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> Uk Independence Referendum - Brexit, Yes or No on EU membership
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post 9th Jun 2015, 11:27pm
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QUOTE (Alex Salmond, SNP Foreign Affairs spokesman @ Westminster today)
When you propose a referendum it should be because you are proposing a change, you are proposing a significant constitutional change, whether it be for the alternative vote, or Scottish independence, or Scottish devolution or Welsh devolution, you are proposing a change and you are looking for democratic sanction, the sovereignty of the people to back your change. But that is not the position of the Prime Minister, nobody seriously believes that the Prime Minister wants to take this country out of the European Union, the referendum is a tactic.

53 SNP MPs today voted against holding a Referendum on EU membership (and lost), for reasons explained by the MP for Gordon above.

Didn't the SNP say it wants to give Scotland a stronger voice at Westminster?

I want my voice to be heard. I say, bring it on, and no to UK Independence!

The UKIP will be delighted, of course, because the Referendum will present it with a huge platform on which to get its message across. It will be hoping to replicate the rise of the SNP on the back of last year's Scottish Independence Referendum (probably more than realistically hoping to achieve anything near the 45% of electorate support won by Scotland's very popular Yes campaign).

Politics in Scotland is thriving due to our own Indy Ref. Shouldn't our 56 SNP MPs be in favour of keeping the ball rolling? Another healthy constitutional debate, this time about Britain's membership of the EU, is surely in the public interest! Scotland did, after all, vote to be a continuing member state of the UK. Yet, by voting against the Bill in Parliament today, it could be argued that the SNP wants to deny the people of the UK (including us) the chance to have their say, which by definition would be undemocratic.

I am unconvinced by the SNP argument against holding an EU Referendum and, in my opinion, today the 56 failed their first test. The Scottish Government won the right to hold the last one, and it's only right and fair that the British Government gets to hold this one.

We learned where we stand in the debate on Scottish independence, and that's an important reason why I'm in favour of having another in/out referendum on Britain's EU membership. While knowing where we stand doesn't end the debate, it does however allow us to move forward with greater certainty and confidence (providing, of course, the Government accepts the outcome and isn't intending to embark on a 'neverendum' until it wins, and democracy loses).
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