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> Last Gorbals Boy Dies, An image which captured Glasgow's optimism
post 13th Jul 2011, 06:50am
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City Key Holder
Posts: 735
Joined: 14th Jan 2006
From: glasgow
Member No.: 2,833
You got me remembering Bill. When I was a kid in the 60's,living in Springburn, me and three wee pals of mine decided to walk to the Campsies. We could see the every day and just wanted to get there under our own steam. Well, we walked and walked and ended up near some farm, far away from home. This was hours later and we decided to head back as we weren't going to make it. We were tired and hungry and the light was going down.
As we headed back, one of us stuck his thumb up near Bishopbriggs hoping for a lift and we got one! The guy took us all to our homes without waiting for thanks and we all got home safely. I think the same might be true today, but we are all so careful and risk averse these days that the idea of trust goes out the window.
You can understand it, for even then my parents were not happy at us thumbing a lift.
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post 13th Jul 2011, 07:38am
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Mega City Key Holder
Posts: 2,422
Joined: 9th May 2009
From: glasgow
Member No.: 6,901
What a lovely photo. It shows the friendship that really existed and what the kids are all missing now. Memories are wonderful things, and its great what a photo can do. R.I.P Margie.
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post 13th Jul 2011, 08:18am
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Posts: 25
Joined: 8th Jun 2006
From: Birmingham
Member No.: 3,432
QUOTE (*billtkd* @ 13th Jul 2011, 01:42am) *
Why 'Gorbal Boys'? I have no idea what Clelland St looked like back then but the one in the photo looks far too short to be Clelland Street, which is (now) only 190 feet long. It look more like Glassford Street (facing north). So what were two eight year Gorbals kids doing there on their own?

How does this photograph highlight poverty? OK, it's not Little Lord Fauntleroy, but I used to dress like that in 1950s Coatbridge and we weren't considered poor.

As Mr Mason said, "everyone lived that way. We didn't know we were poor until other people told us" he didn't consider himself or his family "poor" at the time, something a lot of us could say.

Maybe Glasgow weans were given more freedom than Coatbridge ones, but we were free to go more or less where we pleased during daylight hours.

Can't understand why they should be so toffee nosed.
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*John McCreadie*
post 13th Jul 2011, 08:28am
Post #19

A wondrful story and photograph. I saw 6 kids walking down Govan Road the other day and the girls were all dressed up in long dresses. I would have loved to have taken a photograph of the cute kids but in todays society it would be frowned on a stranger do such a thing. Sad days!!
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post 13th Jul 2011, 08:38am
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Posts: 3
Joined: 23rd Oct 2009
From: Glasgow
Member No.: 7,650
This image of Glasgow will live with Glasgow and Glaswegians for many years.
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post 13th Jul 2011, 08:55am
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Settling In
Posts: 14
Joined: 20th Feb 2009
Member No.: 6,565
Must agree, this photo is and will remain a Glasgow treasure, its our past our heritage ,where we come from. Two young boys who didnt even know they were poor but were probably living in an era of great community, where one person helped another just because they needed it. All my thoughts with Mr Masons family at this sad time, just remember the pleasure his photo has given so many Glaswegions.
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post 13th Jul 2011, 08:57am
Post #22

Special Visitor
Posts: 67
Joined: 5th Apr 2011
From: Corkerhill,Glasgow
Member No.: 10,795
I saw it on the TV yesterday but had already knew about it and story attached to it as well
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Eddie McFadyen
post 13th Jul 2011, 09:02am
Post #23

Posts: 3
Joined: 26th Apr 2011
Member No.: 10,833
The power of the photograph is in the step of the boys - going forward together to the next adventure. The bright confident eyes acknowledge the camera, but the lads aren't going to stop in the course of their duties. Their physical contact with each other is somehow reassuring as they keep each other safe crossing the road. Poverty doesn't come in to it - the richness of youth and friendship are what strikes me.
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post 13th Jul 2011, 09:04am
Post #24

Mega City Key Holder
Posts: 1,600
Joined: 26th Jan 2009
From: Bishopbriggs
Member No.: 6,459
QUOTE (Dexter St. Clair @ 13th Jul 2011, 01:11am) *
Superb put down there. Luv it. As you say you've no idea but what a barge in. Eight year olds out on their own. What year were you allowed out out on your own? Did your maw not send you for messages or did she prefer a more sensible sibling?

And by the way The Picture Post did not print it as it did not show poverty in their eyes.

These young boys like myself lived maybe not in better times but definitely safer times ,when we could go out by ourselves without worrying neighbours looking out for each other,their doors always open now its -needle's lying about,or drunks,pedophiles,not saying that they werent about then but MY world was a much safer place then,Now I wont even let my grandchildren out playing on their own,even after school,what a HORRIBLE world we live in now!
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post 13th Jul 2011, 09:09am
Post #25

Mega City Key Holder
Posts: 9,898
Joined: 25th May 2011
From: Beith
Member No.: 10,964
I was sorry to hear of the death of Les Mason, sympathy's to family. The picture itself captured a brief moment of Glasgows wonderful history, but lets stop looking back with rose coloured glasses, as Les himself said "There was 13 kid's only 8 survived infancy in a rat infested 1 room flat with outside toilet". That is one part of history i am glad has gone forever. Also billtkd said it can't be Clelland St because it is only 190 Yrds long. In 1948 it was a lot longer, running from Gorbals St, crossing Hospital St, then crossing Thistle St, finishing at Crown St. The photographer was standing facing east at the corner of Hospital St, with Thistle St behind the boy's with Crown St at the top. As Jupiter said it isn't Glassford St as there is no trollybus power lines, also no tram lines, plus the first street on the right would be Garth St which doesn't cross Glassford St.
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post 13th Jul 2011, 10:26am
Post #26

Mega City Key Holder
Posts: 4,943
Joined: 29th Oct 2005
From: rutherglen
Member No.: 2,552
Hi Jagz you just stole my thunder tongue.gif , thats just what my maps of Gorbals show

An iconic photo of Gorbals an area that while I didn't live there, I worked there and have an interest in all things Gorbals
Bye for now, norrie
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post 13th Jul 2011, 11:46am
Post #27

Even now, eight year olds can be trusted to go for messages locally. The world's actually not that bad you know.

The iconic picture to me says here's two wee lads out together. Free of worry and care. Doesn't instantly say poverty so can see why not printed by the paper. Hey, everyone dressed like that back in the 40s to 60s. Some of school friends looked like them and I was brought up in leafy Mosspark 1950s.
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post 13th Jul 2011, 12:25pm
Post #28

Mega City Key Holder
Posts: 7,744
Joined: 31st Dec 2004
From: Govanhill
Member No.: 1,660
Would like to extend my sympathy to the family of Les Mason.RIP.

Many of us living today who remember those times too well, myself included. sad.gif

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post 13th Jul 2011, 12:43pm
Post #29

Mega City Key Holder
Posts: 2,269
Joined: 13th Sep 2009
Member No.: 7,459
My god i have seen this pic afore anywan o them cooda been me am 2 year older than them but its the same environment just a few miles tae Govan .

I, you roamed ye ranged and you rambled you knew where tae fish ferr the biggest baggie minnies ,where tae go nesting fer doo's eggs , ye wirnae hame in time fer yer dinner yer mammy didnae fret there wis no so many perverts in them days ,reason i think there wis nae computers where the scum o the earht cood meet hatch and plot and swop the filthy pics like they dae noo .

Life then wis aw aboot ootdoors activity's fitbaw ,going ferr a wee hike few broken cakes fae a bakery club the gether fer a bottle o ginger an you wiz aff toff .

Poverty when a working mans pay wis a pittance like the day the rich got richer the poor ''funny thing is ye didnae think you were poor any wan said you were poor widda got a skelp'' got poorer just efter the war jobs wis hard tae come by lotta sogers getting demobbed and seekin employment ''in them days every man wanted tae work any man who didnae wis called a slacker or a scrounger '' aye times wis hard but fer maist o us it wis happy ,if you had a wireless then there wis dick barton , riders o the range wee program's tae keep you happy ,but whit the hell who wanted tae stay in the hoose to much adventure tae be had oot side .

In closing it didnae dae that perr much harm happy go lucky lads ,even in there photos taken later in life you could see the humor and camaraderie in baith there eyes, rest in peace you perr. biggrin.gif
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post 13th Jul 2011, 01:27pm
Post #30

Brilliant Photo with a Brilliant Past. The Good OLD GORBALS.
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