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Posted by: rogie 21st Jul 2014, 05:30pm

Is there anyone out there who worked at shaw & mc inness roughly between 1974 up and till it closed.

Posted by: flam 21st Jul 2014, 06:46pm

There are definitely people on this site who worked, or knew who worked in Shaw & McInnes
Cheers Flim


Posted by: mlconnelly 22nd Jul 2014, 08:49am

Hi rogie, my uncle work in Shaw McInnes up until it closed. He was the First Aider there for many years. Sadly, he pasted away 6 years ago. His name was Tommy Donachie. Mary

Posted by: rogie 27th Jul 2014, 10:08am

Thanks for the replies to my question, (mlconnelly- sadly i only knew most people by there first names if he worked there in 1981 i would have known him, i remember the doctor who worked there but i think his name was dick ( prob richard).

Posted by: Jupiter 27th Jul 2014, 03:41pm

Rogie do you remember Mr Williamson?

Posted by: rogie 31st Jul 2014, 06:48pm

Hi Jupiter i new a couple of williamsons that worked there, in what capacity did he work there ?.

Posted by: mlconnelly 31st Jul 2014, 06:55pm

Rogie, you don't say where you live but if you're ever in the Maryhill area of an afternoon, you'll find a few of the workers still drink in Munns Vaults. Mary

Posted by: flam 31st Jul 2014, 10:12pm

Although I dont see these people but they did work in Shaw & McInnes
Jim Keaney,Jimmy Smith,Alan Smith (R.I.P) John Murphy and a Guy called Fitzy from Panmure St
Cheers Flim

Posted by: Jupiter 1st Aug 2014, 07:13am

Mr Williamson was the top man Gen manager.

Posted by: rogie 3rd Aug 2014, 03:09pm

To Jupiter, yes i did know that mr williamson he would be about 55 when i worked there also the other manager called george mcclane

Posted by: rogie 3rd Aug 2014, 03:12pm

Sorry mlconnelly i wont be able to pop in there and see anyone as i live in cambridge.

Posted by: rogie 29th Sep 2014, 05:38pm

Jupitar can i ask you how you knew mr williamson?.

Posted by: *Duffy57* 27th Nov 2014, 10:51am

I worked in shaw mc innes from1974 till closure. Knew Tommy Donnachie very well-really nice man So sorry to hear he passed away.

Posted by: mlconnelly 27th Nov 2014, 11:45pm

QUOTE (*Duffy57* @ 27th Nov 2014, 11:08am) *
I worked in shaw mc innes from1974 till closure. Knew Tommy Donnachie very well-really nice man So sorry to hear he passed away.

Thanks Duffy57, miss him loads. Mary

Posted by: aaron king 28th Nov 2014, 11:43am

My nephew George ( McGuire ) Smith worked in Shaw & McInnes from a very young age till it closed ,very popular man,Sadly George passed away seceral yrs ago ,

Posted by: rogie 24th Feb 2016, 08:15pm

QUOTE (*Duffy57* @ 27th Nov 2014, 11:59am) *
I worked in shaw mc innes from1974 till closure. Knew Tommy Donnachie very well-really nice man So sorry to hear he passed away.

Hi duffy57, I started work their in 1974 in the pattern shop, did you work in the foundry ?.

Posted by: DannyH 24th Feb 2016, 10:47pm

I was born in 1931. At that time my grandfather had been working as an iron moulder at Shaw & Mcinnes for many years. His name was Daniel Harris. He was probably working there before he went to serve with the HLI during World War 1.

He was very popular with the young boys and girls who lived in our tenement in Garscube Road. The reason for this popularity was money! He always went into the pub at the corner of Oakbank Street and Garscube Road on a Friday night on the way home from work. He would come out, to go home for his dinner, but with a few beers and 'haufs' in him. The 'weans' would be waiting for him and shout "Granda Harris". He would go into his pocket and throw pennies in the air. It was like a scramble at a wedding. I am talking about 5 and 6 year olds.

He was brought out of retirement during World War II, and worked as a foreman moulder. He used to walk to work, by going up to the canal above the Astoria cinema, then walk along the canal.

Many years later, I was working on a Governmet grant scheme which offered financial assistance to companies which wanted to start using computerised systems. Shaw & Mcinnes was one of the companies which applied. I told the management the above story of my Grandfather.