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> Craig Residential School, Looking for information
*michael robertson*
post 3rd Nov 2010, 10:13pm
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hello george,did you come from garthamloch,did you go to st thenogs school?(red hair,persecuted)if so please reply to this.
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ceader bhoy
post 3rd Nov 2010, 11:16pm
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Super City Key Holder
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look at the place now it private flats cheers c/b

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post 16th Feb 2011, 04:53pm
Post #48

Does anyone remember the janitor Joe hopkin, if you do get in touch with me, he would love to know how everyone is getting on
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post 6th Jul 2011, 03:44pm
Post #49

Settling In
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QUOTE (Taylor9 @ 23rd May 2010, 06:57pm) *
Just came across,this post,dont mind if i ask ,was it Seafield School Ardrossan,you went to. way back in the 60ts.

hi,yes it was...i cant remeber how long i was there for,But i couldn't wait to leave the place...thanks theted.
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post 10th Sep 2011, 08:06pm
Post #50

QUOTE (*Pauline* @ 16th Feb 2011, 05:39pm) *
Does anyone remember the janitor Joe hopkin, if you do get in touch with me, he would love to know how everyone is getting on

I went to Craig about 5 or 6 times always in the winter and always for 6 weeks..... Went for a drive today to Ayr and managed to find Craig on the way back..... I have fond memories if the place.... all the names Phil mentioned were good people.... his mother, Ms Curran, Ms Gemmell, Ms Murphy, Ms Wilkie and the Christies.... while watching a film one night Mr Christie took very unwell reckonhe had a stroke or a heart attack..... The Church we were taken to was in Coodham... Therefore I think it was mainly Catholics that went there.... At night we used to be lined up fir evening prayers and singing.... I used to get to the descant to the first Noel .... My grandparents had a caravan in dundonald and they would cone to visit us and they would always bring ms curran a box of chocolates.... And during that nights film she would shout me n my brothers out for a chocolate much to the annoyance of everyone ekse my email is

Mick McAndrews
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post 22nd Oct 2011, 10:06pm
Post #51

Me and my brother were there in 1976 for 5 weeks and I was 8 and he was 9 at the time we hated the place it was like a prison camp. I remember eating toothpaste for sweets and tuck once a week was the reason. Very regimented remember miss gemmil and a guy called henderson. Also the milk and digestive biscuit at bedtime. My brother was hit on the head with a brick thrown from the big shoot and took to hospital I thought I was being left. People were always trying to escape and we were told the river was 25 feet deep and people would die if they tried to escape. Going to church on a Sunday in your Sunday best and I remember thinking we were off to summer camp but it could not have been more the opposite as they put us into classrooms and made us write pre-written letters to our parents telling them what a fantastic time we were having NOT!!! The place and the people have never left me so much so that today me and my wife and two girls finally visited and seen the renovated site, but the shell is still the old house I will never forget!!
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*donna mcinnes*
post 5th Apr 2012, 10:47pm
Post #52

Hi I was at Craig,residential school a few times, was there a horse not far called Ailsa? I remember playing outside.

The smell of chestnuts and damp leaves, but a totally loved it and would love to visit the place.
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post 8th Apr 2012, 06:52pm
Post #53

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hi all i went to craigs residential school in 1973 for 4 weks at first i hated it i ws big for my age so was put in the older guys dorm, i wet the bed so was called the midnight swimmer ,I learned to play 5 stones there ,and remember the church visits well indeed. I used to watch the older guys play the village at football ,but later became a hero when we had a competition amungst ourselves., I was put in goals because i was the youngest in our team and I played a blinder ,we won the competition and i got man of the match . I made a couple of we pals who i met years later when moved to Renfrew ,but in all honesty after nearly 40 years craigs still sticks in my memory ,it was definately a part of my life i will think of with mixed emotions . The song I remember went " Iknow a midgy bin far far away. where yeh et yer whisky bottles nearly every day .Ham and eggs yeh never see soapy water for yer tea ,thats the way they treated me at auld crags school." thanks for the photos guys it brought back some good and bad memories
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*Alexander Reid*
post 16th May 2012, 12:39am
Post #54

I was a Craig School Crosshouse in the late 1960s i loved the big house as it was great to get away from the East End of Glasgow for six weeks, I looked up to a wonderful and kind woman Mrs Curran who had an amazing sense of care and love, i will never forget her warmth and kindness and she will always have a place in my heart. Maybe that set me on my road as i now work in the Care Sector. Craig was great playing on the swings,running around the large grounds,getting Tuck and watching films. I remember two brothers from with an italian name from Possilpark or Maryhill area also a good pal from my time there but cant think of his name he stayed in Possil Sunnylaw Street and brothers from Parkhead who were called "Manners"yes folks you never forget your chilhood i will visit the old place in th near future.
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*Joe Fagan*
post 18th Oct 2012, 12:16pm
Post #55

I was also at this school I remember it as Craigie Residential School it was in Kilmarnock and some of the teachers there were sadistic at the least. You could not write home to your parents to get you out of there as you had to copy text from the blackboard saying how much of a good time you where having and every letter was proof read.
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post 5th Jan 2013, 01:29am
Post #56

I went to Craig in November 1973. When you arrived your clothes were marked with a number. Looking at other posts it's amazing similar experiences. I loved it though the first night I was homesick, after that it was a home from home, and you made friends with boys from other schools . The Christies, Miss Curran and the lovely Miss Hoy to name some of the staff . You can look back and be amazed how resliant a 7 year old can be. Boys from ordinary working class backgrounds yet all very different. The well behaved and the rebels. The biscuits and milk at night. The prayers at all time of the day. Church on a Sunday.If someone had a birthday there they got a cake. Kids going back home early due to homesickness, the big dorms, the persistent bed wetter. Interacting with pupils older than you outside classes which you didn't get at ordinary school. Having to sit through Princess Anne's wedding on tv. The tuck shop and waiting for postal orders, letters and comics from home. My experience gave me independence at a young age and always felt I could adapt to any surrounding.
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post 9th Jan 2013, 02:55pm
Post #57

Posts: 146
Joined: 10th Nov 2012
Member No.: 16,056
Hi All, memories memories . I went to Craig for a wee spell in the late fifties/early sixties . Only vague memories of the place. Two stuffed foxes in the entrance hall, the smells of the wonderful open countryside .

Still remember the words to a wee song we used to sing to our teacher......Come to Craig , come to Craig , and you'll see a lady there , her name is miss Tonra , blue eyes and curly hair !

As it happens I now live not too far from the place. Perhaps my short stay there planted a wee seed . Disnae matter where I wander off to though, I'll die a Govanite . Ye can take the man oot o' Govan but ye.........ach ye know the rest .
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*Tommy boy*
post 14th Jan 2013, 08:07pm
Post #58

Went to Craig a few times in the 70s and the milk and biscuits, was a shark at 5 stanes hah, remember going to the beach and been giving itchy swimming trunks with GCED on the front, me and my brothers used to leave from Bath Street I'm sure, remember playing the villagers at football. Oh what memories. rolleyes.gif
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*mick peir*
post 16th Feb 2013, 02:06am
Post #59

Does anyone remember this wee song that we use to sing, Aye know a rubish dump, far, far away where you get a whisky bottles, nearly every day, ham and eggs, you never see dirty water for your tea, that's the way they treated me at old craigh school! Does anyone remember that onw? Lol

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*Michael McD*
post 23rd Mar 2013, 04:32pm
Post #60

hi,i'm michael mc daid,me and my brother patrick went to craig residential school in the late sixties maybe very early seventies,i remember the dormitories were called the oak,ash and beach,also remember going up to the swing park,also remember one teachers name was miss bradley,we used to all sing one more day to go,one more day of sorrow one more day in this old dump and i'll be home tomorrow,actually i quite enjoyed the place but we were all excited when the four weeks were up and we would then be going home,anyone remember us?
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