to impose the same licence restrictions on EU fishermen rolleyes.gif
TeeHeeHee Posted 9th May 2021, 12:47pm
QUOTE (JAGZ1876 @ 8th May 2021, 02:05pm) *
... Unlike Danny i'm sure she'll be able to give many examples of how our lives have improved since we separated from the EU...Won't she? unsure.gif

An example of how my life has changed since the finalising of Brexit is that I have now lost my previous "indefinite residence" status as a citizen of a member state of the EU living in Germany.
It's only a crumb on the bedsheet of course but it now means that I have to apply for a new resident's ID card on August of each year. The card carries a biometric picture of the holder and the photo must include a minimum
of 80% 0f the, unsmiling, face. The guy who took the picture must have read that as a maximum of 80% because the photo excludes hairline, ears and a bit of chin leaving an image of a bawfaced miserable auld jooker: all my previous IDs; social security card, driver's licence, resident's permit etc.,) still bore those nice photies of yours trully fron 35 years ago tongue.gif
The good thing is that I have to change it again (at a cost to me of another 37) and this time I'll make sre that my hair and ears are in the picture and I'll crack a wee grin to knock a couple of years of and not look like a grumpy ol' geezer on the replacement.
So thanks to Brexiteers I now have an additional 37 expence.
Not that I'm complaining (much) but it's 12 sausages a year less for Dylan, Carmella, know what I mean pal? tongue.gif
ashfield Posted 9th May 2021, 12:43pm
  Well, as the dust kinda settles, a couple of things to be thankful for. Firstly the people of Scotland were not taken in by the Prat-in-the-hat, George Galloway. Thanks also to Alex Salmond for filtering out those individuals whose unrealistic ambitions for the independence process probably placed a referendum in jeopardy. His true colours have since emerged, so perhaps it's time he retreated quietly into the background.

Onwards and upwards thumbup.gif
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