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Posted by: mcginley100 22nd Dec 2005, 10:47am

Was just thinking the other day there,cant remember the last time I seen one.Feel right old when I say I remember sitting on my uncle's horse and cart,leaving the stables just off duke street.I know they did away with the cart in favour of transit vans.It wasnt the same though,then again it had its benifits,you didnt have a big horse breaking wind in your face,when you were sitting right behind it.We used to go up to Riddrie cemetry and collect the cut grass to bring back to the stables for the other horses.WHEN I THINK OF IT,IT WASNT THAT LONG AGO,1969-7 wub.gif

Posted by: Heather 22nd Dec 2005, 08:08pm

I remember the 'Rag & Bone Man' coming to our street one day, and my son pestered me to give him something so he could get a balloon. I could not find anything, so I gave him one of his dad's jacket's that I knew had not been worn for a long time.

Of course a few days later his dad goes looking for that jacket, I had to confess to giving it away for a balloon. laugh.gif

Posted by: hudggy 23rd Dec 2005, 07:38pm

I worked with one when I was 13 during the summer out with the horse and cart at the weekends . When on summer holidays out every day when it came to winter we used to sell coal brickets. We would go into the railway mens canteen in old Buchan Street railway works and have a great rolls filled with black pudding and eggs, Those were the days great freah air in the summer and freezing in the winter from about 7 am till 6.00pm. People used to be buying in the brickets to save their coal through out the winter.

Posted by: weelew 21st Oct 2008, 11:48am

A friend of mine whos father was a rag man used to take us out on his horse and cart to collect rags and scrap ,lost count of the times when he got back to the yard to empty the cart and sort out the rags that he found money ,jewellery ,even some old love letters in the pockets of jackets and trousers .He had no way of knowing what belonged to who ,so he would keep it to the side in case someone claimed them ,if not it belonged to him. We used to go up to a place in the pikston road to buy a load of brickets on a saturday morning and sell them around the streets .We used to carry them up to the houses on a wooden board ,sometimes a dozen or half a dozen,we used to hate top flats ,we called them tap dancers.

Posted by: Heather 21st Oct 2008, 03:15pm

Who could forget pestering their mum for something to give the rag man so we could get a balloon. smile.gif

I had the same problem with my son, so gave him one of his dads old working jackets, one that he had not worn for a long time.. A few days later hubby searched the house for the jacket, so I had to own up I gave it to our son to give to the Rag Man for a wee toy. He then said it was one of his favourite jackets. Aye right. laugh.gif

Posted by: angel 21st Oct 2008, 06:07pm

did,nt have much garbage in the house when there was a rag and bone man, where are they now , when we need them tongue.gif

Posted by: stuarty 22nd Oct 2008, 09:36pm

A used to know a young rag and bone man . he was a fairground worker in the summer and a rag and bone man in winter is da was called spankey walker and came from the gallowgate and he lived up the london road with his granny and aunty so am no sayin his name but he was a looker and a chancer but a lovable rogue well am sure everybody knew sombody like that wink.gif

Posted by: ToriG 23rd Oct 2008, 04:48am

I used to love it when the rag n bone man came past my gran's place, unfortunately one day I took a coat or jacket that was new and I think it had money or something else in one of the pockets, well did I get a right telling off for that. I did ask if I could take it but took the wrong one oops. huh.gif

Posted by: angel 24th Oct 2008, 01:03am

you were,nt the first kid to do that ToriG tongue.gif

Posted by: RonD 24th Oct 2008, 12:26pm

At the sight of the ragman wi' his wee pony cart ah ran in tae the hoose and begged furr something tae get a balloon. The one time ma Mammy found some bits and pieces and gave me them. Ahw iz so excited wi visions of a balloon or a wee toy and fair ran tae the door when ma Mammy called oot, see if he's goat a plate or mug !!!!!, hopes wurr dashed because ye know he did!

Posted by: olly12 13th Nov 2008, 11:02pm

my dad worked away a lot when we were all young my mawas telling me a long timeago i was just about 4/5 that he wascoming home for the weekend so she dressed me up and let me stand at the front of the close waiting for him she said he was on his way she said i had to look nice in my new coat and hat while waiting for him to come round the corner i got myself distractedwith the rag man and what did i do i gave him my new coat and hat for a balloon andi happly played away waiting for my dad mum said she ran up the street and down went round corners but the uld ragman was well gone.happy memories we laughed every time she spokeabout it.

Posted by: Teenybash 14th Nov 2008, 09:51am

Lovely memories of the Rag man. At the first sound of his bugle the street would clear as all the kids ran to their houses to get some rags. We'd all stand in line waiting for our turn to look inside his suitcase filled with a wonderful array of things to swap our rags for.

There were scraps, bouncy balls, trays of "diamond" rings that'd turn your fingers green, wee cameras with slides of Japanese people, stretchy bracelets and my favourite...."dabbities"....(transfer tattoos)

Does anyone remember the other rag man that only took woollens that he'd swap for bags of puff candy?

Posted by: simon sharkey 13th Feb 2014, 09:18pm

Loving all this stuff about Rag and bone men. We are bringing a real live horse and cart to reidvale community centre in dennistoun on the 5th March. It's part of our Tin Forest project with national Theatre of Scotland. But he's not collecting clothes, he's collecting memories and wishes. What might you get if you swap a memory or a wish ? Is a balloon enough ?

Posted by: mairead 4th Nov 2014, 02:44pm

Can still hear the cry of 'Delf for Rags' and see myself racing up to our top flat for some rags to get me a balloon or a goldfish but mother wanted most of the rags to swap for cups and things. Still we occasionally got something.

Does anyone remember the old knife sharpener who used to come round sharpening knives?

Posted by: Dave Grieve 4th Nov 2014, 02:57pm

QUOTE (mairead @ 4th Nov 2014, 05:01pm) *
Can still hear the cry of 'Delf for Rags' and see myself racing up to our top flat for some rags to get me a balloon or a goldfish but mother wanted most of the rags to swap for cups and things. Still we occasionally got something.

Does anyone remember the old knife sharpener who used to come round sharpening knives?

When you think of it that grinding stone must have been a real back breaker at the end of the day, and also the man with the horse and cart that would give you a ride for a penny a time I think it was.

Posted by: ExPOW 11th Mar 2016, 11:00pm

I have some lingering memories of our local RAG MAN.

He'd appear randomly and with an off key 'flourish' of his battered bugle, stopping at likely points where children were playing in the street.

His cart was like himself, battered and lacking extreme TLC. His reluctant nag with feedbag attached, seemed to have the weight of all worldly sorrows upon its back and appeared to be resigned to tug the battered cart along (like Sysifus on the hill) forever.

However, kids, when hearing the offkey trumpet voluntary, would lose their minds and rush indoors beseeching ma or granny to part with some articles of old clothing they could exchange for the treasures of the RAG MAN's suitcase. It was a Pandora's Box of cheap Japaneses trinkets, glittery things and other kid fascinators.

I wonder how many valued pieces of apparel went missing mysteriously or even better, how many distraught mothers and or grannies went off in hot pursuit after discovering that the 'wean' had entered into an unauthorised transaction with him?

We all had a Rag Man and to us or anyone who'd give us toys for junk or rags was a hero.

Surely there must be some funny stories 'out there'.

Posted by: Dave Grieve 12th Mar 2016, 06:42am

Good memories of someone who we all thought would forever be part of our lives. The one abiding memory I have is when asking my mother if we had any rags for the rag man was being told "your wearing them" laugh.gif

Posted by: ashfield 12th Mar 2016, 08:54am

More stories here smile.gif

Posted by: GG 12th Mar 2016, 08:46pm

Thanks all. Merged topics. smile.gif


Posted by: wombat 12th Mar 2016, 10:08pm

rolleyes.gif uncle Charlie(on my maws side)big fat slob wis 18 stone and used tae get weighed in wie the woollen rags, laugh.gif mind my da tellin us the horse drapped deid near the polis station laugh.gif