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Posted by: jacqui63m 20th Nov 2017, 06:11pm

My great grandfather John Weir died 16 May 1930. His death record gives an address of 23 Martyr St Glasgow.

Can anyone tell me (or show with pictures) what Martyr St was like at the time? Residential, industrial etc. John was a 'wanna be' dentist. Would he have worked from Martyr St or elsewhere?

I've been told that there is a John Weir 'dentist' in the 1930/31 Valuation Rolls, at 122 Ark Lane. I'm not at all sure if this is my John (he died May 1930)


Posted by: Guest 20th Nov 2017, 07:38pm

Martyr Street is where you register births marriages and deaths.

Posted by: aaron king 21st Nov 2017, 11:38am

Martha st was birth ,deaths,marriage ,office,not martyr st .that street was possibly in townhead area.

Posted by: jacqui63m 21st Nov 2017, 01:06pm

Hi all,

From "Extract of an entry in a REGISTER of DEATHS" that I obtained through Scotland's people, and under the heading of "When and where died" it is written: 1930 May Sixteenth 3h 48m PM 23 Martyr Street Glasgow

So, I assumed Martyr St was, at the very least, his address when he died if he had not in fact died in this place.

Posted by: Guest 29th Nov 2017, 10:31pm

QUOTE (aaron king @ 21st Nov 2017, 11:38am) *
Martha st was birth ,deaths,marriage ,office,not martyr st .that street was possibly in townhead area.

You are right I realized that after I had sent the reply. I looked up Martyr Street on Google and yes it was in (is) in Townhead (Toonheid) I was in Glasgow in May and that area up into Springburn is no longer the way I
remember it, it is nearly all motorway.