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  Replying to Billy Connolly Gets Freedom Of Glasgow
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Last 10 Posts [ In reverse order ]
Dunvegan Posted 2nd Nov 2010, 12:13am
  When I worked with Billy Connoly in Fairfields he always refered to me as "big Wullie" or "big yin".

I have always wondered at him being called "big yin" as I dont recall him being so big. Then again a lot of his memories, and mine, at that time were rather hazy. I was under the impression in my younger days that we had the "freedom of the city" as I constantly awoke in places in Glasgow that not only did I not recognise, but had never even heard of.
tamhickey Posted 29th Aug 2010, 12:59am
  I went to see Billy in 2005 at the SECC and the man was hilarious. He performed a 3and a half hour set and all proceeds from the evening went to charity. Half way through, he introduced one of his mates who was "just starting out in the music business".... it was Ralph McTell and he and Billy had some good banter with one another and gave us all a sing song. That was one of the finest evening's entertainment I have ever had, and not once did I see anybody leave as we were too busy drying our eyes from Billy's stories. Great memories, damned fine man.
bilbo.s Posted 27th Aug 2010, 10:01am
QUOTE (ashfield @ 26th Aug 2010, 05:30pm) *
Izzat the top hauf or the bottom hauf

There, there. Time for a wee lie doon in a darkened room. tongue.gif
zascot Posted 27th Aug 2010, 09:56am
  I left Glasgow 39 years ago and when I am with other Scottish people we still reminiss about our upbringing in the city. Yes we have changed, our accents are different from when we left, our attitudes may also have changed but deep down we still have a place in our hearts for the land and city of our birth. We mostly think of the Glasgow we knew when we lived there, I have been back many times but mostly on flying visits on the way home from business in the states or Europe and on a weekend or 3 days you don`t see the changes, as a matter of fact you sometimes feel like a stranger in your own city. My wife is English my kids are South African my son in law is Portuguese my daughter in law is South Africa, so if my accent had not changed ah`d be talkin tae masel. Gie Billy a break!
ashfield Posted 26th Aug 2010, 02:28pm
QUOTE (bilbo.s @ 26th Aug 2010, 01:10pm) *
When I meet someone for the first time, half know immediately that I come from Glasgow - the other half don't believe me when I tell them.

Izzat the top hauf or the bottom hauf rolleyes.gif
bilbo.s Posted 26th Aug 2010, 11:08am
  When I meet someone for the first time, half know immediately that I come from Glasgow - the other half don't believe me when I tell them.
Lennox Posted 26th Aug 2010, 10:36am
QUOTE (ashfield @ 24th Aug 2010, 07:45pm) *
I am a big fan and it matters not a jot that he has changed, aging as well as living and working around the world makes it inevitable. His attitude to Scotland and Glasgow differs little from a lot of those who post on here and live away. When they say their heart remains here, I believe them.

Ash, I could not have put it better my self, my accent is still there, so am told but to people who live in Glasgow I sound like a person who lives in Oklahoma , but that does not mean that I care any less for Glasgow and I would defend it to any one who tries to put it down just as anyone would.
boots Posted 26th Aug 2010, 07:48am
  Congratulations Billy, I try to see you evrytime you come to Winnipeg, I enjoy your humour, but I must admit the repetitive use of the F word with other wee swearies dressing it up so it wouldn't feel lonesome, got pretty tiresome but it was oor Billy and it wis jist guid tae hear his voice and his Glasgow accent. Now I recognise his accent has changed. It had to! When I go to hear Billy, I go with myn husband, he's never been out of North America and the first concert he came to, he spent most of the night asking me "What did he say?" Thousands of concert goers across Canada and the U.S. have never left these shores but enjoy Billy, and Billy has modified his accent just enough to allow them to be in on the joke and feel like glaswegans too. Naturally you at home recognise the difference, while I on the other hand, hardly notice it at all, it's still Glesga tae me.
wellfield Posted 25th Aug 2010, 09:05pm
QUOTE (andypisces @ 21st Aug 2010, 07:42pm) *
Wellfield get your fact correct. Nelson mandela was not the leader of or a member of the comminust party. Besides even if he had been it is no crime to be a member of any party that may get your people freedom.He was a great man and sacrificed himself to better the conditions for his people. I like connolly and have been to see him and been in his company many times in Ottawa but he dopes not compare with NELSON MANDELA............Andy

Thanks Andy'..but I agree to disagree.
Rob Rattray Posted 25th Aug 2010, 07:24pm
  Good for you Billy; about time you were recognised.
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