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Last 10 Posts [ In reverse order ]
sumac Posted 10th Aug 2020, 08:31am
  Ooooh, you are awful - but I like you! Dick Emery?
taurus Posted 8th Aug 2020, 09:35pm
  me too Sumac,I just dream of dollar notes lying all over the pavement.hate litterbugs tongue.gif
sumac Posted 8th Aug 2020, 01:46pm
  I was about to say I would never keep money I knew didn’t belong to me BUT before I retired I was sat at a bus stop in Argyle Street with Mum. As I put my bag at my feet, I noticed some coins - 5 1 coins! I would normally hand money in, but who to? I ended up putting it in a charity box at our shops.

But getting money given to you that isn’t yours is another thing. The person should have told the PO that they got it by mistake.

Just thinking - I was actually littering when I dropped Mum’s 6!!! 😆 I hate littering!
taurus Posted 7th Aug 2020, 10:48pm
  thats a sad story Sumac,I hated t see my mum cry,funny when your mum cried you just had to cry with her. awful to think someone gets away with your hard earned those days it was cash for everything. We came in 1961 ,bought a car on the never never in 62. The first instalment was due,I went to the post office in my lunchttime,paid for registered post and sent off the the load of pounds,a lot ,can`t remember exactly,then comes an overdue notice,the cash went to whoever ,not our account. I wrote to the PO and said that would never have happened with registered mail in the UK. My reply was along the lines"well go back to the UK if it`s that good"....our office had a banking rep who came every month to give advice etc and he opened a cheque a/c for me,my very first,I felt like a millionaire with a cheque book,so no more cash in the post.
sumac Posted 7th Aug 2020, 08:53am
  I, too, had a money loss. When I was about 12, Mum gave me 6 to pay her monthly instalment of HP at one of the big shops on Sauchiehall Street. That was a lot of money to our family in the 60s.
As it was a bitter cold, frosty Saturday I wore my mitts with the 2 notes tucked inside (really silly when I had to take my mitts off to pay my bus fare from Garthamlock). Anyway, I still had them in my mitt when I decided I needed something in Boots in Sauchiehall Street.
Next stop, the shop I was to pay in (I can’t remember where but possibly a furniture shop?). I stood in the queue then was horrified to take my mitt off and there was no money. I raced to Boots, scouring the pavement I’d walked along. It was the only place I’d taken my mitt off. I asked at the counter where I’d taken my mitt off, if they’d had money handed in. How stupid! Who’s going to hand in 6?
I returned home to confess my stupidity to Mum, fully expecting a rollicking and a slap, but instead Mum sat down at the table and cried. That was worse than the bawling and smack I expected.
taurus Posted 6th Aug 2020, 09:16pm
  thats a lovely story Dave. my brother lost a pound note when he was 11 and I was 4,He was too engrossed in his football in the street with his pals,he gave me the money to go to the shop. I saw my mother beat him so hard,we were both crying,I kept saying,it was only a wee bit of paper,and my mother was completely to blame for giving him so much money to go a message to begin your wee girl was lucky to meet you,no such look for my dear brother.
Dave Grieve Posted 6th Aug 2020, 12:23pm
QUOTE (taurus @ 6th Aug 2020, 01:32pm) *
well I once found a tenner on the street among the litter,not so bad then.

I found a ten bob note one time and was over the moon thinking it was my lucky day.
A few minutes later I see one the local lassies coming along looking very distraught and in tears.
Turned out she had been sent to the shops with the families last ten bob and had lost it.
I gave her the money without thinking twice and a little later she was at the door with a shilling for me from her mother.
Still a fortune to me.

taurus Posted 6th Aug 2020, 11:32am
  well I once found a tenner on the street among the litter,not so bad then.
sumac Posted 6th Aug 2020, 08:54am
  I’m looking through the old Boards and came across this. I’m sorry to say, I think these tourists have a cheek to complain about their treatment. They were littering OUR streets, for goodness sake! If I had chucked my litter and been caught, I’d have been SO embarrassed, not mouthing off and declaring they wouldn’t be back. Good riddance to bad rubbish (pun intended).
Shawney Bean Posted 12th Oct 2012, 11:21pm
QUOTE (bilbo.s @ 13th Sep 2012, 11:12pm) *
Time for Singapore tactics?

Try littering in that fair city. Yes filth is created by slovenly people. Yes there is a case for Singaporean tactics as far as grubs treating the streets as they would their home.
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