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  Replying to The Second Betrayal Of William Wallace
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Tally Rand Posted 20th May 2014, 03:29am
QUOTE (William Dryden @ 5th Jun 2012, 10:10pm) *
The real traitors in Scotland are the Labour party.

Labour? Traitors to all working class peoples wherever they rear their yuppie social engineering heads. " The working class can kiss my a....s, Iv'e got a pollies job at last" Sung to the tune of "The Red Flag" a song to scare the pants of any Labour politician.
GG Posted 18th May 2014, 05:59pm
  No surprise here, just more of the same obfuscation and avoidance from Glasgow city council ... from yesterday's Herald:

William Wallace monument is refused by city council

An army of William Wallace enthusiasts have been refused permission to erect a monument to their hero.

In the year Scotland holds an independence reference, the group had been hoping to put up a memorial near Glasgow Cathedral to mark a battle with the English in the 13th century.

But the city council has refused to allow them to use a piece of its land at the rear of Provand's Lordship.

The Society Of William Wallace has already commissioned a work to commemorate the Battle of the Bell o' the Brae on a steep slope where High Street and Rottenrow meet.

The battle is believed to have happened in about 1300.

Members, who have already spent about 1,200 on the project, heard of the decision in a letter from Stevie Scott, the city parks and open spaces manager.

It says: "At this stage, I have taken the decision to refuse permission for the use of our land.

"I have taken this decision at this time to allow my service the opportunity to review all monuments and statues across the city's parks and public domain spaces to determine their current condition.

"I expect this exercise to commence post the 2014 Games period and would hope to be in a position to reconsider your request nearer the end of the calendar year.

"Thank you for your interest in this location."

Full story here:

William Dryden Posted 5th Jun 2012, 09:53pm
  The real traitors in Scotland are the Labour party.
The Callands Rebel Posted 20th Jan 2012, 06:33pm
  Here's the Yank's take, again.

It still PO's me that several years ago 2009 my newly formed Camp in Glasgow offered to take over the maintenance of the Well at no "COSTS" to GLASGOW government and we were never contacted.

But we were blown off when we asked the council to recognize a glasgow born man, named Burley (Burleigh) a Confederate hero of our civil war.

Not to exhale the Confederacy or his service to but acknowledge this man was a NATIVE son.

They would have no part of it.

I expect this shallow thinking from the U.S. A politicians, but politicians are the SAME no matter the culture.


Jerry, the "Rebel" virginian
Jeannine Posted 20th Jan 2012, 05:46pm
  i have only recently become a member of this board and that was to seek information on my husbands birth mother and other possible family members

however i have just come across this news story and i must say when i read the first page i was in shock that your council was going to let such a wonderful place die off, seems we all have the same opinion of Labor, ours arent much better here in Australia

however i decided to skip to the last page for an update only to be pleasantly surprised by the outcome but over joyed for you all

well done, im sure William will be proud of you and his Wall and surrounding area's look lovely, good job

i am also jealous of your green landscape considering we currently live in the outback and green is not a color we see often
Guest Posted 6th Sep 2011, 05:49pm
  Here is the latest development at the monument & Wallace's Well. The information boards are now up.
Duncan Fenton Posted 6th Sep 2011, 05:44pm
QUOTE (GG @ 16th Aug 2011, 10:43pm) *
Funnily enough, Delia, there was an article in the Scottish Daily Mail yesterday about the Robroyston Wallace Monument and Wallace's Well. I can't find it online (the SDM doesn't put content online), though I do have the paper version somewhere. I'll look it out and relay the contents.

Duncan, don't know if you saw this artilce, but email me and I will send on a copy. There's a couple of rather questionable quotes from Historic Scotland.


The reporter who did the article phoned me for input. We spent over an hour on the phone & I later sent him an e-mail with some quotes that he requested.

When the piece was printed, it was all edited out. Reporter e-mailed me back to apologise, but it's up to the editor.
Scotsman Posted 2nd Sep 2011, 10:40am
  A big improvement on what it was before.... well done!!
TeeHeeHee Posted 31st Aug 2011, 10:14am
  Happy Smiling People biggrin.gif
What a dreat difference that has made.

Attached Image
GG Posted 31st Aug 2011, 07:58am
  Meant to post this earlier: the improvements to Wallace's Well over the summer can be viewed here:

Thanks to everyone who posted here and also left a message on the Robroyston Wallace Monument guestbook; it's important we keep pressure on the council to fulfill their obligations to this site of national historical interest. Now all we need are the road signs and traffic management upgrades to promote and protect both the Monument and Well!

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